Invincible Saint ~Salaryman, the Path I Walk to Survive in This Other World~


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One day, Earth’s God of Destiny, and Galdardia’s Chief God had a bet.

The God of Destiny lost, and chose ten mediocre souls to hand over.

To those ten souls, the Chief God of Galdardia handed them new vessels.

And amongst those mediocre souls was one salaryman who fought against his destiny of death.

How will this man grow from now on? Not the God of Destiny, nor the Chief God of Galdardia, nor even the author themselves know.

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Seija Musou ~Sarariiman, Isekai de Ikinokoru Tame ni Ayumu Michi~
聖者無双 ~サラリーマン、異世界で生き残るために歩む道~
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Ligoya rated it
January 1, 2016
Status: --
I will tell you several good point of this series :
- There are no Truck-san in this series so it's +1 in my book
- Nice pacing
- Healer job with a Taijutsu skill hence I think that's why the title are "Invincible Saint".
- A worker level-headed adult that get reincarnated, and not some horny dog who only think about s*x.
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TimeVoid rated it
October 10, 2017
Status: v11c226
Let's see

As far the story construction which is good, our MC is very disappointing to the ground become an healer and only defeating monsters using exorcist skill. Too much overwork, not going to adventure instead just visiting places to heal. He just want to have healing instead some overpower skill (what a waste). Love interest is just only in the atmosphere and nothing happens.

The story is quite enjoyable at least. I give it 3 star.
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Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ rated it
August 31, 2016
Status: c72
It start out good, then became really good until at this point I lost my motivation to continue reading.

First few chapter sent me screaming about how cute the MC was, an absent minded, timid, cowardly, but kind protagonist, who won't like him? So all of the other character scheme in his back either to protect him or to hurt him, despite him not knowing anything. After getting more status (as in increase of his INT, STR, VIT, etc), he showing more of his leadership qualities (only sometimes though, whereas the... more>> other time still being a scatterbrained protagonist). In which I feel felt different than his initial setup. Will update more after getting more chapter ^^ <<less
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makenai89 rated it
May 15, 2016
Status: v5c70
First reviewed at v5 c70, rated 4.

Invicible Saint was uniquely Japanese. The MC wa a typical Japanese salaryman; ethical and dedicated to his job, but not necessarily interested to reach a personal ambition. His character growth also went that way; he grew, but stubbornly maintained some of his basic principles. The story was also somehow typical Japanese with the MC had to clear this labyrinth and that labyrinth. Only the romance was so far nonexistent; the only "harem" there consisted of old men and even its bromance level was quite... more>> low, though I don't discount the possibility that there may be some love interest in the future.

If you like Japanese webnovels, especially for reading while relaxing, then this one will suit you very well. No extreme emotional ups-and-downs and gruesome details here, just pure shounen adventure story.

However, its hooks were weak; it means there were next to no scary cliffhanger, but it also means that there were few incentives for readers to be impatient. All in all, it's a good novel for everyone's heart, although not so much for those who prefer more upheaval. <<less
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qzty rated it
March 17, 2016
Status: --
Good for a regular read, the story pacing is somewhat slow, but with the speed the translation is happening that fact can be overlooked, and cliffhangers are not that terrible with this one.
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BlackHat88 rated it
February 23, 2016
Status: --
A pretty good story of the genre, it manages to avoid some of the usual traps of the 'reincarnation in a game-like world' genre. The problems in that genre usually is the status and skills being overly present.

The story is less attached to skills piling and the leveling up feels more natural. It doesn't seems like he would be swamped by skills like in stealing skills novels or other novels of the genre
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August 28, 2016
Status: c116
Although the story has really gotten a lot worse since the MC started his journey, I still strongly recommend this novel. The MC is a very likable guy and although he becomes ridiculously OP, it doesn't feel forced at all. I also like how the story stays away from romance, as I find it tends to ruin a lot of novels. All in all, a very enjoyable read.
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February 24, 2016
Status: --
A decent series to read. If you have time, enjoy it, although there are a few issues I would like to adress.

First of all, the build up of the world feels like a puzzle, u dont get to see the general issue but rather problems for each specific area the MC is involved in, which dramatically reduces the dynamic.

Secondly, it feels like the MC has no free will whatsoever. He ONLY does what other people tell him and occasions where he speaks out for his own advantage is very rare.... more>> What I rly like is that these "reincarnated chosen" cant be hopelessly OP and there are some serious powerful people in that world as well.

Anyways, other than the missing backbone of the MC, a good read. <<less
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strike882000 rated it
February 16, 2016
Status: --
I enjoy this series immensely. It has jumped ahead of other stories I've read for longer. The main character is annoyingly dense, but that actually helps in this story (One of the few that it does without making it seem stupid).
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rdawv rated it
February 16, 2016
Status: --
Review as of Ch.22.

It's a Japanese light novel, similar in vein to Mushoku Tensei and Death March in that nearly daily events are talked about and written in first person perspective. All three series feature a MC that is persistent, hardworking and generally affable and friendly to the people around him in the new world. As yet there isn't a harem around the MC of this series, but I won't be surprised if he trips over women who like him. In any event, if you enjoy those mentioned titles, you... more>> will enjoy this one as well. <<less
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r3s rated it
February 15, 2016
Status: --
Great story, my only issue is that like in most re-incarnation stories, MC doesn't actually retain anything from his previous experience, in this case as a salaryman. Or perhaps it would be better to say that he doesn't have the opportunity to showcase his capabilities? (He didn't even haggle for profit, he doesn't even wear a suit, the EVERYTHING in the image of a salaryman)

I find the author's choice of using 'salaryman' in the title to be poor, as he barely does anything salaryman-like. Then again we're at 37/167... more>> so maybe those business skill will show up afterwards? Regardless, it's still a fun story. Do read. <<less
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false rated it
February 10, 2016
Status: --
@zaimokuza – There’s something wrong with you. Re-read the novel again. This time, don’t skim it and read properly. I am totally writing this review to refute yours.

... more>>

While it’s true that there are 2 books is about the labyrinth, there aren’t actually that many chapters depicting his adventure in the labyrinth. It’s mostly filled with miscellaneous things like his training with the paladins, the adventurer guild, audience with the pope, his charity etc. This might be biased, but I don’t think anything is repeated too much as to call it repetitive. All of this miscellaneous things along with the labyrinth adventure is interesting.
Luciel trains almost everyday ever since his contract with adventurer guild, after that there’s the fight with undeads, specter knight sensei and his training with the paladin corps – He’s basically built to fight against human already (Adventurers fights against monsters remember?). But the thing that makes him different with the rest of humanity is [Object X] that he could drink because of his Appraisal and will to live – of which he drinks after each meal undiluted in barrels. Read the effect of [Object X] again (ch5 & ch30), it’s important.

The bosses ARE getting stronger, it’s just that Luciel becomes stronger and fights with better method even if he stays level 1.

– The first boss (ch17) : He killed it without any spell (because it could negate magic). He only uses magic-coated-weapons to kill it.

– The second bosses (ch24) : He used [Purification] and [Area Heal] which is really effective against undead crowds (There are 3 bosses here). He had also trained with the Valkyrie at this point so that he could deal with specter knights.

– The third bosses (ch29) : He obtained anti-undead cheat equipment from the pope. Got more training to fight against crowds with the adventurer guild. Used [Area High Heal]. The bosses them self are pretty much the same type as the 2nd bosses, only with more numbers (5 bosses).

– The fourth boss (ch33) : This is the fight that took him about 6 month. I don’t know how you miss it, but he used [Object X] to pause and heal – while the boss can’t heal himself. Now, let’s say he fights 10 times a day and deals only 20 damage in each battle. In 6 month, that’s a whole cumulative 3600 HP damage. That’s how much of a cheat his method is.

– The fifth and sixth bosses : They’re just to show how OP [Sanctuary Aura] is.

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February 7, 2016
Status: --
well, at first indeed I this novel was quite interesting & unortodox, it’s just that (till ch. 33), slowly but steadly this novel feels become like “slave harem dungeon” which they just do samething over and over again that make it quite monotone.

as for the other point, that’s about the level and status. This MC although still lvl 1 but just by training could achieve enough power to defeat adventurers (which of course has higher level than him), then what the hell those stat mean, and what on earth those... more>> adventurers did when they are adventuring (leveling). It’s quite doesn’t make a sense.

Ah, right, about the dungeon conquering progress, each floor boss should be become much stronger each floor, so how the hell this MC could defeat all of them ? By recovery / heal magic ? Well that's right, then how about those specter knight whose exel at physical attack ? Those kind of monster shouldn't be defeated except he has equal stat (speed and power). <<less
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Kuro no Maou
Kuro no Maou rated it
January 31, 2016
Status: --
Seija Musou is a great other world web novel. The main character makes reasonable choices (i.e. When he first chooses a skill to start with) and he doesn't have an absurdly cheat power, but strives to sharpen his abilities by working hard by himself. Another pro for this is that the guy isn't a hoe magnet (no harem) but I would very much like it if the author toned it down with the old men, in the later chapters the old man meter is too damn high
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LtlYodA rated it
January 28, 2016
Status: --
I really love this type of novel! An other worlder, two god whose bet his soul and *boom* go make a new life ;)

Lot of skills, training and Objet X
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BQDJ rated it
January 22, 2016
Status: --
So the story is non VR Zhan Long (reincarnation) and it is ten times better ^^. The hero becomes a healer but he’s hardworking and chose the path of an “Invincible Saint”. The hero’s progression is slow but the story doesn’t feel boring at all, the author always keeps it going with regular tropes or twists but I really like it. If I had to compare the pace and quality with another novel, it would be The Man Picked Up By The Gods but better. So 5 stars with big... more>> compliments. <<less
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deuss rated it
January 20, 2016
Status: --
Just a warning, this has ‘Ossan harem’ tag on syosetu.

It’s partly humorous, but also true (not EXACTLY harem, just that there are a lot of friendly old men). One of the reason why I couldn’t continue after reading through 70 chapters or so due to liking the MC but couldn’t stand the excessive number of old men. Stupid reason maybe, but I can’t derive enjoyment from reading middle aged men getting friendly with each others for dozens of chapters.

Kinda a shame since it does have potential.
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JuuHachi rated it
January 2, 2016
Status: --
A refreshing story. The pacing is nice and MC is very level headed, a reliable type of character.
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admira rated it
January 2, 2016
Status: --
(Read: Chapter 9)
I like it because it's different from the types of stories where the protagonist becomes arrogant and smug in his OPness.
Bonus points for the following:
1) Protagonist isn't a horny teenage boy whose ultimate goal in life is to build a harem
2) Protagonist is a rational adult (mentally, at least) who treads cautiously in a dangerous world
3) Protagonist builds bonds with people who he stays with, rather than running off on an adventure
4) As Ligoya said, good... more>> pacing. Time passes but it doesn't rush by or lag.
5) Also as Ligoya said, no Truck-sama. <<less
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TokenZero rated it
January 2, 2016
Status: --
Another reincarnation novel and an unlucky MC that was chosen to be the reincarnated. However he is at least rational enough to properly think things through and realizes what he needs to survive in the world so he actually trains instead of jumping into a fight to level. MC isn't anything special although he is misunderstood quite a bit.
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