Indian Mythology: The Heavenly Emperor Won’t Go to Work Today


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In Indian mythology, the Trimurti suppress the contemporary world.

Many sages curse the myriad of gods.

Asuras undergo millennia of Tapasya, only to receive blessings and then attack the heavenly realm, challenging the Heavenly Emperor.

“Tapasya, blessings, challenging the Heavenly Emperor… Why do you guys always follow this pattern? It’s always me who suffers the beatings. I’ve had enough!” Indra, who has transmigrated into the Heavenly Emperor, is furious.

And so…

“The Heavenly Emperor can be whoever he wants to be. I’m not going to work anymore!” Indra declared.

“Hey hey, that’s not how you do it,” The god of destruction, Shiva, was puzzled.

“You’ve had great merits before. The position of the Heavenly Emperor should rightfully be yours, or else this world will fall into chaos!” The world protector Vishnu urgently explains.

“Don’t do this, Heavenly Emperor. I’ll bless you, just go and beat up the Asuras!” The Creator God Brahma advises.

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