In My Six and a Half Tatami Mat House, Lives a Silver-haired, Blue-eyed Junior


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It was in the spring of Minato Kujo’s second year in high school. Enrolled a stunningly beautiful student, Airi Ninomiya. With her silver hair and blue eyes, she became the topic of conversation at the entrance ceremony. And the girl, Airi Ninomiya has decided to move in with him.

Minato has a featureless appearance, but he is more attentive to Airi than anyone else.

Outside the house, Airi has a forced smile or no expression, but at home, she shows varieties of them.

They live together in a small room of only six and a half tatami mats.

“Hey, Kujo-senpai, can you pat my head a little more?”

“Yeah, as much as you want.”

This is the story of a boy who feels he has to care for someone he thinks is important, and a girl who was sick and tired of interacting with others because of her captivating appearance. The story how they became irreplaceable to each other.

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Rokujouhan no Ore no Ie ni wa, Ginpatsu Hekigan no Kouhai ga Sundeimasu.
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TheMightyOozaru rated it
January 27, 2022
Status: c57
Tentatively rating 3 stars, will likely downgrade to a 2. It is a decently written SoL series. Though it is held back from being better by the typical beta, ball-less emotionally ret*rded male lead with staggeringly low self confidence. He obsesses constantly about having an average face like a whiny twat, 85% of people are average, get over it. The female lead is a more understandable case of emotional issues due to her tr*sh upbringing so that makes her far less grating. The Japanese people seem to suffer from a... more>> mental illness that makes them obsess over the opinions of random passers by. I really wish Japanese authors would stop making such weak willed indecisive men as their protagonists, the typical weakness and cowardice is enraging. It annoys the hell out of me that it is common in stories like this for the female lead to be the sole driving force in the relationship. Dudes need to grow balls or f*cking get treatment for low testosterone. The FL is clearly letting the ML know she has feelings for him and that she wants him to act on his clear feelings for her. However, he is such a pu*sy that he just berates himself for having sexual attraction for the woman with whom he shares MUTUAL attraction and feelings. This is a legitimately harmful exercise in denying basic instincts and is insane. Yet this is somehow the norm, modern ideals are a poison. <<less
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rcpsycho rated it
December 28, 2021
Status: c26
It was nice until the narration changed from first to third person for some reason. Maybe it changes back later on or this is just a change in translation style, but it felt impersonal and unemotional, which made me lose interest.

The one thing I don't understand is how there is room enough for one futon and one person lying on the ground, but not two futons. By my understanding they don't take up that much more space. I have a fairly large bed that would definitely be enough for two... more>> people without getting close enough to be embarrassed, and I'm confident it would fit even into very small rooms without issues.

Otherwise it would have of course been more realistic to simply move to a different place, since her living expenses are provided for and the difference in rent would reasonably be part of that. But deconstructing the setting of a novel doesn't necessarily lead to more enjoyment.

With the small rants out of the way, the beginning of the story is very sweet and occasionally funny without being overly unrealistic (other than the aforementioned issues) or relying on tropes. The romance is very slow-paced and I don't think the emotional development is abrupt at all. If you spend a lot of time with an at least reasonably attractive member of the opposite s*x of your age who doesn't have an undesirable character either, some feelings will develop sooner or later.

The one thing that seems to be missing in that regard is resentments towards parents / guardians who cast aside their children for egoistic reasons, but those relationships didn't seem to be particularly loving ones in the first place so I suppose there wasn't much attachment. Either way, it's something I would have expected to be thematised based on how the novel started out, but that hasn't happened. This isn't positive or negative since the novel simply focuses on something else, it just isn't what I expected. <<less
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Kuro Alicia
Kuro Alicia rated it
December 25, 2021
Status: Completed
Cliche plot like Otonari no Tenshi-sama

Not really enjoy this, author don't write what people around them talk about the two when flirting. No tension cuz fMC is on 1st grade high school with no crazy fans

This is your usual Beta MC with no balls, he will not eat the food she serves (ykwim?). I understand if he don't want to have s*x yet, but no kiss? why tf?! They already life together for half a year in just one room!

I know you should respect women & your gf but damn,... more>> she repeatedly show how she already want his D! Even MC friends dissapoint with his decision for not 'eat' her

Well, there just 50+ chapter till I finish this story...

Edit: c122

Welp, he finally man's up a little, but there is a disturbing story.

A little spoiler about Airi & her mother personality


Airi personality is the same as her mother (selfish, obsessive, don't want losing... high libido) but because her father is abuse her mentally so she only relied on MC alone and hate her appearance. After they start dating she accept her appearance, but she still don't want to go outside if not necessary or if she want to buy something. Unlike her mother, she's not using her appearance to take advantage of man cuz she only sees MC & don't care about other boys.


It's a dark future for MC if he can't grasp her tightly, just hope she's not changed

Edit: c135

Damn, after he let loose his feelings, he'll do anything to her. This is what I want from any romance novel, im satisfied.

The actual plot is on the ride now, I can't wait to finish this

Edit: c166

Im satisfied cuz author write a bit about their future at the end of the story 🥰 <<less
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noodlesandrice rated it
November 10, 2021
Status: c19
The start was a bit abrupt imo, mostly with how quickly the MC and FMC warmed up to each other. But the development from then on has been pretty nice, and the characters are likeable so far. Plus point for the MC being kind without seeming like a complete doormat, and not being excessively shy when around FMC.
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Gusssss rated it
November 4, 2021
Status: c18
Well, well, well. Not bad, I'll say. I came into this expecting something nice and light-hearted and this story delivered. Characters are pretty average for now, but the story is just beginning. I like the dynamic between the leads but the two childhood friends are just there, for now at least (I don't know about later chapters and how much they get developed). There were a few lines every once in a while that rubbed me the wrong way or just felt wrong coming from that character, but other than... more>> that this is pretty nice so far. I have moderately high expectations for this. <<less
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