I Kissed My Girlfriend’s Little Sister


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Hiromichi Sato has been dating Haruka for a month, and their relationship is quickly heading in a good direction.

But one day Hiromichi’s parent announces they’re remarrying and he’ll be getting a new step-sister. When he meets her, he’s shocked to see that she looks exactly like Haruka. No worries, though — they’re totally different people. They’re just twins, each one living with a different parent since the divorce.

Certainly nothing to worry about. It’s not like there can be any wacky misunderstandings brought about by living with your girlfriend’s identical twin, right…?

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Kanojo no Imouto to Kiss wo shita
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Kagefij rated it
December 31, 2020
Status: v2
Made this account just to write this review because I really enjoyed this story.

  • The MC's behavior is sometimes cringy, but is believable for a high school boy who has no previous dating experience.
  • The story focuses on the MC (Hiromichi), his GF (Haruka) and the step-sister (Shigure). The focus leads to good character development.
  • The conflict is believable. The kiss didn't just happen out of no where or due to one of the characters being an antagonist. Volume 2 develops this further.
  • We also get the Shigure's PoV which improves understanding of the story.
However, the translation can sometimes be hard to read and can use some TLC and editing.

V.1 spoiler about the reason for the kiss

... more>>

Shigure loves her sister and initially wanted the relationship between Hiromichi and Haruka to go well, to the point that she planned to form a relationship with the school's famous playboy so that Haruka would worry less when she finds out that Hiromichi and Shigure are living together. However, Shigure saw Hiromichi and Haruka kiss, she realized her love for Hiromichi.

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Sanctuario rated it
September 3, 2021
Status: v3
EDIT: Read bits and pieces of V3, lol I'll drop it to probably 2 stars. Still no resolution whatsoever, it's just running away from the issue and its supposed theme with random slice of life bullshit. As a spoiler, ... more>>

ending is yet another cliffhanger and poor, poor Haruka.


I can see how people like this, but I also see that it's just literally asinine. It really is just glorified (as said by one other reviewer) and softcore NTR. I'm not one to judge something based on its themes, I'll give everything an equal opportunity even if I hate this kind of development. From a (hopefully) purely objective view, I don't really see this as something good. Its theme is just being masked by tons and tons of 'sugar', and its consequences aren't really given much time to be explored. I know it's probably because this novel doesn't take it seriously, but with a theme like that, it SHOULD be taken seriously, and that's probably where the dissonance comes from.

Now on to a slightly more subjective review, I absolutely despise the main character. He already has a significant other, and he deigns to even turn his eyes to his girlfriend's sister. I don't see that as something brave, or something to be celebrated, it's just pitiful. He has no previous experience, and he decides to try and ruin his first relationship. "B-but, he's still loyal to Haruka!". Yeah, no. Unless thinking inappropriate thoughts towards his girlfriend's sister counts as loyalty.

I probably embellished some parts, but yeah, with an even more risque volume 3 cover, I doubt the story will head to a good direction (at least, for Haruka). <<less
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NegativeIQ rated it
July 11, 2021
Status: v2c24
You ever read or watch those series that are so bad you say out loud to yourself, "This is an utter waste of time, laying still on my couch is more productive than this"? This is... not quite like that. This series is one of those type's of series that will make you go, "Wow this is so dog s**t! But I can't stop reading/watching!". The pacing and the drama is well done, whilst the themes or implications within the story could be a little off putting for others.

... more>>

To put it in a really dumbed down phrasing, this is essentially glorified NTR (or at least its heading that way) with heaps of sugar stacked onto it


If you're the type of person that will sometimes jokingly (or maybe legitimately) say "I want to watch this world burn", then this series is going to be right up your alley. <<less
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Reizero97 rated it
May 12, 2021
Status: v1c14

It's really fluffy and nice. But it is 100% gonna end in hiro x shigure route. And I like it!

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orpheus_rm rated it
September 3, 2021
Status: v2
I dig it way more than I was expecting. The MC is doesn't have much confidence and his personality changes drastically when he has the love and validation he craves vs when he doesn't. That being said, that just sets things up for the MC to be covered in sugar to heal his heart during his relationship trials so I actually approve for once. Cliche character fits into a nice mold for once.

The relationship between the MC and Shigure is probably my favourite part of the novel. Sugary, sweet, and... more>> spicy. <<less
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FabioSparta rated it
August 26, 2021
Status: v2c24
I really enjoyed this story.. And I would dare say that it became one of my favorite romance novels.

1. If you like stories with cohabitation between the MC and fMC, you will certainly enjoy this story. Similarly to other stories like 'Tonikaku Kawaii' and 'The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten' (that you may know), this one too has a lot of funny, wholesome and hot moments with our main characters alone at home, with no one around to bother them. However, while the other two I mentioned have quite... more>> high focus in in-home interaction you can say that this one is more balanced like 50-50. There's a lot going on in school, 'school lunch time' and outside dates too.

2. The initial setting is quite interesting.. How many novels out there have twins as the the female lead characters? What's more, the MC is dating one of them, while living alone with the other.. If you give this novel a try, finish at least the 1st volume because it is right at the end of it that everything starts heating up for real.

3. Compared to many other MCs out there that may feel like they have an unrealistically iron will in holding back their desires on normally touching their girlfriends as couples do.. This MC feels rather realistic. He is not a jerk nor is he too passive.. Their relationship is more on the slower slide but he makes effort to make it advance. (Although his desires rised strongly at a certain doing to certain events !)

4. The "Little Sister" is the best girl and you will surely root for her :3 She isn't that girl that is all pure and right.. She is kinda selfish in how she pursues her desires even if she knows that the way she does it is not seen as morally right.. And I mean that in a good way.

Anyway, just go read it, I'm sure it will be at the very least a fresh experience. Or maybe you will love it just like me! <<less
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