Shitsurengo, Kenaku Datta Osananajimi ga Sato Kashi Mitai ni Amai ~ Sugar After Bitter ~


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Yu Sawatari is a high school student who has fallen ill after a painful accident.

He was having a hard time. Then his childhood friend Kokoa Shirayuki, who lives next door, decided to take care of him for an unknown reason.

“Why do you want to take care of me all of a sudden?”

“I’ll leave if it bothers you?”

After that day, the two, who had been growing apart, come closer.

Yu’s wounded heart is healed through his interaction with her.

Eventually, he is drawn to Kokoa.

This is a frustrating, sweet and slightly sad love story between a boy who has lost his love and a childhood friend who had a crush on him for a long time.

Associated Names
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After a Heartbreak, My Bitter Childhood Friend is now Sweet Like Sugar
失恋後、険悪だった幼なじみが砂糖菓子みたいに甘い ビターのちシュガー
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mfssir rated it
June 22, 2021
Status: v1c4 part9
translation quite good, I can understand it well.

here my summary for the story ... more>>

so its basically about a boy who got a heartbreak because his girlfriend (senpai) die by truck accident, so he doesn't go to school about a week and his childhood friend (kokoa) who stop talking to him about few years start around junior high school (since she know MC like someone else) worried about him and tried to cheer him up (ofc that childhood friend love MC for a long time ago)


why I give a 4 stars? here I explain it

i kinda pissed about fact that his girlfriend (senpai) is death, I will give 5 stars if author just make his gf dumped him or got caught flirting with other boy, cheating or something. Why I say it?

1. the author doesn't really serious about "death" fact because its a romcom so there are no really serious melancholic drama/tragedy or something

2. that death is only for character development sake / how the story will start

3. this story not too often mention that senpai thing, but still there are a few chapter that MC mention senpai in his monologue (not in every chapter/part)

4. we dont even know how that senpai look


fluff, slice of life, sugar

so how the story will continue?

1. MC will date his childhood friend after he can move on from his senpai, he mentioned it in his monologue

"If I didn't feel so torn by memories of Senpai, I would probably go out with her right away.

Just a little more. One day I could face Kokoa's feelings with an open heart. I'm sure that day will come..."

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ishira rated it
September 10, 2021
Status: v2c5 part5
Quite enjoyable, MC is not s*upid-no violence-dense type and the story is quite good as slice of life one.
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Raestloz rated it
August 14, 2022
Status: v2
It's uh....

A wild ride

The story starts and progresses like a very typical "perfect osananajimi" romance but it has a very big twist in that MC is trying to forget his first love, which he couldn't do. The romance progression itself is very, VERY basic I have to add, to the point of boring, I'll even give this 2 stars if that's all it's got

But the psychological part of trying to move forward is good. So good in fact, that it's worth the journey to get there
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Aozorah rated it
February 6, 2022
Status: v2c6 part3
I've very conflicted feelings with this novel, the premise is unique, and love progression is slow but very realistic.

This novel would've been a solid 5 for me if not for the violence of the MC that the author pretended as if it didn't happen.

... more>>

FL, the childhood friend, was being bullied by the girl fans of the senpai that she rejected. Her diary was stolen and the content was exposed to the MC when he confronted the perpetrators (female), he then proceeded to slap the thief multiple times to the point the girl got scared and become obedient. While it might sound she deserves it, you just can't use violence to a woman you know. If he did that in reality, I wouldn't be surprised if he was expelled.

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