Shitsurengo, Kenaku Datta Osananajimi ga Sato Kashi Mitai ni Amai ~ Sugar After Bitter ~


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Yu Sawatari is a high school student who has fallen ill after a painful accident.

He was having a hard time. Then his childhood friend Kokoa Shirayuki, who lives next door, decided to take care of him for an unknown reason.

“Why do you want to take care of me all of a sudden?”

“I’ll leave if it bothers you?”

After that day, the two, who had been growing apart, come closer.

Yu’s wounded heart is healed through his interaction with her.

Eventually, he is drawn to Kokoa.

This is a frustrating, sweet and slightly sad love story between a boy who has lost his love and a childhood friend who had a crush on him for a long time.

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失恋後、険悪だった幼なじみが砂糖菓子みたいに甘い ビターのちシュガー
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03/29/21 Zetro Translation v1c2 part9
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03/05/21 Zetro Translation v1c2 part5
02/14/21 Zetro Translation c2 part4
02/08/21 Zetro Translation c2 part3
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01/28/21 Zetro Translation c2 part1
01/18/21 Zetro Translation v1c1 part12
01/16/21 Zetro Translation c1 part11
01/12/21 Zetro Translation c1 part10
01/12/21 Zetro Translation c1 part9
01/10/21 Zetro Translation c1 part8
12/16/20 Zetro Translation c1 part7
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