For Some Reason, a Gal in My Class Became Friends With My Step-sister


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As a high school student, Shinji Nagumo had a problem. His adopted-sister, Tsumugi, who came for family reasons, was unfriendly. Living with two people who couldn’t shorten the distance. One day, the “net friend” brought by Tsumugi changes the situation. It was a popular girl gal- Takarai Yua!? From the same class.

As the three of them spend time together, Tsumugi became more open minded. In addition, the distance between him and Yua was also close at home !? Only he knows the kind Yua, her lonely face, and her homely side that he was not good at.

“I’m like Nagumo-kun’s wife. Is that okay?”

“That’s okay! Shin-nii, let’s live with three people!”

No, that’s no good…

Go home together and stay together. Tsumugi misunderstood Yua as his lover, and for some reason she seemed to be happy. Every time she comes into their house, their relationship gradually becomes real!?

Gal and step-sister. A warm and sweet romantic comedy with two girls!

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For Some Reason, a Gyaru in My Class Became Friends With My Step-Sister
Kurasu no gyaru ga, naze ka ore no gimai to nakayoku natta.
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New Jsouth72 rated it
May 11, 2024
Status: v2c1
Hopefully this continues to be translated. Seems it's been a few years since the last chapter was translated. Ready for the MC to get over his reluctance for people to know about their relationship. Maybe my most hated trope. I'd never let the girl I was dating feel like she couldn't talk to me in front of others. Still I enjoy this story but I think there are better ones out there
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Delirious rated it
October 8, 2021
Status: v1 afterword
I'll give it a four-star for now, because honestly? This is SO FAR one of the best Japanese LN's I have read with these extremely overused troupes. Seriously.

The generic Japanese male MC- loner, anti-social, awkward, kind to those who know him, average looking, etc etc. He actually feels natural in this regard. For instance, he's not used to women, but he doesn't blush at the mere glance of skin; and even though he gets embarrassed because of the beautiful FML, he doesn't act like an idiot like all these other... more>> protags. He's just not used to it. So far, I actually like this protag and am rooting for him. He also isn't afraid to help people if he can for fear of being "noticed". That doesn't seem to be a concern for him. He's just tryna be a good student and big brother, lol.

Generic Female Lead - beautiful, popular, social, not awkward, above average in every way, etc etc. I'm just gonna say this now unless something drastic happens, she's pushing for one of my favorite heroines in this type of story. She's just that awesome. For once, all those stereotypical troupes all these heroines have seem natural. She's a genuinely good person (so far) that just also happens to be beautiful.

TL;DR - It's essentially just a better-written story about a popular gyaru and loner protagonist. Especially when it comes to their characters. <<less
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AJ1703 rated it
October 12, 2021
Status: v1 epilogue
Hello everyone, I'm the translator from Neosekai who took over the previous one.

First of all, I enjoyed this series. It felt refreshing for me with how the relationships of every character worked out. It's like harmony between them all.

At first, I thought it would be the usual trope of being a love triangle or the sort, but it didn't turn out like that at all. Heck, even the step-sister of the MC is one of the most natural supporting characters ever. It may not seem like it, but she did... more>> quite a lot for the MC and FMC.

As for the MC and FMC, MC is your typical loner but he doesn't hesitate to act when it's needed. He's quite a tsundere but excludes all the hitting their love interest and only just denies most of his feelings. Well, it could probably be pointed out to his lack of involvement with the opposite s*x which is pretty imminent throughout the story. That line would be repeated a lot of the time. But by the end of the first volume, you'll see some changes that even he, himself admits.

As for FMC, yes another of your typical polar opposite of the MC which is a cheerful gyaru/gal. At times, I wondered why is she acting like this towards the MC, but it wasn't explicitly stated why. But from what I understood from reading so far, it's because of something that she's lacking. You'll know why as you read more.

Overall, it felt just right for me. The story was rather straightforward with some clues about their personalities here and there. I think that was a good first volume and I'm looking forward to more on the next volumes. <<less
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Renovartio rated it
January 23, 2022
Status: v1c2 part5
Ok so I'mma comment on things that have been bugging me from the first chapter.

First: It seems she already referred to him as her brother from the beginning, however he keeps mentally switching between referring to her as his sister and cousin. In other countries, she would still be your cousin. You wouldn't call her you sister even if your family took her in. But from what I understand about Japan, it's about family documentation, so she is literally adopted into the family. In that case, she's your adopted sister.... more>> (Though I doubt that's how it actually works). Not step-sister (a girl who became your sister through marriage between your parents). Nor is she your sister-in-law (the sister of the person you are married to).

Second: His obsession with his cousin is just that, an obsession. Even if he's just being overly concerned about her. He seems to think about nothing but her. They even have exchanges like that of lovers, rather than being that of relatives.

Third: Conversations come off as forced and awkward. Not in that the MC is an awkward person, which would make sense since that's what his character is portrayed as. No, its that their structure doesn't seem like dialogue people would have. Now this is probably on purpose, like I said the MC is supposed to be an awkward person. He even follows the typical light novel protagonist trope of over thinking every little thing.

I don't know, it just that the interactions don't seem believable to me.

Fourth: The situations, like the conversation, seem awkward and forced.


It's the hand of the author but cmon, that situation with the light bulb is just silly. Like there's so many solutions you could have done instead of that. Heck, even if you ignore that part, why would his cousin freak out by a single light bulb? Do you guys not have multiple light bulbs in a single hallway? Is she so scared of a flickering light or a slightly dim hallway that she's going to have a panic attack?


Saying that. I'mma keep reading in hopes the jarring aspects lessen over time. As it stands, I keep cringing at the overly surreal aspects of the story. Hopefully it gets better, overall the story seems ok. But there's only so much mental damage I can take. <<less
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The Manager
The Manager rated it
December 11, 2021
Status: v1 afterword
I like this... The story and plot is on above average, but all the characters here are very likable... I always thought of something le*d here every time I read every single chapter, but I'll refrain for now....

All over all, I recommend this to all the kids... Yes.... Just don't get salty just because you're single....
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TepoK rated it
October 17, 2021
Status: v1 afterword
Like what others mentioned already, yeah a lot of tropes were used in this story. But I gotta agree that it was at least executed decently.

Love the interactions with the MC and FMC. I have nothing more to say from them other than that since all were already mentioned.

I enjoyed the first volume anyway so I'll be giving a 5*.
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dralex rated it
December 30, 2023
Status: v1 illustrations
MC a bit too dull for my taste. But there is progress. Slow, too slow, but noticeable. I appreciate.

The relationship is developing and so far there are no steps back and no unnecessary events/decisions. You can feel them getting closer, but fluff still prevails.
I feel like an orphan left on the side of the road. They say that the journey is more important than the destination. Nevertheless, closures are important and despite all my respect for Neosekai Groupe, whose translations are ALWAYS of the highest standard (it is probably no coincidence that most of the LNs I like are translated by them). A big penalty for abandoning this story. You don't do that to readers.
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johnmc rated it
October 15, 2021
Status: v1 afterword
It's an "alright" read. I personally believe the rating would fit between 3 and 4 stars but I'm willing to give this 4 out of 5 as there is potential development in future volumes.

As the other review points out, the plot is all about overused tropes just like any other rom-com LNs out there. If you are into fluffy romance and don't mind the tropes, this is recommended.

There are a few missed opportunities that the author could have developed, (or they will show up in future volumes, I'm not... more>> sure) that is the expansion of these characters' backgrounds. This LN, with its slice-of-life tag, focuses primarily on the interactions between only three characters, the MC, the step-sister, and the FMC/gal. The loss of parent theme could have been explored more for both the MC and his step-sister to give these characters the foundation that backs their personality. For instance, why is the MC anti-social and a loner? Why does he study so hard? What does he want to achieve? (I know that he wants to study for the sake of protecting the stepsis but what specific goals he tries to achieve here?) The step-sis grief over the loss of her parent is barely mentioned.

Even the start of the MC and FMC relationship seems... shallow. Like, of course, the most beautiful gal in the school finds the loner MC sincere and develops love interest from him thanks to the most obvious actions that anyone could have done the same without effort (giving handkerchief; protecting her against persistent guys...). Again, that's why we call these overused tropes.

In the end, there is only one volume and there are hopes for future development. I have a faint belief that volume 1 has set up the setting for more important reveals starting volume 2. But if future volumes are still about fluffy romance and blushy interactions and common tropes, then I don't think this novel stands out much, or at all, comparing to romcom series. <<less
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