I’m the Bad Guy, Can I Leave?


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I possessed the villain, who is torn limb from limb by the protagonist in a fit of inferiority complex.

This was a consequence of killing his brother, so I did my best to keep him alive.

It was a bonus to get out of the job safely.

But how did it happen?

“Kulk, kulk…!”

“Mr Han, I’ll take care of everything.”

The protagonist has completely turned around. He couldn’t let go of me, his lifelong benefactor.

“I shouldn’t have left you alone.”

No, I’m fine, so please let me leave.

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I’m a Villain So I Can’t Resign
악역인데 퇴사하면 안 될까
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New RavensChrome rated it
May 10, 2024
Status: c40
Usually I try to finish the book to the end or the last chapter translated but I can't read this. The concept is interesting but there's no conflict or solid goal driving the plot that keeps me hooked. Yes there's action driving the MC and MLs to do stuff, but it feels like there's no purpose in them.

Other than that, the structuring and world building is also a little lacking. Yes the author easily conveys what the world is and who's who, but there's so little descriptors to tell me... more>> what's going on. It's very easy to get whiplash when reading because you can easily miss scene transitions too. They use all their words to build up the lore of characters but don't really spare words for the present of what's happening then and there.

What I do like is the interactions between MC and the various MLs. I think the absurdity of the MLs and MC's exasperation is funny. But even that doesn't really make up for the lacking of drive for the plot. Especially if the author is trying to set up potential love affairs, I feel like it isn't working because theirs no cohesion and it feels very forced.

I do see myself picking this up again though and giving it another chance. Again, I do like the concept of this. <<less
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rhea4765 rated it
April 26, 2023
Status: c65
I like the story a lot, especially for the weak and sickly misunderstood protagonist. MC is calm, cool, and collected, he complained about his possession but he dealt with the situations rationally.

I added the harem tag because there wasn't really a clear cut ML. There are more than two people who cared about him and becoming increasingly obsessive and overprotective of him. There are 4 MLs with major interactions with MC so far and they orbited around him.

I can't say much about the story quality since korean mtl is pretty... more>> substandard compared to chinese mtl, I racked my brain to understand what's going on but more often miss out on the plot points. I trudged on because I love the interactions and MLs' attempts to pamper MC. MC is seen as a saint/hero by almost everyone in the story, by his guildmates and medical staff etc., and he constantly got hurt (I think out of the 65 chapters I read, less than 20 chapters took place other than at the hospital/medical dept.), but he does have a hidden enemy from ogMC's past, ogMC is just a cannon fodder villain in the novel so there's not many info on his background and past, and MC didn't have access to his body's memories so he's also being careful of sudden attacks and finding out who is out to get him.



On the cover, the MC is the middle guy (with gray eyes), ML1 is the left dude, the guild leader of MC's guild (with black-brownish hair and scarlet eyes) and ML3 is the guy in the suit, another guild master of another guild (with golden eyes, an english-korean mix). ML2 is a healer with long hair and beautiful face, and ML4 is a government ranker. ML1-3 are part of the people who tortured ogMC in the original story because ogMC got ML1-2's brothers killed and destroyed precious equipment of ML3.


I'm not sure what to add to this because my brain is exhausted. It's a great story, but if you don't want to do comprehension gymnastic, I suggest to wait for the translation. It's good enough and waaay better than mtl. <<less
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Filledokka rated it
April 11, 2023
Status: c17
Well, the premise is fun, I'm always up for a bit of obsessive charakters.

The execution is a bit lacking though, it's not bad, but it's a bit inconsistent every now and then. And the pacing feels a bit rushed same with the details in the story of when things happen.

The MC has indeed taken over a villain that has done some sketchy things already, so he wants out. But after saving a few guys that has a big brother with a major brother complex, it becomes rather hard when they... more>> won't really let him. That and along with some other issues he needs to face, he's in for hard time in getting away from these guys. Couse the little brothers he saved are also very attached.... Sigh, poor guy.

I hope it get's better written over time, so we'll see. I do hope so, since I do like the story it's trying to tell.

But don't take my word for anything, give it a try and see, maybe it hits home for you. <<less
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TheIsekaiConsumer rated it
February 23, 2024
Status: c57
I’ve been binging a lot of BL dungeon manwhas and this is one of the two that didn’t bore me. I just wished the translation isn’t MTL 😭. I feel like I’ve lost a lot of nuance in the plot and a lot of the humor.

MC is exciting in his inner thoughts and ruthless with himself. It’s pretty clear from the start that he’s doing all of this for himself but his selfishness caused awesome misunderstandings. I feel like the harem part is becoming a bit forced and nonsensical but... more>> the harem members are all interesting side characters so I still like it.

Dropping this for now and hopefully we’ll get a licensed translation someday. Or maybe a manwha! <<less
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Usagixneko rated it
May 12, 2023
Status: c201
Unfortunately I couldn't find the whole story online, but it was awesome.

Edit: Yes! I finally found! You can read it completely free (but only one chapter per day)

I recommended it to everybody who love misunderstood, clever and calm charming MC.

... more>> The crazy fanatisme for there brothers is kinda similar to the s classes that I raised, but there is a lot of possible candidet either.

The focus is not on the fights, but there are different personalities who will get obsessed with our cute MC who is kinda clueless.

It's realy realy realy good!!! <<less
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Stagz rated it
June 3, 2023
Status: c51
Can we all take a moment to appreciate how the MC isnt steryotypical looking? Idk if you know what I mean ad I also can't really explain too well but his look really does it for me especially his eyes lol but anyways my guy really can't catch a break translation is also really good I appreciate the tranlator alot as well they do really good by us dude😭😭💖
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The_Armadist rated it
February 2, 2024
Status: c97
Its really good, I like it a lot. My favorite character is the psycopath healer. He's always fun to read about.

Fair warning, the translation in the first ten chapters is kinda... not good. Its mtl that was edited to be more coherent. Those first few chapters are a little confusing at times (not a lot but there are some confusing parts, especially at chapter 5), but you do get the gist of it, so if you can get through those first few chapters, the translation quality does become very noticeably... more>> better as the tl became more experienced and confident.

So please don't let the translation quality in the beginning put you off, you'll be missing out on a great novel. (I also feel that it should be mentioned that even the bad mtl at the begining was leagues better than some mtls I have seen by other translators who don't even bother to try to make it look coherent. The TL isn't perfect, but you can tell they put a lot of love and effort into it.)

This novel makes brocons its reoccurring motief, so if you don't like obsessive and slightly crazy brocons, don't read it and then complain.

Every character is this is absolutely batsh*t crazy btw. Even the protaganist. He tries to trick the reader into thinking he's calm and rational, but he's not. He's not possessive or psycopathic like a lot of the characters, but he's not a rational person either. He's very much balls to the walls.

Also, something that makes this story so fun is the fact

that no one, not a single character, is telling the truth. They are all lying to each other, all the time. Which means that when a very rare moment of honesty happens between characters, its special... and yet even then they still do their best to speak in half truths lmao.


Its a good novel, very enjoyable, but don't expect this to be a ground breaking book that's going to change your whole world view. Its entertaining, and it does a good job at being fun and engaging.

If you go into this expecting complicated politics and social justice metaphors, you will be disappointed.

This is a book about a guy who, through circumstances not under his control, keeps trying to cut all ties and escape the life he has been given, only to be unwillingly tied deeper and deeper into a found family.

The poor MC just can't catch a break, but it does end up being good for him, even though he does his best to despair at the comfy life he is being plied with.

Its not all fluff and funny shenanigans though. There is the occasional bit of angst, but it is very fitting and well done, and its well balanced with the humor and fluff, giving this novel great balance.

All in all, would recommend. Also, I am obsessed with this novel. <<less
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Kewind_nu rated it
September 16, 2023
Status: c75
I enjoy the story; however, the translation is really rough to read. I hope that the translator gets better at this as I feel bad others may give up trying to read it. I would be sad if the translator drops this. The MC reminds me of tr*sh of the Count Family. He is misunderstood but struggles to survive and escape his situation. It is a bl harem like story so far with no one really knowing how they feel emotionally. The ml’s just know they want the MC around... more>> because he can make their lives better. Glad there is no sign of toxic relationships. <<less
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Aone1989 rated it
November 16, 2023
Status: c53
It was a little lackluster story.

There’s a lot of clichés and misunderstandings which was decent but I guess the plot just seemed a little empty for me. The pacing is slow & nothing exciting is happening. There’s not a lot of details that would make the readers very engaged. I tried powering through it but I’m guess I’m going to have to drop the novel.
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I am here to eat dogfood
I am here to eat dogfood rated it
August 18, 2023
Status: c24
3.8 stars

A cliche story about obsessive MLs, just MC is a man. But the story itself is not bad. I personally liked MC, a very reasonable guy.

As I said the novel, at least upto where I read, is pretty good.

But it's just not my cup of tea so may be I will drop it or countinue.. don't know...

If you like cliche story but at the same time want a good MC not like those foolish ones this is for you.

I will give 3 stars for story.

And 5 stars for translations.
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meihikaru_ rated it
March 13, 2024
Status: c82
I really like this novel. The MC is not a hunter or healer like the usual, but he's a potion maker with hidden skills. He's smart so he's not a damsel in distress but everyone's practically protective of him. Even so, they respect his opinion and treat him well. 💕 The misunderstanding is SOOO funny lol. This reminds me of LCF which is a novel that I love. At first it's just funny and all but then there's more about the MC's background story.
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