I’m Really Not the Lord of the Abyss


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At the beginning of the imminent doom, Lu Mi, who had crossed to a different world, was thrown directly into the abyss rift with hellish difficulty, with only a blank book in his hand——

[The Book of Solomon’s Keys] [As long as the target voluntarily writes their name on this book, you can gain knowledge and abilities from the other party]

Looking at the monsters that filled the abyss, Lu Mi slowly revealed an apologetic and polite smile.

After a frenzy of upgrades, Lu Mi was finally able to leave the abyss and return to the outside world.


In the year 2277 of the new calendar, countless pitch black cracks appeared in various places, and monsters of all sizes poured out from the abyss behind the cracks.

As a result, the entire world entered an era of tyranny, and countless extraordinary beings emerged, causing the world to fall into madness.

Among the top tier monsters, there is a group that is particularly different – they are all looking for the owner of a book.

[He conquered us in the abyss, and we offered him all our names so that he could summon us at any time and use our abilities, knowledge, and power] [But then he suddenly disappeared – We need to find him! We should find him! We will definitely find him] [There is only one throne in the sky, and he is the only person qualified to compete for that position! We are his most loyal supporters]

At this time, Lu Mi was being interviewed for his new job at the newly established Extraordinary Guild——

Interviewer: “What is your opinion on the ‘Dominator of the Four Pillars’ and’ Lord of the Future Abyss’ mentioned by those monsters?

Lu Mi:“……?”

Who is that?

After all the trouble, I finally returned to a comfortable life. My pursuit for the rest of my life is to slack at work and have three insurances and one fund. Who is adding drama to me again!

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Kakipii13 rated it
April 17, 2024
Status: c30
Now this is an interesting one. It's like a hunter/gate + interstellar + fantasy. MC is a returnee from the demon realm where he inadvertently become the demon lord/unwitting cult leader while fighting to survive. Finally leaving to the human world to live a chill life, it turns out that monsters are coming out of gates and invading the earth and superpowered humans have to stop them. There's also futuristic tech, fictional empires with political turmoil, Zerg, and military factions divided up by region that each have their own agendas.

There's... more>> dragons and magic and an ancient prophecy; guilds of "Extraordinaries" with special abilities fighting to defend the world from monster gates; flying ships, personal all-purpose internet terminals, and underground rebel forces stealing sci-fi materials to make advanced weaponry. It's firmly in a futuristic interstellar-like setting (though it doesn't take place in space), whose major fighting force and source of conflict is hunter/gate-like; with demonic forces invading human territory that only our hero demon lord MC can defeat. Coolest genre mashup I've seen emphasized by how well it fuses together.

As pointed out in another review, this novel lacks some substance. It's definitely a "slow start but builds up" kind of story. As the story goes on more details about the protagonist and glimpses of his past experience get revealed to the audience, though not as much as I would like in some ways. The beginning is lacking in a lot but is able to throw the readers into the world without overly long exposition. Once the settings and conflicts are more established you start getting into more of the characterization of the MC and hints about his past, more developed side characters, and more substantive plot.

The MC is the "trying to hide my true abilities" type which is a trope that I usually find frustrating. I think it's carried out better here than in other novels though. It's initially because he wants to live a slow life, but he also also seems to have some heroic tendencies that he can't ignore and may be kinda tsundere about. He seems to be heading towards gradually revealing himself, if for no other reason than oops! Got involved in a major incident where I was seen! How well this is executed is going to depend on your own opinion, especially as the story goes on (I'm only halfway through myself).

There are some BL/bromantic vibes coming from MC's waaay too enthusiastic followers (of both demonic and human origin), but while I haven't finished the story yet there's no BL tags here so I assume there's no romance. But if you really don't like that sort of thing, there's your warning. They are also the pushy subordinate type who want to push him into a supreme leader position regardless of what the MC wants. Luckily, by the start of the story the MC is used to it and is able to use tactics to make his underlings work towards the goals he wants. Unlike characters in other novels and irl people fighting for social justice issues, he knows how to word things to people with different points of view so they can all work towards the same goal.

5/5 because I like the smooth implementations of a unique genre mashup. Even with a slow start I've gotten to the point where I'm excited to see where it goes. The story itself is also short so even if it lacks some substance it should at least wrap up a complete story without dragging it out for too long. It has weaknesses but my enjoyment is high, so I recommend trying it out.

I've already rambled too much but one final note about the translation: the superpowered people are called "Extraordinaries", and strictly speaking this is the correct translation. However, there seems to be more than one way to write "extraordinary" in Chinese and the specific way used in this novel uses the same character (超) as "transcendent". If you MTL this novel you usually see both Extraordinary and transcendent used interchangeably. The fact that "Extraordinaries" is used in the same way as "Awakeners", instead of "transcendent" which is more familiar to a Chinese-speaking audience, is a subtle detail that solidifies the hunter/gate setting. Maybe. I have a lot of experience trying to parse the specificness of Chinese translations but don't actually speak Chinese myself, so this could be inaccurate. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
onlycrimson123 rated it
April 5, 2024
Status: c6
TL;DR: A novel best described as a cake made out of cardboard.

This novel has a very enchanting concept which could have been matched with an enchanting story given the correct author. However, this novel severely fails to deliver.

This novel, in all regards, seems to lack substance. Every introduced character is beyond one-dimensional, the main character has seemingly no plans for the future or goals to accomplish, the setting isn't particularly riveting, etc.

The trick to making an OP protagonist novel work is by having everything else excel. Often, authors make up... more>> for the lack of progression with beautiful imagery, interesting interactions and plot developments, or just anything at all. This novel does not even attempt to do any of those things.

While I do admit that the translation is, for the most part, impeccable, that cannot make up for the own author's lack of descriptions. The poor underpaid translator cannot write in cool scenes where the author didn't.

Frankly, I feel this novel may have been better if it detailed the main character's journey through the abyss. On that note, I'm going to go read Custom-Made Demon King.

I would only recommend this novel to OP protagonist fanatics in its current state. That being said, only six chapters are released as of now and it may significantly improve later. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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