I Was Confessed To And Got Dumped, So I Devoted Myself To My Hobbies, But Things Somehow Got Out Of Hand?


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A boy with various interests, Sakurai Haruto, in the middle of summer vacation got confessed to by his classmate who was a beautiful girl on a chat application.


Saying [Actually I don’t like you after all.], got dumped for some reason.

Confused by the situation where he got dumped before he could even reply, hurt, Haruto decides to devote himself to his various hobbies to forget about it.

He thought up novels, uploaded them on a novel upload site, made vocaloid songs and uploaded them on video websites, all just to forget about being dumped, he devoted himself to the things he liked.

And the result of that was…

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Kokuhaku Sareta noni Furareta node, Shumi ni Uchikonda Kekka, Nanka Sugoi Koto ni Natta ndakedo?
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August 21, 2021
Status: c17
I found this an enjoyable read. Main character is a talented novelist and vocalist but he left his hobbies unattended for some time. Then a popular girl confesses to MC but takes her confession back a week later.

... more>>

The girl actually liked MC but because he didn't like her back at first he thought hard about it. The girl confessed as part of a punishment game but the game was "confess to the guy you care about" so yeah she cared about him. Because he took a week to think about it she just accepted a popular guy's confession and said MC that it was not that serious. She's a popular girl so her fame kinda got to her head and declared the MC is not worthy of her. Oh how wrong she was lol. Lesson of the day: Don't take too much time for replies


So yeah honestly this guy's heartbreak isn't that real because he didn't care about her until she confessed. But he was heartbroken anyways so he returned to his past hobbies. (People online even suspected he was dead because he stopped writing) And he was so good about them his editor refers him as "god"... So as you might guess there are exaggerated reactions here.


I mean a famous writer fainted when he heard his pen name...


I think it's an interesting read so far. I enjoyed people's reactions around him. Drama isn't heavy so that's a bonus

(I didn't rate it yet since it's still early for that) <<less
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Delirious rated it
October 25, 2021
Status: c20
I get this is just some author's dream fantasy about how awesome he wished he was, and that it can be enjoyable for us as readers living vicariously through the protagonist. That being said... It is honestly really cringey seeing how people react to what he does. I wouldn't be surprised if the MC farted in a mic and people in that universe compared it to Beethoven. The author also is just straight up incapable of actually expanding on why they like what he creates. People just go "did you... more>> see what was posted yesterday? God posted a new chapter in his novel!"

We aren't even gleamed as to why he is so capable, he just is. All that said, this requires you to not think too deeply about it, and once you achieve that, it isn't bad. I just personally find the reaction and how the universe treats the MC to be particularly dumb and exaggerated. <<less
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enkiros rated it
September 20, 2021
Status: c23
pretty interesting imo. It's a fairly typical self-insert power fantasy but there's something about it that makes keep wanting to know what happens next. Probably not much depth to it but you shouldn't think too much about this novel to enjoy it. A pedantic nitpick with spoilers as of chapter 23:


The dude wrote a random ass web novel when he was like 14 full of typos and stuff but it was so popular that it made him an A-list e-celebrity overnight? Really? The first story he'd ever written in his life was that good that everyone he meets wants to suck his d*ck and calls him God? Understandable.

Also, it's funny how the protagonist and every other character is convinced that the "love confession" was totally legit and serious, and that she liked him even though they've spoken only once before and the protagonist had no interest in her prior to that. He just thought the girl was hot and that's it but he acts heartbroken and dejected. Bruh???? I find it weird how this is the central conflict of this first part of the story. I mean, I get it's because the author wants to introduce her as a heroine later on and claim she was in love with the MC all along! Still, she's a narcissistic as*hole and the dude didn't care about her existence until she "confessed" and then got angry when she took it back becuse it was his chance to be with a hot chick.

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November 18, 2021
Status: c21
I actually quite like this novel, ill admit, it definitely isn't well written, and it doesn't go in depth of anything. But I like the premise and character, I really like reading more. Everyone starts somewhere, and writing a novel is included in that. I cant wait to see the author continue and strive to get better. Of course the novel is just wish fulfillment, but I think, so what. Who doesn't want to be amazing at your hobbies. I came here expecting just that, and I got want I... more>> wanted, I want to see the MC show us how good he is at his many other hobbies too. I just think its an interesting novel that I want to continue reading. <<less
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Chryshauzer rated it
October 1, 2021
Status: c17
I'm only giving 2 stars because of the translation quality when the story itself deserves a 1. This novel is kinda good if you're okay with a senseless, ultra unrealistic, brain rotting stuff. But in my honest opinion everything is just ridiculously s*upid. From the reason why the girl rejected him and the MC's whole character. Even when we're in the realm of fictional stuff, this is the lowest of the low.

Now remember that this is just my opinion. If you think otherwise, then disregard this review and have a... more>> nice day. <<less
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Aster_Rayford rated it
September 14, 2021
Status: c13
It's good, no need to think deeply about the plot it's really simple and even my last 2 brain cells can understand it.
I don't really want to spoil anything so I'll just say that the title is pretty much the plot (like most of the new jp stuff).

It's never meant to be taken seriously and most of the stuff are quite unrealistic (it's mostly the novel and stuff) but yes, you should read it, rather you should cleanse your soul for reading too much doujinshi and read something light.

That's... more>> pretty much it.
so have a good read everyone! <<less
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VillageMoron rated it
June 14, 2022
Status: c7
you can only push wish fulfillment fantasys so far before they break. I can suspend my disbelief only so far to enjoy a novel, but to enjoy this novel I would have to have had beaten my brains against rocks till I was ret*rded

so the MC writes a "godly" novel as a highschooler (his first novel btw) then it blows up but he doesn't know of course (because this way people can hype him up when they find out its him) as he turned off notifications?? So anyway he starts... more>> writing his second novel and after the first chapter of the novel people are already calling it "godly" again -_-

also out of nowhere he uploads some music to youtube and immediately it gets called amazing and godly and whatnot. Oh also guess what? His dad is a translater so he is like multilingual.

Everything about the novel is just set up to make the MC get as many awe-struck reactions from people as possible, literally nothing else matters to this author.

This is novels is a good example of 2 failures. The failure of writing a "smart" MC. And the failure of creating a believeable world.

The reason its hard to write a smart character is you have to show them being smart. By chapter 7 the MC is genius author that people are falling over themselves for and freaking out over, as well as being a talented musician, as well as being multilingual (he studied for fun). However his actions show him being a clueless dumbass. He doesnt act with logic or like a human would. This is why its an insult to your intelligence, the author expects you will just accept this nonsense.

This the line where you cannot suspend your disbelief any further; when humans don't act like humans. <<less
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MasonMac rated it
October 4, 2021
Status: --
I don't really like it. While I find the premise intriguing and probably far more relatable than most web novels out there, it ended up being pretty generic. It's a shame, because I think that if it was executed properly it could have been a genuinely awesome story.
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Cedd rated it
September 1, 2021
Status: --
Watch how the MC steamroll his way into the industry in a unrealistic albeit funny way because he became this almighty prodigy in hobbies he touches after getting rejected. Doesn't mean I hate it though, this was quite nice and charming in a way.
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throwawayacc rated it
July 27, 2023
Status: --
Ok seriously, what is this story?

Who on Earth would spend a huge amount of time and effort to write a novel, as a hobby, and have enough confidence to publish it on an amateur website, and then completely ignore its existence? Like a film director releasing a movie without even watching the whole thing once or looking at reviews.

It's clear as day this was done so the MC can have a 'surprise' moment when he is told by those around him that his work that he published in secret is... more>> actually so amazing and is ranked #1 on the website. This doesn't just happen once, the MC has also published a novel 2 years before the story starts and that work also reached the top of ranks, giving the MC a large fanbase... but the quirky thing is the MC didn't know about this because he had notifications turned off.

And that's not all, the MC also gets sent 2 offers from a publishing company to officially novelize his works. The first was sent for his first web novel (which was ignored because the dude doesn't know what notifications are) and the second was sent after he only published the introduction chapter of his latest work 2 years later. Oh wow, such talent.

Final nail in the coffin for me was the MC decided to create a Twitter account under his secret writer persona to interact with his fanbase... dude has his account for 1 day and then forgets about it, completely missing the flood of messages from his fans talking about his work.

Had to stop reading after that, everything the MC has done so far just feels like weird wish fulfillment but pushed to the extreme for an aspiring writer/author to the point I could not maintain my suspension of disbelief. And apparently next the MC is going to start posting his own music online. Can already tell how that's going to go. <<less
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lettersandmoreletters rated it
July 11, 2022
Status: c22
It's good but the mc's too easy on the girl, and so are his friends- making the guy who got confessed to only for them to basically say 'lulz nvm, it was just a game and anyway I got asked out by a piggy bank you pathetic little boy' apologize to said greedy shallow woman for taking too long to accept or reject her? That's just messed up, should have said sorry I ever considered going out with you and thanked the other guy from saving him from a mistake... more>> by warning him she's just using him for his money- or start audio recording her real horrible self with his phone and posting it on socials and emailing it to her sugar daddy, friends and family or at least threatening it if she doesn't stop insulting him or something instead of just taking it like the spineless little boy she considers him.

At least it's going to be glorious when she learns he's a famous author and music maker. <<less
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