Ryuu Kusari no Ori -Kokoro no Uchi no “Kokoro”- (WN)


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Solminati Academy is a gathering place for youngsters with dreams, hopes, ambitions, and various thoughts.

There was a boy here who entered the school to support his beloved’s dream.

However, the boy’s ability, which he had only thought of, did not improve.
He was laughed at by the people around him, he had no friends, his lover was separated from him, and his steps stopped.

However, he meets an old woman, and that encounter triggers a gradual change in the boy.

This is the story of a boy who starts to realise his true strength.

Associated Names
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Dragon Chain Ori –Spirit in the “Heart”-
Ori of the Dragon Chain
Ryuusa no Ori -Kokoro no Naka no "Kokoro"-
龍鎖のオリ ―心の中の“こころ”―
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chlenix rated it
June 19, 2021
Status: c8part1
A story full of all the Japanese tropes you can imagine:
-A world with swords and magic with a pseudo-european medieval setting
-Magic school
-MC that uses a Katana as an main weapon with a swordsmanship teached by his Sensei from another continent that resembles Japanese culture
-A bullsh*t powerup ... more>>

still idk how he could kill the strongest dragon

- FL is a black haired yamato nadeshiko
- a harem

if the MC ends only with one girl surely is the black haired one but there is a chance this has a harem ending


Tries to be a bit more complex than the others LN with the writing but fails hard. The story settings are only to give a start to the story but never really got progressed or expanded and although is a fantasy setting the world feels small, the story never goes beyond the MC scope.
Also, don't get fooled with the others reviews, this isn't slow paced, it's full of filler so feels like is slow paced. Also the MC isn't a "complex" character, is only a dramatic emo (this isn't necessarily bad, teenagers will be like the MC if they were in a same situation like him but the author loves to exaggerate it)

for ex. we have an elf girl that literally saw the death of his family and the fall of his country by monsters but the elf opens up first than our angsty MC that was dumped by his girlfriend


Teenage drama with swords and magic but you don't really need to think to read this. Good for read if you have a lot of idle time.

Spoilers for you, I know you were waiting them:


What really happens with the ex:


The MC has 2 childhood friends, the MC girlfriend (a beauty redhead, will cal him b*tch) and a dude (will call him douche). They go to this "cool" meritocracy driven magic school subsidized by all the empires/kingdoms from the continent. The childhood friends are strong that awakened strong abilities but the MC awakens a suppress ability (basically suppress his powers and make him stall). The douche ability is a "water mirage" that can change his face and because he is jealous of the MC he uses his ability (that no one knows he awakened) to deceive the bit*h thinking the MC is kissing another girl. She conveniently start running. The next day the bit*h waits for the MC and slap him without confronting him again. Because of this the MC gets bullied a lot



How is solved:


After the MC got new friends (and 2/3 girls that fall in love) and he finally opens up to them decides to talk to the bit*h but she "runs" (metaphorically and literally), the douche that is full of jealously and craziness (he believed the MC was weak and tried to delete the MC from the school but the MC is strong us f*ck) f*cks up and the MC beats him (dramatic shitty fight with a lot of phases like a Dark Souls boss, I think he beat the sh*t out of him like 4 times continually). After the fight we have an entire chapter (not normal chapters, in this story a normal chapter is a "part" and a entiry chapters are like 25 parts) of filler with the author delaying the talk with the bit*h with things like the MC going a coma for 2 weeks or when he wakes up suddenly is famous in the school and he dosn't have time. When we will have the talk conveniently appears a big boss that fills like 10 parts. When they finally talk the MC pseudo-rejects the girl. Why pseudo ? Because it's done in a way the bit*h doesn't give up and is more orless in the same standing as all the other girls.


Sorry for bad english <<less
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Zakoo rated it
April 5, 2021
Status: --
You aren't ready for this novel.

The author began writing this in 2011 and he was avant garde. All the trope you read from recent novel, the dood did it beforehand.

The story is awesome, the chara development is probably the best you can read in any Japanese novel, the relationships between chara are deep and well written, the length and grammar of the novel put all other light novel to shame. And finally, even fight scenes are bueno.

It's not a hit or miss, if you can't enjoy this novel, I have... more>> bad news for you. <<less
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Nosebleed331 rated it
August 5, 2021
Status: v5 part1
I thought this was going to be a somewhat serious story, but in the end it all boils down to your typical indecisive, over-powered Japanese loser MC who doesn't know what he wants, makes a mountain out of a molehill in every possible situation and never proactively takes action on his own.

The author tries to present this story as if it is about something grand, whilst the MC's biggest problem in his life is that he was dumped by his (ex-) girlfriend. LMAO. Get over it dude.

Besides, his break-up was... more>> totally avoidable. If he had even expended a fraction of a milligram of effort on clearing up the misunderstandings between the two of them the story could've taken a completely different turn, but of course the MC was too caught up in his own feelings of inferiority with his pathetic woe-is-me attitude. In the end - as you'd expect -, his noncommittal approach to confrontation made both of them suffer.

This is the type of MC that I despise the most. As the story progressed and you learn more about the MC's background I couldn't help but grow more and more frustrated with his (nonexistent) resolve and way of though, until I eventually had to drop the novel for the sake of my mental health.

All in all, if you're not a masochist, then don't read this novel. <<less
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unone rated it
May 7, 2021
Status: --
Still in the beginning but honestly im confused why this main character is so obsessed with this girl like its been so long and he still hangs around her like I think by the first week of two he should have already moved on. And there is a word for this, its call being a stalker or a creep. We will see as the story moves on but first impressions aren't that great.


edit1: read further and only 2 thoughts that comes to mind.

1- you cant make a dumb person suddenly smart because you want to pair them up as friends

2- you have the main character obsessing over this one girl and than suddenly another girl comes and hes immediately healed of the sorrow that you made him to be for the past like year or so WTF. So much randomness just to progress a plot.

edit2: read slightly further. Dont know how to explain it but so clearly main character is looking at this girl up and down and than when its this girls POV shes like oh hes so different and not thinking im just b**bs and bu*t but obviously the main character was doing exactly that LMAO what a joke.

edit3 (last one) : ok im done with this novel not reading any more. Last thing is author trying to turn a bad character into a good character and main character has brain damage forgetting all the bullying by this guy and accepts him so easily like not suspecting anything. Even animals have better instincts than the main character.


final notes: you've been warned, could have definitely gone without reading this.
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orpheus_rm rated it
April 23, 2021
Status: v7c20
Top tier. Can't stop reading for even a second. I'm pretty much caught up on the raws and I think this novel hit all my sweet spots:

1. A cool, kind and rational MC who's capable of getting sh*t done.

2. A good revenge (?) /revival plot where the MC isn't a complete psychopath.

3. A good cast of diverse and well fleshed out characters (mostly) with realistic relationships. They behave like real people! It's a web novel miracle. 4. Lots of that good ol' natural character growth, all around.
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resigners5 rated it
May 7, 2021
Status: v8c20
It's a good novel. Every character will be described in detail, albeit at a slow pace.
Maybe some of you still wondering why the girl believed the rumor and refused to talk and why MC didn't try to talk to her sooner.

1. Why the girl believed the rumor?
... more>>

She didn't believe the rumor at first, so she checks it out herself and found out someone with the same appearance as MC cheated on her (by kissing another girl) in front of her. So, of course, it's understandable if she refused to talk to him as she witnesses it herself.


Big spoiler:

the actual culprit is someone so close to her and been with her ever since, and that someone can control whatever information will be heard by her and what is not, it's like controlling her but not (?). That someone has a special ability that can support his/her evil deeds. That's why the girl believed everything and didn't try to talk to MC.


2. Why MC didn't try to clear the misunderstanding sooner?

He's been subjected to bullying and ridiculed by the whole school. Everyone persecuted him at school. He can't even talk to her because his mind is broken. He doing training in the forest like a doll and eventually meet someone that will repair his broken mind. After that, he tried to change himself and try to confront the girl.


This novel is good for you who like a slow-paced story with growing characters.
If you want OP MC from the start, MC that like to destroy everything in his path, kill everyone that didn't go his way, then this novel is not for you. <<less
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Jeeez, again, too beta for my taste. While Chinese Mc's hypocritical actions are too much, I still like how when they got enough power, they will completely obliterate the people belittling and harming him. I mean, why do Japanese authors think that making the MC keep hid his powers at the expense of being beaten up, despite already having enough power to resist, is cool? Do you think when he only shows his powers during crucial times would make people be amazed? No, rather, people would f*cking wonder if you... more>> have a bipolar disorder or you are a plain masochist! If you are so strong, resist like a man, jeez.

Anyway, I won't rate as my words are purely subjective but really, enough with this "hiding" bullshit! <<less
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Shy Giggling
Shy Giggling rated it
July 11, 2022
Status: c2 part12
I honestly don't know how some people think this is a good novel, and neither do I know how the real reviewers spearheaded so many chapters.

Lots of things to say:

1- This novel is in desperate need of a proofreader, a competent one, because they're gonna be working overtime. Obviously, thank you for the translation kind stranger, but sh*t at least get some one to check the wording before you post a chapter, or at the minimum, put the whole chapter in Word or LibreOffice, and find and correct mistakes with... more>> the autocorrector.

2- About the story:

2.1- The world building : Lots of opportunities to deepen the lore were lost because of bad writing. In the (admitabbly) low amount of chapters (or parts) that I read, there's not a lot of explanation of the world around the MC, and we get thrown into a world blind, and generally, some explanations only come at the last minute, and are really summarized, when they could be deepened to add a bit of realism or cover a lot more subjects to explain at once.

2.2- The characters : Follows the standard japanese tropes, I guess. Popular madonas, bullies (who somehow became friends with the MC after bullying him for a long period of time, how tf????), senseis, shishos (tl:master, you could at least have translated shisho, at the very least, instead of keeping it as that), little sister characters, older sister characters, once I read more, I'm sure I'll find even more of those tropes. All of them have their quirks that differentiate them, yes, but other than that, they honestly feel very lifeless, with no true depth to them, with a bit of lore behind them to put a semblance of depth in them.

In this novel, there are 2 characters that I can't stand. I. Can't. f*cking. Stand. Them.

The MC and his "ex-girlfriend". The MC, once upon a time, was going out with this girl, which also happened to be his childhood friend (another trope). They made promises to eachother and whatnot, and it also led to him going to this seemingly super-duper famous academy where top-talents are gathered, which is interesting, since the MC is top-tier weak in that school that works on merits, yet was able to go all the way to third year because he seemingly 'aced the written exams every year', wasn't it an academy that existed solely to nurture talents that could counter the demon threats???

Why is he weak?


He got an ability called 'ability suppressor' or something, and it does what it says, it suppresses his abilities.


This line is literally in a so-called 'world-setting' chapter (no, I do not count sole chapters where info dumps happen as world-building) : A school funded by countries all over the continent to develop human resources that can counter the large-scale invasion of demons.

So is our MC taking the line "the pen is mightier than the sword" a little too seriously or what? How they didn't expel him on the first year will forever remain a mystery to me. Some of you may probably think, 'ehh, well, maybe he could become a good commander or what not, no need to have any real fighting ability to be able to contribute to the defense against demons' and to this I respond 'well, I'm sure other academies or institution exist solely to develop commanders or good bureacrats or logistics handlers or whatever. Someone acing the written exams in a school where fighting ability is what matters most is not somebody I would qualify as being able to face demons.'

But I digress, that was me venting a bit on that little bit of nonsense.

Back to that relationship between our MC and his girlfriend... After they enrolled at that school, some months later, the girl (which I will call b*tch) dumped our MC (which I will call wimp). bit*h was a school madona (another trope) and was also apparently in the really top-tier when it came to strength (another trope). bit*h openly said to wimp that, if I remember correctly, he is too weak or something (a valid argument, he is indeed weak, but not a valid reason to dump somebody), and that is the reason she left him. Japanese writers being what they are, they decided to add a little spicy twist, the true reason was that bit*h saw somebody that looked liked him holding the arm of a woman on the streets when they were about to kiss, but didn't actually see the kiss itself, neither did she confirm whether it was actually him, and neither did she call him out afterwards to ask him wtf he is doing cheating on her; this whole misunderstanding could've been avoided if she could've just told him what he saw, but no, our writer here decided to keep the quiproquo going for f*ckknows what reason.

This though, I could've tolerated. I'm sadly used to incompetent japanese writers and shitty writing.

What I couldn't stand is what that wimpy motherf*cker decided to do. Nothing.

He never asked her why, never took his f*cking balls and asked her why she dumped him all of a sudden. All of this could've been resolved had he just went up to her and demanded a concrete explanation of the whys. But no. This dumbass, instead went into a (apparently extremely dangerous) forest to, I'm (almost) paraphrasing, 'train to forget her', almost to the point of death.


That breakup could be considered a blessing though, he met his master there and she helped him train to become stronger, even with his ability suppressor.


Obviously, bad writing being what it is, wimp here could not forget her. And this has been going on for 2 years, now that they're entering their third year in the story.

Him not being able to forget for a few months would've been understandable, after all his childhood friend and girlfriend of who knows how many years all of a sudden dumped him, I'd be in shock for quite a bit personnaly. But for 2 whole f*cking years?

Yea, no, that's not how it works my dude.

Also, I should mention the fact that:

1- she spread nasty rumors about him being a cheater and whatnot

and 2- she is now going out with his other childhood friend (a dude named Ken lmao)

So now, what do we have? A wimp that is extremely weak in a meritocratic school. This is apparently grounds for bullying (coldly looking at it, it's a valid reason; the f*ck are you doing in a top school if you're so f*cking weak). If that isn't bad enough, his ex, that he can't seem to forget, spread ugly rumors, and with her being a top-dog in this school not only in terms of strength, but also beauty... well, those rumors just worsened the bullying and his rep in the academy. All of this combined should at least make it so that he thinks just a bit, tiny weeny miny bit less of her, right?

Nope. King-wimp is still seemingly madly in love with her, or at least can't stop for one second thinking about her, and is (as to where I'm reading) seemingly still trying to get back to her or get her to acknowledge his still-present love.

I should probably also talk about how he uses a katana, a weapon from 'an island nation in the east' (trope) since he is most confortable with something he has been using for only 2 years, instead of (most likely) a normal sword that he has been training with for a good part of his life (f*ck off with the japan culture insertion/superiority, at least make it more believable, like he's been using it for his whole life or never used it at all, you can't just erase muscle memory that has been built up with a certain weapon in mind because 'he is more comfortable' with another weapon, it does not happen, you mean to tell me he was slashing katana-style before with a normal sword? How f*cking dumb is he really?), or how 2 hot teachers are caring for him (trope x2), how he forgave his bully of 2 years, who put him through the f*cking ringer for a long time, and became best buds with him and his sister, or how all of a sudden he is now friends with 2 other school madonas (trope x2) after unknowingly befriending one of the madonas' little sister (trope), and how that madona is also part of an extremely powerful noble house (trope). (when I use madona, I'm not only saying they're beautiful, they're also strong, if not the strongest in the academy)

Or also, how he, the weakest motherf*cker, beat the strongest dragon (trope) (that appeared out of nowhere with no reason (trope)), and gained, not only the knowledge of how to remove his ability suppressor for a limited amount of time and gain a temporary powerup (trope), but also how he absorbed the strength of the strongest dragon (trope). And consequently, how he is probably now the strongest person in the whole academy (trope).

You probably see where I'm going with this. I could've developped a lot more on those last points, but there are a lot of them. What I'm pointing at is the absolute shitty writing that the characters are subjected to. The crappy way the relationships are handled and the developpment that will most likely not come (unless the translation is bad, wimp here literally says "he has halted" and he has "not moved on" for 2 whole f*cking years, why should he start now?).

Conclusion: I'm not recommending this, not in a thousand years. I was looking for harem food to feed to my h**ny monke mind, but I don't eat garbage. So tr*sh in fact I did a review on it.

Should you give it a try, if you have good taste, unlike most reviewers that gave this crap a good score, you will find the characters unlikable, the MC most of all, and the story lacking, as well as world-building. Yes, I honestly didn't read a lot, (technically read 20 chapters, c1 goes to part 8, c2 goes to part 13, weird way to divide chapters), but I can already smell the crappy writing, and with the bad translation, or bad english, a lot of things are most likely lost, which just does not help this novel.

I feel like a tumor is going to grow in my brain if I keep on reading this, if you're not a masochist, don't read it too. I got the warnings too late from the few good reviews on this.

edit: I started structuring this review then went f*ck it after 2.2 ahaha, sorry for that

edit2: there are also tags that are total bs, weak to strong is not true, at all, a sudden powerup is not weak to strong, it just isn't. being weak one second and the strongest the next can't be called weak to strong. unless that one second is all the time needed for the tag to take effect, then it is bs. character growth too, for 2 whole years, wimp literally said he was halted, I don't know what that literally means, but I can infer that he meant that he couldn't move on, how can you call that character growth? it's not. it just isn't. <<less
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Sarael rated it
November 17, 2021
Status: C08

I'm currently on C08/Arc 8 and this novel was a pleasant surprise for me. The character growth was surprisingly well done and it's not just the MC that grows and surpasses obstacles before him, the heroines and the side characters get some spotlight in it too.
It starts off slow first, with the MC slowly realizing that he lacks and moving forward slowly, past his trauma and flaws and gaining emotional support, allies and friends. Later on, he regains his former personality, which was reinforced with his experiences. Also the foreshadowing of his growth in terms of skills is pretty well done too, hinted as early as the first arc.

My only complaint is that the pacing can get wonky from time to time, with some parts kind of dragging on. Other than those few bumps, it's pretty good and I enjoyed it.
If you enjoy character development/growth, as well as relationship developments, you'll probably like this.

EDIT: Currently finished C08, with the author finally completing the latest arc. I'm pleasantly surprised how decisive the MC is when it comes to relationships after he dealt with his issues regarding his power. Not to mention the guy is pretty straightforward with it and is a surprisingly smoothtalker without being overbearing. It's no wonder he left a certain someone with a deep impression.

As for the issue that his ex is easily forgiven, I initially thought of that too, but after rereading some parts of it, I've come to a realization that that forgive part is actually decently written. Remember that the MC confessed to his friends that he still has resentment in his heart for the three original friends, but he would rather move forward. In a short while later, he realizes that the only way to go forward is that to leave the past behind and cutting off their rotten relationship and start off again. His wish for her is not to get bound by the past so they could pursue whatever it is they want.
If his ex decided to not move forward and stuck herself in self-resentment, THAT would be another betrayal of his wishes, as the other heroines talked to her about this early on (read the coma arc for that). She needs to face this wish.
The story is about moving on with life rather than get bound and chained by bitterness of the past, the world will move forward whether they get bound by it or not. The MC knows this and would rather have her pursue her dreams. The ex realizes his wishes, which is why she held that wish deep in her heart and would rather start the relationship anew again and moving forward to her dream. It's not like she has completely forgiven herself though, as in the later chapters it's revealed she still wants to be a better person so she could stand by him again. I do hope the author manages to develop her character more in that regard and she that would be the person she wants to be (it seems like it's on track though, considering her actions later, which encouraged the other main casts). It's also revealed later that she knew she already lost to the other heroine, but chose not to give up on him, meaning her personality is already being healed (if you read the recollection arc, she was originally someone who was stubborn, energetic type that won't give up).

The MC is also doing pretty great himself considering the latest chapter, finally finding some reasons to use his power and accumulate more strength, a question his master asked of him earlier, and slowly realizing what he wants to do with his life. His traumas and the anxieties that came with it is more or less gone now. We'll probably find a more concrete dream/objective he wants to pursue later, as well as to how he proceeds with his love life (especially considering the events triggering in the aftermath of chapter 8, his growth isn't over yet)

Pretty nicely done for "forgiveness and move on" story element. Most other stories would've just went for a "forget about it" or the easy revenge plot. This one actually has character thinking about their actions and doing self-reflection.

Though I still think some parts need a better pacing, hopefully the next arc (s) the author is teasing would be better in this regard.

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Slowys rated it
April 7, 2021
Status: v2c2
😊Great story. Great character. Great development. Not too Great translation but still good. 😊
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August 11, 2021
Status: --
I'm already in c5 part4 but there's one thing that remind me every time..

Sigh... I'm just curious about Something... He deated the Strongest dragon in their Era but he can't defeat his Schoolmates in mock battle What a Nonsense? I'm confused 😆

And disappointing because MC is feels like Alternative version of Naruto, if Naruto tried to Dominate the Monster inside him While Nozomu is f**ing Scared about the Monster Inside him😆.
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xKaede rated it
November 16, 2021
Status: c8 part47
If you’re looking for deep stories, emotional coaster rides and highlights both inter- & intrapersonal relationships like Light Beyond the Road’s End, with exceptional writing in fight scenes, this might be your cup of tea.

I’ve been reading this over in Syosetu all this time, so it’s nice to see someone translating this gem.

The author tends to make revisions on past chapters a lot; sometimes on grammar, sometimes on reader sentiments over on the author’s twitter. While I understand that some people doesn’t appreciate the story and how it’s filled with... more>> tropes, please keep in mind the sentence I wrote above.

The chapters are long since while the story is centered around Nozomu, you can’t fully appreciate his world without understanding the environment he’s in, the social norms, and the people he interacts with. It’s not only the protagonist that has problems and challenges he has to overcome, everyone does. I suppose that’s what the author intends to show, that everyone has the chance to grow and move on. Not some shounen-esque setting where powering up here and there simply solves everything.

I recommend that people follow this for the story, not the tropes. <<less
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Abyss_Prince rated it
September 22, 2021
Status: --
I don't get it why the heck does every single japanese novel create a down to earth emo who keeps on thinking their inferior, I mean it's normal for a person to be depressed at times but the sh*t that it showed that no one even bothered to truly investigate the case and it led to the MC being the attention of hatred, like wtf it is simply just the author making bullsh*t just to give the MC character development for the MC somehow to make the story a bit... more>> more interesting but the fact that this happens to every single novel just turns this troupe blande adding the fact that it is full of plotholes even annoys me more, does it pain them to create a more normal MC like they don't go full Sasuke? It's not like this is a godarn chinese novel where every person that the MC met are just too free to keep on bothering other people's lives despite their own circumstances. <<less
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Nyamu rated it
September 23, 2022
Status: c7 part28
It starts off decent and slowly drops.

Personally, I think everyone in this story has too much "wishy-washy one step forward ten steps backwards behavior" (ranging from no self confidence, shitloads of self doubt, author explanation of 'mistakes' made by characters, etc) . Some of them have legitimate reasons to feel unsure of themselves like guilt or fear. Problem here is pretty much 95% of the cast are like this.

They all feel "doubtful" about something and act in a very roundabout/obstructive manner (to himself or another person). This results in another... more>> guy also acting in a roundabout/obstructive manner. This becomes a problem when the "chapters" are pretty much entire volumes in length because everything is slow and you have chapters full of... wishy washiness.

For the record, it takes 7 or one and a half "chapters" to solve a lover's spat (depending on whether you want to start counting from before or after solving misunderstandings). Sure they solved a couple of other things along the way like sentient dragons... that got itself into that mess also because, you guessed it, wishy-washy behavior. <<less
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Kingdo rated it
July 13, 2021
Status: c3 part4
The protagonist is a Gary Sue, he is too good nature to be true. He has a lover, but one day she says "goodbye" and left him. Soon after he became bullied for having an affair while his ex start dating his best friends. His grade is low, and his ability is to suppress his own talent. This situation stay for one year and half before the story start.

But somehow, the super good-natured protagonist is able to forgive his main bully since he is now a comic relief with his... more>> little sister.

Bully : I hate you because I hate weak !

Bully : Oh ! You are strong now, okay I respect you now. Can I be your friend ? Look, with my little sister we can be a comic relief.

Protagonist : Okay, sure. It's not like you bully me for one year and half. As long as you are clean now, it's good.

Everyone except the main cast is s*upid. Like the protagonist can fight in 1V10 but somehow only the main cast will realize he is actually strong. It's a fighting school but, others will only think it's funny that the protagonist have a difficult time with 1V10 without realizing it's actually good he maintains a status quo in this situation.

I can understand the academies leaves the students in autonomy, but while the protagonist situation is known by everyone, there are no teachers who try to protect him. Only two who wants him to open his heart by himself ant wait.

And what I said about "his situation is known by everyone" I mean EVERYONE. In the 1V10 battle for example, it's a random NPC who come and stop them, threatening to denounce them to the profs, after that this random talk to MC saying stuff like "I help because 1V10 was unfair, but serve you right cheater" WTF ? When he meets one of his future teammates, she immediately knows who MC was before he introduces himself. Officially, MC cheats on his girlfriend, but it's look like he is a criminal with wanted poster all over the places.

If you don't mind a wobbly setting, it's not that bad. It's a classic. A protagonist who is treated worse than sh*t who became stronger. Meet pretty girls who realize he is different from the rumors, and they live many adventures. <<less
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markc209 rated it
May 19, 2021
Status: c3 part5
MC is really well written, the author is really good at conveying emotion for the MC, fast and realistic development, the side character aren't though, enemy turn friend was cliche, but also bad on how his personality change so quickly, the fight scene in chp.1 was confusing on what was happening on the first half.I dont know who to blame for that, the author or the translator, but, CHP.2 fight scene was amazing, really well detail and tense, I couldnt stop re-reading the final fight of that Chapter, Chp2 part... more>> 12-13, world building is just there, we know of other race and kingdom, but nothing has been explore yet or much explain, just really tiny foreshadowing so far, it a story of not running away, the MC is scared to talk to people and has confident issue, he tend to breakdown easy, but is slowly changing, he has metaphoric dreams that shows what he really feels and it scares him, that his power will take over him and devour his sanity <<less
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_Doomsday_ rated it
May 14, 2021
Status: v5c19
I'm glad that characters other than the protagonist have actual depth, unlike a lot of other magic academy novels I've read. Although the whole betrayal thing could've been thought out more, everything else about this story is at the very least decent. Highly recommend this novel.
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Hosh rated it
February 13, 2023
Status: --
This novel is, being generous, unremarkable, and being honest, garbage. In all honesty most of it isn't particularly bad. The characters and relationships are well-written, the story is slightly above average. But there are 4 major flaws that turns it from a 3-4 star novel, to a 2, borderline 1 star for me.

  1. Cliches. Now I know some fan already made up excuses pathetically covering for the author in a comment that somehow managed to get 2nd place but that was utter bullshit. We don't judge novels for how 'well-written' they were at the time of writing, we judge them by how enjoyable it is when we actually read them.
  2. Plot Convenience. The story is chock-full of unbelievable plot convenience. Characters who are known to be level-headed and intelligent make moronic decisions with no apparent reason. Why? Because the plot f*cking needs it. That's why. And 'strong' beings are pushovers despite the only excuse for them being this weak is usually bullshit. Why? Because the plot f*cking needs it. That's why.
  3. MC, the MC isn't poorly written or anything, but he's beta af. By extension of the second flaw, he's heroic af when the plot needs him to be but a pushover whenever it doesn't. This, like most other plot holes in this novel, is explained with shitty excuses that would only be viable if the protagonist was an utter ret*rd. Which he usually is, unless the plot requires otherwise.
  4. Filler, this novel is littered with mini-arcs that don't really play a major part later on in the story. They usually just exist to build up 'suspense' for the ensuing 'climax' but usually backfires, or fails miserably. For example. The protagonist is about to have a talk that will likely contain multiple major revelations for the story. Whoops! Guess it's time for some filler villain that no one cares about and are never mentioned again to show up and delay the talk for 10 chapters.
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mazed1 rated it
May 17, 2021
Status: --
Bruh, I am sad. I read all the raws for this novel ages ago.... I have long been waiting and hoping for a new chapter, however, for some reason, the author stopped publishing them for a few months. This novel is beyond good. There is much depth and emotion to it. Fight scenes are a bit too descriptive for my taste, but that's that.

This novel offers a great world-view that has the potential to expand itself into something more in the future.

I am sure the author didn't even reach half... more>> of what he wanted to write for this. There is still all the stuff related to demons and his powers and other stuff. Even the place his master came froma! (Come on, you can't tell me that he won't go there)

I am desperate for more RAWs for this masterpiece <<less
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Sen_Tobi rated it
May 13, 2021
Status: c3p3
Ugh! Too much angst and I'm so pumped for the next chapter! I'm hooked! I can't stop reading or play scenarios on what happened! It's too much for me weak heart! I'm really excited and looking forward for some sweet, sweet revenge!
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