I Stomped on a Bug, and the System Said I Slaughtered a Dragon?


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“Ding! Congratulations on slaying the Beast King. Reward: tenfold amplification. You have obtained an Undying Body and a sixty-year cultivation base!”

Qin Yang looked at the big c*ckroach he had just crushed underfoot, and his face was completely shocked.

“Alert! A Beast Sovereign-class star beast has been detected. Host, please flee immediately or you will die a horrible death!”

Qin Yang looked at the little purple spider in front of him, and a huge question mark appeared over his head. What do you mean, “Beast Sovereign”?

Inside the library, Qin Yang was reading when a little girl walked in.

“Ding! Empress aura detected. Host, please kneel and beg for her to take you as an apprentice. Your future is boundless!”

Qin Yang looked at the girl in front of him, who was looking very earnestly at the book she held. His expression stiffened.

This System must be sick!

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New SmokedDuck rated it
May 29, 2024
Status: c30
It's pretty generic but a good fast-food novel nonetheless. It's about a MC with a system that mistakes small insignificant things as extremely dangerous things (which will be explained). The MC like in the summary gains amazing loot for killing the enemies/completing instructions.

@kelicant review does the novel injustice as it's pretty obvious that the system isn't reliable when it comes to sensing danger. So, mc's reaction was valid in the scenario.

But certainly the joke may get long-winded in the long run of the novel, like always in Chinese novels.
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kelicant rated it
May 24, 2024
Status: c7
The title gives a glimpse of how the story's plot will go. It's a transmigration into a modern portal fantasy story.

Unfortunately the humor / personality isn't for me. It's a constant running "joke" that the MC doesn't believe the system, but it goes too far for me.

The system says "there's a monster in the library", the MC says "no way", then someone nearly dies in the library and the MC says "what could that have been?"

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