I Play the Role of (Villain/Heroine) in a Japanese-style Otome Game


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Transmigrating into the world of a supernatural otome game as a phantom. Unwillingly turning into the familiar of an onmyouji and becoming the villain who interferes with love. On the other hand, the heroine happily lived her life without knowing anything. As an ordinary girl who possesses just a little bit of a mysterious power.

… Until the final day, when that tiny body disappears.

The heroine holds the disappearing body in her arms, and makes a resolution.

―― I’ll take you back no matter what.

―― For that, I’ll repeat this no matter how many times it takes.

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu
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Anonymousbb rated it
September 4, 2017
Status: Completed
This was a pretty good novel. The translation quality is good as well. I was interested enough in how it went that I read Google's amazing translation of the raws. I won't claim to understand the finer details of the character interactions, but I'm pretty sure I got most of the story. The novel is told from two characters' first-person point of views: Chako (the 'villainess') and (post-chapter 4) Yui (the 'heroine'). As such, when the view points have overlapping areas, each character might miss things that the other character... more>> caught. Due to the fact that not much is translated, the following spoiler box is something that is a general synopsis (could be considered to have slight spoilers, but not much more than the tags and end of the NovelUpdates synopsis do) :


The novel is about a dude (yes, male) who was killed while hiking on Earth, and reincarnated as a 'phantom' in the world of an otome game. He's contracted by an 'onmyouji' called Tomotaka, which basically makes him Tomotaka's s*ave. Tomotaka orders him to take a female high school student's form in order to get close to the heroine as her friend and prevent her from being intimate with any of the other phantoms in school. Stuff happens and the MC, known as 'Chako', ends up dying in the hands of Yui (the 'heroine') in his original form of a small brown wolf puppy. Yui manages to use her power to reverse time to the day she met Chako, and (as the tags suggest) she begins a time loop trying to save Chako.


It had a pretty interesting catch, and is somewhat different from a lot of other Otome novels in that the MC only played through a single route of the game, though he has knowledge on who the targets were for the other routes and not the specifics (if I managed to interpret the MTL correctly). The following is basically an in-depth summary of the entire novel based on what I understood, considering the translator's speed is not very fast (no offense meant). As such, absolutely DO NOT READ THE NEXT SPOILER if you aren't interested in pretty in-depth spoilers. Even if you do read the spoilers, I'd recommend reading the chapters as they're translated, because I'm only pretty certain what I'm going to say is correct and not 100% certain. The spoilers will begin following Chapter 4, as the novel has already been translated up to that point.
. . . .

After Yui goes back in time, the perspective switches to her first-person perspective. She decides she's going to get closer to Tomotaka, due to the fact that she gleaned that Chako and Tomotaka had some sort of unspecified relationship prior to reversing time. She gets closer to Tomotaka, learns about how Chako is contracted to him. She learns this when she finds Chako struggling to control herself after Tomotaka gets injured preparing for the cultural festival, and Chako begs Yui not to watch while Tomotaka gives her blood to calm her down (or begs Tomotaka not to give her the blood while Yui is watching, one of these). Yui then arranges a 'trade' with Tomotaka: she somehow manages to trade her power as the 'Priestess of Ominous Clouds' in exchange for Chako (or rather, since he can't actually terminate the contract, his order that she's free). However, Kuo Teppei (the 'teacher' capture target and older brother of Kuo Kousuke, the fox-kid) shows up to stop Tomotaka. Honestly, this part never translated correctly despite the numerous times it's mentioned throughout the novel (something about a 'giant', according to MTL), but from what I gathered Tomotaka's clan wanted to use the Priestess' power to either wipe out an existence that was very important to phantoms or wipe out phantoms all together. Teppei is the 'strongest phantom', and Chako shows up to defend Tomotaka and Yui (it should be noted that Tomotaka tells Chako to flee, though she refuses, as he is honoring the 'trade' he made with Yui). Chako isn't stronger than Teppei, and he depletes her (Chako's) energy. This puts Chako in a state where she's permanently disappearing, while Yui is holding her in her default wolf puppy form. Tomotaka offers Chako his life (showing he does care about her), as if she consumes him she'll be saved, but Chako refuses. Chako and Yui have a conversation and Chako disappears - prompting Yui to use her powers to go back in time again.
This time, Yui decides to get closer to Kuo Teppei, because she believes that since he is the 'strongest phantom' he might know a way to break the contract. It turns out Teppei actually has so much power that he's at risk of losing his sanity/ego, and will actually die early - not living the long life (multiple times a human's) phantoms are capable of. Yui helps him to suppress his power and tells him about breaking Chako's contract, to which he reveals that the only way is for Chako to get a new body. So they're going to try something regarding that. Yui convinces Chako to join the Photo Club (which Teppei leads) to build bonds with Teppei. On a photo club trip to the mountains, Chako shows an irrational fear of possible falling boulders and later separates from the group near the peak. Yui finds Chako looking 'gently' at a cherry tree and takes a picture of it; the tree is almost certainly the Cherry Tree Spirit that took care of Chako when she was just born as a phantom. The 'Cultural Festival Incident' occurs again, where Chako flees behind the shed after seeing Tomotaka's blood. This time Yui doesn't go to Chako and instead heads to Teppei to ask him to help her. Eventually it's Valentine's Day again, when the final event always happens. She gives her power to Teppei, which results in Tomotaka ordering Chako to fight him. Yet again, Chako is defeated and begins disappearing, but this time they somehow manage to make Chako take over Teppei's body, thus invalidating the contract. Chako refuses to take over Teppei's body, and somehow by ceding control to Teppei will be able to permanently help him regulate his power, which would restore his lifespan and stabilize his mentality, but Chako essentially disappears again. Cue time loop.
This time Yui decides that she's going to Abe Yuharu (or Yuharu Abe; I'm also not sure what his name will be officially translated to), the strongest 'onmyouji'. She does this because apparently she has onmyouji powers, and she wants to become strong enough in conjunction with her power as Priestess of the Ominous Clouds to free Chako. She straight-up tells Abe about her time-looping, which he chooses to believe both due to his nature as an otaku and (I think?) a sort of researcher. He decides that he'll train Yui and help devise some way for Chako's ego to move to another body - thus invalidating the contract. As a result, Yui doesn't develop a deep friendship with Chako because she spends so much time training with Yuharu. Tomotaka and Yuharu apparently have some kind of grudge (I think Yuharu was from some sort of branch family or something, but I'm not certain). Tomotaka has always been jealous of Yuharu's strength, while Yuharu is jealous of Tomotaka being 'a normie' basically; having friends, girls chasing after him, etc. (He even says something like 'riajuu should explode' referring to Tomotaka). As a result, come summer vacation, Yui finds out that Chako is no longer in school and has disappeared. Yui and Yuharu attempt to find Chako but can't, so Yui decides she'll give her power to Abe on Valentine's Day to draw Chako out (I think there was some prophecy about Yui using her powers then or something, but I'm not clear on it). This causes Tomotaka to basically explode with jealousy and order Chako - who he's been violently training to the point that she's lost her sanity/ego - to attack Yuharu. Yui+Yuharu have a battle with Chako and Yui ends up getting in the way of one of Chako's blows, and Chako regains her ego to keep herself from killing Yui. Turns out Chako used too much energy again and begins to disappear. This time, Yui and Yuharu created some sort of crystal or something Chako would be able to transfer her ego into and thus save herself and be released from the contract. However, (apparently) due to the suffering she's faced in this lifetime, she chooses to pass on. Time loops on again (this time it may not have been fully intentional, but I'm not certain).
This time, Yui gives up. She can't think of a way to keep Chako from disappearing, and so decides to choose 'nobody' so that Chako won't disappear. Yui does nothing - literally nothing. She doesn't go to school and locks herself in her apartment, being worried that even conversing too much with random store clerks and such could count as 'choosing' them, while her parents come every weekend because they're worried for her. She also starts kind of resenting Chako for causing this (or something, MTL wasn't too clear on this point). Chako and Kuo Kousuke also show up once or twice to check on Yui, and message her occasionally (which Yui only rarely responds to). Eventually, like 2 months later, Yui's parents accept her dropping out from the school, on the condition that she meets the principal first. Yui agrees. Turns out, the Principal is a 200-something year old phantom-human hybrid, whose mother was the previous Priestess of Ominous Clouds. Apparently this gave him some sort of carry over power, and he's been aware of the time skips. He recommends some kind of solution to Yui, which I believe boiled down to 'make Chako want to stay' or something. Time looparoo.
This time, Yui decides that her best bet of getting Chako to stay is by building a place for her in the world where Chako won't want to leave. I think Yui also acknowledges that she (Yui) has also been selfish - she convinces herself she's doing this for Chako, but in reality it's because Yui doesn't want Chako to leave her. This time she gathers all the captures targets - Kuo Kousuke, Teppei, Abe Yuharu, Tomotaka, the Principal, and Chako together to bond them as friends. In this time, she and Chako manage to 'split' Teppei's power with Kousuke, which solves Kousuke's insecurity about his strength and also stabilizes Teppei while fixing their family bonds. During the 'Cultural Festival Incident', Yui comforts Chako and gets Chako to confess to being Tomotaka's contracted phantom. Yui consoles Chako, and Chako eventually confesses about being a reincarnated human from a different world and talks about her youth as a phantom (with the cherry tree spirit). Chako also talks about how this world was a game in her original world, and how she's been insecure about having to be the villain in a brand new and largely unknown world. Yui additionally convinces Tomotaka to release Chako from the contract; which he can't physically do, but he does order Chako to do whatever she wants and consider herself not bound. It's revealed that the reason Tomotaka didn't really want to do this is that during the time Chako has been living with him, she's become something like his only family. Tomotaka does have a family, but they're by no means close and he rarely if ever sees his parents. Having Chako at his house to welcome him home, liven things up, and generally act as family has caused him to view her as a sibling - and he's worried that if he gives her freedom, she'll never forgive him due to what he's done to her, and as such they won't be like family any more. So everyone's happy, the end.
Not. Chako noticed something like how Yui has been closer with all the capture targets because she's been focusing on building Chako's bond with them. Chako decides to leave; during the time she's gone Tomotaka is aware that she's been consuming other non-sentient phantoms to power up, as his power has been getting stronger (and he gets stronger when she does). She comes back on Valentine's Day to serve as a proper villain; she tells Yui and the Kuo brothers about how she was purposefully leading them on in order to prevent them being in a relationship with Yui, The plan was just to weaken Chako in a fight, and Yui is worried that her telling the Kuo brothers that will cause them to forget about that and straight up kill Chako. Chako ends up fighting and beating them, but is mortally wounded in the process. She informs Yui that she fought and said those things to set up Yui to be able to choose whoever she wants in the end - by Yui using her power to heal them while they're injured and after being emotionally hurt by Chako, they'll come to be romantically interested in Yui. Chako says she's done all this for Yui - that she wants Yui to be happy and live a fulfilling life. Chako also says that by Yui using her power to heal the Kuo brothers, she won't have to deal with the politics of being the Priestess as she'll have expended her power. Yui tells Chako that she's been going back in time, and Chako says that Yui's been working hard and she won't have to any more. Yui asks what Chako would like if she was reborn again, and Chako says she wouldn't want to be a villain.
Yui doesn't use her power on the Kuo brothers, as they will naturally regenerate. Instead, she travels to the Cherry Tree Spirit and revives him using her power in a gamble. It turns out the gamble was right - the Cherry Tree was responsible for the original creation of Chako by somehow mashing up a bunch of non-sentient phantoms (I think) and mixing in human anguish or something. Turns out he got the anguish by killing some people by causing a boulder to fall on them - which he reveals that he believes also caused the boulder which killed Chako on Earth, and as such the Tree Spirit has mourned that he murdered Chako originally. Him killing the people is also the cause of Tomotaka coming to kill him in the first place. He manages to use most of his life force to revive Chako in the same way he originally 'created' Chako, going back into the 200 year dormancy. Due to Chako having died and been reborn, the contract is no longer present. The Tree Spirit tells Chako that the dormancy is his punishment for killing people, and Chako forgives him by choosing to believe that the boulder that originally killed Chako was just a coincidence. In order to prevent Chako from sacrificing herself by giving back the Tree Spirit's vitality, he requires Chako to listen to Yui's story.
Yui tells Chako more in-depth about how she has been going back in time, specifically to save Chako, and about how Yui has actually been selfish because she was doing it to be with Chako. Chako similarly reveals that she has been sacrificing herself partly out of selfishness (though also because of wanting Yui to be happy and not wanting to hurt others, eg taking over Teppei's body, and how she nearly loses control of herself due to hunger when Tomotaka is injured) - she would rather not live in a world where Yui chose someone other than herself (Chako). This results in Yui telling Chako that she chooses Chako, and Chako molds his body into a male representation of his original human body, and Chako then says that he also chooses Yui. I think this is also the point where Chako reveals in full that, due to his unique and anomalous birth as a wild sentient phantom, he doesn't have a 'true' body and can create his body however he likes. Chako also mentions how there were 6 routes in the game - presumably Kuo Kousuke, Kuo Teppei, Tomotaka, Abe Yuharu, the Principal, and a secret character (with the secret character being implied to be the route which just played out involving Chako).
Chako and Yui make up with the rest of the capture targets, and they all end up being friends. Kousuke sulks a bit about how Chako (female form) was his first crush, and Chako jokes about how Kuo and himself (Chako) will have to be on the lookout to keep him from being honey-trapped again. Chako (yet again, now male) and Yui also officially begin dating. A handful of after-stories talk about how Abe Yuharu is happy to have friends (which he thought he would never have), Tomotaka is glad to have Chako as family (he ended up being registered as Tomotaka's cousin and living with him), etc.


Yet again, DO NOT READ ABOVE if you do not want massive spoilers. <<less
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admira rated it
March 13, 2017
Status: c24
(I read ahead in the raws because it was so interesting)

This definitely isn't the typical otome game reincarnation story. I don't want to give too much away, but I can guarantee that this story doesn't involve the villainess changing herself and subsequently gathering a harem. It also doesn't involve the heroine gathering a harem of boy-toys to dote on her. ... more>>

Rather, it's a story about the heroine forcing time loops in order to change the villainess's fate. Although she "chooses" capture targets in each loop, she doesn't get romantically involved with them. It's all for the sake of Choko (the villainess).


Definitely worth a read. A breath of fresh air among the transmigration and otomege tags, if you will. I'm going to binge-read it to the end! <<less
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PersonaJXT rated it
May 15, 2018
Status: Completed
It's an interesting story about someone being forced to play the role of the villainess... again and again. And also an interesting story about the heroine trying to fix things to save her friend... again and again. It's a story of tragedies and mistakes over and over as the heroine Yui tries her best to save her friend despite failing to so many times.

The majority of the story is told from the heroine, Yui's, viewpoint. We don't get Chako's viewpoint outside select chapters meant to set up and conclude things.... more>> Both are endearing characters, though there will be moments where you want to strangle them for their self-sacrificial attitude that messes everything up. The other major characters are mostly just the potential love interests for Yui, with each arc dedicated to one of them as Yui tries to find a way to save Chako.

The tragedy tag is there for a reason as each failure triggers another time loop, and some of the failures are pretty sad. Each loop reveals more about everything that happened, pushing things forward until eventually, everything comes to a head. It doesn't have the most satisfying ending IMO, but for what it is it's good enough and gives a decent amount of closure.

For those who care since I know this makes or breaks for some people, the end pairing is

Chako/Yui, Chako is the gender bender in the tags and a guy as revealed at the end

. Wasn't quite a fan of the twist at the end, but it doesn't matter too much I suppose. It does make some of the already creepy scenes early on even more uncomfortable in a way.

The translation is solid enough and I didn't spot any major problems, though it's very painfully slow. 11 chapters out of 36 in over a year is glacial. The chapters aren't very long and the writing not very difficult so I'm not entirely sure what the hold up is. Otherwise, I don't have any problems with the translation and will recommend it without a problem. Just know you'll likely be waiting a long time for the conclusion if you can't read Japanese and/or aren't willing to put up with machine-translated nonsense. <<less
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Auree rated it
June 18, 2019
Status: c12 part1
I will recommend this only to those that like the straight otome game type.

By straight, I mean the plot has to closely match an otome game---in this one, it is so. The herorine is the playable character in a game and the other male characters are "captureable." The herorine restarts from certain saving point and make a different decision to save the MC. Oh, by the way, the MC's gender doesn't really matter, so don't be bothered to figure it out.

Just to clarify, the story is told from two perspective,... more>> the MC's and the herorine's. So don't be confused when you suddenly see a discontinuity between the chapters---the story is just told from the other's perspective.

I see that some are complaining that the world build is not enough. But to me, this is not a big issue regarding this novel. What you should focus on in order to enjoy the reading is the affection the characters have, the changes in their attitudes each time the herorine changes something in a retry, and the struggles that the MC and the herorine go through. As for the world build, you either don't need to know that much, or you will be filled in when it is needed.

What I think is lacking: After the first couple chapters told from the MC's perspective, I want to read more about MC, I am intrigued by the MC. BUT, when I start to want to know more, the story begins to be told from the herorine's perspective, some girl I barely know just one chapter ago. Moreover, there is no transition; I just simply have to accept that she is taking over all of a sudden. It was a huge let down for me, because I wanna see how the MC introduce herself to the heroine, I wanna see the story mainly told from the MC's perspective, and then see some reflections from the herorine's pov as conclusion, not vice versa. Now I am getting used to it, but still, I feel like this way of telling the story gives it a big blow after a really strong start. <<less
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rcpsycho rated it
October 20, 2019
Status: c24 part1
A novel that makes you understand why people keep replaying games with the same overall plot with different choices. Well written, decent translation, and emotionally relatable.

It's definitely not the kind of novel I read a lot, but within its genres, I can't find any major flaws that would bother me enough to lower my rating.

If there was one thing I could say to potential readers, then it would be that the way the story progresses changes after the first few chapters and that you shouldn't stop reading until you've reached... more>> that point (which was a mistake I made the last time I checked out this series and only read the first chapter). <<less
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Aria rated it
January 7, 2018
Status: Completed
<s>Homura-chan dame!!!</s>


Here'a the longer version of the story's sumary


So we have 2 pov/MC here, the transmigrator (who'll play the "villain" role) and game's heroine

Villain-MC's role is to "pretend" to be heroine-MC's friend and interfere with the heroine-MC's love life and die in the end

But the catch is, heroine-MC cares more about villain-MC than capture target, thus when villain-MC died, heroine-MC use her power to return to the past in order to save villain-MC

Tldr : Homura-chan dame!!!


Good story, good writing, (thankfully) HE (-ish)
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Scent of Magnolia
Scent of Magnolia rated it
December 17, 2018
Status: c16.2
Oh wow this is great! Like really great, I'm hooked and I'm loving it.

But wait, why 3 stars? Well it's about the setting. Nothing is really told about the world they are in.

... more>>

Like there is this school that accepts Exorcists of some kind, humans, and Phantoms which Exorcists exorcise. What for? Why are they in the same school? It wasn't even mentioned. Otome game? What's the otome game about? Also not mentioned.


I might be wrong though. Setting might not actually be needed here. Idk. I'm all in for the entertainment it gives though.

I'm a very patient person I believe, now where are the chapters? <<less
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SovietWeeb rated it
November 17, 2018
Status: c16
I have fallen in love with this story no joke. There is something really enjoyable to this story that is hard to place. It might have to do with the interesting scenario and how the story is portrayed.

We are mostly told the story by the POV of the Heroine. At first, we are told the story by the Villainess and I was surprised that the story pays more attention to the heroine and manages to keep it interesting.

I am always a sucker for time travel stories and the way it's... more>> done in this story is really interesting. It's nothing groundbreaking but it's fun.

I am a fan of the relationship between the MC and Chaka. There are some Yuri themes going on and it's just kind of a sweet relationship.

Chaka is genderbent. Used to be a boy but then turned into a spirit and is commanded to be in a girl form that kind of becomes Chaka's actual form. The backstory of Chaka being a human then dying as a spirit seems kind of weird and out of place and I don't really think it is needed for this to be a gender bender. The story could easily just have Chaka be female from the start. Really the only complaint and it isn't that big of a deal.

Overall I just love this story and wish we had much more already. <<less
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