I Only Want You


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“A cold and indifferent demeanor to the outside, soft and cute deep affection on the inside—a mute and tender submissive (Yan Lan). 

In the early stages, focused only on work; in the later stages, the heart is filled only with Xie Yun Zhi’s gentle dominance.

Xie Yun Zhi has a deaf and mute nephew whose art teacher is also a mute named Yan Lan. Yan Lan possesses extraordinary artistic talent and spends two days a week teaching Xie Yun Zhi’s nephew at the Xie family.

During the first class with this teacher, Xie Yun Zhi had only seen Yan Lan once. The impression was of a cold beauty, indifferent to everyone.

One night, Xie Yun Zhi returned home drunk, lying on the sofa with a muddled mind due to the effects of alcohol. He vaguely saw Yan Lan’s face, which was unlike the indifferent demeanor in his memory; instead, it appeared extremely gentle. The actions of helping him remove his tie were so gentle that they caused his heart to tremble.

Xie Yun Zhi treated this as just a dream, without any hesitation, he held Yan Lan’s hand, pulling him into his embrace…

After one night, Xie Yun Zhi looked regretful, “I can give you anything you want as compensation.”

Yan Lan gestured in sign language: “I only want you.”

In the early stages, it’s a one-sided secret crush/age gap of six years.

*Yan Lan is mute and unable to speak.”

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New Onelazygirl rated it
April 14, 2024
Status: Completed
I love MC's bestie!!!! He is the reason main CP's relationship goes so well.

See MC isn't dumb but he doesn't have a high EQ either or rather MC's bestie understands situations better maybe because he sees things from an outsiders perspective......

The fact that ML doesn't understand why MC is being so angry and upset about the gifts he has received from his female friend (who likes him)...... he doesn't understand why??? And MC'S bestie makes MC understand the crux of the problem that ML cannot understand why MC is reacting... more>> that way. So MC decides to give ML the same treatment only then ML understands how uncomfortable it is to see their partner excepting and keeping gifts from others.

If MC's bestie hadn't made MC realised the crux of the problem then in the future MC and ML's relationship will not be as smooth as it is now.

MC'S bestie made MC realised this as well that how ML never discusses things with him and always does what he wants. MC haven't realised this..... his bestie made him realise this that how ML never asks MC for his opinion.

Overall I like this novel as it shows the struggle of being in a relationship it's not all roses it has thorns as well. The novel felt quite realistic. <<less
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Zainmatu rated it
January 14, 2024
Status: c49
TianTian is such a cutie. He is my favourite character in this novel.

The novel is good. The relationship is good. They do talk about their issues, and the communication was done well. No unnecessary white moonlight.

Love the MC's friend. He really gave some good advice.

Now you might be wondering why I rate it three stars and not four or five. Well the reason is although the novel is good, it's not really great. It really did great at what it was made to be. I just wanted it to have... more>> more background on the main characters. Especially MC. I didn't want drama or annoying parents, just an interesting background.

It was a simple read and I would recommend it if you are reading any angsty novel.

The MC did confused me though. I really had no idea what his personality was meant to be but it kind of worked? Cold but cute and sometimes shy (well for the ML of course). A hint of indifference. He is ice cold on the outside but warm in the inside. He doesn't smile much but he is really beautiful. Yeah just the same old. Just sometimes I wonder what really is his main personality. Is his indifference just a way to hide his gentle side? What makes him put on such a facade? Yeah, a depth on that would have been good.

At the end the coldness just disappeared I think. I guess it's the same as those CEOs novel where the ML is cold and aloof but smiles for the MC. Just reverse.

The ML on the other hand was okay. He started as this cold CEO but in the middle he was just a guy who would smile for his family.

The whole novel was good and reading it in the right mood might just make it a five star but I just felt something missing for me.

The translator did a good job. The author also did great by portraying a mature relationship with communication.

There wasn't any major issues with this one, even minor ones.

This my last romance novel for now. I am going to stuff my face with some serious horror and less romance novels.

Maybe I can appreciate this by the time I come back to it. <<less
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YuzzuUzzzu rated it
March 2, 2024
Status: --
I hidden gem. I like how MC isn’t a tsundere nor a wimp character. He is brave to chase after the ML and push away his rival. But in a non cringe way. Highly recommend to read.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Bbsnugs rated it
January 17, 2024
Status: Completed
i really enjoyed this slice of life novel. Both characters are strong characters, with good communication and lots of love they make a really sweet couple. Tiantian and also the side couple/best friend are well written and cute as well. Nice short story.
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Tora_Alex rated it
January 8, 2024
Status: c30
'I only want you' is a really heartwarming novel. It focuses on the relationship between MC & ML.

I do like their way of relationship. There is no unnecessary misunderstanding and they do talk out loud to the party concerned if something related to the other is bothering them. Communication is the key in a relationship and they both have very good communication skill.

The relationship is equal. Both MC & ML are possessive of each other showing their love. As a bonus point, TianTian is so cuteeee. He's a cutie pie.
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Klimintina rated it
January 4, 2024
Status: Completed
It was a great read. With over a 50 chapters, it's satisfying imo. The story revolves between the MC who fell inlove with the ML who eventually fell inlove as well. The story shows their love story with their cute little nephew. As well as shows the side CP which I very much like!

There's no dog blood, revenge whatsoever. It's just their love story and how they manage it despite the dissastifaction of the people around them [who they don't even care and don't really matter in their lives!] As... more>> well as their emotions since they kinda new to relationship/love.

I reconmend this for those who are seeking for a light read. <<less
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Rasbrey rated it
March 14, 2024
Status: Completed
Pretty underground but good novel.

The summary is fairly accurate so I will not expand upon that, but will definitely preach about everything else.

This novel taught me a lot about developing relationships. Many romance novels talk about the trouble of staying in love or trusting each other. This novel highlights the importance of having a strong foundation for a relationship. Even the greatest building would fall if built upon a weak foundation.

As someone with little romance in their life, I never realized how important this is. Love can happen naturally and... more>> be nurtured naturally, in this case Yan Lan already deeply loved Xie Yun Zhi for 5 years. I don’t blame XYZ for not feeling that way from the get go or taking his time to both come to terms with his feelings and deciding what to do with them.
Segway to the next great thing about this novel, the characters. Since the beginning to middle focused on the main pairing more, I naturally paid them more attention. I appreciate the careful crafting of XYZ, especially his trait of making decisions he won’t regret. YL is also very admirable, he doesn’t back away but also knows not to push. He admits to liking XYZ and outright tells him that he only wants him!! But he understands their positions.


Later when their relationship isn’t yet established but more developed and communicated, the CP has a slight argument over a gift XYZ received. XYZ couldn’t understand why YL was so upset until YL showed him. I usually think schemes like this are so shallow but the way it was executed was really so YL with the help of his room mate. It was really too cute.


A major component of their strong relationship also includes Yang Xiao Le, the roommate. This roommate was definitely my favorite character. He was really too goofy but knew when to be serious. He played around to make up for the void in his heart from his childhood. It was only until he met Bian Xian Yang that he truly fell in love and had to come clean. I appreciate the fact that BXY was rightfully mad because being led on like this then thinking you were being played is genuinely wrong and there’s no way around that. Though we don’t see him around that much, I love the fact that he’s mad for being lied to but was able to fall in love with YXL because he genuinely liked him.

To be honest I actually like the side CP more than the main CP. All together I love all the characters but the main CP felt more like destiny? It felt like they were just meant to be and fate ensured their happy ending. But the side CP struggled to come clean with each other and were, quite honestly, fighting against destiny to be together. Only when they were able to come clean, be honest with each other, and willingly fought for each other to were they able to also get their happy ending.
I also really like their dynamic, the unhonest and hardheaded BXY and the childish and heart melting YXL. I’m so happy they weren’t just brushed aside and they were able to end their own story with a nice finish and deep into the main plot.

All in all this is a great novel and I highly recommend, the characters are lovely and the plot is both realistic and unrealistic in the best ways. <<less
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Fisukisuki rated it
February 2, 2024
Status: Completed
A Beautiful piece of Gem. Great Story. Flawed Characters that delivers such an Enjoyable Lovable Storyline!

Like how MC'S Friend mention about how ML unconsciously the Controlling Possessive type and how to make him conscious with what he does to the Lover relationship between him (ML) and MC.

No one in Toxic Relationship!!! Both Main CP and Side CP are Flawed Characters but they learn to know their mistakes and to make things feel better!

Everyone is Proactive character in their own way. Such Unique people and their chemistry but I'm Absolutely Enjoyed... more>> and LOVING IT!!

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glitteryjoon rated it
January 16, 2024
Status: --
This was so good. It was a lot more interesting than I expected it to be. I loved how gentle the relationship is and how heartwarming it felt.

one thing I hate is how obvious the use of their junior to move the plot forward was. One minute he was there to push the relationship along and the next he disappeared and wasn’t thought of again, it’s sad cause I really felt like he could have ended up being another really great friend for the MC.

many way, I do highly recommend... more>> it. Short and sweet. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Shelse rated it
January 22, 2024
Status: --
I have mixed feelings about this story at times, but it's a good story for what it sets out to do. Honestly, what I liked most was the relationship between Uncle (ML) and nephew, this could perfectly be the basis of the story and I would read it with great pleasure.

Their relationship was good too, but some things I couldn't swallow.

1) MC implies that he would pursue ML as soon as he decides to give them both a chance, but he practically does nothing. If the ML's disease of simply... more>> worshiping MC's after drunken s*x didn't subside I wonder how the story would go. Yes, ML is very busy and he was being "understanding", but come on. You have the chance to win the man of your dreams and move after the ML mind has done all the work. OK.

2) I'm not going to complain about their possessiveness, but the discussion about "gifts received" was a little bizarre. The MC himself says he's not perfect or unshakable, but he really is confusing. This brings me to the moment in the story when MC decides to act hot and cold to set an example for ML, something about tasting his own medicine and understanding how he (MC) felt, but all I could think about was how childish it was.

If I work so hard that I'm exhausted and the person I'm dating deliberately starts playing these mind games, I would simply choose to have peace. They are both good at communicating, it wasn't necessary.

3) MC's friend had good advice and bad advice, but he was a good friend. It's great to see MC having friendships in a story like this.

There are probably many ways to justify MC's behavior that I mentioned, but anyway, that's it. I recommend the story anyway. Mainly for those who like peaceful relationships and a couple who don't want to live without each other after being together. <<less
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WinterInUtopia rated it
February 19, 2024
Status: c37
The story was okay, but I can't seem to connect with the characters. I feel like everything's just happened so abruptly. I can't feel their deep emotion. That kind of love that's willing to give unconditionally.
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February 3, 2024
Status: c51
It is a good fluffy story but I have a mix feeling for this one. I can't seem to understand the MC at all like especially when ML give him the dimond.

The side couple also not do well for me. YXL was the one who lie first but then he become the one who get angry and need to me coax. I don't know it just not sit right for me. Just for me though, you can pick it up if it fit well for you.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
aayat rated it
January 26, 2024
Status: Completed
The novel is sweet and nice. But sometimes it made me uncomfortable. As in how they dealt with things and each other. I usually love toxic sh*t because it is more real, but here somehow I did not like it.
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