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Suddenly, the memories of his time as a war hero resurfaced. Having led a life far from acting, he now succeeds as a villain actor.

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빌런만 연기한다
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xxsan rated it
December 11, 2023
Status: Completed
I've only been halfway throughout the novel but unlike when I first started reading the early chapters, I thought it was quite good with the settings about his life as a soldier at the other world and started acting to express his emotions he felt in that life.

However, as the chapter goes by I felt like it was turning into useless harem novel where whenever the MC started a new project, each actresses that he worked with falls f*king in love with him (turning those women into looking like idiots madly in love with him) . Still I like the fact the he doesn't give them a sh*t and just talks with them as a 'colleague'.

Like BRUH?! Even the producers and writers were he worked with are urging him... more>> to flirt with them (fyi: the actresses are much older than MC, he's just a 21 yr old for f*cks sake) just for the sake of having a romantic experience for the drama.

Ok, I just live for his professor and his family scenes (I just wish the MC goes to graduate school lol) .

I felt like I want to dropped this novel because of the useless harem troupe that makes no sense but I will bear with it for the sense of obligation in finishing reading the novel.


One line summary:

The making of cold nuclear fussion and explosion.

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CappuccettoRosso rated it
February 21, 2024
Status: c62
I'm enjoying this novel and I'm a little surprised.

At first, I thought it would be similar as "I Was Mistaken as a Monstrous Genius Actor." It's not. Far from it. For one, there is no system and another, the protagonist doesn't have any powers. All he has are memories of a life he lived (or continues to live?) from which he draws inspiration. It's very unique how he came to have these memories, and the effect it has in his acting are very specific.

I appreciated the author making a point... more>> in the beginning of the novel to show that these memories were unique and belonged to two separate people. The memories belong to a different man with a different name and different life experience, and the MC has to deal with them. There was a point where the MC felt like the memories were overwhelming him or "devouring" as the author put it, but eventually, MC was able to balance both sides. I would have liked to have seen the MC struggle with that a little more, but like I said, I liked it that it was even mentioned since a lot of author's gloss over the fact that having weird memories from someone else is traumatic, psychologically speaking, more so if those memories belong to a soldier in an active war zone.

MC rise to popularity feels alright. Maybe a little cliche but not so much that it's off putting. He honestly surrounds himself with people who has connections that are able to offer him more and more opportunities. He's interaction with other actors are lukewarm at best but I think this is because he's that type of person. Not overly friendly and even when the female actors show interest, he pretends not to understand. I do love his interaction with his family, especially his sister. She knows more about the business and is his go to person to ask if someone was trying to act smart with him or if it was his imagination.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the story. If there are anything else to add, I will update my review then. Good read. <<less
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rabbit1807 rated it
December 29, 2023
Status: c39
My new fav! Binge reading this in 7-8 hours! The MC is so charismatic imo and I love his interaction with his family especially his older sister lol they are so cute! They bicker and argue every chance they get and the concept is kinda new... not transmigration or reincarnation but kinda like semi-transmigration plus memory transplant (parallel world)... at firsts mc's back and forth memory or pov between Jeong Seo Hoon's and Rashid's was so annoying for me but it ended quickly and now I'm looking forward to his... more>> next acting project! <<less
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LazyLuong rated it
November 30, 2023
Status: c19
It is hard to judge the novel even up to the current chapter, but the interaction between characters are fun to read.

The writer and producer's have a troll personality, while still being professional at their job.

The MC and his sister interaction are very real in that there is a bit of bantering and advising/helping each other.

I'm still interested in MC's development since he attain some quirk since he obtain his memory of his parallel life. I wonder how they will make use of his drawings skills in later chapters, as... more>> well as his academic life since he is still a student. <<less
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azuron rated it
December 4, 2023
Status: c23
This is a pretty awesome novel. I especially like how the author can convey the intricacies of the film making and acting scenes in vivid detail. And also the fact that there are no generic plot armor devices like systems or skills make this novel a breath of fresh air. I also like how the plot develops organically, without assuming that the audiences are complete idiots who need to be spoonfed every little tidbit. I actually felt I was right there in the story - able to visualize the film... more>> making interaction scenes and the family scenes as if present in third person. Overall - pretty good start. <<less
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byulgeoreum rated it
December 11, 2023
Status: c29
As an avid showbiz/celebrities korean web-novel reader, I can tell that this one has a potential. It's really fun to see the MC's acting and how others reactions to it.

One of the thing that makes me feel curious is on how the author gonna write the MC's next drama/movie project. If according to the web-novel title, it seems like the MC's next project will also cast him as a villain character but how will the MC potray it? If he continues to have a villain character with military background, it... more>> surely will make the plot less interesting and boring due to the repetitive plot. I'm truly excited to read the next chapters. Hopefully, it will continue to be great and interesting stories to unveil. <<less
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