Rookie Actor That Hides He Is a Conglomerate


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The actor’s tent, once closed, opened again. As the youngest member of a chaebol group.

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Hiding the fact that a new actor is a chaebol
신인배우가 재벌인걸 숨김
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BronzeCat6265 rated it
September 8, 2023
Status: c9
Rating this 4.5/5 actually. There still few chapters translated but the story seems to have a fine pacing and reminds me of another actor from chaebol story. 😉 And the short description, made me wonder if it would flow like the other one but chapter 7 but that worry to the rest. So I am gonna try to make a more detailed novel teaser here.

"For actor Kim Seon-woo, acting was the light that illuminated the dark tunnel of life he had been trapped in since birth. Even in the last... more>> moments of his tragic life, his obsession with acting remained his greatest regret. After waking up in the body of the youngest son of a chaebol group, he resolved that in this new life, he would pursue his dream even more passionately than in his previous one, even if it meant breaking free from the golden cage that came with this new body." <<less
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Crystal_liar rated it
March 31, 2024
Status: c46
Rating 4.5/5 - The story starts with regression along with possession of a first gen conglomerate's son. The original body had committed su*cide, so I felt bad about him. The pacing is good and though the MC is treated as a really good actor from the beginning by whoever sees his acting, its not in the realm of seeing him as a genius since everyone could see the effort he is putting to get the acting across.

The acting career doesn't start with an automatically big show or movie where he... more>> gets famous automatically rather the MC wants to build his career from a basic position. I like how he tries not get help from others other than his own skills. Its a good novel if you want something that is mostly focused on acting. <<less
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ResNow rated it
November 21, 2023
Status: v1c10
Premise is rather contrived, and stereotypical of these novels, although the hook into it is good.

Rating it 1 because the TL is difficult to understand due to messy pronouns and actions as a result of MTL copy and paste, and the TL site has too intrusive ads (note the p*rn and many video ads popup). Appreciate the effort by the TLs but their team might want to work on cleaning up their site first.
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Continue12 rated it
September 28, 2023
Status: 30?
Rating 4.3/5, but bumping it up bc it is too low here.

I kinda lost where I stopped reading... but anyway it had rather good beginning.

MCs biggest weakness from his past life was poverty and debts from his father. He always wanted to become an actor. Nonetheless he wasn't a genius who could outperform Oscar worthy actors on his first try. Rather than just hard worker, I would call a late bloomer, he had a certain talent and work hard to improve himself. I am believer of not everything could be... more>> achieved by working hard... so maybe I presume a bit.

What I like the most about this novel is Once MC transmigrated he decided not to get involved with family drama and complicated relationships of original owner. Like the dude killed himself out of despair.

Do you want to get involved into something like that when you have zero attachment towards all those people? He just calmly said that he wants to become an actor and if his father can't accept it, it would be better to severe relationship, which he did.

MC is only interested in acting and nothing else. After he got rid of 'the shekels of poverty' and had money he didn't start to indulge in luxuries and what not. He just rented humble but good little flat and didn't rely on his chaebol background.

MC doesn't have any golden fingers, only his experience from previous life and some knowledge of the future, which is indeed useful. But like what if you know that some is going to be a huge hit, if you don't have enough to star in it? He is an actual f*cking adult with ** tada * the absolute rarity* mature thinking and his own principles.

You could probably tell how much I like MC.

Thoughts On plot- actually not that bad, not everything goes silky smooth, he faces some troubles and stuff like that, his acting path is also pretty interesting. Only read like 30 chapters so I can't say much, but honestly not bad.

Give it try. <<less
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