The Third-Gen Chaebol Becomes a Genius Actor


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I returned to the past to become an actor, instead I reincarnated as a Third-Gen Chaebol (rich conglomerate family).

[Winner of the 7th Korean Web Novel Competition]
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재벌 3세 천재 배우가 되었다
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New roamiru rated it
April 5, 2024
Status: c148
ah this is just so... its amazing really amazing even though the translation is a but rough its still understandable and only has a problem with the pronouns, the story in itself is just so amazing I dont know how else to explain it, i've cried and laughed with the MC my heart ached bc of what happened to him, its a story that makes you sigh in despair when you finish the updated chapters.
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Iamdefinitelynotonincognitomode rated it
February 21, 2023
Status: c9
I totally agree with Chiqqz the system is pretty much useless but it seems like a lot of misunderstanding is about to happen because of the system's side effects.

It doesn't seem like the MC has had proper life. And neither has the body's owner. His mother had committed su*cide and there's a scene describe where the young him had tried to raise his mother up from the hanged position.

It's sickening, no matter how hard it is a parent shouldn't make their child go through something like that at such a young age.
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Novirp13 rated it
February 8, 2024
Status: Completed
Real score 4.5

I came for the promise of main character being a genius actor yet was slapped by a mystery genre instead lol

Doesn't mean it's bad. And the novel still focused on acting. But I thought this is going to be like 'Become a Star' novel, who focuses on character development and main character finally become the actor they always want to be. Instead, it's a story aboy Jinho, who time traveled then transmigrated into Yeonso's body and realized that this guy, the body he was now inhabiting, was not... more>> an actual as*hole like the media potrayed him to be. He was a kid who was afflicted with mental illness after witnessing the su*cide


of his mother. And when the illness 'show itself', Yeonseo can't do nothing but reacted badly. It caused misunderstanding and bad rep. So Jinho concluded that, if he wanted to to fix his image and be the better actor, he had to go on a journey of healing.


He did it by trying to solve the mystery behind his mother's death. If he could catch the culprit by his own hands, maybe then, Yeonseo's illness can finally heal and he can stop blaming himself


I like the tension of the mystery and the author did a good job in describing the film Yeonseo was acting, felt like we are reading a completely new story when it happened. I was kinda hoping we get to see more of Jinho's past as the novel went by though, not just at the last 3 chapters before completion. I sure wanna know Jinho's real personality from the get go so I can leave a comment whether he's out of character or not. And what actually happened in the future? Is apocalypse still going to happen? I mean... Jinho is a chaebol and celebrity now. He can use that money and influence to promote a good healthy life, protect the environment or something. Unlike Superstars of Tomorrow novel, this problem kinda nag at the back of my mind because main character is not in the future, but the past. Then again, it will happen 100 years from now on so even if he tried to preach for a healthy lifestyle, there's no promise humanity will still stay that way years after Yeonseo and his family die. Oh well

Definitely a good novel and I would recommend you guys to check this out- <<less
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Chiqqz rated it
February 15, 2023
Status: c8 part2
As I'm only on chapter 8 part2 I can't say how the story will go but so far it's not bad.

The MC is from the future and plays the part of having amnesia due to him not being able to view all the memories bc huge backlash.


For now it's super interesting to me and I'll continue to read it! - Give it a go if you like semi-simple stories with a

system and MC having little to no idea of his situation so system is useless lol

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Scar21 rated it
February 3, 2024
Status: Completed
There is no way I'm rating this any less than 10/10. The story is so good and immersive, that I felt my heart hurt, every time Yeonseo got hurt, be it physically or mentally.

This story is exactly what I was looking for. Everything about it, from the idol/actor theme to the depression and psychological aspect, was just what I wanted to read. And the family were so sweet, especially the brother ❤️

I decided to make it a simple review with no spoilers coz I want more people to read this... more>> story. And I like it so much, that I don't even know what to express at this point. <<less
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BronzeCat6265 rated it
January 23, 2024
Status: c181
I love this! The mystery was added in really well, although there were times I felt there was no need to concentrate on one aspect of an arcs so much but overall it had a pleasant flow~
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Yokoha rated it
June 28, 2023
Status: c136
(Actual rating is 4.0, but my finger slipped.)

I liked the story, but I dropped it because I lost interest after the Seal of the State/National bird drama arc.

I don't know, since the...

... more>>

Shin Ye Won x Yoo Yeon-Seo couple ship with fans and stuff made me get a sudden ick and caused me to drop it. Chasing the mu*derer for Lee Hee-Seo also made me a tiny bit disinterested, but I wasn't going to drop it because of that.


1: The misunderstandings are actually good and I don't mind them, actually the misunderstandings kept a hint of tension since MC also tends to spit blood considering synchronizing memories makes him vomit blood and causes him pain.

I was a little frustrated when Yoo Eun-Ho decided to keep this away from their (MC and his) parents

when he had a huge accident after forcing himself too much so learn more with the memories and vomited a lot of blood and had a seizure

so they wouldn't know, but its like whatever yk.

2: I liked how as time passed my impression of the original Yoo Yen-Seo changed because...


He actually invested in One Seven for seven years so they could continue activites, which implies that he cared about them/felt bad (even if its just a little bit) He also used to be kind as a kid and only after Lee Hee-Seo's death did he begin to gradually change from better to worse.


Original YYS was interesting, to say the least

3: About characters besides YYS, they all were generally enjoyable, and not too bad. Not all of them were unique but that wasn't bad either, because they were still enjoyable as a character.

I don't/can't say more considering Im dropping this and I've only read halfway through, but I do suggest to read up to where I read and decide from there (if your going to read this based on what I said, which is unlikely.)

thank you for reading my review. <<less
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amaliajun rated it
May 26, 2023
Status: c283
First, here's a short review with the help of ChatGPT because I tend to explain long...

This novel showcases the writer's storytelling prowess and their ability to craft engaging narratives with well-developed characters. It keeps readers intrigued with its compelling mystery and provides satisfying explanations for various plot elements. Additionally, the psychological aspects are handled thoughtfully and add depth to the story.

A novel from my beloved writer, PJ!

The writer second work after Entertainment Life With A Camera, and he made use his strength well. On... more>> ELC, this novel, and another ongoing novel, the writer is so good in making and describing 'fictional' dramas and movies that I want them to be adapted IRL. Many entertainment novels only lightly describe or based on works from dramas/movies in reality, so it broke my immersion because I would compare them to IRL works.

One of the novel's charming point is the mystery that MC must unravel due to the incomplete memories.


From the memories he get little by little with the help from the AI, MC will follow the clues of the body's past and the secret of his mother's death.

MC will also get the trauma that the body have, which explains why the body's owner have a very bad temper.

The side effect of getting the body's memories make MC going in-out of hospital and his family become protective because of that.


The storylines intertwine seamlessly, and most of questionable things are revealed and explained in the end.

Each characters' thoughts and acts are well described. From the psychological perspective they're well explained and make sense.


There's a psychologist character to help MC's trauma and it depicted well how a psychologist work. One of the last chapters there's a scene where MC said to his counselor that he had overcome his trauma with very relaxed smile. That touched me the most...

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