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Soccer players, baseball players, basketball players, tennis players… If you don’t become the best player, you’re cursed to be endlessly reincarnated. A reincarnation into an unfamiliar body. What sport will it be this time?

[“In this life, try becoming the best actor. Good luck to you.”]

“Ah… acting.”

Feeling somewhat strange, I rubbed my eyes and focused on the system window again.

“…An actor?”

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피지컬 천재배우
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1 Review

New Kakipii13
Mar 30, 2024
Status: c9
Preliminary review because there aren't any yet. I went ahead and gave rating because it doesn't deserve the low score it has as of this review.

MC is given a task by a system to become the best in some field, and if he fails he regresses and transmigrates into someone else's body to do the task again. Before, he was given goals to become the world's best athlete in various sports, except this time he needs to be an actor. New body, new profession, but knowledge and skills to become... more>> an action star.

MC has regressed like 10 times already - a challenge of writing transmigration/regression MCs is portraying how they adjust (or not adjust) to their new lives. But the MC is so experienced that he's able to just roll with it and skip over the "whaaattt? What happened?? Uh how do I live as this person now without drawing suspicion???" so the story gets right to the plot. There are only 9 chapters as of this review, so there isn't enough content to really judge quality yet, but it has a good start. <<less
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