Aura of a Genius Actor


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[Winner of the 5th Korea Web Novel Contest]

He cast his very being into a life of acting, only to go unrecognized.

But now, his life begins anew.

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천재배우의 아우라Aura
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11 Reviews

Drunk Moon Resident Scholar
New Drunk Moon R
Feb 17, 2024
Status: c79
A really enjoyable acting novel.

The start of the novel does a good job of engaging the reader and then continues to hold attention throughout. Well executed pacing.

The characters so far have been interesting and engaging.

Actual skill progression happens as well, which is a true rarity in acting novels for some reason.

The acting scenes aren't drawn out and so far have been genuinely interesting.

I'm excited to read more.
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New Mofy
Feb 16, 2024
Status: c300
I came after reading the manhwa, and honestly I already know this novel when looking through recommendations, but because the novel picture I immediately think that there will be a romance in it, so I just skip this without looking at the tag... I know I'm dumb..

So, I decided to read the novel, and after read until 300 chapter.... This is the novel that I'm looking for!

    • Likeable protagonist without bubbly (?) Personality like social butterfly? Ig.. And not cold or loud personality, just ordinary smart Person, caring, and warm to others, helping his friends. Protagonist who passionate about acting, talented, PURE genius I must say, because not like the other protagonist who called genius but in fact just relay on their cheat skill.
    • Another what I like, there is many talented and geniuses characters not just protagonist, and just like protagonist who keep learning about acting the other characters too, they help each other.
    • Viewers reaction is good too.
    • No romances, just a little love interest but later you guys will forget about that because you will focus on protagonist acting. This love interest won't effect the story slightest, and you guys won't get annoyed too, just show up for a brief moment and then boom you will forget, just like me.. I think... Well there won't be romance. Maybe in side story? Idk bcz I don't read the side story.
    • There rare (?) Or almost none the scene that makes me angry.
    • The ending is good too!
And that's it, I just love and enjoy this novel. So I recommend this.

Sorry for my bad English ahahaha
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Jul 31, 2023
Status: --
Shin Yoomyeong, an actor with a very low amount of presence.
He had spent his whole life on acting and had tirelessly strived to faithfully portray the small roles he was given although no one recognized his efforts.
After 15 years, he found out that he had liver cancer and was unable to act anymore.
Flooded with despair, he then met Miho, an acting spirit who told him that he could go back in time.
Once more, his life begins again.

Aura of a Genius Actor is a beautiful story about... more>> hardships, miracles, and second chances. A story of how a person who had suffered despite working hard got a second shot in life. How despair could turn to hope, how dreams could turn to reality, and how something that was deemed impossible before could now become possible. Intertwined with comedy and heartwarming moments, as well as real-life instances and struggles that are truly relatable, this novel is a treasure trove of humor and life lessons that are sure to keep you invested. <<less
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Aug 29, 2023
Status: --
It's okay. If Life, Once Again is the benchmark for actor reincarnation type novels, then this falls behind. MC's ascent to stardom seems predestined from the very start and from the 18 chapters so far, nothing will ever become that serious of a roadblock for him.

The issue I have with the story is with some cop-out "life energy" system. It makes MC's second journey throughout his career feel undeserved. Once the realization dawns that everything good that happens to him is ultimately due to the system's influence basically juicing out... more>> MC's charisma and talent potential it leaves an unpleasant feeling that nothing feels earnt. Sure he puts in the practice and has the ambition to strive to become a leading star, but without the system? He's bound to end up as a second rate actor despite the decades of experience under his belt. And that's the problem with a lot of system based stories, is it truly the character, or is it the system?

With only 18 chapters to read so far, it seems overly critical to judge a webnovel so harshly on one aspect. It's early thoughts and it may improve in the future. <<less
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Sep 06, 2023
Status: c19
Would definitely recommend giving this a try! I find with a lot of acting novels, authors can spend a bit too much time (for my personal taste) elaborating on whatever story the MC is acting out. This novel does a good job of keeping the main story line as the major focus and anchoring the plays being performed within that primary context, as opposed to jumping around between seemingly nearly equally weighted POV’s. This helps minimize the quality difference, as understandably, authors are not going to fully flesh out complex... more>> and balanced details for one fictional movie out of many their MC will be acting in. <<less
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Jan 09, 2024
Status: c63
Up to c78 (from the paid chapters), it's really good so far. The pacing is just nice. Often for acting novels, some can get too engrossed in one specific work and too much description that it bores me out, this one has a balance of characters reaction and describing of the work and character's inner monologue, it has a nice balance. I read so many chapters at one go and now hoping for more.
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Nov 14, 2023
Status: --
Oooh I'm happy this was finally pick up by a translator! ^^

I read this years ago when I was so thirsty of acting novels and I remember binge reading this quite crazily back then...

I haven't finished it cuz the later part was a bit confusing when they got to the ... more>>

origin of the supernatural beings

part in details, as I read it in mtl but the acting part was definitely one of the best!

The main character is definitely a talented person but was overshadowed by some aspect that was lacking in his body since birth, so he was never famous despite being such a hard working and 'amazing' actor.

And then he met with 'miracles' and can do it once again with the nerf being taken out.

Yeah, I think the other reviewer actually explained it better than me.

Honestly as it was quite a long ago so I didn't really remember much, but I remember nearly every storyline inside the story because it's just THAT GOOD! XD

And I rlly appreciated the author that they finished the 'story inside a story'. Eventho it made each of the arc quite long like the one above me said, but I'm happy cuz I feel like I actually read many novels instead of one.

The story was also quite unique and feels like it could really be a drama or movie, especially the

Peter Pan and the Hollywood movie


is my favourite :D

Anyway if you love the acting that goes into details and no romance with male lead chase after his dreams and second chance, this will be perfect for you!

This is also the winner of the 2019 web novel award and idk I feel maybe some of the acting novels also referenced from the movie of this novel's storyline as I feel there was quite some similar pattern now <<less
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Sep 05, 2023
Status: c19
Honestly has been such a pleasant read so far. For our MC to be granted a second chance at breaking through the acting world after surviving 15+ years of minor roles. And the way they set it up as to why he wasn't able to be the actor he wanted to be in his first life actually intrigued me a lot and seeing people become woo'ed over his performances make me happy that he can finally feel appreciation for his craft. Author just has a way at bringing you into... more>> each scene with so much emotion and understanding the characters we have came across so far. Can't wait to see more from this novel soon. A downside that I do have with this though is the pure coincidences he always finds himself in like oh I just met another person that will be super famous in a few years and just establishes connections super easy, but other than that I dig this sh*t and it gets me smiling seeing him progress and understand more characters he takes on! <<less
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Jan 01, 2024
Status: c60
Would definitely recommend giving it a try. The novel is all about MC and his passion for acting. In the previous timeline MC worked as actor mostly minor roles for 15+ years. It was because his presence was so low he couldn't stand out. He then meets a acting spirit and it sends the MC back to his college days. Here the spirit gives a boost to MC's presence and it helps because we learn that MC is really taken in acting. So MC truly begins to shine in this... more>> life. As of latest chapter the plot hasn't derailed much and it's mostly about MC's acting career (college club, drama shooting, movie). Also we don't know whether the spirit is malicious or not. So there's also mystery element. But I should tell you that there's little to none fantasy elements. It's all about MC and his acting career. There are no notable side characters yet but that might change in the future as

he just joined a agency in recent chapter

. As for translation quality it's top-notch. We get 2-3 chapters every week. So yeah I definitely recommend this if you are a fan of showbiz novels. <<less
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Nov 10, 2023
Status: c39

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Oct 17, 2023
Status: _
A pretty good novel.

I only read a little though. I just thought this would be great as a manhwa, like the "Life, once again" or "to be the actor" one of my favourites.


Haha the novel got a manhwa, I am really happy. I will continue reading the manhwa.
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