Upki Girl


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Aura of a star, I can see it.

Let’s foster a proper Girl Group!

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Upkey Girl
업어 키운 걸그룹
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Daoist Ghoul
Daoist Ghoul rated it
January 17, 2022
Status: --
One of the best Showbiz WN

It is characterized by handwriting that humorously melts the character attributes that clearly differentiate between popularity and likes and dislikes that are not biased towards anyone. The personality of the idol characters overflowing with beagle charm and the human relationship between the protagonists is pleasantly portrayed. It is a work that is unmatched in the fact that it gives strong character to the heroines wito the author's unique pleasant situational direction
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Lonely_Paradox rated it
August 4, 2023
Status: c138
Well, I don't usually read this type of novel, but I will still try to give an honest review...

As I have said, since I usually don't read this time of novel I don't know much about it but it was a very refreshing novel. Set in the modern world with slight fantasy twists, Upki Girl has blown me away with its compelling plot and mesmerizing characters.

Let's start with the protagonist. Kim Yunho is a 35-year-old typical 9 to 5 worker and an ordinary person that you can probably see everywhere.... more>> What sets him apart though is the fact that he is able to see the auras of stars. The auras are in different shades and his prediction about a star has never gone wrong and they made it big one way or another. Even though he had the power, he was not really willing to use it as he was already accustomed to his daily life. That conviction shattered, however, when he met up with Eun-bi, the first girl with an aura like no other. Thus begins his journey of raising a girl group of his own, centered around Eun-bi...

Apart from the genre itself, what sets it apart from most modern novels is probably the characters. The characters are immersive and well-defined with each having their own charm and a sense of self. The author is a genius and you can basically tell the characters apart by just how they speak as each has a distinct trait and tonal tick that makes them different from one another. Character development is also a major feature of the novel as we can see the MC and the girls grow in the company of each other and push themselves to new heights. The romance in the novel is another highlight and the harem is probably one of the best in terms of the overall dynamic and structure that I have ever seen. The road to it isn't paved smoothly though as the MC mostly sees them as girls that he has to raise and take care of. It gradually changes over time but the journey in between is rough but an enjoyable and immersive experience. It is one of the best stories with a modern setting that I have read to date.

Apart from the romance itself, what I believe truly sets this novel apart is the realism that is portrayed about the idol industry and the dark side that is heavily emphasized in the novel. I would put it on the same pedestal as Oshi no Ko which has been a vastly popular anime and manga about idols and idol culture in this regard. The plot has been handled extremely well and the development of the story is simply impeccable. A must-read for anyone who enjoys a good story.

However, it's not a great novel without its cons. Some of the girls in the group have rather... troublesome personalities and it gets really bad at times. You will get annoyed in some instances at their behavior and will generally come to dislike some of their speech, however, they grow out of that phase soon enough and become likable and enjoyable characters to read. So, bear with them and give them a chance and you will surely see your patience paying off.

All in all, this is probably one of the best novels I have read with the major focus on the characters themselves rather than the plot of the story. The plot is also great but it's the characters that make the novel top in my opinion. A must-read for anyone who likes harem, likes good character development and interactions, and generally likes to see the fluffy side of relationships as well as a hint of realism of how the world revolves for the people in the entertainment industry.

Truly a great novel and one of its kind... <<less
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Xentl rated it
August 4, 2023
Status: c4
I couldn't get enough of Upki Girl, a showbiz web novel that totally hooked me. The main character's journey through the entertainment world was so interesting and inspiring. But let me tell you, Eun-bit, this adorable character, stole my heart! The author did a great job, and as the translator I can vouch for regular updates, so there's always something to look forward to. If you're into fame, dreams, and feel-good stories, you gotta read Upki Girl! It's a total joy, and Eun-bit's cuteness adds a lovely touch. I can't... more>> wait for the next chapter, and I know you'll love it too! <<less
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