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What if you woke up one morning and remembered all 999 of your past lives?

Chae Woojin, an actor who will shine brighter than the stars. A story about his journey towards his dreams!

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별이 되다
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New fosarmiger rated it
May 14, 2024
Status: Completed
First of all, I started reading this novel this morning nonstop till evening when I finished all of it.

My first impression was it is generally more likely a cliche troupe of the same idea and concept that had been thrown around quite often, I do indulge myself in reading those in my free time and express guilty pleasure of comparing the characters with almost the same vibes and ambiance.

I like the characterization, especially Chae Woojin's appeal to the readers themselves, he is very straightforward and consistent, the character development has... more>> already started since chapter one when he remembered all those 999 lives, so I didn't expect developments further because I feel like he is already a 'completed' character in terms, but I was prejudiced, he indeed got more development particularly why I love 'The Red Enemy' arc. There have been more instances where he questioned life further, like the question that was given "Do you want to be a God?" to which Woojin replied what I think is the best answer considering his character build-up.

I did expect an early ending because of how God appeared at the latest arc when Woojin was filming as Lloyd, but I thought as well of another rising conflict and then another realization, but I would have never thought of the ending as is.

It was not the outcome I had expected, perhaps I even thought that it was quite rushed, like it was suddenly been inputted there in chapter 244, I never thought it would end like that, I greatly express my disappointment, Woojin is an outstanding character I expected more of him and his journey, but I feel like all of his life as an actor came as a passing thought on chapter 244, I do not dismiss the fact of his sentimentality and overall nostalgia, but I do not think the last chapter invoked much of the needed emotions for an impact of sentimentality. <<less
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New Pixeldrum rated it
May 10, 2024
Status: c50
Have you ever been to an interview and the interviewer asks:

"What are your strengths and weaknesses?" And while the strength is just something you're good at, the weakness isn't actually supposed to be a real weakness, and it's just a veiled way of boasting yourself. For example, "I believe my tendency to be overly critical of my own work... While it drives me to constantly improve, it can lead to moments of perfectionism."

Yeah, that's kind of the author's way of trying to make the MC, Woojin, not a Gary Sue.... more>> And it's quite blatantly obvious. Every remark, 3rd person perspective narration of Woojin, or generally, the way or writing just turns out to be that the author is constantly praising Woojin's humbleness, his charisma, his looks, or whatever. Like wow, he doesn't realize how good a friend he is, or how good looking he is, so he "lacks confidence." At the same time though, he can appeal to many people due to this "humble nature" on set and he hits it off with many people.

Or, and this is hilarious, when Woojin uses personal experiences to draw out emotions in his acting and that's considered a failure to him. "In the future, Woojin would always look at that scene with embarrassment." Yeah, that's called method acting. No need to be shamed, as it's an actual technique. I'm dying of cringe. Like holy sh*t you cannot catch the author not just sucking up to Woojin. It's so cringe, and also boring. Who likes a perfect Mary Sue character? I don't. <<less
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bloggbigg rated it
December 23, 2021
Status: c86
I'm only 80+ chapters in, but so far I see a story with great potential. Hopefully it will keep getting better!

The Good:

  • There are quite a few examples of human emotion and interaction done quite well-- it's the author's strong suit.
  • Some character depiction seems to be quite detailed & a bit nuanced. We'll see about character development as the story progresses.
  • MC is somewhat intelligent (for now) - we'll see if the author keeps it a constant (very rare).
The BAD:

  • First chapter is lazy set-up nonsense- the base premise is pretty flimsy. It's not a big deal as it barely affects the story overall- but don't let it put you off.
  • Ridiculous repeated attention to/stress on the MC's handsome appearance.
  • Seems like it might be an 'I've got a memory for that' (lampshaded) deux ex machina vehicle, with a problem set up, and a 'past life did it' solution. Seems like the author's moved past that focus on 'past lives' as a problem solving focus, though- so the story keeps getting better.
  • 'I prepared that earlier' disease rears it's ugly head in a weird (and unlikely) way at one point, which tests the author-reader 'do you seriously expect me to swallow that' dynamic, and possibly sets the tone for future 'convenient nonsense'. Also 'conveniently that worked' is leveraged for the MC.

    During the contract signing the MC reveals he's made several recordings (both audio and video) of his previous bosses intimidation and co-worker's physical abuse/bullying. He got all this evidence and just sat on most of it, then kept it 'just in case'- which is 'just like how people really behave'. It's not impossible- but quite unlikely. Luckily no one pursued harassing him after he got out of the group so he never had to reveal it before... Also- telling his new bosses about it? 'I will secretly record our interactions if ever I think we'll have an issue in the future' is not what he said- but might as well be. Not the best plan- but of course it works for him anyway.

  • Somehow an unintentional showcase of 'how to not learn from 999 lives worth of wisdom and experience'. (Rule one: Practically ignore past lives until you have a problem you can't solve normally...)
The different:

  • A story which has a better than average awareness/understanding on emotions and interpersonal relationships... When it wants to...
So far, the good bits are good and appreciated, the bad bits aren't that bad- so tolerable. Don't know if this can meet it's potential, but the writing isn't good, so I'd say it's worth a look.
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TianKrea rated it
March 20, 2022
Status: c55
I don't really understand why this novel has such a high rating. The MC is physically perfect from the start. That much is good. However, after that he remembers all his past lives and the story becomes meaningless. He becomes perfect actor from the start. His minor roles instantly becomes main roles and people constantly talk about how perfect the MC is. There is no challenge. No matter what he plays you know before reading he will instantly captivate director, main heroine of the drama/movie and other staff on the... more>> set. Also the other male leads will instantly be jealous of MC lol.

Another infuriating thing is Author spends tons of paragraphs to describe how perfect MC looks. How he is both handsome and beautiful. If he wears tr*sh he will still look good etc. BUT! The thing is our cute and pure MC doesn't know how handsome and perfect he is. He thinks people make fun of him when they say something positive about him xd

Also MC constantly says how he has no compassion for other humans however his every action speaks otherwise. At first MC is portrayed as calm and calculating however after a few chapters it turns into naive and clueless idiot.

The only positive thing I can say is the plot of the movies he plays were not bad. However, his current drama is boring so that is only valid for his first 2 works. I won't read further so I can't say anything about his future works.

Overall, a wish fulfillment kinda novel so I don't recommend it. There are some better alternatives for acting novels. <<less
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XXOOMEPLS rated it
December 18, 2021
Status: c32
Actually Good, it's been a long time since I got interested in a novel. Such a shame other people review it already at such an early phase. Nevertheless it's actually an interesting read, I really needed a break from those braindead fantasy novels and Edgelord MCs.
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tired_abyss rated it
December 14, 2021
Status: c82
A lot of potential, MC's character is pretty good and the writing overall is nice enough for me to expect a lot from this novel.

Edit: Great writing, especially in regards to the emotional level. There is a lot of focus on career and family, as well as including some (cute and hilarious) fan comments.

It may seem a bit heavy in writing at the beginning, but it polished out after a bit. There's visible improvements throughout every chapter, and characters are very layered.

Tempted to start paying for advanced chapters xD
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Goodreadsonly rated it
January 8, 2022
Status: c52
I'm glad I decided to read this anyways after reading some of the reviews. I genuinely love this book so far.

I haven't read the whole novel so maybe things change later on but so far the MC isn't as OP as reviewed. He does rely on his past lives a few times but he quickly realized he doesn't just want to play another life, he wants to act. (The novel explains this better lol)

I like how the author delves into the nuances of the entertainment industry and how his... more>> fanclub works (his fans are so cute and sincere but also hidden devils). The author also describes the acting scenes really well and it's not just he played this role and done. The acted scenes are so interesting that I'd love to read those stories too, it's like mini stories within the novel.

I appreciate all the effort the author put into making the characters so interesting and developing every single part of his acting career. Glad wuxiaworld took this story up, they usually don't drop midtranslation. <<less
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Piggychan rated it
January 11, 2022
Status: c54
Really really like this novel. The shooting scenes are exciting, believable (I can really imagine them happen irl), and detail.

Hopefully new readers won't get discouraged by the low rating (when I first read it the rating was 3.8), because for me the novel deserves 5 stars.
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Shortk rated it
May 6, 2022
Status: c81
The MC takes acting seriously. It's good because you get to see the MC try to figure out how to create his character etc. But then it starts to bleed out into him taking himself too seriously. And the writing as well.

It's a bit overdone. A lot of entertainment novels struggle with this tbh. I call it the "surprised Pikachu face" syndrome. (Yes officially diagnosed lul) It is where everyone in the novel reacts to everything the MC does with awe, shock, or worry & makes a big... more>> deal of every single thing he's done. The MC is supposed to be likeable, which he is, but it's by giving him an innocent I don't know I'm beautiful personality. That alone, I'm completely fine with but if you add that with everyone reacting to everything he does all the time. It's the equivalent of someone unintentionally bragging, but telling you "nonono it's not like that" in essence.

I don't hate it. It's just a shame. But it does annoy me how seriously the writing takes itself. Like the MC had to act as someone to model properly? Get real smh.


ok this is my 2 cents. About the stunt scene. First of all, it was reckless and dumb for him to do the scene without giving a heads up or discussion with his team/company & (I'll be nice) even his family I guess. That I will give credit to. But once it was released and the fans/news made all this hoopla about it, that was it for me. He's a f*cking grown adult. He's an actor. Action actors will sometimes do their own stunts if they can. It's NOT SURPRISING. he was never an idol. He isn't a child. He doesn't need your permission. What in the world. You can be concerned but have you ever looked at an action actor and went oh no about him doing a stunt successfully and then apologize for it?? Get out of here. Let me repeat. He is an actor. I'm sure all these fans know what actors do right? They sometimes do their own stunts. Let me repeat. He is an adult. He doesn't need your permission. He doesn't even need to tell his family. Tbh. Bc WTF DID THEY THINK ACTING WAS? there's always risks. Whatever. Ok. Like I said surprised Pikachu face syndrome. As if no actor has never done this before..../rant ok I just realized they used this as a plot device just so his mom would talk to her dad. Ugh I'm tired *rolls eyes*

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Haienggg_cci rated it
February 22, 2022
Status: c79
I like it. I love this novel so~ much.

The MC is so likable, he's innocent but not s*upid, his actual vibe is a kind-hearted and bright young man but I've gone crazy whenever he pulls off a sexy, manly, cold vibe. I almost fainted and had a heart attack when I imagined and carved his glowing presence in my heart.

One of the reasons why I was able to imagine his appearance, acting and expression so clearly was thanks to the well-written story. The way the author phrases his/her sentences and... more>> chooses words is really plausible. He/She uses so many different kinds of words to express just a moment/scence that I was totally immersed in the story with my imagination. I hope to read more but it's unfortunate that there's no more, I have to wait, now is the time for patience and support. I am looking forward to the next chapter <<less
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SilverFox99 rated it
January 16, 2022
Status: --
Great novel, it has believable take on the entertainment industry. While the MC, might seems op, they way they tell the story is good enough that people would get s**ked in into the story. While it is slow, it's written well overall and my favourite would be the relationship of the MC with those around him.
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namira99 rated it
January 2, 2022
Status: c46
If "life once again" is the more grounded story that put a lot of highlights in soliloquy/internal struggle of the characters; "become a star" is ultimately a fun story that is easier to digest with overall likeable cast. We all know MC is stacked as hell and has cheat like abilities just from the description, but I like that it doesn't really define him either
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Valven rated it
December 30, 2021
Status: Completed
Pure wish fulfillment.

The only acceptable aspect is the intrinsic details, as the author has an excellent degree of storytelling at times, specifically towards his past lives. Rather than ruminate on the boring, you can expect a lot of magic.

This, however, does not really excuse the constant appraise of the main character. At times, it is just too much.

It's a good read for one sitting.
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Mirak Luciel
Mirak Luciel rated it
August 5, 2022
Status: c244
A very disappointing ending or should I say there is no ending ? Not even an open one it literally doesn't exist !!

The story falls apart rapidy from chapter 100, waiting for the plot the pick up again until you face an abrupt end.

Every good review is from people who didn't finish the story and are in the waiting phase.

... more>> It was very clear that the authors didn't know where the story is going.

This is not worth your time or atleast read till chapter 100 and drop it.

1 star for the great potentiel and unique plot such a shame. <<less
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Sceer rated it
June 18, 2022
Status: --
Has no one told you in your past 999 lives that you are the most handsome person to ever grace on Earth? Why do you still act like you’re clueless to everyone’s praises, which are repeated every goddamn time. I don’t believe it.

Aside from that I think the story is okay. I’m not really a fan of knowing all the miniscule details of MCs daily life so I got bored but it is that detailed which some readers might like.
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Reeviiii rated it
April 14, 2022
Status: c114
It was good at the first few chapters the movie he made was amazing I was super hooked, but after the second movie it was meh 😕 it suddenly got boring and got tired of the repeated description of the mc's beauty and genius. I thought it was a good read cuz the past lives thing we're interesting, but they were not really talked about except when he needs it in acting so it's no for me. And the siblings relationship for me is a bit forced and cringey. I... more>> don't know maybe it's just m. <<less
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Devil Heart
Devil Heart rated it
January 20, 2022
Status: c65
MC is very likable. VERY. His personality is so charming. Honestly I was afraid that MC quickly become arrogant and begin to use his past lives skills wantonly to become famous but suprisingly he didn't do that.

In fact, he puts a clear barrier between him and his other past lives. He wants to act with his own efforts, I appreciate it really.

The movie's MC is acting is cool too. I really like each of the characters MC become in a movie. It also gives the story of the movie MC... more>> acted in, it really felt like I was watching the movie while looking at MC acting. Awesome.

Love the novel so much. Hurry hurry update. Can't wait <<less
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Miku rated it
December 22, 2021
Status: c34
It feels... masturbatory? The times the author just straight up writing that the protagonist is handsome, talented, better than the antagonist, etc. feel like too much. The characterization of those non-protagonist character is flat. If they are not with the protagonist, they are just straight up bad. The author just write the protagonist like He's morally superior than the antagonist, as well as physically superior.

For the storytelling, there's no conflict that disturbs the protagonist. Any conflict so far leaves the protagonist unscatched, that the protagonist wasn't able to grow at... more>> all due to the conflict.


The author makes a source of conflict in the form of blackmail from the former company. Yet, the protagonist already preemptively solve those. The other actor whom he replaced is straight up depicted as bad in acting as well as inferior in looks, that the director just choose to use the protagonist.


If anything, the author does too much telling instead of showing. <<less
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Alex Woods
Alex Woods rated it
March 14, 2022
Status: c150
Great novel. I didn't expect it to be so damn good.

Story about a guy entering the film industry and making a name for himself. The movie plots are interesting.

Emotions and the family is done well without bad writing in it lost the most. Dialogues are well written. Translation is falwless as expected of wuxiaworld. And the chapters are hella long. Great.
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whitespade rated it
February 15, 2022
Status: c76
Author likes to repeat and reiterate the same thing over and over again in slightly different but mostly similar manner that it become really tedious to read. 70% of the story is not about acting or MC at all but the thoughts of the peanut gallery on how cool and handsome MC is. This is supremely boring way to show off MC because the point of the novel is supposed to be about his acting, not about how smooth his skin is.
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Yuutomi rated it
January 18, 2022
Status: c57
Overall a great slice-of-life showbiz novel that actually focuses on the "getting famous through acting" plot point. It's fairly slow and mellow, but the translation is well-done and the pay-off of seeing the MC, Chae Woojin, being recognized for his skills is pretty nice.

But there's one fatal flaw that's starting to nag at me as I read this: the MC is too perfect.

Nearly every other sentence is about how handsome is or how nice he is or how intelligent he is. At some point, it starts to get excessive. What... more>> minor flaws the author manages to squeeze out are non-issues. They're like the kind of things you say in a job interview when you're asked what you're bad at. Something like, "Oh, I'm too much of a perfectionist~"


At 50-something chapters in the most recent issue the MC has faced is that he completed a dangerous stunt perfectly without notifying the staff thereby worrying them. And then he gets all sad, thinking he doesn't care enough about the people around him and that he'll regress into his cold past-life self.

Yes, that's right. Did I mention the MC has memories of 999 previous lives? And that in every single one he was supposedly a cold, narcissistic bastard? Well, if I forgot about that, don't worry. Because sometimes it seems like the author forgets too. It basically never appears in the plot in any meaningful way except as a clutch for the MC to be good at unfamiliar roles. Or to make the MC seem like he has flaws, like "Oh, I may be perfect now, but I was terrible in the past you won't ever know about!"

His past lives aren't really the issue, though. The MC almost always tries to act on his own skill, feeling deeply ashamed whenever he has to use his former life experiences. The issue is that even when he acts on his own skill, the MC can do everything basically perfectly.


Even the MC's fanbase is unproblematic! He even gets along with his sister (yes, he's praised for this in the novel) !

I guess this "MC is too perfect" thing isn't too big of a deal if you're reading this as just a slice-of-life. But go in with the expectation of substantial character development or drama, and I think you may be disappointed. Still, it is rare for there to be a showbiz novel that is actually career-focused, so I'll give this one a 4-star rating. <<less
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Rakel89 rated it
May 27, 2022
Status: c191
Binge read this for 3 days. The only time I stop reading it is when sleeping/working. The storyline is so engaging. Though it has less conflict & the ML is depicted as a a perfect being, I love the light storyline with quite detail emotional scene. I hope this will be completed. Thank you for the upload. Plus this story remind me of Doh Kyungsoo. But maybe cuz I'm bias huuu
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