I Was Mistaken as a Monstrous Genius Actor


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I, Kang Woojin, was quitting my design work and became a jobless person. The next day, my friend took me to auditions and I was forced to perform.

As i was given a script, the void space appeared in my mind and forced me to relive the character.

I got stabbed. Became a serial killer. Became an Exorcist.

As I become an actor, the misunderstandings keeps growing day by day.

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대뜸 착각당했다 괴물 천재배우로
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New I.D. rated it
May 24, 2024
Status: c220
I like the translation and story enough that I’m actually part of the translator’s Patreon.

This is a relatively easy read, funny because of the misunderstandings, enjoyable because of the OPness, and so far we have yet to see romance in our ML’s horizon (just lots of girls crushing and fanning in secret). A “Mary Sue” but not a “Holy Father” type of every day life story.

This is for you IF: you like easy situations. A hard working ... more>>

Because you need some mental strength if you keep living the actual lives of all those characters

, cute (like in The Player hides his Past we have a huge gap between internal and external personalities), and family/friend loving ML (though I do wish the Author goes more into this).

This is NOT for you IF: you need actual conflict, character growth, face slapping, or walls the ML needs to overcome. Also, the arcs are all very similar. So while we see new people and new places it really is SSDD. <<less
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New 10divad rated it
May 5, 2024
Status: c213
First I would like to give appreciation for the translator in this work. It was easy to read and visualize the story. Gaps in the story were properly filled and left open. There wasn't a time where I questioned or was confused due to poor translations. I felt confident while reading there wasn't any context that I missed unless it was intended.

I would say this novel is above average, not the best just good enough to enjoy reading from time to time.

The Criticisms:

One thing that I think the story did... more>> okay in is the Multiple Viewpoints. In the story different viewpoints gave emphasis on an achievement the MC had. Which isn't a bad thing, it only becomes a problem when the viewpoint pans from person to person all saying basically the same things (which this story did quite a bit). Which is sometimes annoying.

I believe the best way to go about this is to show the viewpoint of a character that actually matters for future story progression (this story did do this at several points). Then show the thoughts of other characters as they meet the main character (again the story does do this at several points). Overall I think the story did 'Okay' in this aspect. Not bad but also not great.

Another minor criticism is the patriotism in the story. In general patriotism in stories isn't a bad aspect, and this is more of a personal critique. Patriotism in stories become somewhat awkward when it vilifies or mocks other nations. It doesn't happen often and only occurs maybe like 2 or 3 times within the story, so this really is a small criticism.


For example, stating that the level of acting in Japan is subpar or lacking. I'm not a huge fan of movies so I don't know anything about the level of acting in Japan. But as of right now this just seems cringe to say.


One major flaw of this novel is the lack of challenge, or at least the challenge felt by the reader. This story presents the MC's challenge as something that could be solved or ignored - Example in the Spoiler.


MC getting tired from the shooting of the Drama or movie, solved by resting in the blackspace. Any potential controversy surrounding the MC just gets solved within the next 2 chapters by the characters around the him.


The MC and reader never feels any sort of actual tension. So there really isn't a build-up for anything. In its most simplified form it's a cycle of acting well, getting good results, getting praised, repeat. With some variation, but none so significant to disturb the cycle.

Overall Notes:

The story does a good job in helping the reader visualize the story, it's easy to imagine what is happening and it doesn't feel off. There aren't any moments where a poor narrative would pull you off from your immersion.

The story feels complete in the sense that there aren't any felt gaps. In the sense that would throw you off wondering what is happening now in the story.

The novel serves well as a 'feel good novel', the MC basically just cruises through story relatively easily, so for readers looking for a relaxing type of story, this isn't a bad choice.

4 stars for this novel feels good to me. <<less
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VwieDog rated it
August 24, 2023
Status: c14
I liked the concept of this novel. It had a lot of potential. But the execution is extremely bad. We basically don't get to see anything, no acting and no experienceing the script. All we see is the MC getting praised for his godly acting and him pretending to be uninterested / rude. That's basically all.

It is like wanting to watch the finals of a sports event. And you are really hyped for it. But all you get to see is the final score, while the people around tell you... more>> how amazing the game was. <<less
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LongXi rated it
August 26, 2023
Status: c46
The misunderstanding side has a very huge loop hole. They can easily investigate the guy if they wanted to, they can even ask his friends, his past employers, his platoon mates since military conscription is mandatory, they can dig around on his school and uni to see if he ever went out of the country and lived there.

The story is enjoyable tho, it just kinda sucks when they introduce another misunderstanding that could easily be resolved and it just become a big hole staring you at the face.
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MrCents_04 rated it
July 26, 2023
Status: --
Hilarious set up. Author knows the cook dishes that readers wanted the dine in.

The MC is relatable, unstoppable and insanely lovable.

The MC is blessed with the blessing of true God.

Luck is at his side.

b*tches are temporary, God is eternal.

The series has a good moral lesson for introverts like me. Love it.

Highly recommended.
19 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MillenniumMoon rated it
September 2, 2023
Status: c82
Rating: 2.5/5

Interesting premise with shoddy execution & excessive reaction scenes to MC's every move.

This novel can be quite funny, you just need to ignore the massive plot holes (his origins which can be easily investigated if the side characters have a real functioning brain).

I really like the filming/acting scenes but good lord it can get real tedious quickly with the excessive simping over MC's 'monstrous' & never been seen before acting skills. It's like those sports animes with the reactions/commentary on the characters' every action in their games. The perspective... more>> is all over the place as the author just shoves every character's reaction/thoughts as much as they can.


MC: *acting*

Director: 'He can do that without being fazed by the crowd? Amazing, this monster (MC) is just amazing!

Actress: 'He improved, he got even better!'

Cameraman: 'His presence is overwhelming, I can't believe he's just a rookie actor!'

Manager: 'He can act like this by only just reading the script for 5 minutes! What a monster!'

And many many more characters and their dogs : 'Blah blah blah, *just doling out praises*

This kind of scenario happens a lot in the novel. There's also no tension and set backs for the MC at all in this novel. The system just gives him everything he needs. Heck, it even improved his singing abilities. The MC even said at one time (when a supposed problem occurs) that everything would always go right in the end.

This novel can be a fun read, if you can handle the excessive simping over the MC and the plot holes. <<less
18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ishtarmy rated it
December 22, 2023
Status: --
It's getting boring & annoying as the story goes. Lots of loopholes. The characters and the publics get awed at every little thing MC did. MC gets lucky every single time with little hard work. It irks me so much. Ah don't get me started with the female characters who simp the MC. At first, I thought this would be like TCF with so many misunderstandings. But it turns out to be another self insert overpowered novel. Let me see myself out. This novel is tr*sh.
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 4, 2023
Status: c30
The story is top-tier. The misunderstandings just happens without the MC not trying to do anything. So far, the are not b*tchy female character. This novel has got to get manhwa/manhua adaption. I wish I found this story when it had 110 chapters, the suspension at the end of every chapters makes you want to point a gun at a translator and say "KEEP GOING, YOU AIN'T DONE". I wish I wrote the review a long time ago but at that time. The suspension was the same but I was... more>> still reading "I FELL INTO THE GAME WITH INSTANT KILL". <<less
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Luxiere rated it
July 15, 2023
Status: c398
This is my first time write Review... !!

I really like this novel~

This is the real full of misunderstanding, I really laugh hard when read it and MC is so powerfull with the system.

... more>>

MC earned English and Japan language, oh! and also sign language too! MC can even earn cooking skill, singing, and martial arts


I really recommend this novel if you like smooth progress for MC and full misunderstanding.


The MC growth so fast, really fast so if you like slow-pace maybe this is too fast. But for me, this is satisfying.

I really like the contradiction of MC and that was funny to see that he has contrast reaction with his outside looks.

So far, this novel is not complicated, so I think you will be disappointed if you want to see how people investigating MC's background, because the plot not focusing how to revealing MC's background, but for the misunderstandings. (Idk if there's will be something more further)

I really enjoy this~ This novel became my daily routine now.

So far there's no romance, even there's some female characters attracted to MC and tried to get close, but no more. MC focus to develop his acting, So it's okay to read it if you guys don't really like the romance things. <<less
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Pixeldrum rated it
January 22, 2024
Status: c96
Compared to other misunderstanding novels, this one falls so flat because of the lack of character development and fun interactions that ensue with a comedic premise.

The first thing I have to talk about Woojin is of course, his power as an actor. It's a cheat. He's a Mary Sue. He has no stumbling blocks. It's very similar to a OP JP isekai where they get the most broken ability with zero drawback, and they needed no effort to achieve their OP abilities. Similarly, Woojin can basically just press a button,... more>> absorb all the talent and requirement he needs, and come back as a strong actor in any field. Really, this applies to anything Woojin does, whether it be singing or even learning other languages.

Then, the only thing that can carry the novel, if not the work that he puts in as an actor -- which is zero -- has to be the misunderstanding comedy and character interaction. Unfortunately, while there is definitely a setup for Woojin since he tries to maintain a stony, serious persona, there isn't any sort of engagement. Woojin barely messes up his act, and the monologue he does is similarly, very repetitive and dry. There are no exciting situations that happen with the misunderstanding, and the people he interact with have similarly dry repetitive misunderstandings regarding Woojin. If the novel went all out with this aspect, it could have carried it.

The problem is also just the lack of relevant characters. While there are a decent number of producers, directors, and fellow actors that he interacts with, there aren't any sort of actual characters that get developed. You find it hard to see any character with any semblance of personality, even with his close colleagues, like his manager Choi or even his potential love interests. There's no focus on these side characters, and that's unfortunate, as that would have been the breakthrough point the novel needed to keep readers engaged. There are rarely any POV shifts, and there's a lack of exploration to each actor's struggles in terms of learning the role, how they interact outside of acting, and basically, they just don't feel like real characters.

Then there's the actual acting projects. I love showbiz shows, and one of the reasons for that is the engagement between the actors in the story with the actual projects. There's logistics, storyboarding, directing, politics, funding, goals, relationships, and so much more to be explored in a high-profile show to be released. Unfortunately, this is also unexplored. While there are some parts to Woojin acting out his character and some background, rarely will there be a deeper dive into the actual story, which would have made readers more immersed in the description of acting out a character. There isn't any sort of roadblocks that Woojin goes through obviously, and there's also no semblance of other actors actually struggling with their roles and how they deal with it. There's no mention of the actors outside of the scenes, how they deal with roadblocks, etc. Overall, you can tell that the story pays no real attention to the acting projects themselves. Which would have been fine of the other aspects, like the comedic misunderstandings were more fleshed out, but alas, they aren't.

Finally, I have to talk about Woojin himself. He really reminds me of those psychopath Xianxia MCs. He hates being disrespected, but he disrespects people constantly with his standoffish persona he tries to portray and doesn't mind it one bit. He largely goes off of first-impressions but no no no, he will feel bad if others do the same thing to him with this cold and arrogant persona. While he doesn't pick fights, he definitely doesn't do anyone favors. He takes advantage of other people, but rarely does he ever think of helping other people out. I had to drop the novel when he, with his OP powers, is able to pinpoint a fellow actor lowering the value of his acting project and basically outcasts them from the show. How is that any different than a typical arrogant young master MC trying to get rid of a poor cultivator for dressing shabbily or something? Rather than trying to help the other actor out, he intentionally uses his connections with the producer to get rid of the casting role.

Relating to the last point, and VERY minor spoiler, somehow I'm supposed to side with paparazzi bombarding celebrities with scandals and never leaving them alone? It starts off with s*xual scandals-- of course this is very justifiable reporting and I didn't feel much at all. The person in question was clearly villainized. Then comes the very mundane scandals, and somehow I'm supposed to side with the paparazzi? What the hell? It's amazing how the novel twists the narrative. Each celebrity has to be perfect I guess. As if Woojin is a Gary Stu who has no flaws so no scandal will ever emerge from him. Oh wait, he doesn't! <<less
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AixEr rated it
August 20, 2023
Status: c41
Let me tell you, I CANT GET ENOUGH!!! Even though it updates everyday it's still not enough! Every chapter is filled with excitement that left you feeling empty because after you finished reading the chapter you will be met with cliffhangers 😭

And the expectation of MC's fruits of effort showing and the other character's reaction after makes it even more unbearable.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Derpffff rated it
December 16, 2023
Status: c51
TLDR: The story is a good time-killer or if you just want an MC that gets badass moments that people wouldn’t dare dream of. // However, there is no character development nor depth in any of the characters. They are all puppets to compare to MC to make him stand out, I have yet to see consequences for the MC (doubt from others that lead to intense drama, friend-breakups, psychological damage etc). The writer’s hand is very obvious in this one (how everyone coincidentally views MC in a positive light (other than the cannon foddlers)

I wanted to see guilt or shame or anything from MC. Since he (supposedly) knows how gruelling the art industry is, I was expecting him to either be extremely guilty or greedy. Like a goose that lays golden eggs, one would either hide it like a family heirloom or guilt over it on how they trample on their competitors’ hard work. Yet, the focus is only on the misunderstandings. A compliant is that they are overwhelmingly positive. There were also two missed opportunities that could’ve been the consequence. One was

his long time actor friend found out that he acted very good, imagine if your best friend was secretly something you strived to be yet they not only hide it but also didn’t help you strive for it. Regardless of MC circumstances, if I was that friend, I would’ve at least had a sliver of hate or jealousy.

8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ravenpeko rated it
August 19, 2023
Status: c40
I want to thank the other reviewers that made me want read this without much hesitation because this was a breathe of fresh air for me, since all i've been reading recently is romance mtls and manwhas.

Reading up to chapter 40, there's still a lot of information that kept from us, for example how he got the void space and who made the void space, and what is the void space. It's a modern day fantasy, where only our MC has a system and abilities, no one else (for now),... more>> which is pretty rare today. The author can do a lot of things with this. But the raws are in the 200's already, so I think It should be done within 100 to 150 chaps, or else it might get a bit stale. We'll probably be fine since the story is very immersing and makes you finish it in one sitting. So honestly you should just wait for more chapters because the translators is going crazy, releasing like 5 or 6 chapters per week. Though the tl isn't the best, i'll say it's really good for how fast they're pumping these chaps out and they even edit it themselves.

Even if about acting, it doesn't get boring at all (I'm not saying acting is boring, it's just not for me), there's always something happening. I thought it was gonna be a bit like Genius of a Performing Arts High, but nah they're not even close at all. TBH I like this one more, probably because I'm growing a bit tired of harems. The best thing about this novel is that the misunderstanding is actually very enjoyable and this is coming from someone who doesn't like the misunderstanding trope that much. I usually don't like the trope because they never end the misunderstanding early and it always just makes everything go to sh*t especially in romance with a second ml, holy f*ck those f*cking situations are annoying. And the misunderstanding isn't like kage no jitsuryokusha, where the MC is completely oblivious. The MC in this actually knows that they are being misunderstood and he can't do anything bout because he has to keep up appearances as he is playing a persona. But it isn't even irritating and is funny and fun to read instead. One nitpick is the fact that he can keep up a poker face almost no matter what, it might be due to the void space but I don't ever remember the void space being able to do that, it's just a small nitpick so it doesn't matter/

Lastly, this is my first 5 star review, ofc it isn't the best or even near perfect, but I think it deserves a 5 star in my book, because I had so much fun reading it with my brain turned-off without caring bout' the plot holes. <<less
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alaskame rated it
March 3, 2024
Status: c152
There's no lv up or practicing Arc.
This novel just slap "OP" to the MC.

Am I here to complain? No The writer only provide us the fun part in the novel and it really suitable for me who try to avoid gloomy stuff right now.

Besides, all the project that the MC act in are quite interesting I take this as a bonus.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yuriann rated it
October 16, 2023
Status: c440
Man, this is so addicting. I just read it in one go, it was soo fun

Everything about this is interesting. The MC, the side characters, the storyline and of course the misunderstanding.

One of the best I've read. Hope to get more chapter translated and will definitely support the author.

Super recommend
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Stribular rated it
September 23, 2023
Status: c310
TLDR edit: Story's plot is very very simple power fantasy of a sort that you can guess like 90-95% of how the story progresses after just reading the 1st arc. But its executed pretty well in my opinion so if you wanna just read a nice and simple power fantasy this will be right up your alley

Read up to Ch61 that was translated properly (btw, translation quality was satisfactory and didn't disappoint in any way), and then just had to MTL afterwards because I was too impatient. To be... more>> completely honest, the story is very f*cking formulaic and just from the first arc you can see how the rest of the novel reads. To the point its almost like those 3 chinese webnovels that are essentially copies of one another that essentially just amount to the protag becoming famous in a specific industry for an arc and then getting fired to which he has to find work in another industry for another arc and so on. Do not fear though, thats basically the only similarity this novel has to those.

So, sure, its formulaic, but the formula is quite addicting if you liked it at the start and so an analogy would be that the story is like a bag of some snack. Its not revolutionary at all, its not gonna go some place you never expect it to go, and in that sense that makes the story more of one of those comfort "guilty" food-like novels where you just continue reading it specifically because you like the formula even if the overall level of creativity is basically sub-par. But one big thing that sets it apart (besides the plot obviously being different) is that the author seems to know when the formula gets too stale and throws in a development to add a bit more spice and refresh the reading fatigue timer. Whether it be the reveal of a function in the system,


okay this function of the system was of course revealed much earlier but still he decides to pick a chef role later on even if the script isn't graded too well specifically because the system will give him the skills to be a chef


a development in how the myths surrounding MC (which keep growing) affects those he works with or worked with in the past,


MC is shown two scripts at one point but since he declines them the guy who offered them decides that if MC isn't interested and just says they're fine, then they probably won't do great as MC has built a bit of a reputation of knowing exactly which scripts will go big by this point


or even a neat dynamic that you either haven't seen before or rarely ever see,


MC learned early on how the actress he was working with on the romance mini-series was actually a fan of him and that she was essentially as excited to work with him as he was to work with Hong Hye-yeon, so he found it funny that she was pulling the same act he had pulled which was to act aloof and cold all the whilst the people around them thought neither liked the other.


or some other detail/plotpoint that just makes it harder to put the story down.

Now if you wanted some heart-bursting excitement, explosive action, tear filled tragedy, or anything you might expect from much more competent writers then this is not at all the thing for you. This is just something to pass the time without completely melting your brain. You'll still need to melt your brain a bit though, but if you're on this site and haven't melted your brain then you have not been on it long enough at all. Or you just haven't been desperate enough. <<less
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theproblemisme rated it
July 30, 2023
Status: C23
I was searching for some stories to read then I stumbled upon this gem! At first I thought it was another 'cliché' story about actors again but no! It was worth to read! I love the MC's personality lmao. All the misunderstanding was so funny. The system thingy was mysterious and kinda easy to understand. Well, about the plot? All I can say is 'PERFECTION' literally lol. Thank you so much to the translator/s of this story for the smooth and easy to read translation! For everyone who's searching for... more>> worth the read story, you can read this! You won't regret it. Also I'm not that type of person who will write some reviews on some stories I read.. But because this was so fun and exciting story I will wrote a review! Haha lol I'm waiting for more new chapters ㅠㅠ <<less
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dmnsngie rated it
April 9, 2024
Status: c319
Dropped at c319. Not because it's bad.


I spoiled myself by accidentally looking at later chapters and saw that there's romance. I'm not saying it's bad or out of place, but I'm only interested with his op acting life lol.


Since I'm kinda satisfied with the current progress of the story, dropping it midway doesn't change my rating.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
AngelsReadStuff rated it
February 5, 2024
Status: c134
Several of these reviews don't really get that this story is for the Main Protagonist adventure (if you can call it as that) and experience as an misunderstood, yet hilariously being dubbed as someone who is monstrous in acting and other skills he can get from the Void Space, it really hilarious for me to read all of these and thought to myself, wow, what would be next in the chapters that will be released by Translator-nim (My Rating is 4.5/5, the only complaint I have is the slow updates,... more>> but rather than that, everything is ner perfect for me) <<less
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Drunk Moon Resident Scholar
Drunk Moon Resident Scholar rated it
December 7, 2023
Status: c136
Readable but a waste of a concept.

When I read the summary I assumed that the novel would be about the main character struggling through various scenarios with the end result being incredible acting after his experiences (or even terrible acting if he hadn't done well in more difficult scenarios).

What the novel is actually about is a main character who faces no adversity whatsoever. One who easily experiences any simulation, of any experience, with no negative side effects. The novel follows the main character as he acts and everyone else in... more>> the novel goes "wow" (x 100). Because there is no actual improvement in his abilities there is no real feeling of growth or challenge and all of the acting parts end up feeling the same.

The author could have just given him perfect acting ability and it would have had a similar result.

tldr; It's ultimately more of a slice of life drama with a "Mary Sue" main character than anything else. <<less
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CappuccettoRosso rated it
November 25, 2023
Status: c100
This is a great novel so far. The misunderstanding upon misunderstanding makes this more of a comedy than anything else.

The MC is a poor smuck that made one unfortunately decision and now he's stuck having to leave up to it. The system isn't very front and center. When reading the novel, I kept forgetting it was there because most of the time, since most of the time, you're seeing everyone else's reaction to the MC.

Like there is a part where the MC learns English via the system. There was a foreigner working on set who didn't know Korean, MC was utterly thrilled to have a chance to speak English. MC didn't think much of it, but everyone else started assuming that he lived in the US just because he didn't have an accent. The assumption became fact for everyone else except the MC after a couple of chapters and the alleged "truth" including MC having worked in Hollywood.


When anyone brings up these assumptions, the MC is so confused. It's hilarious. Of course, the MC doesn't correct them since he's trying to live up to a persona he accidentally made of himself and that only makes these situations more funny. Since people he knows are starting to get involved into his acting career, it's becoming harder for the MC to keep acting so aloof. I'm just waiting for when his mask finally cracks. I think it's gonna be funny.

So good read and worth it. The translator does a marvelous job and makes it easy to become emerged into the story.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Juslin rated it
April 2, 2024
Status: c130
While the novel has an intriguing premise and potential, it falls short of expectations due to several critical flaws that hinder its overall impact.

Firstly, the author's lack of attention to detailing the protagonist's use of their "cheat" ability is a significant missed opportunity. The reader is rarely privy to the intricate workings or mechanics behind the protagonist's talent, making it challenging to develop a genuine connection or understanding of their works. Furthermore, the plots of the various works the protagonist partakes in are often left unexplored, further preventing the reader... more>> from developing an attachment to these projects. Instead, the narrative primarily focuses on the reactions of bystanders, marveling at the protagonist's realistic performances, leaving the reader feeling detached from the core experiences.

Additionally, the protagonist's excessive reliance on their "cheat" ability undermines the narrative's sense of challenge and accomplishment. The story could have been far more compelling if the protagonist had to genuinely strive and put forth effort into their work, rather than having success handed to them effortlessly on a proverbial silver platter. Knowing that the protagonist's achievements are not truly earned or deserved makes it difficult for the reader to feel genuinely excited or invested in their performances. This issue is further exacerbated by the absence of any significant obstacles or adversities for the protagonist to overcome, rendering their journey a smooth and predictable affair devoid of tension or dramatic conflict. The bare minimum should have been to show the process of how the protagonist mastered the various works he took part in through his cheat, instead of just handwaving an explanation.

Moreover, the novel suffers from an overabundance of filler content, often consisting of repetitive scenes depicting individuals praising the protagonist's skill. While these scenes are expected and even desired in the wish-fulfillment genre, this novel constantly harps on the same few achievements, unlike other wish-fufilment novels.

Despite that, I still don't think this is a bad read. The novel just didn't live up to its rating and premise. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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