I Leveled up from Being a Parasite, But I May Have Grown Too Much


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Caught up in a ritual performed by a deity of another world, Eiji Choukai was then transported to another realm. The otherworldly deity responsible of the ritual looked at Eiji’s potential incarnations and quickly pulled out Classes like those from, “I Reincarnated Into a Vending Machine.” 

But it seems the Classes available for the average person was not available to him. Only the “Parasite” Class was shown.

Without choice, Eiji grudgingly choose the Parasite Class. 

His reincarnation into this new world seemed somewhat despondent, but after using his newfound powers, he suddenly realizes its true potential. It seems he’s able to amplify himself countless times by obtaining the powers of others. This luck of his was too good to be true. Seems his level might rise a little bit too much.

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Kiseishite Level Agetanda ga, Sodachisugita kamoshirenai
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agreg rated it
August 11, 2016
Status: c10
The synopsis is kinda misleading, so I'll try to give my own description.

MC is an adult NEET (think Mushoku Tensei original MC in his 20s), living off his family's money; even he sees himself as a parasite of a man. Just as he was contemplating this, he finds himself in a place he'd never seen before; a person (who claimed to be a goddess) explained that he's in another world and she can't get him back. As a way to make it up to him, she offers to give him... more>> an easy life by "pulling out" his hidden talents (think "classes" in RPGs). Of course, not ALL of them (the usual number is around 30), but three classes of his choice would be plenty (multiclassing in this world is quite rewarding for adventurers).

To their (unpleasant) surprise, the list of choices available to him contained only one item. And even the goddess herself had no idea what kind of class this "Parasite" thing could be... But what kind of a man would give up with just that, right?

As you might guess from the name, his class allows to get experience (hard-earned by other adventurers) while doing nothing himself ("[...] fruits of my effort of staying for many days in the inn [...]") ; moreover, leveling in this class increases both gain rate and number of "hosts" he can use at the same time. Most importantly, he early on obtains an ability to level in classes of his "hosts" (don't ask how it works). By the beginning of chapter 8 he has 5 "acquired" classes with total level 22 (his original class is at level 17)... And that's when the actual plot kicks off. (Chapter 7 ends with the following line: "It’s likely this was the time when everything started.")

Judging by the name of the novel, this "actual plot" is probably about him wanting to keep lazing about but being forced into heroics because of being the most capable adventurer around.

The story so far is not bad... I can't say for sure, as there are only 10 chapters translated (and they are not that long), but it quite possibly might end up being a fun read. For now, I'll give it a 4 (4.2, 4.4 maybe?).

... Also, the frequency of translation releases has been rather nice so far. It probably won't hold for long, but translator promised there'll be at least 3 chapters per week (4 if he has free time, or even more for donations), which is not that different from the author's frequency. <<less
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scribbledoutname rated it
September 30, 2016
Status: --
3 stars. I would've given this 5 stars if it developed a real plot after the intro chapters.

The premise is great but with like most JP reincarnation series the story is slowly losing momentum because the author clearly hasn't planned where to take it. The MC's just roaming around doing whatever. I may be overreacting due to my dislike of the JP faux slice-of-life trend, but I can safely say that this series -- despite having an awesome idea and good beginning -- is tripping a lot of red flags.

-... more>> No clear long-term goal for the MC
- No real antagonistic force to add tension to the story
- No real character depth or mystery, etc.
- Very vague world (though let me be fair and say it's not a boring world)

There are a few more but yeah. I'd say it's worth reading but brace yourself. Unless the author introduces a lot of new characters and creates some kind of conflict/objective this series is just going to turn into your typical boring faux adventure/slice-of-life story (which fails at being either because the characters aren't deep enough and the plot has zero narrative tension). <<less
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OfficePony rated it
August 16, 2016
Status: c26
Grammar: 2/5 (formerly 2.3/5)
Story: 3/5
Writing: 2.5/5 (formerly 3.2/5)

(Update as of Chapter 26: The author gave us one chapter of "Excitement" then returned to his usual tr*sh filler. The grammar is holding its position at barely tolerable. The writing... ugh. Still, that one chapter gave me a little hope, I'll keep reading. Maybe, just maybe, the writer will pick the story up in the future. B-T-Dubs, Conversations are so basic that it's almost impossible to tell anyone apart just from dialogue, if there were no indicators... more>> you wouldn't be able to tell anyone apart. Every character pretty much speaks exactly the same with no variation except for the curio collector.)

(Update as of Chapter 21: Just about to give up on this series, I'll try out one more chapter, but thus far it's been nothing but disappointment and very short and meaningless chapters. I didn't think the translation quality would differ much, but it's slowly getting worse. Aside from that, you can feel a lack of effort from the author, skipping details by using etcetera to replace descriptions. Honestly, this series had me hoping for something at least slightly better than what is being dished out.)

Honestly, the grammar is just barely passable for my personal tastes, the story is sub-par thus far, but I'm hopeful that they can do something with this. They have an OP-Protagonist with a limiter of knowledge/power vs experience. It's set in a fairly solid first person view point, and though I dislike first person novels, at least it doesn't jump between first and third person perspective as you could find in many other novels.

I'm finding the short chapters and intermittent awkward wording or phrasing to be a slight, but tolerable blemish since it is the work of a translation group (can't judge too harshly since translations can never be 100% correct, and amateur translation groups are doing this for shits-and-giggles).

All in all, I want to know where this story goes, if it can go anywhere. I want to know if the author is going to bother with any character development, or is he just going to write a tr*shy novel about a guy who always gets what he wants as some kind of compensation for real life inadequacies. I'm hopeful, but also fairly pessimistic about this series... <<less
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pukeofhurl rated it
June 4, 2018
Status: c81
Ok I tried I really did I got to chapter 81 when I started reading tonight I was at chapter 67 and after reading 67-81 I realized... if you switched the MC for random villager B not a single thing in the story would have changed...

The MC is so lacking in personality goals or really anything that I find almost everyone more interesting than the MC who truly has one of the coolest powers since it gives a good back story for his "skill steal" in a world that even... more>> has a decent system and skills. its frustrating... the MC is a complete retard... I hate to use that word... but he is... like basically every problem in the novel that he avoided he already has the power to solve... see through the vision of the people hes parasyting but oh noo invasion of privacy even though it woulda solved dozens of problems... spawning gold but oh noo I dont want to ruin the economy... people are injured calls for help cuz oops forgot im a priest and can use holy magic... the list goes on and on id say them.. but this would never end all in all

While I would love to give this a 5/5 since the concept is great the world is decent and the system is well developed theres no point if the MC is driving everything into the ground soo 1/5 <<less
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sleed rated it
June 12, 2017
Status: c54
Another Japanese Novel About finding and getting automatic security

No real enemy's here, no real conflict neither. MC thinks : how would I questions the predefined path presented by our hopeless authorities?!- they only need a lil bit of my underserved good luck to really get things going.

Among cartoony enemy's, narrating how he diligently raises a duty full and compliant life and some emulation of adventures MC shows us how to be a good medieval citizen. That's this novel. Except that without its powers all would be meaning less.

MC. Follows the... more>> orders of the meak initially by rational deduction but latter by default, and his powers only serve him to allow for completing the impossible and contradictory path that he is accustomed to follow, his philosophical premises are the same he carried from his last life opportunity. Resembling a 200 kilos obese man telling himself "if only I would be more skinny I wouldn't be fat".

This novel is just general lazssynes and some kind of passive surrender of his goals as his ambition gets disolved by solving a the problems of the daily life of medieval folks.

No philosophical values at stake here (what ambitious bastard would dare to take a risk in this so complicated medieval world), no danger. Just the reassurance that a good guy is doing what's best for the public interest, always measuring and checking on the back of his mind that he doesn't step by any shape or form on other people's toes.
This is not about adventure or pursuing some kind of ambition

The values he seeks is conformity to this medieval environment were his adversaries are safe to be labeled primitive and s*upid

And whenever​ a something resembling a challenge appears it feels it's just for taking some kind of struggle, for the same dimensions as one might find that it was an error drinking soda and milk after a meal.

If there was something exciting it was just before MC obtained his automatic guarante of safety, and actually tried to get some kind of traction.

Lately the novel puts bigger emphasis on the daily life of a medieval folk were using magic and having tremendous powers is rationalized not to be used to seek some kind of truth or adventure.

From where he got to level 33 onwards it was automatically assumed that he would be just a nice guy and only problems would come to a good folk (this is the way plot progresses ; by bland accident).

The plot happens to him, he doesn't seeks to move. That's it's the focus; ordinary life, the obtention of automatic safety and a silent celebration, a byproduct of lack of heroic character.

If he didn't have the powers he had he would be in the same miserable position as he was in his last life or the other world.

His powers are just there to reassure him ; don't to anything, keep being a lazy shmug and you could be rewarded by the incompetent gods who are going to give you power to be the strongest in the planet so you can live your tiny life big time. <<less
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Degidegi rated it
February 26, 2018
Status: c64
Well, the story is generic but still enjoyable due to the humor and sympathetic characters (except for the MC)


  • a lot of comedy (I haven’t noticed many repeated tropes so far)
  • supporting cast is quite lovable
  • the plot looks very promising
  • despite MC’s cheat there are some situations with tension

  • the MC is a lazy NEET and doesn’t change even after coming to a world of sword and magic
  • the MC is borderline retarded (no knowledge, no interest in acquiring knowledge, oblivious towards other people feelings, wants to hide his cheat by using his abilities in frond of every person he knows by name.
  • the author neglects many details, like appearance and names of side characters, or what happened while MC went from point A to point B, what the MC is doing with the monster corpses etc. (He often mentions that the MC has done something a few days ago, when it’s convenient for the current situation)
  • it’s never explained why no one notices anything strange about the obviously strange things that the MC is doing
  • the MC is a complete retard
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SeventhTale rated it
June 14, 2017
Status: c29
Like what other reviews said, this one is pretty generic. There's a plot but it's a bit boring, there's no events that will gave you impression (except from the goddess, for me). The characters are somehow 2d, they don't have depth and it's just like they are made with a specific role and personality just to make the MC's story interesting. I also hate the MC. He's lazy and only gets fired up when he can do something easy, like when he killed the monster easily or like when he... more>> discovered his skills. It is not really recommended to read as possible.

Rating 2.5/5 <<less
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GregLuck rated it
January 12, 2017
Status: c41
The premises is promising but it fails to deliver a good flow of story, it feels like a forced my-pace-story. Although leveling is good, the chapters getting boring each time to level up

But it is a good read for casual read
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L0ngDong rated it
August 10, 2016
Status: v1c9
This has great potential and is funny because the MC is doing exactly what I would in his situation. Keep up the awesomeness!
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2Girls1Cupcake rated it
November 10, 2018
Status: c92
Let's be honest here, this novel is tr*sh, it's easily one of the worst on this site.

The plot is ridiculous, it is neither a weak to strong nor an OP from the start novel, it's somewhere in between which just makes it awkward, the litRPG elements are too restrictive to everyone in the world besides the MC, which it seems the author figured out later on, by suddenly saying that magic can be learned by anyone no matter their class, despite there being a mage class. This comes together with... more>> an academy "arc" that feels completely forced and unnecessary, especially considering there's only like 3 magic spells in this world, there doesn't seem to be any kind of ranking or order at all, there's no foundation for it at all given that they all come from class level ups, making the author come up with some bs explanation that again seems unbelievably forced.

The world building is just as ridiculous as the plot, there are about 5 different kinds of monsters in the world and they are very weak, the MC can pretty much kill them all after a couple of weeks of practice, yea.. This comes with a 16 times increase in exp compared to everyone else, but that's still just 32 weeks or 8 months, yet everyone is weak, of course everyone is at the same level and it seems that all of them are teens, there are no old strong veterans for some inconceivable reason.

There's only supposed to be monsters in the dungeons, because from the background the humans lived in caves and deep in the forest to hide from these monsters until God came along and took away their demon element which meant they had to live in dungeons, but we still see them above ground for some reason. Yet, the magic that humans cast and their skills / levels come from this demon element as well, yet they were for some reason unable to get a foothold earlier on. This and what I mentioned earlier is explained by there, for some unknown reason, being a sudden gap in strength between monsters of different tiers, meaning humans can't kill them and since it's a dungeon they can't use wave tactics, so they level slowly with weaker enemies, this all makes sense in a dungeon where they are on different floor if you bend logic a bit, but why would it have been the same when they were all living above ground where the elements can clearly travel or where there should be some kind of osmosis.

The world doesn't feel alive at all, it's as hollow as everything else in this novel.

The side characters are a mixed bag of goods, there are ones like the inn owner's daughter and veil the energetic adventurer that are very good in theory, but we never delve any deeper, making them seem like nothing more than NPCs there to move the MC and the plot forward at different times, then we have some like Risa Haruna, that is called by her full name the entire time for some reason that's beyond me, and Phillip the magic tools craftsman, they are both eccentric personalities yet they are never taken far enough making them uninteresting despite their potential.

The MC himself is a mountain of s*upid ideology, always the peace loving and to be honest, boring guy, his NEET personality is again not taken far enough, and in the end he ends up being just as one dimensional as everyone else.

Lastly the dialogue, it's horrendous, it's forced and unnatural and together with the sub-par translation it's even worse. <<less
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icarusburnt rated it
August 10, 2016
Status: c9
Still the beginning, but definitely something interesting, a bit of a different story from the norm. While it's a standard reincarnation trope, the way he gets his cheat is unique.


the MC has the ability to leech xp among other things from gullible adventurers, while lazing about in the mean time


Waiting for more chapters to give better verdict
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SageRozenburg rated it
August 9, 2016
Status: c7
Good premise and We have a lazy MC, the world he transfer to is very peaceful, no s*aves, no nobles, and no conflicts yet.
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psidra rated it
April 5, 2019
Status: c13
Story is decent. If you like absurd strength gain for OP MC you will like this... until chapter 14. Reason below.

Rating is because novel is basically impossible to read from c14 all the way to c60, because Novels&Chill website keeps redirecting to ads/malware websites and you actually literally can't read the novel at all.

I don't know how the other reviewers don't seem to point out this problem, it could be a new problem, but I have tried on my phone and my desktop, multiple browsers, adblock and without, and it... more>> all has the same problem.

Cancer. <<less
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Justpointing rated it
October 5, 2018
Status: c72
A typical Japanese novel full of repeated tropes and is just an author's delusional fap service. Our most common trope of a loser NEET going to another world is the predominant one here, but there's no truck-kun to send him on his way.

The translation quality is semi decent, but names are inconsistent and some parts are in dire need of another/better editor. At least it is readable and won't be giving you any headaches.

The reason why this story is bad is both the plot and the characters. The MC has... more>> the skill "parasite" which despite being unrealistic even in a fantasy world, is at least fresh idea on a skill and enjoyable. For this, I will give an extra star. Despite this being the perfect skill for someone talented at being a NEET, he is surprisingly not that in this novel and is quite active.

The side characters are practically 2D tropes who simply fall in love with the MC almost the instant they meet in, some even have an affection as if they have already loved him for a long time and have been waiting to meet him, despite the fact they are just now having first encounters. The villains are also very generic with no intelligence for themselves. Here is a list of the characters. The guild receptionist falling in love straight away trope. The random female adventurer falling in love straight away trope. The noble's daughter playing adventurer... falling in love straight away trope. The Villain A and his unreasonable 'Noble Supremacy, all others are tr*sh' trope. Common Character A suddenly have mysterious an impressive background/past history trope.

The MC is also the "cringeworthily dense" type towards romance. These girls show obvious high levels of affection that are just one step away from them shouting "Take me!" yet he is completely oblivious. A NEET with no romantic experience may be somewhat naive/shy, but these girls showing their interest are about as subtle as a brick to the face.

The Goddess who gets summoned down to the world is also a "dumb type", very similar to Aqua from Konosuba and her intelligence retardation.

The plot is not fleshed out at all and can be considered something written by a grade schooler at best. There are countless cringy moments and even when the author tries to be a bit more serious with a "Mysterious organisation in the shadows" it just comes across as a cringefest.

If you've read everything else and looking for something to kill time, this novel may be for you. If you're looking for something good to read, treat this novel like Herpes. <<less
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captain crunch
captain crunch rated it
July 24, 2017
Status: c61
Rating: 3.5 stars Translation: 3.5

(My reviews may sound negative, but my format often lists reasons why I didn't give 5 stars.)

[[5 star = almost all readers may enjoy. 4 star = large majority of readers may enjoy. 3 star = 50/50 of readers may enjoy. 2 star = a niche audience may enjoy. 1 star = maybe portion of niche audience may enjoy.]]

[[5/5 = Infrequent minor errors. 4/5 = Frequent minor errors or infrequent major errors, no difficulty to read. 3/5 = Frequent major errors, some difficulty to... more>> read. 2/5 = Difficult to read. 1/5 = Unreadable.]]

NEET in his early 20's gets sent to a medieval fantasy RPG world by that world's goddess (reason a little unclear). Transferred people usually get to pick an attribute class (mage, fighter, etc), but the only class MC can pick is "Parasite." It turns out to be a cheat ability that allows him to level up and get money without leaving his room. Story is still a bit early, but MC mostly levels up in a lazy way as a lazy adventurer, but slowly becomes more involved with other characters and events around him.

Features: Lazy MC, cheat ability, fast leveling, fantasy RPG world, RPG combat/magic/job system, RPG monsters, goddess, adventurers, dungeons, individual and small party combat. SO FAR no demihumans, barely a hint of romance/harem, no world/nation building, no technology gap, no political or factional conflicts.

I've read too many LN/WN of this genre. They are all fairly similar to me, now. This story is pretty much standard, except the cheat ability is a little different than others that I've read. If you are a fan of this genre and these features, you will probably like this story. If you're not a strong fan, then it'll probably be 50/50 whether you like it.

Specific positives: MC does progress a little from being a NEET. Slowly does more difficult adventuring requests, meets more people, plays bigger roles. Story itself isn't bad.

Negatives: Story maybe too slow for some readers. MC has no big goals or challenges, just being a lazy adventurer. Some readers hate cheat abilities. The scope of the story's setting is pretty small, so far just 1 dungeon and 2 towns.

I feel like this story is still in the beginning phase, so maybe more stuff will continue to develop. However, if nothing really starts happening soon, some readers may get bored. Translation is OK, but sometimes feels like chapters are unedited. No loss of meaning, but some chapters can be difficult to read. <<less
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Fuxy rated it
December 6, 2016
Status: c41
Slightly slow paced bit nevertheless an interesting take on the being transported to new world genre.

The fact that the MC is only interested in fulfilling his selfish needs without a clear goal is quite a realistic take to it. I also found the friendy enviorment and townspeole as quite a refreshing take on it too however a few negative characters would have helped with the realism a little bit.
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coldpyr0 rated it
September 10, 2019
Status: c38
Pretty bland plot, for the first several chapters, up till 38 at least, our MC has no ambitions. Even a NEET has something they want to do, our MC in this story hasn't aspired to becoming super famous, super wealthy, super strong, or even just aspired to living a normal life in a house somewhere.

The most aspiration he's had so far is to try and help others level up so they will offer him a high tier magic stone for him to use, woot woot, all aboard the goals train.

He makes no plans and the author obviously is just writing down what comes to mind for the chapter and has no end goal in mind, since each chapter is clearly written from the stand point that the MC didn't plan their days out in advance. The lack of anything interesting outside of the "MC has a cheat skill that hasn't been used in other novels" and the fact that either the author or the translator can't even remember to put skills in the skill list our MC previously had made me stop this series. If the author/translator can't put in the effort to remember their own story and settings why should I keep reading this hot mess of 'and then' writing.
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aetonazniel rated it
April 10, 2019
Status: c106
The setting seemed interesting to me considering its a skill for lazy people but have potential. Unfortunately writing wasnt satisfactory. No main plot would have been okay but the story at least needed something to focus on each arc. Translation seems bad. Most times it made me re-read stuff to understand. The summon of the MC was extremely pointless and unnecessary that it could have been at least a cool creature.. Instead it had to be a damn pig.
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Lexyth rated it
July 8, 2018
Status: c60
Pretty good concept. Theres not really something like a goal, but it't fun to see the MC progress with his Parasitic skills. Though there are some downsides... not too heavy, but after ch30 he doesn't make too much progress with his skill (at least till ch41). But the main problem is the translation, especially after 41... it's terrible... really... So in conclusion : 4 for the Novel; 2.5 for the translation, just because the first 41 chapters were at least understandable, else i'd give 1.5 at most... Oh well... let's... more>> see if something changes later on, then I might change the rating. Though I doubt the translation is gonna get any better...

Edit: Yeah... translation is still the same, though a bit better... maybe... <<less
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AnonyMouse0007 rated it
September 22, 2016
Status: c31
Plot is decent. The MC is not a slime or virus etc. He is a shut in, because his parents let him get away with it.

He died and of course reincarnated. The goddess gave him a unique job because of his shut in status. Then we get to watch what he does with it. Btw, he is starting to work and get involved, so its not one of those sleep all the time stories.

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