Riot Grasper


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Agatsuma Seiji accidentally dies in his current world. Due to a certain reason, he chooses a world other than Earth as the destination for his reincarnation. Incidentally, he receives a special skill upon his reincarnation, 『Thief’s Godly Skill (Riot Grasper)』, the attraction of which is the ability to steal skills from others.

How will a boy, who longs for nothing but ‘cool’, live his life in this otherworld with the Thief’s Godly Skill!?

「Well……aren’t ordinary people boring?
No! I firmly refuse!
For me! For my sake——
I can’t run away from this place!!」

Will Seiji make full use of his skill and plunder others, or will he play by the rules——!?

Associated Names
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Raiotto Gurasupaa ~Isekai de Sukiru Tottemasu~
Riot Grasper ~Stealing Skills in the Otherworld~
ライオットグラスパー ~異世界でスキル盗ってます~
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icarusburnt rated it
June 15, 2016
Status: v2c12 part2
Pretty interesting... another protagonist with skill taker type skill set, but the author uses it in a more subdued manner unlike re:monster and the like.

Pacing is really well, so far it has been like a slice of life type of story, but the plot seems to have finally started developing.

Looking forward to it.
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keklel rated it
July 21, 2016
Status: v2c17
Power progression is very slow. Skills are rather weak compared to other settings. MC's power is not that OP (only 10% success rate to begin with and if you fail to steal a skill from someone you can't steal it again). Actually none of the skills are really OP if you think about it. Compared to other settings this is really vanilla - there's only elemental magic - fire, water, earth etc which are used in the most basic ways (fireball, earth wall etc). The most "powerful" magic is Origin... more>> which is just all 6 elements fused together which doesn't seem to be special in any way. There's nothing OP like spacetime magic, telekinesis or anything like that. The only skills in the game are martial arts or magic, and non-combat stuff like gardening or cooking. In other words the setting is very boring.

Also you can only ever have 10 skills maximum and they only go up to level 5 maximum (though the highest seen so far is level 4). Basically having skills vs not having skills doesn't make that much of a difference. One man with the best skills in the setting can't beat 3 average guys.

Most of the story is about other people's history and circumstances, like that girl whose mom died due to demons or something. Most of the story is like that.

There's 2 chapters of nothing but 2 side characters talking about their past in a bar... totally irrelevant to the story. Most of the novel is either "MC has gained 20 XP points today" or irrelevant slice of life side-quests about people we don't even know. e.g some girl we barely met for 1 chapter gets kidnapped and now the MC has to go save her... why?

All in all too much of the story is unexplained, the setting isn't very interesting, there's so many irrelevant side quests and slice-of-life scenes that the story doesn't really move forward and MC and other characters act like shounen characters. Not very interesting. <<less
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SetsunaF rated it
January 9, 2017
Status: v2c23
First of all, there is a limit to the number of skills, I think 10 is the maximum. Also, the maximum level for each skill is lvl 5. So if you are looking for an op MC, do not expect too much opness here. Because as what I said above, there is already a limit, 10 skills and up to lvl 5.

The story is light. Not much drama in the story of MC but the story of other character has dramas (I hate dramas). The story is slow, well I... more>> like slow stories.

I suggest these to the readers who wants not so serious stories (it gets serious sometimes but kind of artificial because it's like the MC can beat the enemy so that nothing serious will happen but then the MC will not be able to do it and fail therefore creating an artificial crisis. What I mean is the MC won against a demon but then lost to some thieves?! Something along those lines) <<less
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Urien rated it
May 20, 2019
Status: v3c5
Personally I like overpowered protagonists, thus having read quite a few novels with a Skilltaker-like storyline.

But usually those stories soon reach a point where the protagonist is just too strong, and the author needs to find some kind of enemy or barrier.

Here the author solved it by putting quite a few restrictons on the ability, avoiding the exponential strength increase.

All in all a solid story, slow paced, and not rushed.

Unfortunately the translator seems to have dropped the translation.
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Shin2804 rated it
October 15, 2017
Status: v3c5
Similar to "Ubau Mono Ubawareru Mono"; but I prefer this novel because does less resort to violence.

Is also interesting that the setting with "Game Elements" like skills and levels of the skills is seen only by the MC, in he's the only one that see its, for all the others people is a "normal" fantasy world.

Why there aren't other chapters? The the last was more than half a year ago...

Please translate new chapters

PS.: I'm Italian, so sorry if there is some some language errors
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ZoorYuvonHeim rated it
September 18, 2017
Status: v2c7 part2
I started loosing interest early sadly.

Don't get me wrong, I think its well done - but for me when the chapters started literally repeating themselves to get a slightly different perspective of what you just read it gets tiring to follow along for me.

There's a fascinating premise in the mechanics of the world-building at least, and overall the story is fair, but its a bit dense at times.
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