I Have Decided to Go Look for My Father


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Lin Xi spent 14 years at this family and never did figure out why she had always been mistreated.

She finally learned that she was living in a cliché novel with radical moral standards.

Her mother was the female lead and her “father” was the male lead. Before the male lead fell in love with the female lead, he had belittled and was abusive to her in all sorts of ways. He even offered her up to others and, finally, the female lead had intimate relationship with a strange man.

The male lead fell head over heel in love with the female lead after that and expressed that he did not mind the child. Nevertheless, the existence of said child was a like a thorn in male and female leads’ hearts and it reminded them of their past constantly.

Unfortunately, Lin Xi was this child that should never had been born.

In the extra, Lin Xi tried to set up her sister out of envy but it backfired on herself and she ended up strangled. The male lead was able to locate the man who had intimacy with the female lead and ruined both his reputation and family fortune.

After 10 seconds of hesitation, Lin Xi decided to leave the family where she was not loved and go live with her own father.


[1] When they first met, Gu Shao looked at the dirty girl with a foolish smile with resentment in his eyes.

Gu Shao: What’s your name?

Lin Xi: Lin Xi. No, I mean Gu Xi. Gu as in Gu Shao. Xi as in milkshake.

Gu Shao: … …

Lin Xi: Dad, if you will raise me till I am of age. I promise I will be around at your deathbed and buy you the best plot there are.

Gu Shao: … …

[2] At the beginning…

Gu Shao: Security, show her out.

Later on…

Gu Shao, before leaving the house: Where’s Xixi?

Gu Shao, after returning home: Where’s Xixi?

Gu Shao, during meals: Where’s Xixi?

[3] At the beginning…

Others: Professor Gu, your daughter is so pretty.

Gu Shao: She’s not my daughter.

Later on…

Others: Professor Gu, your daughter is so cute.

Gu Shao: Yes, she got that from me.


1. Real father. Father is an elite in electronics and very mighty.

2. Female lead is a valedictorian

3. Female lead’s original name is Gu Xi. She became Gu Xi after her father recognized her. Xi as in treasured/beloved.

4. There is a male lead, but romance line will not begin until after female lead is of age.

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I want to go find my father
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17 Reviews

New CaliforniaMa
Oct 25, 2021
Status: Completed
Aww this is so heartwarming. Yes, much of the competition part was similar to (idk if plagiarize 🤔) my whole family was a villain, but this was one was able to invoke in me such hate for FL's mom and stepdad (villain).

The FL's supposed path in this one is really tragic and you just really want to beat up the woman who gave birth to her and the pychotic stepdad. Such hate for that family really got my blood pumping (other novel's villain that got me feeling like this is... more>> Yandere came during the night).

The family interactions were healing and the ice block father slowly thaws. I especially love the extra on the parallel world healed me so much! 😊 <<less
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New AbsAreHot
Oct 25, 2021
Status: c31
She’s done something pretty contradictory. She asked her father to provide for her just until she’s an adult, but she’s also desperate to pay her father for her living expenses and rent. She knows he’s mega rich, and it seems incredibly unnecessary.

She’s also trying to save funds for when her father goes bankrupt. It would be a waste of money to give money to someone you know is going to lose all his fortune. I thought she was supposed to be incredibly smart in both IQ and EQ?

Something that bothers... more>> me even more, though, is that she’s very subservient to her father. Incredibly so. The money thing is only one thing that demonstrates this. It’s not just being humble and desperate, because she’s also stuck on this filial piety thing.

All the while, her father couldn’t give a shit. It feels like he got that housekeeper so that the main character wouldn’t be buzzing around as much, rather than caring about her efforts. He doesn’t care about her school situation, getting to know her, how the traumatic event she’s currently going through is affecting her, nothing.

1/10 points for being a dad — that one point being giving her what she needs to survive.

The power balance between these two is awful, the communication is non-existent and one sided, there’s neglect going on here, and none of this is addressed or even shown as a problem by the author.

Also who da fuq cleaned the giant house if there wasn’t a housekeeper before? The inconsistency is unreal. <<less
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Aug 10, 2021
Status: Completed
Another novel not recommended to read.

Within the first 5 chapters are such monumental BS and nonsense that it's incredible how people are giving this perfect ratings.

Spoilers for what happens

... more>>

This dumb MC is always bullied by her scum family, but somehow confusedly lived her life mostly okay until now. At least okay by meaning she has survived. The crummy Chinese school she goes to let her be bullied, her classmates isolated her, but she magically won some awards. Her scum family beats her, her scum stepsister always frames her, and her mother is total scum. So evil family comes up with the brilliant idea of sending MC off to a well known Chinese pedophile rapist villager man. Genius right? MC is reborn (given memories+ knowledge of the entire book) and yet still allows this to happen. Does she run away? Nope she makes a BS electric stun gun and pain spray to protect herself. She records evil rapist man then just leaves. Meanwhile author happily tells us that pedophile rapist Chinese man r*pes tons of girls and will continue to do so. How nice =_=. MC finally heads out to find her father (where money comes from to do so etc is completely unknown) and heads out. That's the first five chapters. It's utter tr*sh. At least MC got rapist man's evil recording (which would be utter nonsense and doesn't work as blackmail). So s*upid. MC also scared of the Lin father (supposed scum hero) and having nightmares. Fun. There are tons of ways for her to easily run away or get to safety earlier but no this was her idea. Horrid. And at least report that guy or make him inhuman :<.


Not a good start no matter how you try and spin it. Sigh.

-300tril/10 don't read. Might later check out more with edits. Unlikely though.

Edit 1:

Soz her father is a bit scum but he patches up quite nicely in the magical novel way.

Story Now:


Mostly fluff and people being s*upid. Mc's father using OP phone hax to find Mc's recording then he beats up creepy pedophile rapist Chinese villager man and sends the guy to jail. That's the bare minimum smh. Mc's father changes Mc's name to his family and shows up scum Lin family. Mc's grandfather is the stereotypical doting grandpa type. Oddly no clothes for MC personally shopped yet but Mc's dad prepping for Mc's new school. Author doing more of the "wow Mc's dad hates being dirty but now can magically tolerate MC because of being related" nonsense and the two feeling closer. Nothing special. MC also joining some random group and being a genius at literally all school and everything which is total BS.


So overall doesn't make up for crummy start but you get the picture of the story. Mc's father probably gonna be less and less scum and take care of his daughter the MC.

Still not advised for read. The whole story is so unbearably s*upid and the face slap that comes from the dad needs to be harsher here. Crush the scum already.

Edit 2:

Novel completed and it's worse. There's a nice extra at the end and the ML for our MC is super obvious as it's the only guy mentioned. Villains are not dealt with properly here though. Anyway it's a very weak novel with minimal fluff. Not recommended and you really feel like China is tr*sh for letting evil rapist big villain guy suffer almost no punishment (author doesn't even write it), the villain mom suffer no bad events (she gets to enjoy an experimental treatment), and evil stepsister (s) get off entirely scott free. Just a horrible mood all in all and you feel the MC's dad appears rather useless at times. -300tril overall. No outstanding or really good chapters. <<less
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Sep 25, 2021
Status: c14
This novel clearly inspired by "My Whole Family Are Villain" to the point that I would say plagiarism.

There are so many scenes that almost the same. It’s not just the plot but the details like MC help peeling seafood for the father who obsessed with cleanliness.

Since I’m MTL it would sound hypocrite to criticize but how can the writer not get attacked when she post it in jkwxc?
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Aug 06, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a really heartwarming story between a father and daughter... I just finished the novel... the last chapter are so sad that it made me cry.. though it's a happy ending novel but Gu xi's previous life's story is really heartwrenching... her mother and adoptive father (not biological father) are so disgusting evil.. I want to beat the crap out of them.... But Gu shao (biological father) take revenge on them so I feel satisfied.. now I'm gonna find some similar stories like this..
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Aug 25, 2021
Status: Completed
Loved this novel for a variety of reasons:

1) 14 year old, original MC (not transmigrated/ reborn)

2) MC realises this is actually the novel world but doesn't have much in-depth info about all characters since it's a novel and not an info-dump. Normally, other MCs would have too much in-depth info (including time, date and precise locations) and I have always found that to be unbelievable. Nobody writes novels like it's a diary. This novel has managed to make it sensible.

3) OP MC without being too OP. MC is super... more>> OP in terms of studies/ knowledge on electronics. But that's it. She's not a dancer, an average piano player and more importantly, doesn't know sh*t about how to defeat villains. All she knows is to warn her papa against some people but it's her papa who does everything else.

4) MC is mature for her age while maintaining certain childish qualities such as eating junk food, on her mobile constantly and likes to play hooky with her cousins. MC doesn't become an 'adult' just coz she read a novel about herself. She remains a 14 year old.

5) MC does have sequelae to her terrible childhood. She speaks softly, is the first to apologise no matter whether it's her fault or not, tries to reduce her presence as much as possible and carries a very 'wanting to please' attitude towards her dad in the beginning. I liked that.


1) Typical everyone from the Gu family being super geniuses. All MC cousins are geniuses who come first, can defeat seniors etc etc. I personally do not like such OP settings. The novel also emphasises on how 'family' genetics have turned everyone into geniuses - I don't like such a setting as well.

2) Everyone from uncle, aunt to cousin all dote terribly on MC. MC is the only girl born in their generation and that's why she is doted upon. And tbh this point is both a pro and a con. I like reading such a setting but seeing other parents push away their own kids for MC just coz she is a girl is kinda bad as well.

3) Not much romance. Romance covers only the last 3-4 chapters or so. Mostly, it's about daughter-dad defeating the big, bad villains. I loved it but would have loved say 10 chapters (atleast) of romance. There's no build-up. One chapter they r kids going to competitions together and the next chapter the ML is confessing.

Overall rating - 5/5

T/L - 5/5 <<less
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Aug 05, 2021
Status: Completed
Mtled the novel very quick! This is a very heart warming novel, the relationship between MC and paternal family is darn cute and the face slapping of her biological mother and her other "family" is also very satisfying, must read!! Also the romance doesn't happen between MC and ML until the end chaps, where it is age appropriate! MC is just 14 yrs old at the beginning after all, so overall good read
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Aug 05, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a Fringe Capybara so you can be certain it's at least a 4, and the translation is very good. Needless to say this isn't a disappointment.

Starting with the easy stuff, the writing and the translation are fluid, lucid and just very pleasant to read. Characters and circumstances are introduced in a well thought out manner leaving the reader with a good grasp of the situation. The characters are distinct and memorable, unlike so many other Chinese novels

What's more it does have great self aware lines like this one when... more>> she is getting an ID card

" Miss policeman has already made up a 1 million words "Dominant CEO loves me, "Genius Mommy ran with the ball" and "I have seven big dads" in Marie Su."

The only downside is that while I have come to greatly hate the antagonists, I'm not quite empathetic to the protagonist, though it is getting there.

Bottom Line: I just switched out my reading order and will be binging this.

P.S. Note the translation is splitting the raws into thirds <<less
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Sep 09, 2021
Status: Completed
I feel that the story is very similar to My whole family are Villains, especially at the start and the side stories.
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Hopeless Rom
Aug 16, 2021
Status: --
Not finished yet because the MTL is hurting my eyes, but I need some enlightenment, isn't the story/plot is the same with "My Whole Family Are Villain" until it seems like a plagiarized work to me? Or maybe this kind of thing is normal in Chinese Novel?? It has the same plot!! But not gonna lie, it was written better than My whole family is a villain, and even when it's probably weird that

... more>>

a 14 years old can understand a complicated project, they have the time to explain that the MC is actually start to learning with time skips (1 month, 2 weeks intensively). Like how realistically that the MC is not perfect and her piano is so ordinary that she needs other thing to spice up her performance, bringing her talents in the technology instead of being genius in every subject.

And honestly, the real-life math competition middle school teenagers are actually as scary as them.


The MC is not like the "My Whole Family Are Villain" which where MC is suddenly OP and doesn't need to study at all. This was more enjoyable in my opinion even though the plot is exactly the same. <<less
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Oct 10, 2021
Status: Completed
This is an inferior and basically plagarised version of My Family Are Villains. There are so many similarities between characters, the plot, and events that it's basically reading a watered down and poorly written version of My Family Are Villains. I love My Family Are Villains, and this novel tries it's best to be very similar but introduces a weird plot point at the end regarding some sort of family feud with an old enemy, which just felt weird and irrelevant.

MC in this novel is less developed as a character... more>> compared to MC of MFAV, and there are major plot holes in reagrds to her initial escape to find her father. One of the most unrealistic scenes was MC showing up at her fathers company looking like a dirty and unkempt urchin, and after making some bs excuse that their boss (MC dad) is her sponsor and that she wants to pay her respects/gratitude, she is quickly shown to waiting room where she meets her dad. The level of brain dead that the author believes the reader has is really insulting, and that scene was super cringe.

The father-daughter relationship seemed to develop overnight, which felt fake. One thing I did like was her extended family. She has a grandpa, 2 uncles and 3 male cousins who all dote on her since she is the only girl in that generation and is their little princess.

Romance was minimal and only towards the very end, but somehow still end up being really bad. <<less
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Oct 08, 2021
Status: Completed
Very similar rip-off of "My Whole Family Are Villain" but also way better so I'm not complaining. It's everything that novel could have been. The romance doesn't start until they're all adults and only spans the last few chapters but it's not a creepy relationship and it's the ship that could have been in "My Whole Family Are Villain." It's enjoyable to read how the relationship between MC and her dad develops and it's a healthy parent-daughter relationship in general which is fun to read. Overall a rather wholesome novel.... more>> The translation is in progress but the MTL is also completely readable and that's coming from someone who is picky about it. <<less
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Aug 22, 2021
Status: c8
It’s really a lovely story between the father and daughter relationship. The ending was really beautiful and brought out some tears with how the father handled everything that happened to him on the last chapter. It’s really a sweet story and not as complicated which is good if you have nothing else to read or don’t want too much drama. This was a great read for me and I’ll give this a 5* because I really liked how the plot went and that ending really got me wishing where I... more>> could find my self a father like Gu Shao! <<less
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Aug 05, 2021
Status: Completed
Simple and sweet novel about a father pampering his daughter. Easy enough to read till the end, antagonists are evil and easy to hate. Very little romance only about one to two chapters towards the end, ML is cute though. Teens act like teens (other than how s*upid smart they are) which is refreshing.

Nothing complex but an easy read to pass the time
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J Doe
J Doe
Oct 19, 2021
Status: c27
This is a cute story where our MC, Lin Xi (then Gu Xi), dreams of her life as a side character/villainess in a novel with dubious morals. Her realization also helps her to understand why her parents never seemed to give her affection, being biased toward her sister. Knowing that her biological dad was out there and was a powerful figure in the business world, she plots to get to him, not knowing if he'd take her in or not.

To get this out of the way- yes, it is similar... more>> to "My Whole Family Are Villains" but it is its own story. I like both stories, so not judging. In this story, we have Lin Xi's previous family and their complicated plots and plans for her. During her dream, she realized the man she thought was her father is a very scary man.

It seems he used her existence to keep her actual dad in check.

Even the grandmother that she is blood related to is out to get her.

This review is a bit early, not sure how things will develop, but so far, it looks like her new dad and she will find their way, thus avoiding the bad ending she dreamed about. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 09, 2021
Status: --
Someone said this was inferior to"my whole family is villains" but I disagree. The family in this novel seems much more realistic and burdensome. It also shows the unrealistic side of those annoying abuse novels that end with the FL happily staying with her crappy ML without any regrets or bad feelings.

The mother obviously hates their past and her child who is like a constant reminder of it.

A pretty realistic reason to dislike your child unlike novels where the mother is nonsensical and cruel. At least su bei had her... more>> twin brother but this girl had literally no one.

I also admire the way her father slowly changed instead of almost immediately doting on her.

Hopefully Gu xi ends up happy <<less
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Sep 10, 2021
Status: Completed
It was okay, I liked the relationship between FL and her family, there is not much romance in here, FL relationship with her family is very cute and fluff, I loved that there are not much face slapping incidents or cringe moments with the other characters being super s*upid, everything is balanced, I just wanted a little more romance
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