I Become The Wife of The Male Lead


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I possessed the body of “Fiona,” the final villain whose soul was sentenced to eternal suffering after her gruesome demise at the hands of the world’s savior.

Just because she was an illegitimate child, she was tortured by her own family.

And so… arriving six years before the start of the novel, I was sent to war at the age of thirteen! Fortunately, as the story’s greatest villain, Fiona was a magical genius.

I had to survive the monster invasion. But now, I couldn’t be in the middle of a battlefield.

Just before I ran out of breath, I encountered the adolescent male lead.

…… Why was he here?

Anyway, if the male lead dies here, then the world will be destroyed. So, let’s save him first!

Associated Names
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Author Of My Own Destiny
Author Of My Own Destiny (Manhwa)
I Became the Wife of the Male Lead
Wife of the Male Lead
내 남자 주인공의 아내가 되었다
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16 Reviews

May 13, 2020
Status: v3

I am half way through volumn 3 now. There are more actions than romance for this so if you want fluff this ain't gonna be it. It is definitely action packed. Just ready yourself for some angsty ride. I like that FL is very level headed and ML is respectful towards the FL.


I'm about to be done with v1 of this novel. The FL is strong, caring, smart, and independent. So far I really like the story. It is funny at times and flows very nicely. I would recommend this.... more>> I bought this through google plays. <<less
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Wife of Sovereign
Wife of Sove
Feb 15, 2021
Status: --
Sorry if this review might offends some people, but this novel is very cliche and indulgently written. I forced myself to read through it even though I grimaced and flinched once every paragraphs because of how badly executed it is.

I'm not saying it's BAD. There are a lot of worse novels out there and this one is certainly a decent read if you're a newbie. I can imagine my 15y/o self loving this. But not the current me.

The premise is common. I can't say that it's brilliant and original since... more>> there are dozens of novels like this if you just look for it. Some characters' characterizations were delightful to read. But the MC (and some extent, the author herself/himself. Idk) is not a dependable narrator. It's so generic. It left a bland numbing taste in my mouth.

Some lines are so cringy that it made me flinch. The execution is mediocre. It tried a lot to get on a serious note but always failed in the most boring way.

As the og author of the world she transmigrated in, she was strangely clueless on how to handle her characters. She lamented a lot about the background stories and regretted that she wrote it like that and blah blah blah, but it got repeated way too many time and the lines written were so cliche.

She was NOT even in control of 30% of where this is going. Everything around her seems to be dumbed down for the sake of letting the readers see how talented and great she is that the other characters froze to admire her.

And I really didn't like it that she boasted of being the author yet didn't know how to handle the characters. Yes, I get it if the characters are dangerous. But she couldn't even respect the harmless ML's boundary!

She got the nerve to get confused when the ML was obviously showing signs of touch-aversion.


What kind of author are you?! Pathetic. It feels like the novel author just makes her 'the author' so she could spout out ridiculous angsty lines like "It's all my fault. I wrote this." "I'm the worst." In the worst way to execute it just to give it a touch of angsty regret. <<less
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Aug 31, 2021
Status: --
The female lead just kinda sucks, all the fighting and battlefield scenes felt fake and just thrown in there to show that she was strong and different. She's just really generic, which I don't consider an inherently bad thing, but it makes her predictable and super boring.

Not to mention how questionable some of her decisions were, sometimes it felt like you as the reader knew more about the characters she wrote than she did.

Also didn't help how the character's personalities weren't consistent with what they were supposed to be, like... more>> the original things they were written to be were overided by the need to basically pamper the FL.

The only character I liked in the novel was the ML. He was decently interesting and it felt like he had some depth that even the FL just didn't have.

Overall, it's just another poorly written, self-indulgent novel. I can see why some people might be into that, but personally, I've long outgrown the phase of my life where I would have really enjoyed this novel. <<less
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Feb 23, 2022
Status: c58
I love this story...

She's got a "God complex" because she's the author of the novel, she's incredibly cold and antisocial, but she "cares" about the people around her, it's just that she feels like she's "above" and "beyond" everyone because they are "her creations".

If you're reading her way of thinking and seeing the way she acts it's all very consistent and interesting, you can't help but feel like she IS mentally affected by her position, she does not have a healthy mindset... but at the same time you CAN'T BLAME... more>> HER, because she's CORRECT in what she's thinking... if only a little bit skewed, nothing she's thinking is wrong.

She's the sweetest thing to ever appear in a novel, but incredibly ruthless to the people that touch her, she's emotionally invested in the characters she focused when she wrote the story, and is very lenient towards them because "it's her fault" (VERY BIG PART of her complex) But she also knows their personality is twisted (she wrote them that way) and doesn't want to enter into a conflict with them so she doesn't allow herself to think they can "like her" and she doesn't "deserve it" because, again "everything is her fault".

A very good take on the trope, with well reasoned and constructed devices, of the few novels where her way of thinking is completely intertwined with the premise, the characterizations and the worldbuilding the author has done, it IS important that she's a "reincarnation" outside of just giving her an unnatural knowledge of the story or super powers outside of the original.

As an amateur author my self, I can see me falling to this mindset if I ever appeared in a novel I wrote... the logic of the world is very well done.

The story in itself isn't new, the setting is a repeat of most of this kinds of stories you've ever read, but damn, she's the most realistic MC I've ever read in this kind of setting and it's worth every single word written.

READ THIS, definitely, you'll love it. <<less
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Jul 05, 2022
Status: c76
I had high hopes for this book. I started reading the book because the manhwa was very slow. I am extremely disappointed that we are almost at half mark & the fl's thoughts are still so linear.

Fiona is very frustrating. She never fully accepts that her current life is real and not fictional. That she is dealing with people not characters who have the ability to evolve.

She is so stuck on the original plot to see that it has already changed.

  • She is not a villain therefore there is need for her to fear for her life.
  • It makes sense that Siegren fell for his childhood friend, Fiona not the stranger Eunice, and this is ok!
  • In the same way that Fiona has managed to preserve her life, why can't she consider that there are other ways of defeating the darkness, e.g. her own damn powers
Her prevailing lack of awareness of her surroundings & her strengths really irritates me beyond belief. I'm dropping this until she finally treats Siegren & Daddy right.
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May 22, 2022
Status: --
Kudos to the translator, while review to the original author,

Please only continue writing if you've improved, I'm not really saying you to make a perfect novel. As there's no novel that are perfect exist because beauty is the eye of a beholder at the end of the day. But what you wrote have many alarming questions regarding boundaries/no respect for personal space and infinite amount of cliche/cringe at its best that could make an even Wattpad beginner's writer to blush like a bride during their first night.
Oh my gosh, there were some lines and scenes that made me bit off my nails unevenly, which I'm pretty sure would have made self-worth question to my nail file if it was alive.
Okay let's leave the cringing scenes and lines for a while but tell me one thing... How can fiona fight so well just because she's a prodigy without having any prior of a little bit of physical strengthening, I'm sure conjuring such attack of thunder needs a lot of energy and what's more that she continued do so after her first attempt. As I remember, she was always being cooped up in an attic by her family, while being given their leftovers in the name of food and constant physical abuse! And the FL also transmigrated a year ago while still staying at the mercy of her family while possessing the power of her knowledge??? Yet only unleashed the prodiginess when thrown at the battle scene for the first time???!!!!!!! Okay I understand she couldn't have taken any physical step against her family but man she could have used her f*cking brains to get out of that utter situation, when she already knew she would be thrown out anyways??? I don't know like manipulating the family or showing her strength if crosses there would be hell to pay or acting pitiful while throwing daggering actions under their nose. If all hope was lost she could have even stolen some money or artefacts and ran out as well, she could have done anything man!!!. So many plot holes and no logical actions made my head ached!!!!
All the fighting scenes were so unrealistic, no character growth, very touchy FL with no concept of basic common sense, forced attention towards the fl, what's more creepy is her acting as a big sister, it was always irritating to read the lines where self-blame card was played to arouse sympathy for her, and finally her friendly character thinking her actions were cute.

All in all, the conclusion stand as the FL being the main problem to this story, I wish i'd have read the original story where fiona was the villain and while I'm at it I'm not ashamed to admit that I'd have simply simped for her as well because whenever the original fiona was narrated I felt more connected with her than anyone else in this entire novel.
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Feb 08, 2022
Status: Completed
I read the MTL of the whole novel (minus the side stories) and liked it. It’s true that some stuff is cliche, but overall it has a satisfying ending.

I’m glad that the FL doesn’t get overly weird about ML liking her (and how he would essentially be destined to fall in love with someone else). She does make it a little awkward sometimes but otherwise it’s not so bad.


A good read. I recommend.
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Sep 05, 2021
Status: c14
this is not a super action novel so dont expect super good fighting scenes. This more like fantasy romance so if you want hot blooded actions with the female age. Its not here. This fluffy novel that can heal your heart. Lol
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Aug 01, 2020
Status: c8
It’s good so far, doesn’t seem like it’ll be too fluffy though. I like the setting and plot, and only 8 chapters in and we already have interesting side characters
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Dec 22, 2021
Status: v5
I feel like this story is the perfect version that I wish from isekai, not leaving any plot hole behind. Most of the isekai I read, barely gave us answer on what happen with the oriSoul of the body. I mean every isekai'd body always experience horrible life, but none of the author care enough to give happy ending for them. And I like this story, because they care for oriSoul and oriSoul got the happy ending she deserve as well. Instead of just being the stepping stone for current... more>> FL and ml.


And the oriSoul here didnt have lust, obsession, or any sort to the ML on the original. They are purely enemy. Which make the current ml&FL relation rather refreshing.


Other recommended series that told us the ending of oriSoul is: Justice of Villainous Women, Duchess 50 tea recipe. (Tho im not satisfied with their ending) <<less
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Jun 19, 2021
Status: c1.14
Here I'm begging for people who can translate korean novel, to translate this 😭 I don't really understand at first but I think this novel is getting drop by the translater.

And I begging someone to help meee~

This story is soooooooo cool ! And I want more. It's cute. And the place where the translater stop translating is where the most cliffhanging chapter EVAHHH !


I'm depressed now. I like it so much. Like fall in love even when we're not at the point of they getting closer nor the male lead met female lead nor Fiona get married to sieger. It's a long wayy to go. Don't make me create some nonsense imagination about this story. Please don't. Help me, please 🙏 ?

And we're not even GOT TO THE FREAKING CHAPTER 2 ! How hilarious is that 😁🤣🤣🤣 <<less
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Nov 25, 2021
Status: --
Very good story but I agree it is overwhelmingly predictable & cliche. I like the MC, ml, & the duke but I wish the villains were a bit more dimensional
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mei ling57
mei ling57
Nov 06, 2021
Status: c24
i really really like this novel. It is a cliche story, it's the kind where a OP FL meets a OP ML and have very little romantic moments. But the battle's are all OP dense FL doing her thing. The ML has the cliche painful back story and the FL is helping him over come it.

there is also a crazy father figure in the story who is also very strong.
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Sep 01, 2020
Status: --
I think it's a little bit faster to decide the rate of this novel since it's only 9 chapter ahead. But since I love this novel from the start my heart give it 5 rate ?
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 04, 2021
Status: c42
This is a lot better than I expected it to be but the chapters are really short, so don't expect something that is going to take you days to read. Even at a slow pace you could knock out 30 chapters of this in 1 or 2 hours tops. The FL and ML are both strong and the FL is ridiculously dense and indifferent regarding the ML, so expect a pretty slow romance.
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Nov 11, 2023
Status: --
I'm just a lil disappointed since the title states as Wife of the Male Lead, I assume that Fiona and Sig will get married when they grow up and analyze their feelings for each other. Honestly, I somehow don't like the MC's decisions and her actions, she is the author of this novel and is from the modern world but her attitude is childish and inappropriate. She was portrayed as powerful but she's somewhat weak and her actions piss me. ML is the only person that is sane here aside... more>> from Libya. If only Sig will end with Libya instead of FL then that would be great. Libya knows how to act appropriately in spite of no power like MC. She knows how to handle herself and how to flirt, unlike MC who came from modern world but ignorant. I don't know if she's bland or just bird brain somehow. I have a feeling that they will only marry in the last chapter like typical Korean drama <<less
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