I Met the Male Lead in Prison


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I met the male lead in prison.

Okay. I get that I transmigrated into an R-19 tragic romantic novel, but why is he like this?

“Bark! Bark! Bark! Grrrrrr…”

I can’t believe this guy is held by a curse that makes him act like a beast…And that’s not the end of it, because when he returns to normal for a moment.

“I-i-if you aren’t g-going to take responsibility for what you did to me, th-th-then don’t t-touch me!”

At any rate, I felt relieved that I probably wouldn’t have any sort of romantic interactions with this guy.

A year later…

“Th-th-the day I leave this place, please…m-meet up with me!”

Well it wouldn’t be a big deal to meet him once. But, then, when I was released from prison…


“Welcome back. My lovely younger sister.”

The day of my release, a man approached me. Turns out, I’m the villain’s sister.

“You must have suffered going to prison in my stead. I waited only for you.”

…F*ck. My brother’s the male lead’s sworn enemy?


3 years later, I met the male lead. He looked totally different than when I last saw him.

“It’s been a while, Iana. I’m going to kidnap you now.”

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감방에서 남자주인공을 만났습니다
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hastingsj rated it
January 10, 2021
Status: c120
Its a tr*sh novel.

The concept is good: magical european fantasy, with beauty & the beast themes, set in a jail.
The writing is disjointed nonsense (and I dont think the translator is to blame).

The first 100 chapters are pretty much the same scenes on loop with no progress of any kind, but TONS of teasing and bait promises the author has NO intention of fulfilling. Calling it "watching paint dry" would be generous. The author clearly has no goal and no idea how to progress the story.

If you make it past 100 chapters, some of the basic world building, lore, and setup of mysteries STARTS to happen. The FL even considers asking a question or two (she does not). Yet, Somehow, it manages to be even more disjointed and nonsesical than the previous 100 chapters of the two leads sitting in a cell, staring at eachother, and offering NOTHING new to the story. Out of the blue, large scale surreal magic starts to happen which NO ONE QUESTIONS or TALKS ABOUT (thinking about it on loop does not count as questioning, thats called recaping). There is just a full Indian Jones style temple collapsing run in some kind of crazy underground cavern system (that was just ALWAYS MAGICALLY THERE apparently) OUT OF NOWHERE that NO ONE ADRESSESS or seems to care about AT ALL. It just like: well that was weird, chalk that up to the mysteries we will solve SOME DAY, mby in the next chapter [wink wink wink]??? Jk, by the time we want to solve it you wont remember it happened.

I honestly feel like the author is glaslighting their own readers by refusing to connect points of interest, contradicting THEMSELVES on basic scene setup and character placement in the room (not that it matters what the room looks like and who is in it, the story is so vauge), and just pilling on and on and on the cliff hanger promise that SOME WORKABLE INFORMATION will be giving in the NEXT CHAPTER (it never is).

the SINGLE MOST ANTICLIMACTIC thing I have ever read. I am convinced the author does not know how to write on a BASIC level. It is frankly frustrating that I gave this novel so many chances to turn around by reading as far I as I did.

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Anne Jack
Anne Jack rated it
January 1, 2020
Status: --
Finally!!! The novel being translated!!! (ㄒoㄒ) *tear of joy*

Thank you translator (づ ̄ ³ ̄) づ

Anyway, I love MC's personality. In my opinion, she is more realistic thinking. I tried to read raw but I couldn't because I don't understand a thing... っ╥╯﹏╰╥c
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ike_00000 rated it
August 7, 2020
Status: c57
Another very typical KR webnovel. It suffers from many of the typical problems; illogical developments, forced romances, plot holes, Mary Sue halo. Like I think the concept is okay, but the execution honestly feels very off. For example, on one hand MC seems to be a pretty logical calm character, but occasionally she's like a pervy 40-yo man or an excitable preteen girl, and it's not portrayed in a way that makes me think "good character development".

This story is very very slow. As someone who likes slice of life,... more>> I still feel it's on the slower side. To put it in perspective, I'm on CH57 and she hasn't left the prison yet; she hasn't even met her brother during a visitation yet!

Also another problem I've found with many KR webnovels is that translation feels a bit... weird? Idk, sometimes there's sporadic jumps and I'm not entirely sure exactly what is happening in the scene. Oh well.

True rating maybe around 3.5, but the overall seems a bit high so I rounded down. <<less
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Drenlith rated it
September 24, 2020
Status: c61
Premise isn't bad but after good 60chapters with no progress at all it became tiresome of how stale, boring, selfish and dense this FL is. Sure she and ML get their intimate moments but it never really changed up from the first close up interaction. No information nor story progression from thereon as it just loops around her casually living her prison life. FL priorities herself and her interests first. Her reasoning to approach ML makes no sense, she wants to act like a saint but even after being turned... more>> off by him (literally going "wtf is he thinking") she keeps revisiting ML. More people starts to swarm around her and it's just a reverse harem with a clueless FL chasing butterflies.

she acts more like a beast than ML does, panting like an animal in heat every damn time she sees him, the convos are dreadful, over a chapter at times where they're together the exchange doesn't even last over 6phrases. And if her heritage really bothered her that much she should've just said she suffers from memory loss after transmigration and have her brother clear some things up for her or 2nd ML, she probably would've received treatment outside of prison at that point but hey FL and ML gotta keep their rendezvous up right?

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seirasa rated it
March 18, 2020
Status: c7
Love the story! I am very curious to see the dynamics of protagonist's affection for her vs. villain brother's affection for her (even though he hasn't appeared yet).

Unfortunately the blog got deleted?? So I don't know how/where to continue reading... ?
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ksimon rated it
October 16, 2020
Status: c76
This story started off pretty good it has lots of interesting plot hooks and threads with all the mysteries of her finding out about who her family is, what their dynamic is and whispers of conspiracies and ancient secret. Probably the most interesting thread is her trying to piece together who her mysterious brother is and what their relationship was through little tidbits.... buuuuut the actual story focuses on none of these.

This is basically a slice of life story in jail. Those who came from the promo where she seemed... more>> to be immediately released

I have bad news. as of chapter 76 she is still in prison for the foreseeable future also if you read the promo you aren't missing anything almost nothing has happened in the story

She just kind of chills in jail, takes walks and visits the ML in the basement. Which I dunno he's not really written very attractive to me.

He's basically mentally stunted is not in his right mind and really kind of feels like she's taking advantage of a mentally handicapped person. like there are times he acts like a child and a straight up dog. He has never appeared mentally competent or attractive other then how he's physically described.

he does go through like a magical growth spurt that makes him bigger and can talk better but he still acts like a straight up child its kinda gross tbh the whole gag is that he does le*d things but hes so "innocent" like an animal or a child so she gets turned on but feels guilty about it since again he dosn't know better


Maybe thats some people's preference but their relationship basically boils down to her bringing him snacks and him sucking on her fingers an uncomfortable amount of time. like legit I think the author has a hand fetish or something because its been like 4 times he's done this. No hugs, no kisses, no words of affirmation or really any actual bonding. She also seems weirded out by it since she pulls away and wipes her hand pretty quickly. It feels very superficial and I know its just a silly novel but its been dragging on so long I have started to wonder like if the roles were reversed and we had an older male MC going to a basement to have his toes s**ked by a mentally handicapped 16 year old girl who has the mental age of a abused 10 year old but has a medical condition where they revert even more deranged would it really be acceptable?

The obvious power balance is just hard to read sometimes

I frankly feel her relationship with Lelang or however you spell the marquess/warden's name is better flushed out. like they can at least have proper conversations and its a bit more interesting when she interacts with him. We get information about the world, who she is and how the original Iana was treated from him so its a lot more interesting when he shows up. Not that I ship them. Their encounters are more suspenseful and sometimes silly its just to demonstrate that other characters are a lot more interesting when they are on screen then our ML even the baron bff is more fun to see because he tells you about all the plot happening outside. then we have the ML who barks like a dog and eats snacks off the floor. Its just kind of boring because there is nothing there to work off of. All we learn from seeing him is how hot he is and how abused he its got to the point where I skip his scenes because they are repetitive and kind of dull.


So I dunno it had a good start and there are some interesting parts but I feel like the author is just dragging things out. even the translator has mentioned in the footnotes its getting frustrating how slow the development is. The author really has got a lot of interesting ideas going but needs to start moving them since its become pretty stagnant. There are a lot of plot holes too like

its chapter 76 and she still hasn't figured out she's the villain's sister even though its obvious as hell and all she has to do is say she can't remember or ask about her family's name. She hasn't attempted to free the ML once she just takes him on walks and calls it a day. The wizard has magic that can let him infiltrate go invisible and sneak around but he couldn't go and check on the ML at all???

It's just...... frustrating.... it starts feel like you are in prison reading it waiting for the day they are released and the plot can happen. I might read a few more chapters but its honestly gotten pretty dull and the ML isn't for me. if you like more baby MLs you'll probably have a better time but I thought that he would have gotten more intelligent and assertive by now like in the promo. I wrote more then I meant to but I guess binge reading 80 chapters I feel jilted that I dont have much to show for it. <<less
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Insideofadoge rated it
October 11, 2020
Status: c110
I'm at chapter 81 and can report that the heroine has, in fact, met the male lead in prison. Little else has happened. Here in Chapter 81, there are hints the MC may one day actually leave the prison. The MC has also just admitted she might think of the ML as an actual human instead of a dog or other domestic animal.

Other than that, she's just been chillin'. In jail. Not the fault of the translation, but this is a promising premise and a boring application. Maybe it will... more>> pick up soon? I'm losing hope.


EDIT:Still in jail. Thought she was gonna get out but there was a federal holiday or something. She still seems to not like the dude very much. Wish this were half as sexy as it could have been.

18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 13, 2020
Status: c80
Dropped at this point. Thinking back about it, I tried hard to convince myself to like this but it's kinda really bad. Mary sue FL, boring plot that's super slow, the ML is literally acting like a dog.

... more>>

Honestly the brother creeped me out a lot, especially how he acted with his sister. Then, we found out they weren't actually siblings. He's obsessive and locked her up and I just hate him in general.


I really like the male lead so far (as comedy relief). His personality changes were fun to read through. <<less
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YunaCress rated it
May 2, 2021
Status: c70
I'm quite surprise that I actually made it this far. This is totally BORING to the core. All 70 chapters without any progress (this novel actually just has 170 chapters for the main part). The author chose a nice Beauty & the Beast setting with some interesting side characters but fail miserably at developing them. Until the chapter 70, the story only happens in the prison, which can be sum up by the FL's typical day: wake up > chit chat with the noble prisoner > visit the ML >... more>> visit the 2nd ML > writing letters to her brother. And that's it, nothing more, the author write into detail how the FL spend her day but not but any actual plot to it. She even didn't know for sure which family she belongs to until the chapter 120 (yes I only read 70 chapters so far but I must jump up to the latest chapter to see how far the story has progress - which is only to get more disappointed).
If you into kind-of-saint-and-not-so-bright FL/obsessive MLs AND have no problem with slow-progress stories than this is might be the one for you. If not, save your time and find another one, there's a lot of good novel out there. <<less
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Milliane rated it
November 18, 2020
Status: c99
99 chapters and they're still in prison. (Although tbf that's in the title)

But I think they should start moving the plot. It's very slow and I get super frustrated when it takes forever for anything to happen.

On the other hand, interactions between the ML and the FL are pretty cute.
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LMarianna rated it
January 4, 2020
Status: --
I hate 'love triangles' tag, but after reading the promotional webtoon of this book really interests me and I quickly forget that tag.

And I love the mc's personality also, she is smart.
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thedukeloveskimchi rated it
May 9, 2021
Status: c75
I love the plot but it’s just dragging. The scenes inside the prison are almost repetitive. I love puppy but secretly obsessive MLs but this story just go on boring. Might be different when you read the manhwa when the first 10 chapters can almost cover up half of the novel chapters I read.

I’m also pissed at female leads who kept going on “I SHOULD NOT INTERFERE. THIS IS THE OG PLOT. BE HAPPY WITH THE FEMALE LEAD. NO I CANNOT DO THIS.” LIKE CMON GURL~ You’re doing so much... more>> “interference” you still expect them to behave how the novel version went? Just completely s*upid. I understand reincarnated leads can be in denial but this is just plain s*upid. <<less
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minibeth rated it
February 15, 2021
Status: c121
Hi hi I'm back ehem!

Just reading this because the plot is quite interesting. And I must say I get really hooked because of the unique story line. Reincarnated in a prison/jail never heard of that lol.

Let's go with the actual story line of this. FL Iana transmigrated in prison cell and because she is a curious lad. She decided to save the ML.

For the story I guess I will give it 3 and a half star. Not the best but not that bad either. The story is quite cute actually... more>> and relaxing. I actually smile in the interaction of the FL and the ML.

Female lead Iana

  • innocent lad
  • always interested in a lot of things. (That's how he meets the ML by the way.)
  • she really adopt quickly as a prisoner lol
  • well is she matured? No but still cute so let's leave it like that.
Male lead Ric I dunno his name is hard to pronounce.

  • Have 3 personality so dont be confuse.
  • 1st is his animalistic tendency. He barks and grr at the FL in this persona.
  • 2nd is his original persona the shy type. He always blushed like hell in this part.
  • 3rd is the seductive one. As the FL lead always says. The plot is R19 novel so expect a hot image lol.
  • Has a saintly face but a seductive body. Oh that's what the FL said so I just listed it hehe.
Well for the other characters like the Prison leader and Chaser the FL

not related

brother. Okay because I'm still not on the half of the translated novel I still dont know the whole personality of the both.

But I read the spoilers dont copy me lol.



Actually I really love the story I even cried in the part our FL leave our ML.


Anyways the story progress slowly so I recommend if you read the story until chapter 100 for how our FL tame our ML. It's really a cute scenes. Not angsty, nor any revenge of some sort. Just your relaxing story.

If you hate slow progressing story this will not be your cup of tea. Because this story needs patience really. But hey it's a cute story so you will not get bored. The interaction of FL and ML it's fluffy. Who hates fluffy and cute things, right?

So for anyone loves cute and relaxing story this one is for you. (Winks)

PS. Just ignore the bad comments everyone has their own opinion and likes. So have fun reading! <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ohlililac rated it
June 2, 2020
Status: c150
This is an interesting story that I waited a long time. I read it until chapter 150+ and didn't continue. The initial concept was good, but when all the roses (ML red, black siblings, real white MC, and yellow Lenag) began to be attracted to Iana, it started to confuse and I feel Iana towards others the character (espesially ML) looks superficial. It's more like harem to me.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 30, 2021
Status: c125
Warning: this is really a slow paced novel and don't try to binge read it. I made the mistake of reading it in one day and it left and awful taste.

I read it after reading the promo and the manhwa.... Bad idea.

Literally all the interaction are soo repetitive and the FL take soo long to get out of the prison.

Also it doesn't feel like there's a goal in mind. The FL usually say do not bother in the novel but cannot bare to see a child this mistreated when the... more>> heroine is going to save him :-/ <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Britnh3 rated it
January 3, 2021
Status: c112
It’s like watching paint dry

oh my gosh, this is so slow. Heads up-the chapters by the translator are split into ~3 each but dang if this doesn’t feel like paint drying, I don’t know what will

It takes a long time for her to leave prison but meanwhile, we have long and drawn out chapters of her thinking a lot, playing with the ML and really not connecting the dots. A lot of drawn out chapters that could be condensed by half, and still keep the integrity of the story

Like the... more>> summary said, it’s literally not until MC meets her brother that she realizes what family she’s transmigrated into.

for anyone casually looking, I’d give this one a pass until it’s finished or you have plenty of time <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yumari rated it
April 29, 2020
Status: c1
I really like this type of novels, wherein the heroine isnt a villainess that remembered her past life and the risk of her dying in the future, FAKING her kindess and attitude. Shes the villains sister, and has a great attitude.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Babystories1503 rated it
January 24, 2020
Status: c6
Awesome story......

It is quite fun to read...?

ML is cute?, while MC is cool...?

Really like her frankness.....??

I find it quite similar yet different from beauty and the beast (one of my favourite fairy tales<presented by Disney>). Great work both authors and translators.....???
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nuil rated it
August 6, 2020
Status: c57
(Minor Spoilers)

First of all, the translator does a great job and I seriously thank them for bringing this novel to us!

The story is quite interesting, but it starting to feel slow on the progress. Iana (FM) feels like she is a bit dense?? While I understand she is new on the body of the Villain's sister and doesn't remember the past, she can't catch the very easy to understand clues thrown at her. On the other hand, the ML is really cute and innocent. At some points, he... more>> also gets a bit unbearable with the whole switching personas, but you end up loving him. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
PomeloCloud rated it
June 18, 2020
Status: c29
First of all, what I really liked about this is the unique setting... Such as the prison. I also like the personality of the MC, she is quite a curious one but is nonsensical and resourceful. She also knows what needs to be done.

I like how she has not recovered the memories of the original host, like she has to start all over again, and can only second guess. But she handles it quite nicely.

The innocence of the ML outshines even the sun. I like one line saying how he... more>> has the face of an angel but the body of a sinner, lol! Means there's more to see from him.


I really thought this was dropped. Thank heavens I decided to check on it for the last time, and there are several updates now. Thank you so much for picking this up! <<less
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