The Villain is Being Suspiciously Kind


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In this story the heroine, Citrina is a transmigrator.

In the original story, the female protagonist’s sister, Citrina, worked hard like a dog for her family only to be killed by the villain.

So she decided to change the original plot, in the direction where she will befriend the villain and prevent him from blackening.

“Citrina, I will do everything you need to do.”

Good. After many failures, she was able to be acquainted with the villain. Everything’s perfectly great.

I think I already saved my life, so it’s time to leave and make money, and come back as a successful person.

“Don’t be nice… only to me.”

“I’m not nice to anyone else. ”

The villain in the novel smiled tenderly.

“I’ll only be nice to you.”

Him being kind and friendly is a little suspicious.


“Don’t ask anyone else. Use me instead.”

“I… you?”

‘Use you?’

Citrina looked at him. Then, his lips formed in a single line.

As he looked at her, Desian whispered, as if repeating to her.

“Use me however you want.”

With that, he reached out. He slowly tucked the hair that flowed down, in Citrina’s ears. His hands added color to her hair.

The hand that touched her was a little cold, it gave her chills.

“In fact…”

A soft whisper came out from Desian’s lips.

“Don’t use anyone but me.”

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The Kind Villain is Suspicious
상냥한 악당이 수상하다
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akstuben rated it
August 12, 2020
Status: v2c1
This is super cute so far. The FL is very realistic about her situation and she’s not dense really (I mean she’s oblivious to ML’s feelings but that’s because he’s good at hiding it rather than her being dense)

Overall I think the story is really interesting.

The ML had his emotions tampered with by magic and FL showed up right before all his emotions were killed so even though his emotions were tampered with he has normal (ish) feelings rewords her but since those are the only feelings he has he gets a bit obsessive.


he’s obsessive but in a way that I don’t really mind very much. He’s super considerate to the FL which I enjoy,

she wants to start a success jewelry business on her own so he helps her in secret because he knows she wants to do it with her own abilities.


i think overall this series is very fun and worth the read
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August 31, 2020
Status: c26
The story is so unpredictable for me with all the chapters I have read their is no sign of improvement of a love relationship as far as I see it its a friendship that are getting stronger. The story progression is not fast yet its not that slow ether, you won't get tired reading since theirs a bit of fluff.

The unpredictable second male lead

... more>>

Destains and Aron will they be love rival? Or Aron will just support his brother love?. It's also possible to have different second male lead. The question is how will destain react will he just kill the love rival or try to keep the MC by himself???? Though for me the highest possible

second ML is Aron since ML won't kill him lol


  1. What I love about the mc

    She knows what she wants and is trying to achieve her goals without the help if the Ml. I also like how she thought that she should not stay with the person learning about relationship since she knows it'll turn into obsession. So far shes doing a great job

  2. What I love about the ml

    His supper smart, he even studied human emotions and how they react! Lol the funniest part for me is when he read that people tend to smile on their crushes lol when he was done reading that all the following chapters is him smilling at the MC its cute yet soo smart. Its like always telling her, he likes her.

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streetcookie rated it
March 24, 2021
Status: c37
I was pretty excited for this book at first. I love the setup of the heroine throwing off the shackles of her uncaring, parasitic family and living for herself. She's forced to stay in the castle with two twins, one who is a v powerful and emotionless killer type and the other is a sunshine rainbow boy. Both are deprived of affection and the killer guy is being abused because the kingdom believes that twins are cursed. I was looking forward to a significant period of intrigue and cautiousness before... more>> she wins them over, but they are both basically in love with the heroine after meeting her three times *sigh*. And, of course, the ML is overpowered and paves the way for her completely without her knowing.

Honestly, I've lost interest because what is the point of reading this story anymore? We're following the heroine as she obviously walks a gold-plated road towards her goal. And yes, she doesn't know this is the case but we the readers know, so it still feels like her effort is a cute indulgence by ML. It's not exciting when everything is easy lmao. And she's so oblivious / consciously ignoring the fact this dude is probably still bad. I know that she's not responsible for other people's behavior, but she's literally insulated in bubble-wrap from everything negative. I dislike the trope of ML's warping the world to cater to the FL and the FL not noticing.

TL;DR -- if you're looking for a Mary Sue being spoiled a man head over heels in love with her and having zero problems, this is for you! If you want to see a person grow strong on her own and then fall in love with someone... well you're out of luck. As a caveat though, I stopped at ch 37, so it might be different later in the novel. <<less
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Lucy666 rated it
October 12, 2020
Status: c6
Not to be rude, but the translation quality is not really enjoyable. I really liked the premise, but the writing style (or is it the way this has been translated?) Is drab and not easily understandable.

The translation makes it so that a lot of things are confusing. Is it mtl-ed? Because it seems like it. I have nothing against machine translations, but if it's not even going to be edited, then I'd rather not read it at all.

There are many who won't find anything wrong with the translations, so in... more>> the end it's your choice if you want to read this....

Onto the story, the premise is interesting. I'm a bit confused about what's happening, but who knows, that may be because I am dumb or because the translations are nothing to talk about..... Read it and find out for yourself.

I found the MC refreshing. Personally, I don't like MCs who are all bright and hopeful and dense. They're like "I know the future so I'll save the world" and I'm not a big fan of this trope. No matter how much you know, there are things you cannot change. Knowledge is power, but your circumstances won't change overnight just because you know something others don't. And it's also delusional to think that just because you read a novel in your previous life and got reincarnated into the world of that novel, you will either be the center of everything or you'll not be able to change a single thing.

This MC is different. She's kinda calculating and a realist and I like that. Sue me. She knows about the future, but doesn't act out of character. She plans her future carefully and she knows that she can't change everything. It's already difficult to take care of herself in a negligent and kinda abusive houshold.

I like the fact that she knows that the ML was being badly abused, but she also knows that she can't do anything to save hin from that environment. Instead, she offers him her companionship. She doesn't run on emotions and adrenaline (as far as I've read)


It's really sad that the translation doesn't suit my tastes, because the plot sure does. <<less
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TooManyDamnTabs rated it
July 7, 2020
Status: c6
It’s promising so far, it doesn’t spend an unnecessary amount of time explaining circumstances in the beginning. Seems like this will be a fast paced novel
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
tinkerbel99xmn rated it
September 1, 2020
Status: c26
so like, the novel's first 26 chapters were a good read but the reason where I had to rate it 3 is because of some things I find not making sense at all.

... more>>

first is when the FL kept on emphasizing to only make a "little" changes in the original story as if her leaving her family and not helping the OG female lead is supposed to not make any big changes. NO. The story says she's a realist but she's actually calculating tbh most the time. (Which really made her and the villain suits each other. Lol)

next is when she knew a part where Desian would kill two dickheads in the bas**ent/dungeon watev after forcibly infused with the last drug that would void all his emotion. In OG story but take note!! She didn't do anything to stop it but afterwards she went to visit the villain together with the male lead to see what happened there and hoped he won't kill her. - Think, if you didn't do anything to change a certain scenario in a story u would expect nothing had changed and that villain would prolly kill her like in the original story right? It's a red flag that must be avoided at all cost but NO.


although I love the possessive husbando types but these little things irks me. Not only does it not make sense at all but it feels like the author is making big deals out of nothing to make things "looked exciting" to read. Still I will stick by for the yandere parts only. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Trololokoko rated it
September 3, 2020
Status: c3
Unexpectedly, very unexpectedly.... I liked it very much! At first I wasn’t going to read it cause the premise I’ve seen in the summary didn’t sem interesting enough! But once I gave it the chance it went non stop, really! For now things are developing quite nicely! I specialty like the MC, who is cool and very pragmatic, not naive, but also empathic! Totally worth it!
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
moonie12 rated it
January 29, 2022
Status: c42
It's everything I wanted...a controlling, possessive yandere and an independent woman...

Except I just couldn't feel myself enjoying this novel to the fullest... the characters to me felt 2 dimensional...

The FL lacking strong emotions and has a dull personality imo...

The ML instantly felt attraction towards her which I found unrealistic..

The time they spent b4 the time skip was enjoyable at least but after that the chapters just no longer flowed (idk if it's missing chapters, the translation or just how it was og written) ~
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MeIsMe rated it
June 25, 2021
Status: --
I'm honestly very frustrated right now. I'm very willing to spend money to buy these types of novels, especially since the Korean ones are mostly great novels that very much are my cups of teas. Plus, the cost aren't even much so even as a student I could actually afford it.

But, the thing is, the only payment methods available for non-Korean is to buy using our credit cards, which, I don't have. None of my family members does. We just don't use credit cards, we only have debit cards. What... more>> can I do then? 😭 Man I really want to cry...

I want to buy the full volumes even if I can only read it using Google translate and very much willing to support the author, but apparently, I can't even do that even if I wanted to. Man... Can someone help me...😭 <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
TheWhale rated it
November 13, 2020
Status: --
3/5 Personally think the twin setting is great. The flow is also going greatly. However, the translation is kinda awkward and incomprehensible which makes the story losing it charm. Plus, I don’t really like the storyline. Feel like the author is pushing some elements too hard (or it’s just the translation problem). The MC is WAY too realistic at the beginning so the moment she melted in the ML’s arm, it felt uncomfortable. In addition, the coup de foudre felt really weird to the point of asking if their love... more>> between them is artificial maybe because MC is realistic to the point of being less likeable? I know that some MCs are way too unrealistic; however, I do believe that some of them are really great too. I don’t know, I just felt really uncomfortable reading the story for some reason. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Drowning Citrus
Drowning Citrus rated it
October 13, 2020
Status: c13
* (sorry I meant to give it 4 stars, not 3 stars)

It's not that it's bad, rather I just can't get myself immersed in the novel. So she wants to be a jeweler, that's great I'm all for not being your typical Mary Sue. The plot seems nice even though I'm not quite in it yet. Warning: the main Mary Sue feature is that she is dense. (I'm guessing that she knows about the ML's feelings but... she doesn't care enough to acknowledge it? Or she's a naturally dense... more>> brick.)


The main character treats the people around her as if they aren't real people but only words upon a book. You can tell she already knows that they are living, breathing people but she's kind of in denial to deal with some various types of shock I think. This is literally the only very small, minuscule spoiler I can give you guys that probably won't even matter


I really just gave it 4* stars because the story seems a bit forceful when you're trying to make an opinion. It feels a bit strange when you read it but maybe it's just me. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
dailang rated it
August 7, 2023
Status: c22
I'm at chapter 22 and I already know he will stay a psychopath while she being all happy having successfully "fixed" him.

Then the happy ending where he being all sweet to her while staying a mu*derous psychopath toward everyone else.

His own twin brother who he was with for all his life was less than her after only these first 22 chapter so I don't even care for his "brotherly love" in the future because I know we won't get any.

This isn't a romance. More like seeing Ted Bundy's everyday life... more>> if he never got caught. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Hallupao rated it
August 30, 2022
Status: c42
Although this was an enjoyable read for me because of the ML's obsession, I feel like it's not a good story in general. The FL seems to have very little "substance" in terms of unique personality, and many times, it seems like all other characters in the story other than Desian and Citrina make almost no contribution to the story whatsoever. I know Aron sometimes appears, but I'm still confused what role he plays. Side character? Second ML? Plus, Elena, Citrina's sister and the FL of the original novel,... more>> only existed as a sort of trauma for the FL. She only actually talked in about one chapter.

The way it's written makes me feel almost rushed in terms of the main storyline, but lots of filler is packed in it as well, so the pacing isn't all too favorable to read imo.

(Also, the way Desian falls in love with the FL leaves me confused. All he does is see her "apathetic eyes", and he knows "she's the one for him"? Like, what? I know their relationship strengthens throughout the novel, but still)

All in all, I enjoy the premise of this novel. I'm complaining a bit in my review, but I still liked reading it. 4 stars. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Eliza993 rated it
October 19, 2020
Status: c35
Love this novel. I had fun reading this. The main characters are quite cute. The little sister is frustrated as hell, I hope she won't try something funny.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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