I’m Ready for Divorce!


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In the original story, the male lead accused his ex-wife of abusing him when he was younger. But unlike the original story, I raised my young husband as if he was my brother.

When my husband went to war, I started preparing for a divorce. Because if the original story is true, the male lead will fall in love with the princess of the ruined country and bring her back!

That’s why, instead of following the road that leads to defeat, I intended to get a decent divorce.

While preparing for that, I took some money and earned quite a fortune. I also developed a cure because I didn’t want to die of an incurable disease like the original villainess. All that’s left is getting divorced!


My cute little husband came home and grew up to be such a fine man! But don’t worry, I’m all set to divorce you! Oddly enough, the reaction of my husband is a little strange.

“While I was fighting on the battlefield, you were preparing to run away.”

He smiled dangerously, whilst wrapping his big hands around my waist.

“Are you having an affair?”

Unlike the pretty smile on his mouth, his eyes were burning hot.

No….. you know, I’m ready to get divorced…..

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이혼당할 준비 완료했습니다
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64 Reviews

Jul 24, 2020
Status: c10
Read the spoilers since I thought this story was gonna be fluffy, but nope. Apparently everyone lost their braincells in the war and only drank dumb bit*h juice all seven years. F*ck the ML, f*ck the princess, f*ck the temple, f*ck the royals, f*ck the soldiers. Simply infuriating. Also MC is kind, smart, etc., but unfortunately follows Korean novel tropes and lacks a backbone. Just dump ML and run away with 2nd ML since barely anyone appreciates you anyway. God I'm so pissed. She's your boss, she gives you your... more>> paycheck, she built up the dukedom, she gave your duke the best childhood, but apparently she's still some evil villainess lol?? So it's okay to support a pretty outsider and actively help her homewreck a married couple. Useless ML ofc does nothing and lets everyone badmouth MC, including his own subordinates whom he saved during the war. Subordinates hate MC whom they've never met and keep advising their boss to divorce all the time so he can marry the fallen white lotus princess. Lol if I were ML I would regret saving their lives <<less
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Sep 13, 2020
Status: c32
Dropping this in advance bc I can tell this story is going to piss me off after reading some spoilers. I don't understand MCs who drastically change the plot by not being a typical villainess, but then are too afraid to pursue the male lead and want to step aside for someone else. Like wtf? If you already changed the story this much, then just go the full 10 yards and keep the ML for yourself! I know myself and any other logical person would do that. I would sink... more>> my claws so deep into the Duke, they would need surgery to separate us. But noooo..... MC wants to let ML be with the princess so she is willing to have her reputation dragged through the dirt and everyone misunderstand her so she can divorce peacefully.


please explain to me what kind of fool the head knight Brien is? He was literally hired by MC to train ML as a soldier, and now he is rooting for the homewrecker princess against his f*cking employer? His BOSS? I don't understand?! Even if he thinks that MC has a more sisterly relationship with the ML, he should be the last person sticking a foot in the marriage and encouraging ML to break his vows with the woman who made him who he is today! And it's not just him! Under what twisted logic should a vassal/servant be rooting for their master to take a new wife? Especially when the princess has not even done anything. Like if she had saved everyone's life or smthng I would kinda understand, but all she did was look pretty and give the description of the enemy general so that ML could hunt him down. That's not that special, even a random POW could've done that.


And finally, I have beef with the ML. If he had been firmer in putting his foot down, that goddamn princess would not be able to run around this house willy nilly acting like she owns the place. Like, it's literally his place? He just needs to tell the guards to not let her in and that problem would be over. Eventually,

I think he reports to newspapers or smthng that he has one lawfully wedding wife who he loves but for me, it's too little too late


I don't mind a story with a passive MC, but this one lies down and takes each hit without striking back. I can already tell it will be super bad for my blood pressure so I'm dropping it. <<less
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Oct 31, 2020
Status: c54
Separate Ratings

Before the ML came back from war : 5 STARS!

After the ML came back from war : 1 STAR (+additional 1 star for the translators who actually spent their time on this novel)

... more>> Tbh I really want to rate this as 4 stars, or atleast 3, but I just can't. I love the beginning chapters. I know the story is fluffy and all, but the story is just too infuriating.

(My IQ lowers every time I read it and yet I've come this far... huh masochist.. Ok, dropping this before I hurt my brain & heart more.)

Trust me, I have read a lot of books, either CN, KR, or JP; and I always trust KR on novels and manhwa as they always have this beautiful packaging in stories and deep plots, but this novel is like a third-rate CN manhua, whereas all the characters are always deemed as black or white; evil or good. I am very dissapointed at my false judgement.

We all enjoy stories with grey plots, especially when it hits home; people must have a reason to do something bad and either way, but no, this story always have people (mainly side-characters) who hates or love someone with no reason whatsoever. They always pick side, never in their life they ever just "don't care" about people's life.



Duke's War Knights/Vassals : *heard that the duke has not receive letters from his wife when in battlefield*

"Oh no! She's definitely cheating behind his back. Woah the house servants are all loyal to her, hmph, What kind of tricks did she do? The princess is better! Yea f*ck the duchess we also have the right to pick our lord's marriage partner even if we haven't heard any opinions from him yet! His life is ours to decide!! Oh yeah, and let's trust the baseless rumours too!!!"

I mean, like, bro, y'all just went to a f**king war for a f**king long time, don't you have your own f**king life to live? Your family to spend ur life with and idk a life to care about??? Why would you care about your infamously "cold-hearted" duke's romance???? How did y'all win the war with that brain of yours, for f*** sakes! Y'all are men but why are y'all acting like noble widows who gossips all the time? Don't you have any respect for the duke who, idk, led you at a 7 years of war?

With that intelligent of yours, you're supposed to die on the first year of war. I'm surprised you survived. It's a f*cking great miracle that is unnecessary, I guess.

Sorry, I'm just so mad at this story's side-characters' mindset. It's just..... mind-blowing.


NGL it's like a naive twelve years old kid wrote this story.

Also the FL and the ML characters feels kinda dry. No, I mean all the characters are. But seriously the FL-ML couple are so naive and ugh, just infuriating! I understand the ML at first as he was a child who was just hungry for love. But after he came back from the war, why is he still naive and dense?

I've read a lot of books with war as it's main or side plot and most of it not only have sword battles and blood-bath, but intelligent schemes also come to play. Especially war with duration for more than 5 years. Enemies have their own ways to just bring them down even in dirty ways. Sending prostit**es, spies, bribes, spreading hoax / fake infos for the army to mess up their strats. But sure, okay, let's just say this story's war doesn't have anything like it. It's all just sword-battle war for the whole 7 years and no dirty moves come to play, or maybe the supposedly war "leader" just don't handle that kind of things and leave it to his strategist (idk who cuz all of his war subordinates seems so s*upid to me).

Let's move on to the FL then.. Yo, she's like what, live two lifes already? She's supposed to be an adult by now, atleast mentally. She already met a lot of people in her two lives, different kind of people, with different personalities, habits and mentality. She was supposed to be told as intelligent in the story, and what, she's letting people says whatever they want? Ok then, but letting them insult you, misunderstood you, and not so sensitive to your surroundings? Why! Are! You! So! F*cking! s*upid!

Idk man this is the first time I wrote so much review on a novel that I'm dropping, that is just how restless I am abt this novel. The story prompt was interesting but the execution is just VERY horrible. There are just so much plot-holes, s*upidity, and incurable mindsets that I want to talk about. The characters doesn't have any personalities, they feel like puppets to the author. It's making me insane.

Well, maybe some people enjoy this kind of plot so I don't even care anymore. I'm just dropping my opinions on this. Ciao. <<less
59 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 04, 2020
Status: c55
This is the most frustrating novel on NU. Yes, misunderstandings happen and are, unfortunately, a staple in shoujo romance novels, but this novel takes it up to a whole different level of s*upidity where characters do not act like actual human beings with any form of intelligence at all. Collective idiocy, coupled with an MC who's supposedly smart yet only misunderstands everything, makes for a very, very frustrating read.

Rather than continue, just go read the spoiler to the ending and save yourself from this mess.
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Nov 02, 2020
Status: c116
First arc is good but starting when ML comes back from the war everyones IQ plummets, communication stops, and illogical things start happening. All of this occurs for the sake of drama and its just so childish and frustrating.
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Nov 13, 2020
Status: c62
This has gotten totally ridiculous. It's just dragging on and on and on, no progress at all because each chapter is written from one of a dozen characters' points of view. (Made up names, actual points of view) Who cares what Dave the soldier thinks about characters 1-5? And then the point of view of Larry the mercenary. And Barbara, the maid of tragic heroine. And Cookie, the pretty daughter of Baron FrownyFace the third. And then Nellie, the maid of Princess Flowerhead, who is the niece of Emperor Busybody,... more>> who apparently doesn't have an empire to run and is playing matchmaker for one of (one would assume) several hundred relatives.

And the male lead is how old and doesn't understand what these weird feelings mean? Good grief, they apparently sent a mentally stunted simpleton to a war I guess. I just want to wash my hands of all of these people.

Apparently nobody in this story other than Elodie has any actual work to do or anything going on in their lives other than drama around the 400 women who want to jump on Duke Simpleton's meatstick. And what is really disgusting is that everyone has these knee-jerk reactions to these characters based entirely on their looks - no one seems to consider a single thing about the personalities of the characters in question. Duke Simpeton is sooo hawt, y'all. Princess Flowerhead is like a moonlight forest fairy of the stars. Neither one is capable of critical thinking in any way, so I guess all they have going for them is their looks after all. UGGHHHH <<less
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Oct 17, 2020
Status: c35
1.0 (for some reason the review window shows 4 stars and (1.0) in parenthesis. O.o)

Plot is forced upon the reader with no subtlety at all. Moments worthy of drama or skipped with a paragraph, while things that are unworthy of a paragraph are made into entire arcs. No character depth, but if everything is a puppet to a plot that can't stand on it's own, that's to be expected. Author uses heavy themes to have them. 10 year war? Yeah, happens in the background. Child-abuse? Used to push plot... more>> forward. There's no depth to these themes. At some point a person important to the plot has a life-threatening disease. Serious and with debilitating effects, not dissimilar to leprosy. Leprosy was a HUGE deal, it changed your life and life of your closest kin. Here... it turns to be something to be dealt with within a paragraph or so. Deeper thoughts? Don't cross anybody's mind here. You can see what author feels comfortable with by what he avoids and what he delves deeper into. Unfortunately things that would bring you greater enjoyment and make characters relatable are frequently avoided.

There's plenty of bad things and badly handled things but I'm not gonna rant. The blurb never came to be and halfway through what I read it was obvious it won't come. Forcing it now feels really bad and brings my enjoyment down with each attempt. The author deconstructs the earlier chapters of his own story with these forced "developments" - his privilege to do so.

For me the breaking point was after the war when author decided to clear up the frequent drama point he used earlier. No letters between the sibling-like married couple.

Both are supposedly devastated by no letters, both theoretically love each other, and finally topic comes - by accident and ML tells his wife he got no letters except the one she gave him when he was leaving. And in the span of 1 paragraph he's able to trace back the reason for no letters and "solve" the "puzzle". It took only 7 years of war and a lengthy journey back and then two days back before the topic came up and then it was instantaneous to solve. And the answer was...


Absolutely moronic. So, the FML (armed with her memories from before her transmigration) _rightly_ dislikes the temple and thinks they are evil. BUT she passes all the pills and medicine that she meant "for her baby" who's on the front of a brutal war... TO THE PRIESTS. Because? Because author needed the "I got no letter from him/her for an entire war" trope for drama. Can't she dispatch 10 knights with news DIRECTLY to "her baby"? No. She knows the temple is eeeeveeel. She knows the temple eyes her magical pills and cures. She wants them delivered to "her baby" - she GOT into entire medicine business with that as one of her primary goals, that she would have medicine and panacea and blood-replenishing and body-strenghtening and what-not medicines. And the fact it wasn't delivered for BLOODY SEVEN YEARS kinda happened. She was so powerless after all. She, the wife of a duke with incredible assets and several hundreds of loyal people, soldiers and knights included, with her transmigrator powers was unable to make a bloody letter with a medicine packet delivered to her most important family member. Rrright. So - 7 years of war effort and NO NEW RECRUIT was sent his way? With a hidden letter? Author didn't even portray her wondering or searching for "why no reply". Seriously? What an obvious plot-device. He is portrayed as emotionally unstable and s*upid all the way so I kinda (stretchingly, grudgingly) understand that he's unable to get news about his wife. Well, not really. He has a spirit who claims he can track her but... doesn't act on it. Why? Cause plot. But her? Puh-lease. And the reason turns out to be... TEMPLE. INTERCEPTED. EVERY. BLOODY. LETTER. FOR. AN. ENTIRE. 7. YEAR. PERIOD. They were so great at it nobody realized... until the plot allowed the 'heroes' to think for like 20 seconds. Which then made the eeeveeeel teeempleeee bloody obvious culprit. What an artificial way to make the temple even more obviously eeeeveeel. If you can't write a decent villain, just make the clergy the villain I guess. Everybody hates priests so that's an easy way out, I get that. But, really, intercepting the letters for a person with that much power? So, the temple of the nature god is able to intercept mail because nature is written with ink on paper? How does it even work? Priests have healers so they are letter carriers? Whaaa? How the hell would temple - already hated - be able to INTERCEPT post, which is usually one of the CROWN services? We have imperial government but they yielded the post to the temple? Heck, even war censorship during bloodiest earth wars was unable to make letters disappear. Soldiers rebelled otherwise. For instance you would get a letter and portions would be blackened, so you can't read them but still you would get things from home or from the front.


Misunderstood villainess is a common trope now and there are other titles worth your time (and some even are worth your dime). Romance lies in dialogue, interactions between lovers. Here main heroine is "so dense" as the plot requires. She gets bombarded with "romance signals" and is unable to get them, because had she the ability, the author skill would have to be tested. So obviously, this was denied to her. Hidden and never manifested hopes or thoughts and misunderstandings or "relationship so pure that purest fantasy siblings would shy-away from shame" won't help in making a stable, solid relationship. Or even keep it. And all of a sudden changing your characters into props for newest "plot development" introduced in yet another deus-ex-machina way is just poor writing and deconstructs any credibility the character had before.

Good luck author. You're gonna need it. <<less
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Jul 06, 2020
Status: c2
this is such a cute story and seems very promising to me. I quite like the ML to be quite the possessive type. Also for someone to bully such a cute kid, that person surely is not right in his mind.
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 06, 2021
Status: c76
TL;DR: the core of the story good, pacing and bad drama may completely ruin it for some.

Honestly, this isn't all that bad. Probably one of the best novels of this very specific genre. However, in my opinion, this particular series should've been about 40 chapters at most simply because there's nothing more to say about either the characters or the plot by chapter 76. This has 170 chapters, so you can imagine how much padding the author put already, which I imagine, will be the trend for the rest of... more>> the story's runtime.

The negative reviews have explained very well why all that unnecessary bloating ruins the novel. The typical "one step forward, two steps backward" approach to storytelling. The characters grow or resolve a misunderstanding only for another misunderstanding to supersede the previous one and return to square one (or at a worse place). Personally, this really broke the immersion I had with the story and pretty much lowers the enjoyment I derived from it because I was honestly hooked by some of the characters and moments in here. It's a shame, really.

The five-stars reviews are just pretending to not see those "big" issues, which is fine considering that there's still a lot of things it does well, but be prepared to be disappointed by the infuriating, mindless drama and pacing that goes on for far – and I mean FAR – too long. Don't go in thinking that it's a 5/5 stars novel and that the people complaining are just malding. If you can read this in one sitting, then you'll probably get a lot of fun out of it before the disappointment kicks in. <<less
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Jul 08, 2020
Status: c67
From what I can tell so far, this will be another cute, fluffy, romance, "raising the love interest like a little brother" type novel, with a cute possessive ML and some world building in the background.

I don't know how to change my rating but just know if I could I would give it a 3

update: Lol the way the vassals and knights treat her makes my blood boil, you can't fix idiocy but they actually can't seem to get it into their heads that maybe our MC isn't a... more>> bad person and stop using that to push their own dumb agendas

Im really starting to hate elody the classic there's no way he can love me because a book told me so like ughhhh it's so frustrating

I'm still going to continue reading this because I'm a machonistic little shite who likes suffering T-T <<less
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Drowning Citrus
Drowning Cit
Sep 28, 2020
Status: c40
This is really nice novel. (I'm sorry if that sentence doesn't cut for you so here's a monologue.)

The main character is one of the most genuine people that I have ever read about. The MC, from the start, explains that she will only try to raise him as a little brother (which most ppl get angry at) but, in all honesty, this doesn't last that long because of the reasonable timeskips. She tries her best at everything and not just to save herself. Due to the fact that in... more>> her past life, she didn't have a family, she's pretty much like a sister who experiences life for the first time with her brother. All misunderstandings are not dragged out in an annoying manner because they end properly and aren't dragged out. The author (sort of) gives each side a chance (yes, even the main villain) by explaining each side's circumstances clearly and straight to the point.

*light spoiler time!! Read at your own risk?*


Because of her continuous care for the ML as a child, both MC and ML grew extremely protective and dependant on each other whether they both know it or not. Everything is subtly and not so subtly set up so if you're rereading it, you can see what the author had put so much foreshadowing. So, basically, you blame everything on the temple like all the other people. The original female lead (who was actually nice from the start I guess) was "turned into a villain" by the temple. She was alone, kind of scared, and the person who saved her doesn't give a poop about her. So when the temple offered her consultations and white lies she took it because she was so naive and mentally scarred at that certain moment.

The ML is still acting like a child to the MC because he thinks that's how she likes him the most. He also tries to only show the MC his "good" side which means he's also extremely careful with his face lol. He's overprotective and so easily jealous but he treats the MC like a powerful yet delicate god that shouldn't be touched by anybody who would potentially steal her love from him. He actually listens (And learns!) which is a lot to ask for when reading them Chinese romance novels. The best part is, the MC and the ML actually talk it out sometimes because the ML isn't scared of asking the MC questions about what she feels about him and whatever problems that he may discover.


It's nice, it's light, characters actually think and doubt so you should read this. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 13, 2021
Status: c80
This novel went on a downward spiral. Before the ML went to war, I'd have given this a solid 4 stars. After he returned from war, nothing made sense anymore; the plot just started to take a weird and unnecessary spin. My question to the author is, after the MC or FL realized she was in a "fictional" world and inhabiting the body of the "villainess" and decided she was going to change the storyline by being a good duchess and not a cruel one, and after all her efforts... more>> reviving the duchy, why would it make sense that she would willingly give away her position to the princess, by divorcing the ML? If she truly cared for the ML, why has she not considered how the adult ML truly feels about their marriage? Not once has she thought how the adult ML truly feels about her and instead, she decides divorce is the best option? Based on what, the original plot? She wanted the princess and ML to end up together but why did she purposely changed the plot in the beginning by being the good duchess, no longer the villainess? For her survival? All that efforst so she can throw away all her hard work over the years, live alone and away from the duchy that she worked so hard to develop? Every chapter after the ML returns just got weirder and weirder. It makes no sense at all. Wasted my time reading this novel. Let this be your cautionary tale. Find another worthwhile novel you can enjoy. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 29, 2021
Status: --
Just reading the spoilers' stressing me out! I thought this is something like cute-little-story that could cure my stress but after reading the spoilers I couldn't read this anymore. I got attracted by the summary expecting the ML is something posessive/clingy but it turns out he is so dumb asf! They called him a hero but couldn't protect his wife from the rumours- I mean yes he's cute but whyyy! They don't deserve the MC reaaally! Just get a divorce and let the people and ML suffer for what they... more>> did to the MC! The story is good but the people, princess and the temple are just hdiwnodnwondpa. (How to change the stars rating? Lol) <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 21, 2020
Status: c62
So sad, I first read this novel because it seems interesting. Well, early chapters (when they are still kids) are okay, but once they grew up the story really went downhill.

I could make a book of essay of how dumb the characters in this story or how dumb+repetitive the story goes, but that's tiring. So I'll just say that the characters are only 'great' because the author claimed so. FL is dumb (despite described as smart), ML is unreliable (despite being a hero), the maids are ungrateful (despite them described... more>> as very grateful), etc.

I know this might sounds weird, but Heinz (the one that's being the annoying-idiot of this story) is the most believable and true to his character (as an idiot and wishy-washy character). (Gosh, I can't believe I praised Heinz of all people)

The story up until I write this (ch 52) has gone in a loop of people wanting to separate FL and ML. However, it repetitively used people's monologue of how they despise the other party (pro FL to anti FL, anti FL to FL / pro FL) which made this gets boring real quick.


Sigh, I want to give it 1* since the story doesn't get any better since the last I read (ch52), but somehow I can't. Well, let's just say the +1* is for my appreciation to the translator. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 12, 2020
Status: c61
Good God this is one hell of a frustrating and infuriating novel, it started out promisingly and wonderfully but ever since the time skip everybody acts like they have a brain defect and couple extra chromosomes. And I mean everyone. The main character that let herself be pushed around and let misunderstandings grow, the side characters that constantly change mood and opinion 180° and simp 24/7, the male lead that doesn't give a crap about the malicious rumors that's hurting his wife and their relationship. It just makes no sense.... more>> You just at some point want to see it all burn. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 05, 2020
Status: c2
Gosh you say you treat him like a younger brother? Then why do you encourage him to call you wife?

You want to develop a medicine for your future poison while saying you won't use underhanded tricks to poison the princess? Huuuhhh????

Goodness just another brainless ret*rd reincarnation. I'm just in the middle of chap2 and I can already see so many mistakes. How much more to the next chapter.

... more>> Then I read the comments and it's such a good thing I dropped it early.

It's funny how they curse so much because I can imagine how much of a meee it'll be <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 27, 2020
Status: c4
Yet another novel when character's supposed age does not match at all how that character is written. Caville is supposed to be thirteen at the start of the book, but as he's written, he's more like five years old.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 14, 2020
Status: c9
Not much to say because it's like almost every story in this genre, except with some disturbing pe*ophilic allusions (age difference of physical body isnt much so I won't have a problem with romance later, but literally he's still an 8-year-old and author is already implying romantic feelings??)

Only reason I rated 4 instead of 3 is because translations are pretty good (especially for this genre, which for some reason often has wonky translations???)
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 22, 2020
Status: c8
A really soild and cute romance. I love how the author built the FL and ML's childhood up. I hope this novel continues to be translated!
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 19, 2020
Status: c8
This story is so sweet like teeth rotting sweet so far. The FL is level-headed and like the synopsis, treats the ML with kindness and takes care if everything like an adult traps inside a child's body. The translation is great. Overall, really cute story.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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