I Became the Wife of the Monstrous Crown Prince


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She transmigrated into the body of Ancia, the current wife of the monstrous crown prince, Blake, in an R-19 romance novel.

In the original story, Ancia committed su*cide on the day of their marriage, leaving Blake with massive trauma. But this time, Ancia wouldn’t do such a thing.

Blake was the second male lead in the original novel. He was portrayed as a beast that possessed an exquisite facade. Yet, right now, he was behaving just like an innocent rabbit.

The only person who can remove the crown prince’s curse is the heroine, Diana. My role is to just keep this little boy from getting hurt and then step down in time, but…..

“Ancia, don’t leave me!”

This little rabbit keeps chasing me.

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The Little Princess and Her Monster Prince (manhwa)
괴물 황태자의 아내가 되었습니다
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89 Reviews

Sep 16, 2020
Status: c3
this is the absolute dumbest sh*t there is.

First, the MC has the personality of a sheet of A4 paper. She has no interal comflict, no lingering regrets, not even the slightest doubt about the situation she was suddenly thrown in. Pretty much she's like “oh, so I'm inside that novel I read. Cool.” She's a 10 years old political hostage with no backing and no real power, but then she goes “y'all are fired, we finna do things my way, ” and literally no one questions it, what?

Secondly, there's zero... more>> worldbuilding other than “this is one of those villainess girls' novels, ” that's literally it. And so far, what little plot is there is full of contradictions and plotholes: “Why is the crown prince being literally treated like garbage when he's the only heir? How is he ugly when he's described as a pretty boy? How does a 10y.o girl manage a whole palace and everyone is okay with it?”

It goes without saying that the ML is also incredibly bland; he's just a crybaby, and that's it. There's only “fluff” in this novel although very cheaply written. 90% of each chapter is the MC kinda holding this boy's hand and saying things to him, I guess.

This reads like a cheap fanfiction of another cheap transmigration novel, I get that it's the fluff uwu owo what comprises the core of this type of novels, but how does no one have a problem with how dumb and uninspired it is? It's just lazy writing, there are tons of better novels of this genre.

TL;DR: Hard skip, lazy and dumb. Makes my galaxy brain bleed. The fluff is not worth it. <<less
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Nov 19, 2020
Status: c82
Had to drop it because of this new plot that's trying to be a compelling drama, but all the characters involved come off as two-dimensional, blank, and paper thin as a sheet of printer paper. I never expected the worldbuilding in this story to be strong, but the flashback that comes up in the later chapters is not only dull but poorly conceived to the point of being nonsensical. There was an actually intriguing plot being hinted when FL finds the empire's founding myth to be suspect (like, why would... more>> the royal family be cursed by the goddess if they worship said goddess as their almighty divinity??? It makes no sense when you think about it, but it passes just because it's a long-held faith and taken as a given).

There's something genuinely interesting in seeing an outsider character (like FL) dig into the empire's founding and deconstruct their mythos/belief system, as it could make for some pretty interesting commentary about blind faith and state-sanctioned/censored history, but nah. We got none of that. No complex political motivations and intrigue. No deep conspiracy hiding a dark secret that could topple the empire's entire existence and question the royal family's legitimacy. We just get a dog-blood s*** drama and it's not even the fun kind where you can enjoy eating popcorn as a bystander-reader.


It turns the FL is a reincarnation of a friend of the goddess of light, Serphania, who gave the FL (Ancia, or Laontel) her blessings. But she was schemed against by the evil man Philip, who manipulated Serphania and got a lot of blessings from her. Phillip then kills Laontel's lover, who the ML reincarnated from, because he actually loves Laontel and not Serphania. Serphania KNEW this but STILL GAVE HIM HER POWERS???? THEN SHE HAS THE GALL TO BLAME FL FOR 'BETRAYING' AND ABANDONING HER WHEN FL F**** DIED??????? im so mad im sorry

Like forreal, Serphania is supposed to be a goddess?? She has never once acted like one. Not even like a cutesy, demure and naive goddess. She's selfish, vindictive, has selective memory and blames others for actions she herself committed. F*ck off with "she's the goddess of light". The worst part is that this is all revealed in a flashback and the goddess still doesn't repent or feel remorse for her actions.


Again, I wasn't really expecting anything amazing or profound in this novel. It never struck me as a hidden writing gem. But that above arc? Absolute poop. So much useless drama and terribly written villains. And that's not even touching on the other aspects of the story.

The MC/FL has very little personality and no drive. She never changes and remains super nice and kind to everyone (with the exception of over-the-top, exaggerated villains/antagonists). The ML has a bit more character but isn't given the chance to show development. The ML's father is also a bit better because we understand his drive/motivation. We even get to see his relationship with someone who isn't the ML/FL, and it's one that is very close to a father-son relationship but with a master-servant status. But, again, we don't really see him do anything or really change himself outside of what concerns the ML and FL. The father/emperor is the most interesting character by far, but the story focuses largely on ML/FL so we don't get to see a lot of him anyway.

Translations are okay. There are a few grammatical or spelling errors, but not enough to make it difficult to read. The writing itself is not strong, lacking in tension, atmosphere, and mood.

tl;dr - Somewhat fluffy to start out with, but never grows or heads to an interesting direction. When plot is introduced, it's a plot where all characters lose any sensibility or logic and the drama is full of dog-blood and melodrama. Not worth it. <<less
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Sep 30, 2020
Status: c48
The novel is an attempt at fluff with intrigue but falls short. The "fluff" just involves the MC making various (random) Korean dishes for the ML et al. And capturing their hearts along the way with comments like "You have magnificent abs" to the father-in-law. The "intrigue" is the ML's curse and mild politics where hostile parties are easily stonewalled with the MC's firm words and rejections.

Look, I enjoy food and enjoy reading about food like (e.g., God of Cooking), but it becomes strange when in this sort of setting,... more>> the MC is making things like tofu and soybean stew with maids and butlers every other chapter to feed her husband and father-in-law all the while having internal struggles like "I already ate, but should I eat again with you? Ah, I don't know?!"

This isn't some foray into uncharted territories. I'm sure we are all familiar with this setting, with this sort of plot, and with these sorts of characters. This particular novel, however, does them in a watered-down way with puzzling attempts at fluff and characterizations that beleaguer belief. I'm surprised I read this many chapters and probably only did because it reminded me of some of other enjoyable novels. <<less
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Mar 28, 2021
Status: c94
I honestly gave up on this novel, seriously.

It started off great (not extraordinary but I thought it was one of those basic fluff stories)

i was expecting romance and not kids play till freaking chapter 94.

... more>> then the author started something like a bad backstory of the whole kingdom which could’ve turned out great.

(it didn’t) it just made everything annoying and confusing and made the reader just frustrated with EVERYTHING.

just as other reviews say the FL literally doesn’t have a personality, she cooks all day or tells her husband how cute he is.

(And the development between the FL and the Ml?)

the ML liked her since chapter 1, she showed him kindness and that’s it.
yea she was looking after him but she kept treating him like a child, she was always being like „im not a Child“ but she couldn’t even figure his feelings for her out which were more than obvious.

the Story could’ve been interesting if the FL had an actual personality and there had been SOME development romantically.
(a Kiss on the cheek I mean c‘mon)

i was at a point where I just forced myself to keep reading because is was hoping, HOPING for some romance because that’s why I started reading this.

yea no

didn’t happen

what I got was more and more and more drama and it wasn’t good, it was frustrating stuff after frustrating stuff.

Why keep reading something when it only serves the purpose to agitate you now? So I stopped. <<less
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Aug 19, 2020
Status: c10
I think it's a little bit faster to decide the rate of this novel since it's only 10 chapter ahead. But bitj since I love this novel from the start my magnanimous heart give it 5 rate :)

This novel is you typicall reborn to novel theme wich is very clićhe, but not gonna lie I love this clićhe theme.

i love their interaction so far. It's very cute and lovely, I hope the FL will be more beaver than she was (I'm not saying she's timid and weak, she's a... more>> brave FL wich is why I like her)

The ML so far is still a cute little rabit, I hope the next and next Chapter will upload fast because I want to see him being a bad bastard and loving husband :) ?

Oh yea the last thing I want to say is thank you translator-nim! For translating this novel, I hope you will not drop it :)) thankyou! <<less
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Dec 10, 2020
Status: c83
I've been reading this novel for a while now, but I stopped a few weeks back. Why? Because this is slowly going off track. The novel's summary says it's about a cursed male lead under the facade of a cute, innocent rabbit who falls in love/becomes obsessed with Ancia who transmigrated into the novel world. The real novel is straying away from that concept. I try to give reviews without spoilers so as to let future readers know what to expect- and it's that, while the first ~50 chapters are... more>> good, the more recent chapters are somewhat of a letdown. I'm not going to drop this yet, because this used to be one of my favorite novels. But I can't help but to be blunt with this review because this novel has taken an awful turn.


If you're wondering what "turn" I'm talking about; it's the turn where Ancia is revealed to be Laontel and Blake is actually Rakshul. I could bear this plot twist-- until Ancia's soul is transferred to Serphania's body?? And a timeskip of like eight years?? On top of that, Ancia can't speak or write. My patience is worn thin because of Serphania being an idiot before (and still being an idiot!) but by this point, I'm burning with frustration.

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Nov 08, 2020
Status: c81
2/5 stars. I can’t change the rating on mobile. Up until ch 66, it was good. It had a lot of fluff and interactions between FL and ML. However, after that, they introduce new characters and the focus of the story changed. The new characters are super dumb and reading it made me extremely frustrating. If you stop reading around chapter 66, it’s a good read. After that, you’ll feel like you’ve wasted your time because the later period of the novel is bad.
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Dec 07, 2020
Status: c92
This is one of my favorite novels. If you have noticed, you can see that most of the bad reviews are by people who have read barely 30 chapters. If you are looking for darkness and pain, then this isn't the novel for you. But if you just want a light fluff to lighten your mood, I'd really recommend this novel.

For those who found the OG Ancia's death fishy, don't worry. You were right. It was a fishy death that's been explained after around 70+ chaps. I think the novel... more>> has high potential. The worldbuilding is only properly explained in the more recent chaps, so if you don't have the patience, it's understandable for some readers to drop it.

But honestly, the latest chapters have been keeping me on edge and awaiting what's next. For the ones who dropped the novel in its early stages, all I can say is that you are missing out on a very interesting twist in the story.

I really adore the relation between Ancia, Blake and the King. The trio is really too adorable and my favorite. I won't say that the characters are perfect since all characters are supposed to have flaws in the first place. If you are patient enough to read the entire thing, you'll definitely find it worth it! I'd give this 5 stars because the story is amazing and the translation is really great too, but since the impatient readers that wish to find out what is going on in the early stages itself, I'll reduct a star. <<less
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Nov 21, 2020
Status: c20
I liked this novel so far. Just I'm here to vent my frustrations on some issues, just ignore my ranting

why MC try matchmaking former FL with crown prince when they don't even know each other and get sad all by yourself..!!!? Why the hell do you think he would be excited and nervous to meet FL first time (the so-called love) when they haven't even met once....?? Do you have to torment yourself so much mentally, huh?..


Now I feel relaxed
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Jul 30, 2021
Status: c120
TL;DR : Skip it. Fluff that degenerates into a particularly angsty and lengthy soap opera.

It starts as a very clichéd but cute fluffy transmigration story. The female lead is truly bland, and she saves everyone with kindness and Korean cooking (why is this a trope ? Are women desperate to imagine their cooking skills can save empires ? Cooking is great. You use it every day for joy and sustenance but no matter how tasty your dishes are, it won't solve any deep grievances between people. Stop it with this... more>> trope).

So at first we have a very basic but cute and heart-warming story, if you don't think about it too much (it is quite creepy a 20 plus year old woman fell in love with a 10 or 12-year-old boy).

The minor villains are just ridiculous. They would just come to the crown prince or princess and tell them they are disgusting and monsters because they have a face tattoo or are married to someone with a face tattoo, which of course almost immediately leads to them being arrested for Lèse-majesté... obviously and then be hanged or imprisoned. This happens like four times. Sometimes the FL will ignore the offender due to her magnanimity and general passivity, but how s*upid do you have to be to do this in the first place ? Like, scheme a little.

Some reviewer mentioned it is weird the FL could just fire the spying maids. It isn't weird, she is the Crown Princess, of course she can fire maids. She could have had them hanged for being not bubbly enough, not to mention embezzlement, spying and disdain for the crown. Especially when the Emperor is tacitly on their side. It is a weird trope in the genre random maids can abuse royalty.

Then the plot becomes increasingly silly and convoluted. Everyone is a reincarnation of someone from a thousand years ago and the mysterious history hinted at in the first part in small bits and pieces is just dropped on you like a piano and it makes no sense and is quite boring.

All the characters in this story are plot devices and not actual characters. It is horrible. The main villain just doesn't make sense. If a character is to be portrayed as straight-up evil, then it needs to relish in it. Enjoy the power or the abuse or anything, but the main villain here just does horrible things while being more and more miserable.

Spoilers from here:


Why did he even start fighting the Goddess after he basically already won? He could have kept her as a concubine at the point she was powerless and she is such a ridiculous doormat in the story she wouldn't have minded. It isn't like the FL rejected him because she wanted to be an Empress or the only wife. If you are going to try and break her emotionally anyway, what does it matter ? Just a s*upid plan. He could have blackmailed the FL to marry him simply by threatening her family, which he did anyway. Am I supposed to believe someone who killed his own children with his own hands is against blackmail ?

The other main villain, Ser, is even worse. So she is trapped somewhere for a thousand years being burned alive all this time and is a bit insane, but somehow overall okay at this point. Just after being saved, while still in some prison dimension, being clearly confused and distraught and suffering from psychological damage she says something s*upid to the ML like "Why didn't you save me earlier ? It must be because of the ML, I will kill him". This is clearly insane and nonsensical since the FL was dead or in another world for most of that period, nothing to do with the ML. Why would you even have this conversation at this point ? So does the FL do what a sane person would, hug her warmly for some time and say, "I'm sorry for being late, I love you and missed you. Let us get out of here and I will feed you some of my magical Korean cooking, have a nap and then talk of this whole killing the ML thingy" ? No, she goes. "No, kill me instead."

So now Ser is even more confused and trapped in this s*upid situation. She almost kills the FL by a mistake, then sacrifices herself to save her, which involves them body swapping and Ser being now conveniently amnesiac and truly insane. What is this nonsense plot ? It is just tiresome.


Similar over the top soap opera level melodrama repeats several times... So I dropped this. Honestly, I should have dropped it earlier. The writing is quite poor as well. <<less
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Sep 06, 2020
Status: c27
Highly recommend this novel. Everything is so good that there’s hardly anything to dislike. The MC and the ML are so cute, so lovey dovey. And the relationship between MC and her sister - the heroine - is also great. They love each other.

It’s hilarious to see the sister and the husband arguing who loves the MC more


Plus we have the almighty daddy material in this novel. I swear I love the emperor the most.

And yeah if I saw his abs I wouldn’t know where to look or what to say either, just like so MC lol


Now I can’t wait for the next update omg can’t wait
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Aug 26, 2020
Status: --
Absolutely YES!! I love this novel sooo much and highly recommended it to you reader guys!! From the plotline to MC & ML personality, it’s all good!! Wishing more readers to find this gem, become a highly anticipated readers who can’t wait for the update like me!

thank you translator-nim if u read this, I hope you can continue your wonderful work and update it daily~~ thanks a bunch❤️❤️

I like how this novel brings me a lot of warm feelings, sure the plot in the future would be a bit complicated... more>> and exciting, but I think the MC will overcome it with the ml— ❤️ <<less
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Aug 26, 2020
Status: c29

I don't know if it's possible to die from cuteness. But it seems I might soon.

There is so much fluff here istg. Love the emperor and the servants. Hate everyone else lol. I HIGHLY RECOMEND IT. If you're a picky with grammar I think you will still be able to read it. Sometimes past & present tense and vice versa get mixed, but you get what it's trying to say. Besides TRANSLATOR-NIM IS UPDATED 1 CH A DAY SO I DO NOT COMPLAIN. (ꈍᴗꈍ)
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Jul 30, 2020
Status: c4
I love it so far. A little bit clich‘e reborn plot ala I don’t want to change the story flow too much. But the characters and the fluff between them are worth the read. Highly recommended.
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Jul 10, 2020
Status: c1
beginning impression... an interesting start! although following the cliché 'reborn/transmigrated into an otome', it's interesting plot wise by the looks of it.

however, the ML being attractive defeats the purpose of why the original ancia killed herself. I suspect maybe she genuinely fell?


seems a bit too lighthearted though.
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Jul 10, 2020
Status: c1
I'm intrigued, so far I like the characters and I can feel the fluff radiating from this.


for now it seems to me like it will be a cute fluffy romance where the villainess gets a chance to become the heroine, a good casual read for when your insulin levels are too high

... more>> characters:

•the MC seems pretty straightforward in her approach to building (or maybe rebuilding?) her relationship with the ML which I can respect

•The ML is bb and will likely stay bb throughout the novel since he's described as a "little rabbit" so probably no yandere, or cute—-> possessive ML here *sniff sniff*

Confusing bits:

• So far the setting isn't very clear in this novel, the mc's position in this world isn't established, nor is the mc's or the ml's age and when the og heroine comes in the picture

in chapter 1 apparently the ML already has the og heroine in his heart and there was also something about her jumping into the lake because she was being abandoned?


•the novel the MC reincarnates into is an R19 novel but it seems that there is neither a josei or a smut tag ? <<less
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May 06, 2021
Status: c126
Love both FL n ML so so much. Nearly die from cuteness overload n some scenes made me so emotional and cry every time I reread 😭.

Thanks so much for translating such wonderful piece. Really looking forward to next update. 🥰❤️
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 20, 2021
Status: Completed
While it's x3000 better than ''Sincerely: I Became a Duke's Maid'' in the storytelling department, MC still suffers from the infamous ''Unable to form a thought'' disease. She's so bland that Anastasia Steele has more agency than her.

I'm just here to read about a kid getting the love he deserves so idc about the plot holes or the lack of the worldbuilding. I'm here for to have a good time, not long time- but this novel didn't give me too much enjoyment. Still, there's cute moments so I'll let it... more>> go. <<less
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Jan 19, 2021
Status: c108
Oh my god this is brilliant. The FL and ML are so cute and the plot is so interesting! The beginning is really fluffy and sweet and cute but oh my goodness the second half is so plot heavy and it's a really good read.
The plot is really deep and the characters are so lovely (most of them...). The MC is beautiful, sweet, strong, and lovely and the ML is absolutely a ball of fluff. It gets very frustrating maybe chapter 70 or so onwards but it's amplifies the... more>> plot very well. <<less
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Jul 03, 2021
Status: Completed
genuinely loved the book lmao no kidding and yes even the goddess part that made people give the book a whole 1/2 stars without even completing the entire arc, , like ??? Makes no sense fr.

First Half of the book - very lighthearted, very sweet, if you're not into op MC and lovable MC, , this is not for you. She takes care of him since everyone else just ignores him out of fear and fires them as well because she knows the emperor will back her up because... more>> he loves his son. It works up to her discovering her skills, father - son relationship improving and blake getting more confident in himself. First half of the book ends with the curse dissolved.

(someone called her a political hostage and that was so funny lmao because there is nothing political about a hated daughter being married to a cursed prince. Both of them were expected to die.)

Second half of the book - was unnecessary but if it wasn't there I would've felt very weird because the book did have foreshadowing towards what happens in this arc. We get infuriating characters but also no drama between leads

even after body switch.

Don't have much to say about the goddess except she was sorta crazy before and later turned batsh*t crazy


(understandable honestly, locked up for hundreds of year.)


goddess arc ends and the final climax of the story is the face-off against Richard


who also got his memories back


and it could've been more exciting but this was a romance focused book so no complaints.

All in all, a nice read, for binging and also for waiting considering this was my first ongoing knovel which I actually enjoyed. It was sweet, intriguing and fruitful. Don't go into this expecting a book with a mystery, so amazing that you stay awake sleepless and remember this is a romance - centred book.

Also thank you so much to the translator for this wonderful book!! <<less
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