I Became a Sick Nobleman


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I became a miserably weak aristocrat in the web novel ‘SSS-Class Knight’.

With a body that can drop at a moment’s notice, no less.

‘Let’s live for now. Let’s fight on.’

I have to survive, even without knowing the ending.

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I Became a Weak Aristocrat
병약한 귀족이 되었다
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New datendudu rated it
May 30, 2024
Status: c15
I read it for the positive reviews, but I don‘t get where they are coming from. The first few chapters are translated properly and afterwards it is just unedited MTL. I don’t understand half of what is going on in the story. Why is this a 4/5 translation? If you like to read to relax then this story is not for you. You really need to work to understand the text. It’s a meh from me.
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Rea_Lovey rated it
August 8, 2022
Status: --
Y'know, despite many people argue that this novel is similiar to tr*sh Count, I personally think that this novel is more similiar to Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji.

I mean, I could see the similiarities of the world-setting in tr*sh Count & Sick Nobleman, but the rest is quite different. On the other hand, Cassion is basically Sebastian in human form, and the dynamic between him and MC is also a reminiscene with Ciel's relationship with Sebastian. (What with a weaker than average human having to rely on the too OP butler. They also... more>> have mutual contract, unlike in the tr*sh Count)

The difference between the two is honestly just the starting point of the journey. Black Butler start with Ciel already strong, and we readers slowly revealing his past as a weak child. But in Sick Nobleman, we start with MC at his lowest, and slowly going with him on a journey to regains his title & power.

On the other hand, Cale didn't need to struggle. His main motive is to prevent future disaster, and he already said so many times that if he could ditch the journey, he would. <<less
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June 10, 2021
Status: ch03
It's actually pretty good. The translation is also pretty good. What surprised me is that he's actually VERY sick and almost dying. I thought original body's sickness will cure after he transmigrates and being sickly was just his reputation. Thank God it's not. And his first power up didn't cure his disease. Since his disease is unknown, it's probably gonna be a long journey to cure it completely so I'm looking forward to that.
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striiker rated it
June 6, 2021
Status: c3
3 chapters in, looks promising. TL isn't perfect but it's decent. Premise doesn't look massively original but it's in the early stages so of course it looks like that. Not much else to say this early on but it's worth the read so far. Nothing really negative to say. I'm looking forward to future chapters.
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NyxAckerman rated it
March 25, 2022
Status: c47
Some comments said it's like tr*sh of the count's family but I don't think so... yes the butler and tree part is almost the same but if u read more it's very different. Its about a guy who runs around with his sick body to clear out threats, get allies and get better little by little. It's a light read where it's not really heavy and I like that, I even finished all the translated updates. The interactions of the butler and the MC is fun also the other characters.... more>> The MC is realistic since he understood the weight of having to kill people with his command. He is very emphatic towards other people but dense about things that involve him. Very stubborn and his strong will is the main thing about him. <<less
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Yakumomo rated it
August 31, 2021
Status: c22
First thing, english is not my first language, and I only read the translation provided in NU

It's good. The plot is interesting, when people expect fast power up MC but this one picture the struggle the MC have to pass (though I can understand if in the future MC power up faster). What I really like is how humane the MC is.

... more>>

there's this chapter where he have to 'clean' his mansion/palace (?) from people this one organization that sell drugs slip in his family to monitor them. From maid to knight almost none of them work there because of his family. So he killed those people and he's crying after it. The way he cried because the guilty that he had killed them by basically saying a few words just hit me with how realistic his emotion is pictured. Because you know he's a transmigrated soul and had never kill people


It's my first time reading story with MC like this. Though sadly (for me) the translation is a struggle to read, there's POV change that I don't know if it's the translation fault or it's already like that from RAW. <<less
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Tsunchan rated it
July 12, 2021
Status: c3
How do I say it..... He got things very easily and it's so so similar to TCF


Got a butler who is the head of assassin guild or sth in chapter 2 by saying he'll give him the sword he want (yep butler, assassin, similar to Ron).
Got one of the powers left by the heroes from a tree in his backyard in chapter 3. The butler cut it for him. Pass the 'trial' easily and walla he got the power. (If you read TCF the tree idea is same as where Cale got his Indestructible Shield and the power itself is similar to Vitality of the Heart)


Well he's sick so can't expect much. Also I'm sorry as I can't help but compare it to TCF

It's not bad tho so do give it a try if you're bored
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BookedOnAFeeling rated it
April 14, 2022
Status: c23
A good book with an interesting premise. I think it's worth a read but it does have one problem holding it back.

A paragraph of dialogue will often be immediately followed by another paragraph of dialogue but spoken by the same person and this isn't made clear. This happens a lot.

When two bits of dialogue are placed one after the other with nothing separating them, this means one person is talking and another is responding.

If the same person is speaking in both instances, there should be a link between the two... more>> that clearly shows this. For this novel, let's say a pause to catch his breath after a sudden coughing fit.

The problem is inconsistency. Sometimes the distinction during dialogue is very clear and then it suddenly isn't often in the same chapter or even the same scene. Figuring out who's talking becomes a bit of a chore when you come across generic bits of dialogue that could be said by anyone.

That said, I like the story and characters. The only reason I brought up this issue is that it hinders comprehension of the story. <<less
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aubruh rated it
June 28, 2021
Status: --
I really like this novel so far! Ruel and Cassion have a very interesting dynamic and the plot is keeping me intrigued so far, even if it’s a bit slow paced.
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eiei rated it
March 6, 2023
Status: c81
It’s the type of story that getting better and better as the story process. How it not info-dump and let us learn about the situation with the MC (as the knowledge he had from the novel didn’t help much) was a very good feeling.

The MC is very smart, the type that always serious and will not take a break till his body breaks, it’s fun reading him solved problems and mysteries.

And even though the translation is a bit hard to read (it’s like a slightly edited mtl), I’m still pretty... more>> much enjoyed reading this. <<less
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Kachew Snail
Kachew Snail rated it
October 8, 2022
Status: c48
I really love the story, it's light and no very complex and stuffed with heavy explanations. The MC truly is charismatic.

I love the fact that they didn't cure his illness to turn him into the perfect protagonist as most stories of isekai do. The way his sickness affects him and it's not ignored is pleasing for its realism


A downside of the story is lack of character description. I can't even picture the main side characters that appear almost every chapter because we weren't provided with the slightest info about their appearance. As another comment mentioned, the dialogue of the same character can be often be mistaken to be another one's which causes confusion and makes it hard to understand. Tbh translation felt weird sometimes that I couldn't understand its meaning.

I see that the novel hasn't been updated in 3 months and I'm going to reach the last updated one soon so I'm sad. I don't know if it's from the original author side or the translators but I really hope to continue reading it more.
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RavannaFirelark rated it
September 10, 2022
Status: c130
Love this book, it's great! It's NOTHING like tr*sh Count, well the storyline isn't anyway. There are some similarities but it's different enough that makes you stop comparing the two after a few chapters. ^_^ <3

Story 5 stars

Translation 5 stars

Readability 4 stars -> Needs an editor, but they're looking for one, so can't fault them for it. :) Looking for staff is hard right?
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September 3, 2023
Status: c11
So far, it's a better version of "tr*sh of the Count's Family." They're the same in that if you just list out abstract descriptions of characters, they sound identical. But the plot is quite different.

What this did better (so far) is that the "whys" of critical character settings and relationships actually make basic sense! For example, the TOTCF MC is a sickly and weak person who must to rely on special powers instead of magic or swordsmanship to survive—even though he's actually perfectly healthy. Here, the MC is sickly and... more>> weak etc. because he's actually sick. In TOTCF, the MC has a loyal assassin butler... for no reason. It's completely random and ridiculous. In this one, the butler was hired to assassinate the MC and the MC uses his transmigrator knowledge to trap him into a magical contract. Applause, it's actually trying! <<less
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happyengineer42 rated it
February 12, 2023
Status: c20
The Walmart version of tr*sh of the Count Family.

We got: - villain that was supposed to die but lives

- assassin butler that is OP

- righteous original MC that follows his orders without much (or any) debate

- territory that was gonna be destroyed but is saved

However, our protagonist seems to snap his fingers and his subordinates just make things right. The items and people he really needs just so happen to be wherever he goes. The suspense just isn't there
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Eliza993 rated it
August 27, 2021
Status: c19
So far, I love this novel.

The MC is smart and likeable. I don't see any female character yet but I'm fine with a none romance story.
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NobbyCat rated it
August 24, 2021
Status: c19
Pretty good so far! I hope it focuses on the world building and lore of the kingdom. It would be fun to read the main character interacting with other nobles.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Hmm this seems quiet interesting😁 his sick body is sure quiet sickly, I wonder how old Ruel is..... and when the fox is making it's debut.... Ganel really seems the protagonists of a 'everything's my business' according to Ruel but I am feeling that he is not completely pure tho
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 4, 2023
Status: Completed
Honestly can't be help but to compare with tr*sh/Lout Count's Family. They have a lot similarities in the beginning up till chapter 30. But ofc this story will change the plot or make it different. I already read till the end, it's not that bad like what people thought, it's good enough, somehow there is a plot twist (even me feel shock while read it). I enjoyed the story read the story tho.

Honest review. Yea it's fun story to read if you excluded the similarities at the beginning of the... more>> story. MIND YOU ONLY THE BEGINNING. Beware of the spoiler and bad grammar.


The similarities are :

1. The butler is assassin. If TCF from well known family assassin, IBSN is guild.

2. Both MC have power/ancient power from hero in the past. Their power are similar too. Not all but 2 from 4 in IBSN are same.

3. The OG ML/OG Hero work under him.

4. They do have the same sickness. But IBSN got it from the villain and Cale because he use his power too much <blood cough, poison, faint>.

5. Ruel Setiria <MC in IBSN> kinda has same personality with Cale. Idk if it is count as similar but he scam people, force people to do something but for their own good + his survival. Ofc people around Ruel don't like it how he force himself to do that and this with his tattered body.

6. Not with TCF but FMA <Fullmetal Alchemist>. They have magic circle in their respective kingdoms like how The Empire in FMA got banish because of the first Homonculus. Yes, that circle for sacrifice the whole kingdoms and theirs people.


Yeah the villains are good, I rarely praise a villain. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 26, 2023
Status: c13
Commenting so I remember I've started this twice now. &Gt;.>
It does seem similar to tr*sh of the Count's Family, as others have pointed out, but that's only in the premise? The characters are different. In TotCF, Cale is doing almost everything for his end goal of lazing around. Here, Ruel is actually trying to fix up his family and live longer. So I feel like their goals are pretty different, even if they go about getting them similarly.
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Pies and cakes
Pies and cakes
August 30, 2021
Status: c22
I love it so far it is well written and proceeded concerning the arrangement of the events and I just love this type I resembles tcf I thank God for finding it and hope for faster releases thank you so much for the extraordinary effort 😘😘
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ezrael rated it
July 9, 2023
Status: c20
i know there are many people who symphathized a sick man.

but the whole side characters made no sense.

... more>>

butler is an assassin who used to backstab each other. Yet he didnt have any resentment for being cheated by MC. A pair of sword is not comparable to being a servant for your whole life.

the "original" MC is a distinguished knight from neighbour country. Yet for some reason he is idle and helping MC. He left his knight squad to be a busybody. A proper knight without any dicipline.

and much more other side character who easily sided with MC eventhough they just talk to him once

MC also dont have a proper plan except for few chapter in the beginning.

he neglect his massive territory and went on tour on everywhere, catching any servant he find on the road (because they will be absolutely 100% loyal to him)


i dont see anything new will happen. The whole plot is just a mix match of few other title <<less
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