I Am The White Moonlight Of The Paranoid Immortal


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After he fell asleep on the bed and died a violent death, Chu Qi realized that he was actually a cannon fodder in a cultivation novel. His role was to die at the age of twenty and become the white moonlight of the novel’s immortal monarch big brother Yan Jiuge.

Chu Qi: ????

That Yan Jiuge, who was always annoyed with him, resented him for dragging his feet and wanted to fight with him, secretly liked him for ten years?

It turned out that, after Chu Qi’s death, in order to bring him back to life, Yan Jiuge traversed mountains of knives and oceans of fire to scavenge for heavenly treasures, but he ended up trapped by the heart demon for life because of his paranoia, and his cultivation was s**ked away by the useless protagonist.

After watching the plot, Chu Qi was tortured to tears by the ending of Yan Jiuge, and he was reborn back to the age of ten. At this time, Yan Jiuge, who was dressed in black and gold, gave a cold grunt and looked disgusted: “You’ve been crying for a long time. I’m afraid you want me to carry you, don’t you?”

Chu Qi touched the tears that didn’t exist in the corner of his eyes and held out his hand to Yan Jiuge. “Yes, you should.”

Chu Qi: Fortunately, I know the truth now. You wanted to carry me, not fight with me.

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New Icycle rated it
February 17, 2024
Status: Completed
This was a fabulous story. Tightly written so that you want to keep reading. While the love is a central theme, I would say it isn't overwhelming, and the action and mystery are a large part of it. I think it took concepts readers are familiar with in this genre, but gave it its own flair. Will be re-reading!
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New Xo69 rated it
February 3, 2024
Status: --
the part where they caused the snake-yao to attack the people from the other sect and somehow they became the hero for the trouble they caused. Make it make sense. This being the "core concept". Whenever trouble happens, somehow they are always right. Also the ML keeps his origins a secret, which doesn't contribute much to the story. The MC makes hypocritical comments that's contradictory to his actions. He says to the rouge cultivator that everyone should takecare of the message they cause. It's like it forgot the part where... more>> he watched from the sidelines when the people from other sects faught the snake-yao. <<less
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Kall_ rated it
December 23, 2022
Status: Completed
ML could be said a Tsundere at first, but there's an improvement after MC is reborn and won't quarrel with him. (๑•᎑•๑) There's a plot hole but it still good to read.
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lostinmyownworld2001 rated it
February 23, 2023
Status: c36
I won't lie this one might seem interesting for someone who is new to cultivation novels but after reading some good cultivation novels this seems very amateurish. The story although interesting lacks foundation. The world building it's not complete. Upper and middle continents are not explained clearly. There is some secret about the male lead but that doesn't sound that big of a deal to hide from the MC but the ML keeps hiding it anyways. There are people who want to harm the ML who just keep on plotting... more>> and no story about them it's revealed. It's been 36 chapters out of 93 which amounts to more than one third and the story still doesn't seem to progress. This only shows that it may be rushed in the last chapters. Not only that but the supporting characteristics like world building have no chance to be developed. The story has potential but it is not developed so.

I would say that if you are new to the genre and just hear for the fluff then you can give it a try. But if you are seasoned old comrade then you might be disappointed. <<less
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Pudica rated it
September 6, 2023
Status: Completed
That was a good read, the story telling was engaging, so I can finished until the last chapters.

I think there's a mix of wuxia and magic (as in european fantasy magic settings) in the way the author did the spells etc. It indeed was a bit different from other wuxia stories. I think it doesn't worth a minus point, since that's the way the author built the world.

ML and MC interactions are good, as the one before me said, ML is tsundere, MC is a bit naive, lol.

... more>>

As for the ending, I can't say it's HE, it can be said that it's an open ending.. I didn't expect the author would make a twist at the ending like that.. T^T. But this open ending was what fixed some of the plot holes for me. The other, I think the author simply didn't have enough space to explain it clearly.

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omganteng rated it
December 21, 2023
Status: c24
All right. I’m gonna be honest. I always ready mid chapters and endings to get a rough idea of the story line.

I was pretty intrigued and I started on this novel. I am 24 chapters in.

Folks. This is a slow burn. S-L-O-W.

... more>>

First kiss was in chapter 70 up.


I like MC is strong as ML. I do like the storyline. I just find that main couple lacking in chemistry. Feels like a pair of close knit siblings more than lovers.


They get married in the end so I know they are a COUPLE. But can we get a better build on their romance?


This was a miss for me. I don’t know if I want to continue, but I do get annoyed at not finishing my books. So we’ll see in time to come if I can muster enough brain cells to burn through this one.

No promises. <<less
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Devrai rated it
December 8, 2023
Status: extra 3
Started really good but the highlights and ending were too hastened.

For the first half of this novel I would give 4 to 5 stars. The character were likable and the story was fun and had enough grip.

The sadder it is, that the later part became so strange. The highlight event, end boss fight, felt somewhat strange. It was not as good as the whole buildup let you hope. I was especially disappointed in the revitalization of the spirit tree. It was kind of hyped in advance and... more>> I was looking forward to it but... then it was done in a side sentence?

So in the end that novel became a story that I will most likely not read again.

It was ok to read once though. This story is not one of the best but better than a lot of the stories out there. I don't regret reading it. The novel is fun enough. <<less
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Nana_ rated it
December 1, 2023
Status: Completed
I loved this story, it's been a while since I read a story that I didn't skip a chapter, the development was very good and I feel like the pacing was ideal for me.

The relationship between MC and ML is very good, the way it was developed was very natural, even though it took a while for them to confirm their relationship, the love they have for each other from the beginning of the story is tangible.

The novel didn't leave any holes in the story (at least nothing that's important),... more>> I felt very satisfied with how everything developed.


At the end of the story I thought it would be that cliché where the MC would lose all his powers to save the world (which is very frustrating), fortunately this is not the case.

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Jwel rated it
October 17, 2023
Status: Completed
It is an amazing novel.

Its funny that ML is a tsundere but MC knew it so MLs action isnt really that annoying.

The plot twist about their identity is unexpected. These two are really a pair, destined to be together.
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Tearlesereph rated it
January 28, 2024
Status: Completed
I was hooked on this novel for the past few days. When I first read the title and the description on novel updates I had the impression I knew how this novel was going to be but the actual story was different from what I imagined. For one, I thought there would be a bit more of a comedic undertone or that the MC would be all silly and be all, "I know you like me! That's why you're like this" etc, like in the description but there was none... more>> of that.

MC was refreshingly patient and good tempered, not OP smart but not an idiot or naive either. There were also several instances where it was the MC saving the ML rather than the opposite. Of course, he does become pretty OP and godly later on, but most MCs are powerful anyway.

The novel was overall, fun to read and captivated my attention, however there were several plot points that I felt unresolved with:


Like the novel mentions that in the original storyline, ML's cultivated got s**ked away by the protagonist who goes on to be the hero. We are never introduced to a protagonist and it is later revealed that the one who s**ked away the ML's cultivation in that story line is an evil spirit... so was the evil spirit the original protagonist??

Also, side characters are introduced but never take off. Like the beast taming cultivator... I thought maybe he was the protagonist at first since he's the only other person MC recognized from the original novel, but it turns out he's just another regular side character. It just felt like a plot point was discarded by the author.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kromeee rated it
December 18, 2023
Status: Completed
This is so underrated!! Really well-written and plotted, honestly. I think I appreciate how level-headed the MC was, and the development of the cultivation plotline was very intriguing overall as well. Only two problems I really had were that the romance took a backseat to the plot (not my fave thing ever to see, I like when the romance & plot are more intertwined heavily), and also I see the obsessive love tag and...I gotta say they did not follow through on that. The more obsessive elements I was kinda... more>> expecting were present-ish, but not the the extent I would have been expecting, so I kept anticipating content that really never came to be. But yeah, other than that, really great, highly interested in what this author does next. <<less
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Staringatastar rated it
December 6, 2023
Status: Completed
What an amazing story! It's a cultivation story that happens to have some romance. But to me, it felt more like two people who slowly discovered how to understand and appreciate the other, and support and trust each other.

I love the plot and reincarnation within this story - I felt like it was pretty well thought out and the logic was solid. Everything fits together in the end, and the mystery keeps the reader really engaged throughout.

Finally, the characters in this story are so realistic and lively. I love the... more>> main couple and how evenly matched they are, and how they support each other. They keep secrets from each other at first, but towards the end, they learn to trust each other with everything.

I do have to say that the title and description don't really capture the story... If I were to describe it, it felt like a more complex, reincarnation-based version of Star Wars, set in historic cultivation environment rather than space <<less
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amikyun rated it
December 3, 2023
Status: Completed
4.0, its good.. Their interaction is cute but is full of twist when I read it bcs of time loop kind of situation I find it a bit boring.. And it's not a yaoi.. It just sho ai :) what kind yaoi without steam? Even in danmei they usually not this vague.. (If it categories as yaoi), the conflict is a bit dragging, still it's ok.. And good enough to satisfied ur craving for cultivation base danmei
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NovelAdic rated it
October 27, 2023
Status: c36
The story's love improves slowly.

ML tsundere and MC is kind and know when to protect his ML from the potential danger compared to other incompetent Shou. But both of them are really s*upid.

evidence is visible and obvious yet they can't see or expect or figure out what is the anomaly or strange right away.

... more>>

Can't they just think that everything went wrong when these people came here and thus suspect that one of them is behind it. Then, The enemy spoil the bean himself base from his interaction with MC and even the ML added some hint to MC after!

What answer did I read from him? It's "he (the MC talking to himself) didn't have solid evidence, but based on intuition, he could guess someone targeting Yan." DAMN MC HOW s*upid CAN YOU BE! "SOMEONE?" REALLY?!, he revealed himself pls!


My high blood pressure! It's kinda interesting all the way. And the reason for the enemy movements are not yet to be explained why up to this point that makes me even feel wronged. I mean just gave me a damn image why this is all happening!

It may change since I'm not having a final decision 😬 Goodluck to me. Let's see it can par with the other. <<less
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lazyasianscientist rated it
January 30, 2024
Status: Completed
I read this without expecting anything but apparently its pretty good!

Their interactions are sweet. This is pretty much from the very beginning where 2 characters already love each other so its quite new to me that there is no chase but it took awhile for them to confess because of the situation.


Things get explained as you read on through the story. Interesting time loop that goes forward and backwards to get to the true ending

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Zozo7400 rated it
January 30, 2024
Status: extra 1
5:19 pm, Tuesday

Just finished reading the last chapter of the main story and woahhh, this story was so good! Tho I had paused this at ch 80 and jumped around other stories a little before coming back now and finishing it, I still remember how hooked I was when I started reading it first! It's really entertaining and addictive and it scratched that itch I had for a good cultivation story very nicely. I'm very very satisfied with this novel.

Rn, I'm gonna take a break from this and would read... more>> the 3 extras later. When I'm done with them, I'll update this review. But yeah, I definitely recommend this novel as it's really a good and compelling cultivation story and shouldn't be missed out on! Give it a try, it's good ~

Alright then, bye bye ~ (^з^) -♡ <<less
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merinnan rated it
January 26, 2024
Status: Completed
A very slow burn - ML is aware of his feelings early on, MC takes a lot longer to get there, and even then they take even longer to actually do anything about it. I felt that the ending was rather rushed, and got the impression that the author wasn't quite sure how to handle it once the climax of the plot was resolved, but overall it was a really good story.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Akri rated it
January 21, 2024
Status: Completed
Its a good read, it’s fun, fluffy and a bit angsty, just the last half is full of Deus Ex Machina so is a bit rushed and inconsistent but over all is pretty entertaining.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
stuffiedlikefoiegras rated it
January 15, 2024
Status: c20
Thank you to the author and the hardworking translators!

... more>>

The novel is very relaxing and casual to read: It has many heartwarming moments between the two MLs. Furthermore, they are OP from the beginning of the novel, which means that there are little to no hurdles they encounter that they cannot overcome!

However, this novel does not focus on xuanhuan genre- the world-building established is very simple and universal to many casual cultivation novels. This is convenient if you are new to the “cultivation” genre and will help you to understand the general gist of it, which will help you read many more cultivation novels with less confusion!

Personally, there are two problems I have with it. The first problem is that it does not focus on developing secondary characters. At the moment, many are essentially cannon fodders that have no life beyond interacting with the two protagonists (MC and ML). However for those who want a simple romance between the MC and ML, this is not a problem!

The second problem will involve a small spoiler, so warning! Anyways, I think that MC’s personality switch from prideful and argumentative to calm and genial was too smooth-sailing. I wish that he struggled with suppressing his anger and pride more.

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wuliao23 rated it
December 9, 2023
Status: Completed
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 stars

If you like rebirth novels in general, I'd recommend this book, especially bc it comes with a small twist which is slowly unravelled as the story goes on.

Tbh, there were moments in the novel where I spaced out and had to re-read paragraphs but overall, the story is well written (& the translator also did a great job) and after I finished the novel, I didn't feel like I was missing anything. The extras were also the cherry on top and gave additional explanation to the "twist" in... more>> the story.

I also liked that the MC&ML were both strong in their own ways which also complemented each other (it didn't feel like one person was dragging the other down). However, because this is a xianxia novel and there is a slow romance tag, the romance is a bit more subtle. The story is more plot-focused but you can still feel the connection between the MC&ML. However, they definitely do have their moments (especially near the end) where you go, "yup they are for sure a couple" and don't need to speculate anything.

One thing I wish I saw more of was the spiritual beast companion of the MC. It was pretty cute but I wish they had more interactions and near the end,

it felt like Xiao Jin just suddenly disappeared with Yan Chi. I also wanted to know if Xiao Jin was able to ascend to the Upper Realm with the MC&ML but based on his last appearance, it seems like he just stayed with Yan Chi from then on.


Overall, although I had moments of spacing out while reading this novel, the way the author used the rebirth troupe is something I haven't seen much in other novels before, hence the 5/5 rating for me and why I'd also recommend this novel as well. <<less
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yukihyo rated it
December 7, 2023
Status: Completed
I wasn't expecting much when I first read it but turns out it was better than I expected. The whole plot is arranged beautifully and there were no loose ends. But I had to reread some chapters as the terms in it were complicated. Overall, the story is amazing. Also thanks to the translator who did a great job in delivering the translated story.
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En-Jay99 rated it
December 5, 2023
Status: extra 3
Slightly odd novel

the first 50 or so chapters are definitely slow burn and then the second half has so much happening? The reincarnations and MC’s ‘knowing the plot’ is explained and there is a story line, it’s just rather baffling at times and not really a mystery a reader can solve. Things happen, and then new things happen. There’s not much of an emotional connection to the characters.

i did find the main plot and layers of mystery interesting. Figuring things out with the MC was interesting, and honestly an OP... more>> MC who is as strong as the ML if not stronger was refreshing. Having an MC who solved mysteries, broke fate and won his battles by himself was great. I just didn’t care that much specifically about MC or ML or anyone, they weren’t bad characters, just lacking emotional connection. <<less
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