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Lu Yanzhou’s best friend Xie Chengze’s soul was broken into fragments and fell into those small worlds. In order to save Xie Chengze, Lan Yanzhou embarked on the journey to collect Xie Chengze’s soul fragments.

However, he made a mistake in the process of collecting his soul fragments. He fell in love with Xie Chengze’s soul fragments.

Xie Chengze said he cultivated the ruthless dao. He was cold hearted and emotionless but he has always regarded him as a brother. He took advantage of when the other party lost his memories to fall in love with him…

The end of the first world, Lu Yanzhou, who was in love with Xie Chengze, was struggling: “When Xie Chengze recovers his memories, will he beat me up?”

After the end of the second world, Lu Yanzhou, who had another romantic relationship with Xie Chengze, made up his mind: “There’s absolutely no next time! Xie Chengze probably won’t break off all relationships with me?”

The end of the third world, Lu Yanzhou was apprehensive: “I’m here to save him..”

The Nth world ended, Lu Yanzhou broke the jar and threw it: “Wait until Xie Chengze recovers, I’ll go after him. There might be a 1% success rate, right?

Xie Chengze: “…” I took the initiative so much, are you blind?

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12 Reviews

Oct 22, 2022
Status: --
I read the author's other story Beloved Husband before this and from the first 3 arcs, the author follows the same style. So if you didn't like Beloved Husband I don't suggest reading this one. All and all this was an okay read, some of the arcs in the middle were tiring to read and the ending was meh. The whole premise is the MC going to each world to recover a soul fragment of the ML. MC and ML were previous friends and co-workers tasked with fixing worlds. They are 2 out of 4 "gods". One of the 4 gods goes on a power trip and the ML sacrifices himself to stop him, but they just injure each other. ML's soul is fragmented and is trapped by the evil god in these worlds. This is all explained in the first chapter.


It is found out that the ML in each world will have some kind of illness or injury because the evil god needs to slowly drain the energy out of the ML's soul fragment to restore his power and he does this by completely crushing ML mentally and physically. MC or ML has to get merit in these worlds to fix the ML and for the MC to be able to take his soul fragment away when ML dies. Merit is gained by doing good deeds. It is quickly known that MC actually always loved ML even in the "real world" but ML is from a cultivation world originally and had to suppress his emotions, so MC never confesses


1st arc- President in the cage. Chapters 1-27. Modern World. I liked this arc for the most part, it was something a little different for me.

Original MC is a complete scum and childhood friend/non blood related cousin to ML.

ML is a rich kid, but his family ignores him/dislikes him. His issue is immunodeficiency, often called "bubble boy disease".
He swears not to fall in love with ML in the next world

2nd arc-Orphans in Wheelchairs. Chapters 28-43. 1970's China. I wasn't a fan of this arc, resembling the 2nd to last arc in Beloved Husband, set in the 1970's during the cultural reform. I am just not a fan of the 1970's cultural reform era stories, so this one was boring to me.


Original MC was an educated youth set to the countryside, not exactly complete scum, just selfish. He wanted to get an easy good reputation to be admitted to early college and picked ML to take care of, but when ML is paralyzed completely he allows him to die.

ML is an orphan who is paralyzed from the waist down after being hit by a pig. He originally had just a lame leg

He again swears not to fall in love with ML in the next world


3rd arc-Ghost Faced Boss. Chapters 44-64. Early 1900's

This one was kind of confusing, some things were lost in translation and I initially had a hard time figuring out what was going on, but basically it is a spy story set in the early 1900's, I wasn't a big fan of this arc. Too much time spent on the spy stuff and not enough interaction with ML.

I could be wrong, but it seems to maybe based on the Japanese occupation of Qingdao, even though MC says it's a parallel earth. If possible I would wait for this arc to be translated (good luck translator)


Original MC wasn't scum, just a s*upid rich second gen trying to play spy, and in doing so gets ML killed because he is just too dumb.

ML is a deep undercover spy (He is seen as a traitor by everyone he is that deep) who has a large birthmark on his face (seriously this is his issue for this world 🙄)

Still swears to stay away from ML in the next world


4th arc-Interstellar World (should be called power of love) Chapters 65-80. Interstellar setting.I enjoyed this one, it isn't the typical interstellar story, no guides and sentinels. Just mental power and zergs.

Original MC died early and had very little to do with ML other than sending money to him.

ML is orphaned after his parents protect MC and he is raised by his uncle's family who dislike him and ignore him, he has no mental power and is suffering from genetic breakdown.

MC finally realizes that ML's soul loves him and no longer holds back, he is still worried about what ML will think when ML's soul is complete


5th arc- The Prince With Heart Disease. Chapters 81-101. Ancient China setting. For the most part I enjoyed this one, there is a big misunderstanding that goes on too long.


Original MC is back to being a complete scum, his whole clan is killed due to trumped up charges and he wants revenge, but falls in love with the 2nd prince and kills ML for him.

ML has heart disease and isn't supposed to live long, his father the emperor gave him power to basically use him until he dies.


6th arc-The Double personality of the End of times. Chapters 102-126. Zombie apocalypse setting in the near-ish future. I liked this one, there was one part that made me a bit uncomfortable, but it is explained. This one made me smile.

Original MC was scum, he used the naïve ML to kill a rival which in turns gets the ML killed. He has earth powers

ML has split personality disorder due to a car accident as a kid that got his father killed. He has space ability but only 5 year old him can use it at first. During the day he is normal but at night he reverts to the mentality of a 5 year old. 5 year old him remembers everything that happens but daytime him knows nothing of what 5 year old him does.

The part that made me uncomfortable was that the 5 year old ML tried to do stuff to MC and MC went along with it, but we find out later that MC stopped as soon as the 5 year old ML fell asleep, still iffy but not as bad. I mean ML was forcing MC into a corner to do stuff, but still.

7th arc-Chubby Director Modern times. Chapters 127-146. Modern entertainment setting. This arc I had mixed feelings about. On the one hand it's nice that MC accepts the ML no matter his appearance, but then after ML is cured, it's the typical must be thin to be beautiful/handsome. If MC and everyone wanted ML to lose weight for health reasons, encouraged him to eat right and exercise then that would be fine, but it's all appearance based. Left a bad taste.


Original MC is a scummy rich 2nd gen who wants to be a famous actor, but isn't serious about working.

ML is a famous-ish director who suffers from lupus erythematosus and his medication causes him to be chubby.


8th arc- 9000 years old. Chapters 147-181, Long arc. Ancient China setting but a different dynasty from the one before. This arc went on too long. The pacing was off, it's not bad, but wasn't memorable, it bored me.

MC is scum again. He didn't exactly cause any direct harm to ML to begin with, but when ML kidnapped him he used ML's name to cause trouble everywhere.

ML is an inters*x male eunuch who is seeking to completely change the dynasty because the emperor killed his adopted family because he enjoys hunting people, and all the royalty is horrible.

9th arc-The Lonely Angel drawing. Chapters 182-197, Short arc. Interstellar times but seems more modern with maybe a few advanced technologies. This arc was okay, glad the author didn't drag it out too much, but the beginning was a bit too fast paced.

MC is a painter and not scum. Who ending up committing su*cide because of ML's twin

ML is a painter and has severe autism. ML's twin and his parents make ML paint and pass the paintings off as the twins. MC notice the work wasn't done by the twin which lead to MC su*cide.


10th arc-The Old Man of the Rich Family 198-217. Modern times. This arc was good, a little shallow. I'm not enjoying the arcs much anymore, if I wasn't so close to finishing I would probably drop this.


MC is 22 years old, an orphan and not even a little bit scummy, poor original MC. He took care of a fellow orphan who he loved but was used and ended up killed trying to save him from a kidnapping.

ML is a rich CEO 38 years old, has type 1 diabetes with many complications.


11th arc- The Blind Ancestor 218-238. Cultivation world. This one was was pretty good, went on a bit too long though.

MC -30's Original MC wasn't exactly scum until his cultivation was ruined. Original MC's father wanted him to be everything he wasn't so he poured all resources into the MC but he gets his spiritual root pulled out.

ML -200 year old blind cultivator that due to suppressing a demon can't go out and fight, all energy is used to keep the demonic energy in check

12th arc- Interstellar Live 239-268 Beastman/Future/Entertainment. I really enjoyed this arc, was something a little different and has some humor to it.

They are filming a reality show but they don't know they are still filming, they think they crashed on the original beast planet and have to survive.

MC-Original MC only scummy because he was drugged by the emperor. MC is son to a strong general and was kidnapped at a young age, he was adopted and raised as a nobody but the emperor decided to find him and drug him to hit the general hard.

ML- Is a beastman general who can no longer change to human form due to his bead being broken in battle. He is a golden retriever.


13th arc- Little Net Red and Big Boss 269-286 Modern Entertainment. I liked this one mostly, the counter attack by the bad god was annoying though and I wanted to toss the ML out the window a couple of times. The misunderstanding in this one was ridiculous


MC - Original MC was scummy, and brought ML down and accidently killed him. He is in live podcasting and idol movies.

ML - owner of the company that employs MC, really not much more to say about him

The last bit is tying everything up and finally defeating the evil god, I don't think the author spent enough time on the ending, it was kind of lackluster and rushed.

Big spoiler below about ML, seriously don't read if you don't want to know.

come to find out the ML wasn't a cultivator, he was actually a ice sword spirit, that is why he doesn't have emotions. The cultivator who had him cultivated the ruthless way of no emotions but fell in love so the sword spirit watched the cultivator die because of his feelings. Basically being in all the worlds he learned to recognize feelings and realizes he loved MC all along.

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Oct 23, 2022
Status: Completed
Love it! I personally don't like face slapping so the best revenge the MC did was telling the truth and living his best life.

Zero r*pe scenes! (Sad that I have to even mention this)

There's over 10 worlds and at times I was like damn how long is this? I still enjoyed it.
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May 19, 2023
Status: Completed
Definitely give this a read if you enjoyed Beloved Husband! I'm not sure why there are so many negative reviews saying that the arcs are boring, because I thought they were all very original and fleshed-out. Although the author used similar genres as other QT novels (CEO, interstellar, ancient china, apocalypse, entertainment industry, cultivation, etc), there's always a unique twist that makes it stand out. Super good!

Some differences from Beloved Husband:

  • MC has his memories, so we get to see his character development as each arc progresses (such as falling in love <3)
  • MC has a clear goal, which is to save ML's soul fragments and defeat the Xuanwu
  • MC doesn't always transmigrate into the scum that mistreats the ML. Sometimes MC is innocent
  • Misunderstandings by ML and the supporting cast. It's mostly for laughs so I don't find it annoying. Favorite is the crown prince arc lol
  • I'll add more if I think of any

I'm really impatient so I MTL'ed as soon as I reached the latest translated chapter. The MTL is pretty easy to understand, but if you prefer to read the translations, it's quite fast so it's no problem at all! :D
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Jan 24, 2023
Status: c50
I've made it through nearly three arcs by skimming through most of the chapters, otherwise I would have dropped it after arc one.

Arcs are dragged out and full of background information no one wants to know, the worlds are completely separated, everything we get to know about them is void 20 chapters later.

I don't need to know a fictional country's whole history, including people that have died long before the story started and won't come up every again, but the writer spends at least 5-8 chapters in every arc on... more>> these useless information.

If you cut out all of these fillers, every arc could have been finished in 10 or so chapters, they have very little substance with large time skips every now and then.

Repetitions. Everything, including the most mundane things, get repeated every few chapters, sometimes even the phrasing is the same, so it's blatantly copy-pasted from earlier ones.

MC's memories from his former worlds are sealed, yet he remembers everything that happened during the story, and he's a genius even without his memories – he's OP as hell.

ML is borderline yandere, he planed to r*pe the MC right in the first arc, something went wrong and it doesn't happen but that doesn't change ML's intention.

Just because MC happened to actually want to sleep with ML doesn't negate that ML secretly gave him aphrodisiac and tried to knock him out with drugs, even stating that the aphrodisiac was because he's afraid an unconscious person can't get it up. He had no idea that MC was actually in love with him, he wanted to r*pe and unwilling person, it fell through only because the drug didn't work properly.

I would have been somewhat okay with this due to the complicated circumstances, but I'm not because the writer not only failed to show how wrong and despicable the plan was, ML never told MC about it, neither did he regret it at all because MC turned out to love him anyway.

This isn't what I would categorize as "no r*pe".

Apart from that, he's possessive and manipulative to a degree that I just can't pretend that it's still okay – it's not.

Their relationship is toxic as hell, from both sides, just in different ways.

Their romance is very very questionable in all three arcs that I read, it's uncomfortable and nothing about it is sweet or cute if you think about it for two seconds.

For some reason, at least one if not both are often barely of age (16, 17, 18 etc.), which makes it even more disturbing.

Side-characters? None, the writer didn't bother with that at all.

Villains? Braindead, they exist only for MC/ML to face-slap them.

The story is juvenile and unprofessional, the writer either has very little experience or never bothered to learn the basics of storytelling, and it very much looks like she was paid per word considering all the useless fillers and repetitions. <<less
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Apr 24, 2023
Status: c85-219
I don't doubt the author, so I really love how they wrote each arc so far.

Even the plot that was somewhat confuse me (3rd arc), the story was still intriguing and epic and ended satisfying!

The characters Lovable and Enjoyable evening with their flaws and all. Especially our ML Shou, his flaws is obvious, but the way the story written make him enjoyable to read.

And I Love how our MC is not in denial. By 3rd arc he's already can accept how ML really Love him and the possibility of him... more>> (MC) reaching him (ML) after everything finish, was somewhat high. I'm GLAD!!! I love our Non Stubborn Non Frustrating MC and ML!

Cant wait for more...! I believe in the author! <<less
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Mar 02, 2023
Status: --
I am not going to write a detailed review, but I just want to say this is a really good novel as far as QT novels go. It's definitely more on the fluffy side and if you have read beloved husband before, it's somewhat similar.

My favourite arc has got to be the arc where ML was chubby, it was so cute. ML had self esteem issues but the MC was so nice and pampering to him.

The MC is very very caring and gentle towards the ML, it's heartwarming. No matter... more>> which world or what disease ML has, even when he is paralysed from the waist down, MC always takes care of ML so much. It's a very healthy and sweet relationship. <<less
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Apr 05, 2023
Status: Completed
I like the author's Beloved Husband and so I like this one too. Cause they're quite similar. The difference would be that the MC has his memories of each successive worlds. But he had forgotten that he had crush on ML at start, it's mentioned later in an arc.

One thing I liked about this is that the MC helped the original body revenge if they were innocent. Of course, a lot of that help was for MC himself, so that it would be easy to assist ML.

There were some arcs... more>> that I really really liked. Arcs 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12.


3rd Arc: I liked the spy concept. I personally had no problem with understanding it. The only fault would be that the ML's problem (face mark) was neither a disorder nor a disease.



4th Arc: Funny. The power of love. Incurable diseases got healed in a moment of spur as soon as one confessed and then the lover was in danger.



5th Arc: A bit long with comedic misunderstandings. Although OC was scum, fortunately MC was able to turn over that impression in ML's aide's eyes (via ML's help). A bit annoying thing would be that MC didn't consider that ML as a prince has power to checkout his information, including that with the the other prince.



8th Arc: A bit like 5th arc, but I liked this more. Especially the time, when MC was away from capital and they had a long-distance relationship. I liked ML's personality way more in this one. As for ML's problem, it's not inter**x, but it's the delayed growth of his s*x organ. He was a born-eunuch.



9th Arc: Very cute and lovely. OC was good too. Although autism has no cure, but the problem with ML is kinda a fault of "evil god", so after enough merit, they just reset ML's body condition kinda.



12th Arc: Lovely too. Had a feeling of dog-blood drama in middle (because of ML's thoughts & the viewers') and I unexpectedly cried at that... The OC was really poor in this one as in luck.

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some lemonade
some lemonad
Feb 18, 2023
Status: Completed

CP: Lu Yanzhou x Xie Chengze

    • In all worlds ML has some disease or is different in some other way.
    • MC needs to do good things!
    • ML is too suspicious, a bit paranoid.
    • A lot of unnecessary explanation of the worlds, but then it is forgotten.
    • ML never trusts MC 100% but still wants to be with him. He only realizes that the MC really loves him after a long time.

Why does MC have to collect ML's soul? It's explained in chapter 1, but I marked it as a spoiler.


There are 4 gods, including MC (Lu Yanzhou) and ML (Xie Chengze). One of these gods wanted power and attacked the others, but ML sacrificed himself to stop him and his soul was split into different parts and trapped in different worlds by the "evil god".


A total of 13 arcs.

Arc 1

The President In the Cage: 1-27

My favorite arc. I don't know why, I just like it.


ML suffers from immunodeficiency.

MC (Lu Yanzhou) is very firm about his feelings and doesn't want to force ML (Xie Chengze), but ML does bad things (attempted r*pe). He didn't know that the MC liked him and wanted to force him. And even if he did, it's still wrong. That's a really bad point.

But I thought the idea of the world was really cool.

Arc 2

Orphan in Wheelchair: 28-43


Xie Chengze was born with leg problems and has an accident that makes it worse. Lu Yanzhou wants to take care of him, devoting himself to studying.

It's a boring arc, there's almost nothing about them in the middle and end.

Arc 3

Ghost-faced Boss: 44-64

Honestly, I read MTL and didn't understand the plot.


The original owner of Lu Yanzhou's body was a spy. I like this arc because the MC secretly helps Xie Chengze while waiting for ML to catch him. Xie Chengze thinks that Lu Yanzhou hates him, but he doesn't want to let the MC go.

The problem with ML in this world is that he has a scar on his face (.....)


Arc 4

Interstellar World: 65-80

Win with the power of love. Interstellar world.


The original owner was a marshal who was going to die. His adopted son took the opportunity to marry ML's relative and wanted to become the marshal, but then Lu Yanzhou arrived and disliked the original's adopted son for various reasons.

ML had problems with his mental power.


Arc 5

Prince With Heart Disease: 81-101

Xie Chengze continues to misunderstand Lu Yanzhou. MC loves him, but he never fully believes. It's frustrating.


Xie Chengze is the 1st prince, but he has a heart condition. He believes he's going to die soon and didn't care about anything until he met the MC. He thinks that Lu Yanzhou is on his side because of the other prince who wants to become king, because of that, he decides to fight for the throne. MC only to help his beloved and kill the emperor!


Arc 6

Doomsday Dual Personality: 102-126

Zombie apocalypse. I liked this arc, but there were some things that bothered me a lot.


ML has multiple personality disorder caused by the trauma of losing his father. By day he is his normal mental age of a young adult. But at night his mental age is that of a 5 year old with teleportation powers and a space. MC doesn't know that ML has two personalities, he just thinks that in this world he is a bit childish.


Arc 7

Chubby Director: 127-146

I was afraid the ML's "problem" in this world is that he's fat, but that wasn't it.

ML has an illness and the medications he uses increase his weight. He didn't care about that until he met the MC. Lu Yanzhou doesn't care about that either, but he wants Xie Chengze to feel better about himself.

Of course... I know that all this is just an excuse to prove that he's thinner is better looking. It wasn't just for health, we know that, author.

Arc 8

Nine Thousand Years Old: 147-181

Lots of unnecessary information. It's not a bad arc, but I always miss the romance!


I really liked the ML killing the royal family and the MC becoming a general, then returning to the capital and becoming king. But it was too long, I got bored until chapter 20. And seriously......... the problem with ML in this world is that he is inter**x?????? Or maybe I'm wrong??


Arc 9

Drawing Lonely Angel: 182-197

Future/interstellar world! Artists!


Original is innocent in this arc, he didn't do anything to harm anyone and he ended up bad. ML grew up locked up at home, his parents and brother taking advantage of his condition to force him to paint in his twin brother's place.

!! Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder. Autism is not a disease and has no cure. This novel does not show that.


Arc 10

The Rich Old Man: 198-217


ML has type 1 diabetes (this type of diabetes has no cure, only treatment to alleviate it). Insulin is used to control blood glucose. The original wasn't a bad person, he just fell in love with an idiot who preferred to trust a cheating lover than the guy who kept him alive and who he considered a brother. ML is the 38-year-old CEO with type 1 diabetes, with an easily manipulated sister.



"The original owner helped Jiang Mi so much, and Jiang Mi went to college at the expense of the original owner. As a result, as soon as he graduated, Jiang Mi climbed Gaozhi and left. In their opinion, it was a bit unkind."

"Jiang Mi made it clear that he used the original owner as a spare tire."


Arc 11

Blind Ancestor: 218-238


ML is an ancestral cultivator who went into isolation after a fight with a demonic cultivator. MC wakes up in a bastard's body. The original owner was forced to get stronger by his father. He was helped by Xie Chengze, but tried to harm XCZ.

ML is blind, but sees with "divine sense".

As always, MC is OP!


Arc 12

Interstellar Live: 239-268

This author likes live streams.


"The original owner's behavior was excessive, but he couldn't say anything, because the original owner was controlled by drugs after all."

The original owner of the body is a famous singer with a bad reputation. The drugs they fed him were responsible for that. As a baby, he was kidnapped by the emperor, who wanted to make the original owner's father lose against the royal family. But the emperor never expected to see him again, so he started drugging the original owner to make him lose face (and to "reveal" lies about the original's father).

  • They're human-beasts
  • Diarrhea, diarrhea, diarrhea, diarrhea...

Arc 13

Small Influencers and Big Bosses: 269-286


"After seeing the good people in the village, they said a few words to the original owner's mother, and felt that the original owner's mother only cared about her own son and not her nephew. From then on, the original owner's mother only hugged the original owner's cousin, not the original owner!"

There's no way to love both children equally??????????

Xie Chengze can feel people's emotions about him. But Lu Yanzhou's emotions are reversed.



Important informations:

  • Xie Chengze is the spirit of a sword
  • XCZ named himself
  • ML is always suspicious of MC because they were originally not supposed to be close (but Xie Chengze loves Lu Yanzhou) and he didn't understand human feelings very well
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Jun 08, 2023
Status: c101
If you like transmigration or world hopping stories, there's a 90% chance you'll like this.

Most world hopping stories have the same plot and are predictable, this story too but the way MC and ML is so cute and heartwarming.

I really like worlds 1-3 but I didn't like world 4 (it was too fast paced and although it's a different setting, it's just like worlds 1-3). World 5 is okay, haven't read the next worlds

Note to self

Yes, start from chapter 102 world

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Nov 12, 2022
Status: Completed
I like this novel - solid QT reason, cohesive storytelling, interesting arcs with rare take-ons, abundant dog food, no loose ends, no r*pe, no side hussy, a good buddy MC and a loving ML. Also, there's no system, no power up, no truck-kun, just a good hardworking dude trying his best to save his homie. It doesn't even feel Jack Su when he dealt with the problems so easily, because his only advantages were his brain and experience. Their friendship was touching, too. I like reading the parts about their... more>> co-working life and the afterstory where the author wrote about the effect of their existences in those small worlds.

Buuut, the fly in the ointment is that the misunderstanding was too draggy and borderline frustrating. I admit I've skipped some arcs when I can't handle the drama anymore.

Overall it's a good novel but you must have the patience to read through because the ML's brainhole might make you want to pull your hair out.

PS: please add 'caring protagonist' tag. It's a very big part of MC's personality, it's so uwu I can't help but sigh at ML's luck <<less
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May 28, 2024
Status: c20
To hell with. Yaar seriously I read it with too much gusto after reading high ratings and reviews but too boring. I mean author only described background knowledge no plot nothing interesting even their interaction is too low. There are long paragraphs but only for repeating the background knowledge nothing new.
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May 06, 2024
Status: --
I really liked the novel, each arc has pretty good and entertaining stories, but... near the end, the last arcs, I didn't like them very much, I felt that the misunderstandings were exaggerated too much, or maybe I got tired of it being repeated the same joke constantly, I don't know...

But in general terms it is an excellent story, very sweet, very "beloved husband" style. If you liked that novel, you will like this one too.
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