Shixiong, Why Are You Like This?


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Chu Yan never thought that he would transmigrate into a cultivation novel and enter a life-and-death contract with Xie Yunming, the main villain.

It would have been fine if he was just an unimportant side character, but according to the plot of the original book, Xie Yunming would only focus on breaking the life-and-death contract and send him off to the west.

In order to avoid this death flag, Chu Yan decided to work hard to restore his negative favorability points with Xie Yunming to ±0.

For example, he would take the initiative to find the ancient scroll that allowed them to undo the life-and-death contract so that they could peacefully split—


Chu Yan watched helplessly as Xie Yunming burned up the ancient scroll with spiritual flames until there wasn’t even ashes left.

In the dim light, the man’s face was full of smiles and his words were gentle, “What are you thinking, shidi? If I die, you shall be buried with me.”

Chu Yan: ???

Is something wrong with you?!

Rumor has it that after Xie Yunming, the head disciple of the Sword Sect, returned from his travels, he brought with him a shidi with extremely poor talent and a weak and sickly body.

This shidi had a peerless appearance as well as a gentle and kind temper. If it weren’t for his body that almost guaranteed he would die young, the number of people that would come to propose marriage would have probably smashed the Mountain Gate of the Sword Sect to the ground.

Everyone guessed that he wouldn’t live longer than a few years, and they lamented that such a proud son of Heaven like Xie Yunming had become cultivation partners with this shidi. Maybe he was looking forward to becoming a widower.

Unexpectedly, after hundreds of years, there were actually two sword cultivators from the Sword Sect who passed their tribulations and ascended at the same time. One was Xie Yunming, the proud son of Heaven, and the other was Chu Yan, his shidi who died young.

Chu Yan: Thank you for bringing me. We have now ascended and share the same life as Heaven and Earth.

Xie Yunming: Share the same life as Heaven and Earth?

Chu Yan: No, no, share it with you.

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5 Reviews

New fancytofu
Feb 23, 2024
Status: Completed
The translations were excellent but I got too impatient and read some mtls

The novel itself is just okay. I thought it had really good pacing but then 2/3rds of the way through, things started moving way faster than anticipated.

I did have issues with the way the MC behaved. It just seemed way too immature for his age. The only way I was able to reconcile with it was by convincing myself that he was 16 and that his sister was 18 or so. It was the only way to explain... more>> his lack of independence and (sometimes) airheaded demeanor.

Similar cliches true to it's genre but it's got a lot of fun characters and some surprises that made things enjoyable. For example, MC is extremely lucky and people around him know and understand that he's super lucky, so they kind of use it to their advantage for the sect (having him draw lotteries, etc) and when good coincidences happen to him people don't question it. It removes a lot of drama we see in a lot of novels.

All in all, a decent read


I do agree with the other reviewer. I'm not a fan of the fact that MC and ML knew each other before their 'first meetings'. I liked the idea that ML was worn down by MC's cuteness and went from hating his circumstance (of the life and death contract + substitution gu) to appreciating that it gave them the chance to meet and get close.

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New Adira
Feb 19, 2024
Status: --
Why can’t we have a MC who can hold on their own hardships and battle without needing to be a dodger flower, even though they’re super s*upid and idiotic???
At least it will make much more bearable to digest a story cause frankly speaking not a single side characters seemed likable....
However great premise at the beginning and ML was just “there”.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 25, 2023
Status: Completed
I MTL'd this, which worked out surprisingly well. Historical and cultivations novels tend to turn out as jibberish when machine translated, but this didn't for the most part. Having said that, I enjoyed this novel, and it was an interesting plot added to a common trope. It would have been five stars, if not for the ending and the convoluted history between the MC and ML. It somehow cheapened the romance that spent this long building and wasn't necessary.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 10, 2023
Status: c69
It was good at first, with an interesting premise which caught my eye. However, the great start slowly dwindled into annoyance.

My biggest gripe about this novel is how frequent everyone is nosy about MC and ML’s relationship. It’s okay at the beginning due to curiosity but now it’s just becoming super annoying and irritating to read.


... more>>

。Gu Zhiqu (the medicine valley heir girl) made a deal with them and when they left, this other girl from the medicine valley asked what MC and ML came for and that Gu woman actually replied with them needing pain medicine, insinuating it’s for mc’s as*hole or some shit, then the news spreads to the public about that which is batsh*t crazy and a huge ass wtf moment, which pisses me off. First off, the Gu woman lied, second, her junior sister Lin spread the news that a man got f*cked and needed pain relief medicine for it... That’s just so f*cking nasty.

。chapter 68: MC and ML get weird stares by passersbys and start fangirling over the fact MC called ML “brother”, then they listen to a storyteller who basically just replaced the names of MC and ML to talk about their “romance”, that was the last straw for me.


Idk why authors like to make the MC and ml’s relationship public attention like this, it’s really jarring and makes it difficult to read bc of how unbelievable it is. Like yes, they are from a top sect so people are gonna talk, BUT, their relationship isn’t even confirmed yet and people are going crazy over them. My question, why? The disciples of the sword sect, I understand but strangers? Maybe I’m too indifferent about other people’s relationships since it’s none of my business but I hate these misunderstandings between MC and ML and the public. It feels like their entire private life is being aired out to the public even tho the facts aren’t even true.

Now, my biggest complaint out off the way, I’ll start with MC.

Chu Yan is not smart. He’s pretty useless and if it wasn’t for his luck, he really would be useless throughout. As the series goes on, he becomes even more naive and s*upid, extremely dependent on the ML. though he’s hardworking, I do like him a bit but not much. Due to the beginning, I thought MC would be a little smart, brave and bold but no, my impression was shattered.

ML: don’t have any complaints about him tbh, I don’t really care about him. He’s not cold to everyone or an ice brick but when he likes someone, you can really see it which is nice. But it’s understandable from MC’s perspective on why he wouldn’t think ML like him romantically but with how things are developing with the outside constantly saying sh*t and ML not refuting it despite having the power to... yeah.

As for the plot so far,


demon bones and the og protagonist working with them

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 09, 2023
Status: c83
The translate in English is Good! However I can't wait so I try to read RAW and find that our MC is very frial.

I know that we need time for MC to get strong but everytime he's in danger he didn't try to do anything except call ML to protect him moreover he's so s*upid about his feeling and care+love that ML give to him.

Three things that I like are ML attention, some support characters and MC sword (his sword is legendary)

Maybe the next chapters gonna be better but... more>> it's not my taste that MC is still weak (in more than 80 chapters) and senseless like this.

Furthermore the setting of characters in white (ML) and red (MC) cloth are a little bit similar to Heaven Official's Blessing.

Anywhere it's not that bad u guys can try to read it if u like. <<less
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