How to Hide the Emperor’s Child


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“You never loved me anyway, right?”

Astelle’s long-awaited marriage life ended in a day.

She worked hard to become Kaizen’s wife since she was ten, but the only thing that was left for her was the stigma of an empress.

She was abandoned by the royalty; the man she loved, Kaizen, wanted her to leave.

“Yes. You’re right. I didn’t love you.”

Astelle lied for the last time. The man was the reason for her life, but it was also for the sake of the man who was her husband for a day.

She thought there would be no contact with him again, but-

“I think… I might be pregnant?”


Six years later, Astelle, who reunited with Kaizen, lied again.

“You… who is that child?”

“He’s my nephew.”

To protect the child.

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황제의 아이를 숨기는 방법
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61 Reviews

Jan 09, 2022
Status: c73
To be perfectly fair, as I read other people's reviews, I completely understand people's gripes and praises in both direction. Personally, this novel as it stands right now is a very solid 4/5, maybe even 4.5 depending on how it goes.

First of all, I want to say that I don't mind the ML/the Emperor. I know the first instinct people have is to hate him since he randomly divorced the FL and her life kind of went to sh*t afterwards, but I honestly think it might be more complicated than... more>> that.


The ML and the FL were childhood friends/engaged before they were ever even remotely lovers. The ML was young and dumb, and felt that the little control he had over his life was best embodied by this forced engagement. Years of viewing the FL in this way, starting from when he was very young, led to him almost willfully ignoring the actually very wonderful things about her, which is why years later, after meeting her again under different circumstances, he's able look back at those times and reevaluate his opinion of her under a more mature and adult lens.

The time apart also gave him the necessary space to see things with more clarity. That's probably why I personally disagree with people saying it doesn't make sense or wasn't explained why he would 'suddenly' have feelings for the FL. I think he always deep down knew that she was a good person, but his foolish and boyish mentality and failure to see the bigger picture since he was young caused him to connect her as the root cause of all his strife.

I think it's human nature, especially when we're young, to view our circumstances as being 'the worst'. Like how we're struggling so much, but everyone else has it so easy in comparison to us. Having so little control over his life and then seeing the FL seemingly having no issue with how things were, he (like the literal child he was) believed her to have it easier than him. It didn't help that she was beloved by everyone around her, especially the Empress Dowager at the time, giving off the look that she was breezing through everything.

And he never got the chance to grow out of that mindset, having no one around him to encourage him to broaden his thinking or maybe consider that the FL isn't who he thinks she is or who he made her out to be. Obviously, that led to him trying to get away from her the literal second he was given control over his own life. That obviously doesn't make what he did right, but I think it makes him a really interesting character, and more 3D as a person than a novel like this normally would.

It boggles my mind a little that the top liked review on this novel is one mindlessly calling the ML an 'abuser' and that this novel is about a woman getting back with her abuser. That individual clearly did not read past the summary, so their review should be seen as invalid since they didn't even read the novel itself. If they had, that's not a conclusion they would've come to.


And I don't think we should disregard how he tried to take care of her after the divorce. He wasn't broad sighted enough to understand why the FL couldn't remain in the capital, but he still tried to take care of her. He tried to send her money, set her up with a place to live, etc. But she turned all his attempts to reach out down.

I think in terms of stories that use the trope of "ML dislikes FL because of her awful and controlling family", the Emperor here is by fair the tamest as all he really did was divorce her. He did not abuse her or curse her out, all he really wanted was to be free of what he believed to be a person symbolic of his chains. At worst, he ignored her efforts and all the struggles she had trying to be the perfect Empress, but that was just his prejudice and his own failure to look beyond himself, which is a vice I think a lot of us have been guilty of at some point or another. Not the greatest man alive, but definitely not the worst, and definitely redeemable.


My issue with the ML pretty much starts and ends with how he had s*x with the FL only to divorce her the next morning. Duty or not, he could've just said "Let's not and say we did" and just stayed in the same room as her until morning. Unless I'm missing something, there was literally no reason for him to have done that, especially since he wasn't even really physically attracted to her at the time.

This part really just feels like a vague justification for the overall plot rather than something that adds details or characterization to the ML. It takes two to tango and make a baby, so the author needed this to happen, but very little effort was put into having it make sense, and I could even argue that it makes NO sense given the ML's personality or previous behaviors. But I digress.


I like the FL's character a lot, though. She was a young woman who had her heart broken, but still manages to be a warm and loving mother. She prioritizes her child and manages to see the bigger picture in everything she does. She understands that the life she's putting her son through is difficult, but she also knows that his life wouldn't be any better at the palace since in her mind, the ML would get another wife, have another child, and then her son would be in mortal peril, which makes total sense for me. She's a mother, of course something like that's gonna worry her. And I like how her lie about her son being her nephew doesn't extend to lying to her son as well, which was something I was worried about going into the novel. She does it in a way that's very easy for a child to understand, disguising it as a game where he calls her Auntie in front of other people that aren't his great-grandfather. That aspect feels realistic to me because it doesn't treat the child like a super genius or like an idiot. He's a kid understanding and looking at the world in a kid way, so having it be like a game would be a perfect thing.


This novel definitely has its bumps and long stretches, but I believe in the payoff, or at least the potential for a payoff. The Emperor has his suspicions on Theor's parentage, at least in regards to him being the FL's son due to him having a similar allergy as her, but no big reveal as of yet. The characters here are much deeper than I think anyone is giving them credit for or even that this genre would allow for, which is probably why I'm still invested at this point.

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Feb 06, 2022
Status: Completed
I've read the entire novel and not just spoilers so I can give a fair enough review here lol.

plot - 3.5/5 (antagonists were kinda eh)

romance 4.5/5

... more>> character development - 6/5

over all - 4.5/5 but cause too many people gave it 1 star for no reason im giving it 5.

This novel is mostly politics based with FL doing everything for herself and her child. She does not care about ML and never does she ask him for help. She is amazing.

If you're here for some miraculous romance then you're in the wrong place because this is SLOW slow burn the author has made him suffer throughout the book as an outsider to his own son and made him again and again realise his fault and say sorry and ask for chance while not getting any. He is not acknowledged as a father or as a husband till the end of the main story.

He regrets and he is ashamed and he asks for forgiveness and learns the truth and breaks down even more. But FL gives him no way out. She is cold to him and never ever asks him for anything whatsoever. His son says he doesnt like him to live with them and nor does he call him dad / father. He learns that reckless actions have consequences and they are grave.

As for abuse, He didnt divorce her knowing his dad would die just after his wedding. He had no idea but he couldnt fathom the thought of being under her father's influence while ruling and divorced her thinking she had no feelings for him like he didnt have any for her. She told him she didnt want to marry him anymore. And that was done.

after that the only abuse he did was confine her to her house for some days which he later regrets and apologises for him and keeps his distance for as long as he can knowing how hatefully he behaved, he knew there was no reason for him to even hope for her to return his feelings after how much he had hurt her.

he tells her that he just wants her to keep the title of empress because he cant see anyone question her reputation again and he cant make up for it any other way. He will give her any land she wants where she can go and live and have freedom while he will never remarry or have another child. Her son is the only prince and will be the only heir.

he regrets and he realises and even after she accepts him, he constantly apologises to her and knows he can never make up for it.

for me the way the author has shown that the 6 years she suffered because of his s*upidity is literally EATING him up alive, is a lot better than showing a traumatised ML or a ML who only shouts and cries but never communicates or one that straight up decides to off himself w no apology. <<less
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Mar 06, 2021
Status: --
I really like this novel, FL make sense and have a brain inside her skull.

ML : he think that he is the only one having troubles in the entire world and everyone else life is sunshine and rainbows, don't like the MC because he thought that her life is about sipping tea and dresses just because she a noble, and that you can't love the partner that your family chose for you, although they were engaged for 10 years he treated her as a street pass by. FL : work... more>> hard for 10 years to become a perfect empress, wasted her entire childhood, helped the late empror, perfect in every way, use to love the ML but her love withers after there divorce, just want to life quietly with her son <<less
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May 29, 2021
Status: c54
I love the story so far. Astelle (FL) is dignified, smart and is very aware of others; she still holds herself like an Empress. Her son isn't annoying (like how some children can be in novels) & the Emperor (ML) isn't a bad guy either. If you read the novel you will see. I honestly look forward to the Emperor's clumsy interactions with her.

Someone had called the Emperor an abuser in a review and I want to say that he definitely is not.

... more>>

It was an arranged marriage, which he did not want from the start. He tried to end it before their first night & even tried to send her money afterwards, which SHE refused. He develops a cute relationship with the son and dotes on him. Astelle also doesn't take him back right away, he really has to work for it.


+ the translations are great! <<less
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May 11, 2021
Status: --
To those of you hoping for a strong independant woman who don't need no man, I'm sorry.

The guy who divorced the MC is the love interest.

He doesn't even have a good reason, but because hes handsome and rich, and he felt bad about it and look at those abs I guess it's fine I guess.

That was sarcasm.

If you enjoy watching a girl getting back with her abuser this novel is for you I guess.
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Feb 03, 2022
Status: --
Stories like these make me livid.
I am tired of seeing these bad ending alternative worlds of 'Remarried Empress'.
Y'know, powerful independent smart lady dumps tr*sh man because she knows she deserves better?
Even if the ex regrets it, it's their problem, not hers? Yeah? Yeah.

The opposite here.

On top of it, everybody that is overrating this and complaining to boot that it doesn't deserve negative reviews is completely missing the point.
This is a FANTASY/ROMANCE novel. There's no romance in this story. You cannot go around telling people not to... more>> expect romance from a romance novel. It's not about good/bad levels of romance either, there's literally no romance. One idiot pining his one-sided crush on someone who's fed up with him isn't romance.

Like 'I won't accept your regrets'+ 'There Were Times When I Wished You Were Dead', MC is bound to accept tr*sh back at some point because he's the god-forsaken ML.
Neglect is still abuse, FYI for those perpetrator sympathizers out there.
AND f*ck, am I actually seeing victim-shaming here? Saying it's 'kind of her fault for not accepting money, it's all good after he tried to reimburse her afterward' after being tossed out like a dirty prostitute after spending one night, their WEDDING NIGHT and wasted her entire youth polishing herself and dedicating herself to him?
I.... what?
Saying 'it's not ML's fault, he was a political pawn' as if MC wasn't one all this time??
She was the one who lost everything because she was forced out of her political position and social spot BY HIM. Imagine having a company with someone you trusted for decades and at the high of your career and he just pulls a quick one on you, removes you from the vice-CEO position, and permanently terminates you with monetary compensation. She got Zuckerberged.
His shortcomings are his own, don't dump his truckload of issues on others and make it THEIR problem. He's utilizing mostly the self-depriving 'Oh I deserve nobody now feel bad for me' strat. His main objective is to make himself feel better here.
Ye, no, still not her responsibility though.
The double standards here, yikes.

Instead of asking nicely and repenting, he's snobbish, selfish, egotistical, and self-important, self-absorbed enough to talk about conditions in his favor and coerce her to stay. That's it, that's his personality. *throwing hands*
Oh but it's not forceful-IT IS. She was brought back against her will. She's forced to develop a Stockholm syndrome, to put to the extreme. She's cut off from her comfort zone, antsy all the time over the magic potion that's covering her son's identity, and on top of that, there's a green tea bish dancing over her head trying to compete over a man nobody wants plus many others who are doubting and condemning her for being back while ML simply watches from the sidelines. She literally told him that would happen to so don't gimme the 'he didn't know' bs. It's a classic scammer method, create problems and then sell the solutions.

Just because ML is pitiful in some way doesn't mean she's got to accept him. I completely agree with the reviews praising the cuteness of the child or the characteristics of MC but no way I'm tolerating comments defending ML and downplaying his mistakes. Especially when it's the author that's doing it. A good comparison would be 'To help you understand' were through, both narrative and the MC, ML's wrongs are pinpointed and illustrates what kind of damage neglect abuse can do. Here, the author is sheltering him like some crazy son possessive mother.
ML exploited MC emotionally and physically, years later with no remorse, does it again and that is a fact.

'But they are great dads!' you say? Good for you. That doesn't mean they are great husbands or vice versa. That's how relationships sometimes work if you like it or not.

And let's be honest, the child is just the main factor for her to start considering him again, regardless of how 3 dimensional and cute Theo is.

You don't get to conveniently YEET people off and take them back at command and wish. Girl ain't no frisbee. <<less
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Jun 22, 2021
Status: c32
So far I felt a lot of anger towards the ML similar to the anger I felt because of soviesht. Anyway, the story is really really good!! The FL is very capable and I love how meticulous she is, she's a very careful and a very strong character. She actually reminds me of Navier. I love the FL and she deserves so much more than that b*st*rd emperor.

I also want to rant (sorry lol) I really hate the emperor's character, since they were little kids, he only thinks of Astelle... more>> as a nuisance. Even when she was clearly working hard for him, not once did he look at her direction. And now just because she's not dressed prettily and luxuriously, he's suddenly interested??? That's the most s*upid thinking ever lol tbh, I want to see him beg and cry and kneel in front of her!!!! She doesn't deserve the treatment she received from him back then, whatever excuse he had, it's not a valid reason to be a shitty human towards the person who devoted almost her entire life for you. Honestly, FL would be better off with another dude.


On the side note, Theor is so precious, but unfortunately he has an a*s for a father. <<less
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Apr 18, 2022
Status: c82
The more I read the shittier the ML becomes.

    • Grandma left me property but you need to sign off on it, only reason I came to look for you.
    • This kid is cute, let me take him to play elsewhere, without telling you (the guardian)
    • You don't want to go to this event? I order you to go.
    • Spoiler
        • The kid is your kid?... How could you have another man's child?! (Already divorced...) (+0.5 point for thinking about how hard it must have been later, I guess)
        • I divorced you but now I like you, marry me? (asks at a public venue in front of a bunch of nobles)
        • You rejected my public proposal, so I'm going to put guards on you (read: house arrest)
        • You request an audience over thirty times? Rejected, but I can visit you at the drop of a hat.
        • Bad Duke, trying to snatch kids to extort FL! (completely ignores that he tried to forcefully bring the kid back to the capital himself)
Some quotes of the FL's thoughts:

    • Spoiler
        • "But confinement, whether luxurious or extravagant, was still confinement."
        • "Kaizen imprisoned Astelle in the mansion under the pretext of guarding. Several times she asked for an audience, but she never got an answer back. "
        • "Some servants already called her 'You Majesty the Empress' saying that she would become empress again. Astelle forbade them from calling her that. However, it was already considered a fact that the two would remarry. Since Kaizen himself proposed to her, everyone thought it was decided. No one cared about Astelle's opinion."
        • "'The world is so unfair.' Born to become an emperor, Kaizen was always able to handle everything as he pleased. While Kaizen is ruling the empire with such a dignified and handsome appearance, Astelle is trapped here like a prisoner of war."
        • "Astelle asked frankly "Your Majesty, how long do I have to be here?" "Are there any inconveniences about staying here?" Astelle was speechless for a moment. Is there any convenience felt by the person who is in confinement?"
How could she possibly like him??? His 'guilty feelings' is some BS, if he actually felt bad he'd leave FL alone and actually listen to her, not entrap her.

This isn't even mentioning any trauma she got from the initial divorce incident!

There's just so much bad memories, it's hard to believe FL would be able to overcome all the stress, anger, panic, despair, etc that the ML has caused her. ML never really puts FL first, only ever in context of what he thinks should be done. Realistically (of course these kind of stories, things 'somehow always work out'...) the FL should never be able to accept the ML, and either get a different partner or end up as the ML's unwilling prisoner.

TLDR: ML doesn't understand that 'No' is an answer and ought to get kicked off his high position and privilege and see how life goes. Everything is his way, and FL should just accept it.

Translation quality is great, FL + her gramps and kid are great, her brother realizing he f'd up and trying to help her now is great. But the ML is just... no. It's too bad, because the story would be great if only the ML was acceptable.
24 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 29, 2021
Status: --
I love how the FL uses her brain. I love the plot, its not all about revenges for being not loved or emotional reason why the FL hides their child. I kinda hate the ML for his heartless remarks but I looked forward of this story. It makes me anticipate for more secrets and feelings to unfold..
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 18, 2021
Status: c17
I'm not the type to post reviews and etc. But I had to, since the rating which is 4/5 currently doesn't do enough justice with the novel itself. I might be speaking too early since I've only read up until chapter 17, but this novel has a lot of potential!

the writing and translations are soo great, they were able to depict and convey the author's imagination in another language in a not so cringey way (I sometimes cringe whenever there's a child involve in a novel soo).

The pacing is nice,... more>> it might be too fast for some, but for me it was quite alright. Since stories like these are predictable with the amount of novels that I've read with the same plot.

Overall, give this a chance :))) also, if it isn't your cup of tea, just let it be, since there are some readers out there who prefers stories like this. The characters aren't perfect but that's where the development will focus on. <<less
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 30, 2021
Status: c59
It's bad and it's awful and it's bad.

This novel is descriptive but to an okay, yeah okay buddy degree. The characters in this novel sucks they're not compelling, likable or intriguing. The worst character would definitely be the protagonists child because well his existence everything he does is for the sake of the author to get to where they want to go and it feels forced and suffocating, the protagonist herself is hard to describe because her character is so wishy washy of course it's easy to know how she's... more>> like since I'm told how she is like of course I'll immediately understand that she's super cool and awesome when I'm told she's super cool and awesome. Kaizen, only person's name j remember is unoriginal as f*ck just as much as his name also the maid the important one was such a random character appearance with no foreshadowing like okay thanks great issue solved. The plot reeks absolutely abysmal horrid even.

This sucks don't read it <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 16, 2021
Status: --
This is my opinion:

The ML is one of those men who realise how good their wives are after they are divorced

FL believes if she hides theor, ML and fl's son, from the ML and returns him to the palace when he's older, everything will be fine.

... more>> First, if the ML remarries (which he won't cause the FL is still there) there is high possibility theor will die shortly after he enters the palace either from the new empress or the concubines

Second, FL is going to stay in the imperial palace (the place all schemes take place) and she s*upidly believes she cand hide theor's eyes forever

Third, if the FL manages to escape, raise theor to adulthood but is instead found to be a prince who was hidden by his mother, does she believe she won't be executed

Fourth, I don't know if the ML becomes brain dead when it comes to love but he can't just say he wants the FL to become his wife again after he proposed divorce, he literately threw her away but after he sees how beautiful, kind, useful et cetera, the FL is, he's like, ''oh I want her to be my empress again''.

Fifth and the last, to the authors and translators, just make the FL the empress, make her fall in love with the ml, remove all the useless side characters and make this probably 200-chapter novel a 100-chapter one. All in all, it's decided, I really don't like your novel

These words above are my humble opinions and theories about how this novel made me hate and scoff at almost every chapter, if u don't know I'm dropping this novel, for those who like it, good for you. <<less
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 07, 2021
Status: c13
Really well written and translated. The FL is a strong and courageous character. The ML is an arse, but he seems to have his reasons. Really excited to see how it develops 😍

Definitely a 4+/5
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 17, 2022
Status: c20
Can't believe people are excusing the shitty ML LMAO.

Jesus f*ck, idk why korean novels are littered with these pathetic emotionally ret*rded MLs. They have this super duper amazing Fls just to let them be abused & stepped on by these abhorrent creatures. I do not mind overbearing, egoistic, selfish MLs but they have to be competent. You want to coerce and force the FL to live with you bc of your selfish desire? Okay go ahead but please make sure you have the competency and power to protect her and... more>> at the very least provide her with a safe and comfortable environment. The ML in this novel and almost 99% of "overbearing" MLs in Korean Novels couldn't even do that. Honestly this is why I prefer C-novels "overbearing" MLs, sure most of them have many flaws but at least they're all powerful & competent compare to the piles of wimpy dogshits in Korean Novels.

Honestly the ML just give me the biggest ick with his emotional ret*rdation and lack of competency.


I see people saying that it's satisfying in the end seeing the ML's "suffer" regretting his actions but I just can't lol, the ML is all woe is me I'm so pitiful and the narrative is trying to make the readers unwillingly sympathize with him like lol f*ck no, nobody gaf about you dawg.


8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 30, 2021
Status: c6
Just started reading the novel. My cup of tea. I liked FL’s way of thinking and doing.
Seems like great novel.

add more review after finishing it.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 12, 2021
Status: --
This story is great

8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 01, 2022
Status: --
I'll just say that ML is a big no, I still don't know how you guys forgiving him. Their relationship is toxic af, sees her as a spy and never glanced at her for 10 years?! After divorced he fell in love with her, forcing her to marry him again and imprison her?! I can't with that, and I'd be crazy if I were FL considering the trauma that ML caused to FL.
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Apr 03, 2022
Status: Completed
To those writing bad reviews I can understand why as most stories in this genre have a loveable ML who is if not a perfect individual atleast a perfectly lovable individual and does most things right and if they do make mistakes it is always explained away as not his fault. This novel is unique as it does not give an explanation for his actions sure their were extenuating circumstances: ... more>>

a troubled childhood (no mom strained if any relationship with his father), a forced marriage engagement from his father who was a weak emperor controlled by the nobles (something he hated and wanted to change), before they divorced he asked you never loved me anyways and she responded in the affirmative, he was jealous of the fact that everyone around her loved her (not true but although he had no family his only grandmother loved MC more then him) and she was always able to live life with a smile (not true either he just didn't understand her circumstances and the effort she put in to always be able to smile) while he felt he was under so much pressure, stress and suffering. As the literal CHILD he was he jealous of her and her engagement with him embodied how others had a control over his life. The moments of good he had with her were often distorted by mc's father who was outright his enemy and would make him push back from her not letting himself get too close to her. He was not able to see her for just her and could not look past his jealousy, childhood trauma, and her father and saw those as part of her when in fact all she did was work hard for the boy she liked and people's responsibilities of her. She was a kind hearted girl who never did any wrong and always lived up to expectation and prioritized others happiness. Often these stories have a perfect ML but this was the FL and MC.

However, none of them were excuses for him being a tr*sh person to her at times and outright cold. He was raised a crown prince and thus perhaps always had an arrogance to him and with the environment it is understandable even if in the context a monster of a human being was raised but it is also easily and equally possible for an amazing human being to be raised and ML lies somewhere between the middle and an amazing human being. Irrefutably he did some irredeemably tr*sh things. When she jumped in a frozen lake to save him and was blamed by others suspecting her to have fallen in first he did not clear the air nor take the extra effort to take care of her. When she planned her first ball he stood her up for the entire ball. She whose few sources of happiness as a child from 10-20 years old while being forced to study to be an empress and forego her childhood, her innocence, and time due to the external pressures, jealous, and forced responsibilities from others was just to be able to dance was unable to dance at her own first ball that she painstakingly planned and was forced to awkwardly stand and watch everyone else as your first dance partner or escort must be your fiance and as the crown princess must strictly adhere to this rule. He locked her to a house (power tripping lack of control issues within him - refer to struggle against nobles and desire to be different from his father who influenced him and was controlled by nobles)


However irredeemable a lot of his actions were I would definitely not call him a tr*sh human BY far. In fact he's good if not great person in my eyes who wanted to clean up his country to make it a better place for his subjects to live, isn't fully prejudiced in commoner vs nobles, takes consideration for others, as a husband or even a human a failure for the divorce but as a leader/emperor I can't really fault him - mc's father was the leader of the rebellion things would have been complicated for example if in the 6 year time skip in the prologue of the story he found out about his son he would have had to have them killed - after the divorce he tried to give her money a title and land he wasn't smart enough to understand why she would reject it all and flee the capital, tried to make her empress to protect her reputation etc.

The only thing I would fault him for is failing to look beyond himself and truly trying to understand the MC in the events before the story and being cold and cruel at times. (Also having s*x with her night of to divorce in the morning but honestly its super out of line with his character and I'm just going to chalk that up to author forcefully creating that for the events of the story) but he was a young kid at the time and I would still put him in the top 30 percent of humans during the time he was a kid and made those mistakes and put in the same situation he performed better then at least 90 percent of all people would. As an adult he has grown quite a bit and is no longer the hot blooded youth and looking retrospectively has many flashbacks and begins to understand how good she was to him and how much he liked her and how much he made her suffer and it TEARS him up. As a person in power who could do quite literally anything he wants he doesn't force the situation and wholeheartedly seeks repentance from her for his wrongdoings and apologized profusely and is even willing to die poisoned leave her as a regent and his son emperor and doesn't use the poisoning attempt from MC father to solve all his political problems as it would make things very difficult for MC and his son. Just for the fact that he was able to look back and understand all his mistakes I have to give him a 10/10 as most people can't do that. Relationships are never perfect and this story definitely isn't but makes a clear attempt to make the ML is a deep, realistic, 3d character and does not attempt to make the reader love or forgive him for his faults (as in other stories they do by having an already old and mature ML quickly and conveniently change their very fiber of being at a whim at the right time so ml's actions hurt FL but only very little and build some perfect love story) but attempts to show the growth of the ML and not like or love the ML but at least appreciate him for the man he is becoming. Thanks for coming to my ted talk/ramble. I probably wrote a lot of gibberish and none of what I said makes sense but end conclusion ML did tr*shy things but by far and by large is not a tr*shy person and FL is almost perfect. I would honestly read: trinketbestboi's review it's a lot better then mine and well written. <<less
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Oct 08, 2021
Status: c44

I'm the type of person who doesn't post reviews for novels I'm not really interested in.

I can just say that the FL is really smart and admirable. She's a really good mother and wants to do everything to protect her child. She's also willing to jump in any danger for little Theor

I gave 2 points for this one

Next, I also understand why the ML did not love her at first.

... more>>

She was the daughter of the Duke who was always scheming and greedy. One would naturally think that she was just a doll who was forced into the engagement and marriage. He never thought that her feelings for him was real. He just thought she was a puppet to give birth to the next Emperor and she was used by her father as a spy to the ML, but those weren't actually true.


I also liked that the ML had a really good character development in the Novel. (To those people who hated the ML, think of him as a real life person for a second. People will have doubts, suspicions, people can change, and no one is perfect, it wasn't his fault that he never developed feelings in the PAST... that's why he's slowly trying to become a better person... AND he's not really a bad person at all.)

He was just indifferent because he didn't love the FL at first, he never wanted something bad to happen to the FL.


I also gave 2 stars for this.

Next about Theor, dear lord this child is an angel of all angels. He's smart, cute, understanding, disciplined, and just a lovable child. He's so innocent. Just reading his lines and his scenes brightens my day.

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Feb 05, 2022
Status: c79
tbh this is my cup of tea. Before everyone bandwagon hate this series because they read the FL ended w her “abuser” again, know that she refuses him again and again. The only reason she accepted him is bc she thinks about her son. She’s not that typical “i must get revenge on this person” or whatever, instead she moved on and tried her best NOT TO GET INVOLVED AGAIN.

and I’ve read some series and this series has that rare ML where they owned up to their mistake and tried... more>> to fix it instead of blaming it on his trauma (seriously what’s w traumatic ML traumatised others and playing victims) He doesn’t even try to get her sympathy or whatsoever, he realised his mistake on his own and that’s some good sh*t there.

but if you prefer ML who won’t even try to communicate and keep playing victims, or FL that cannot move on and stuck on the past, then this isn’t a series for you. This slow burn series is top tier and rare. <<less
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