There Were Times When I Wished You Were Dead


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The Emperor of Croisen hated Empress Yvonne. Enough that he’d wish for her to disappear three times a day.

I don’t like the face of someone who looks just like the Duke of Delois, my enemy, but no matter how much I insulted her, her indifferent and aloof character stayed the same, which made me feel even more terrible.

I didn’t care whether or not she disappears or dies. I was fine with anything as long as I didn’t see her face.

The wish came true.

When he no longer wished for it to happen.

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Wished You Were Dead (Manhwa)
네가 죽기를 바랄때가 있었다
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December 20, 2020
Status: v4
There are 5 books with approximately 7 chapters each. The raws are completed. It’s very similar to Remarried Empress in a way that the ML is being a complete douche to the MC for no good reason. I this case the ML just hates the MC for being related to the her father whom he hates. MC literally does nth to harm him n just takes all his verbal abuse without reacting. The reason why she’s behaving this way is extremely heart breaking and you’ll get a glimpse of her... more>> reason for acting emotionless in book 2 n 3.

It is similar to the Remmaried Empress premise where the ML actually loves the MC n didn’t know it during his time of abusing him (Goddamn ret*rds). So you’ll definitely see those “I regret hurting you” movements towards the end of the novel.

Why I gave it a good rating is because the MC’s POV was just so heart breaking, it gave me physical pain. She’s not influential or particular smart. She’s someone who went through so much n has no choice but to keep suffering in order to protect her only family (not talking about the douche Emperor n Duke). The angst in this story is “My fiancé loves my little sister” level. It’s almost like reading a person going back n forth btw sanity n insanity because of the emotional trauma. It’s very well written, that’s why it’s popular in Korea. <<less
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Goldenxman33 rated it
July 28, 2021
Status: --
This is the only novel that the ML abuse his wife so much that the corupted nobles, spys and second wife are trying to stop him. Even the people who should hate the MC pity her because of the unhuman amount of aduse by her husband.
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whyneji rated it
July 29, 2021
Status: c17
When did difficult childhood's become an excuse to publicly humiliate your wife and treat her like garbage. Regardless of the political situation and background, the ML's treatment of the FL is beyond cruel and uncalled for, there's a difference between being cold and being outright sadistic to try and draw reactions from the FL. The fact that it is all going to be glossed over with misunderstandings and 'love equals forgiveness' just makes this an uncomfortable and frankly disappointing read.
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Skite rated it
November 24, 2020
Status: c20
So far, the Emperor is a petty, moronic child who pitches s*upid fits and is actively endangering his rule as he publicly abuses his wife. Like, if he were a real ruler who behaved this way, he would be quickly corrected of his (lack of) importance, or overthrown. I sincerely hope he gets overthrown. I honestly don't know how to take a character from his current state of behavior and redeem him sufficiently that we'll like him and want him to reconcile with the Empress.

The Empress is largely stoic, unless... more>> she is in a rare moment of pleading. Which is pathetic. I want her to, you know, step up and be an awesome Empress, not this unmoving mannequin in a crown making split-second sad eyes and doing nothing else, not even ruling.

It is like "I Don't Want to Be Loved" but if we were watching the terrible, abusive bits from the couple's first marriage before they were reborn. <<less
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ireaditall rated it
September 2, 2021
Status: --
I can't take this anymore...

The author seems to be lacking in political acuity, as the political world building is all over the place and the actions the characters take are completely inconsistent with the environment they are in.

Now I will try to justify my views a bit below,

... more>>

So the setting is that the FL's father is a extremely powerful duke who basically controls the country and has deprived the Emperor ML of power and forced both the MCs to get married so that their child aka his grandson will become the emperor and the duke can get more power.

Now I will explain the holes in this setting below:-

    • Acc. to what I understand the duke holds a lot of power, so much so that if he so wishes he can overthrow the royal family. And it wouldn't really be hard in a world that follows the settings of Medieval Europe, i.e., the nobles hold a lot of power and there is even a noble council that works on governing the country with the emperor. The duke here has already taken over governing the country from the emperor and the emperor lacks supporters in the council and even in his own palace (I remember an aide telling the ML to be careful of the duke in his own study). So all the duke has to do is kill the emperor (who it seems is an only child) and the throne will lack an legitimate heir and the duke, with the help of his supporters can take the throne and become the emperor or place a obedient puppet on the throne.
    • So this brings us to the question why the duke would rather marry a daughter to a powerless emperor and create an alliance that gets him virtually no benefit??? this is hole no. 1
    • Ok, now its clear that ML can't compare to the duke at all, but for some reason the duke marries his daughter to him as form of marriage alliance, and instead of making the best of it to form his own forces and supporters, what does the ML do?
      Insults, humiliates and isolates her, in public many times, aka tries to get pleasure of stepping on duke's face through her. This is something that would effectively push most of the neutral and royalist nobles to the duke's side, as who would want to help a emperor that tramples upon nobles' pride and dignity. (Its seen that most nobles are on the FL's side and quite look down on the ML)
    • As if that wasn't enough, we see that in a flashback, the duke's threatening ML that he wanted his life but the ML couldn't do anything to him; it once again speaks volumes of the duke's power and ML's lack thereof; however the ML keeps humiliating the duke in front of the public as if he wants to die early and duke does nothing about it. This is hole no. 2.
    • Adding another block to this shitty building, is when he takes a mistress and proclaims her as a queen IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE NOBILITY.
      Its as if he's worried that he will have too many supporters among nobles (which he doesn't btw) and wants to reduce their nos. drastically.
    • And then there's the mistress, a daughter of a Marquis, a real lady. Who, I really can't see getting any benefit from joining this fiasco. I mean the setting of the world is such that she really won't get any benefits and it may even be harmful instead.
    • So her father's a marquis, who obviously isn't as powerful as the FL's father, so why isn't she worried about the duke's retaliation on her family, it isn't as if the ML can protect them. And as long as the duke's around she and her child (if she has one) will probably not survive or live in dire states as the emperor doesn't have the power to depose the most powerful dukes daughter, they won't have a legitimate status either. Next, we also see that the status of illegitimate children are not good and mistress are despised, so after the contract is over and done with, how will she continue to mingle with the nobility, and who will dare to marry someone who is considered the emperor's woman??? Not to mention that the ML is a powerless emperor who can't bring any benefit to her or her family. This is hole no. 3
    • Another absurd thing is when the ML asks the mistress to spy on FL, and I was thinking that why the hell would FL allow a mistress to get close to her, it would have been better to buy out a close maid of FL instead.

Now I can't deny that some of my justifications may overturn as story progresses but at least now they exist.

In all honesty, the cast of characters don't seem very smart. I thought that the Marquess at least had some IQ but her actions don't show it.

The 2 stars are me being my most generous towards a FL I found to better than most pathetic groveling and submissive tr*sh FLs. Compared to other characters, the FL seems to have a sober working mind and decisions that actually makes sense given her position and environment.

She hates the duke and hence is unwilling to ask for his help and she pities the ML and hence is unwilling to fight with him over something she didn't want willingly. I feel that the FL has low amount of feelings for the ML and her decision to die in his place was made due to her not wanting to continue being a pawn in the duke's schemes.

Oh and one of the reviewers above wrote that ML's actions are understandable, which they aren't because its really not understandable to go against an extremely powerful foe with a little bit of power. which is exactly what the ML does by acting this way with the FL <<less
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ivanlyw7 rated it
September 26, 2021
Status: v4
So I decided to give this book a chance after reading the reviews.

Oh boy. These 5 star reviews are so misleading.

Sypnosis is misleading. Nobody dies.

Everyone except for the FL is tr*sh. Simple, utter tr*sh.

... more>>

A abusive ML who immediately resorts to su*cide when he learns the truth from a third party about FL origins. Makes no effort to reach out after dealing FL years of abuse because he's a piece of sh*t who doesnt have guts to deal with FL father so he takes it out on her instead. as*hole drowns in self pity saying that he doesnt deserve to live for what he has done to her instead of making amends.

Also, I get that you hate FL's father, but holy sh*t how dumb must you be to constantly antagonise someone who is much stronger than you in every way possible just because.

How dumb must the palace be to not even do a background check on the QUEEN OF THE COUNTRY BEFORE LETTING HER INTO THE PALACE?! How do you not even know a shred of info of your prospective queen and still be ok with marrying her, political reasons or not?

Palace maids and doctor who "symphatise" with her but do jack sh*t to help FL out

Queen who doesnt even GAF about what's happening to FL even though there is blantant abuse happening in front of her

Aide who obviously should be able to invedtigate everything thats going on but not GAF until the last book


The romance portion is basically BS.

FL and ML loved each other way back when they met once. FL, for some reason, continues to hold this flame even throughout the abuse.

ML likes past FL but doesnt know its current FL.

So.... BS happens that makes FL prevent ML from dying and some time later ML does the same and then all is well and they love each other (wtf) <<less
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Irenesbride rated it
September 22, 2021
Status: --
I really can't support novels with such toxic, disgusting MLs. He has the EQ equivalent to a child - which is an insult to children considering how they have basic empathy and logical thinking skills.

Not to mention, the ML seems to lack a lot of power in a political sense, yet all his actions only create more enemies, and worsen his position as a whole. This ML is like the side tr*sh characters you see in other novels
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ugochiii rated it
November 6, 2020
Status: c5
Okay so I'll try to update this as I read. The description (?) of the novel really drew my attention.

The prologue really grabs ones attention

... more>>

So he never slept with the FL and than later brought another woman claiming she's his possession and also wanting to make her empress. He does this because him and the FL been married for a year, but haven't had a child (mind you this happened on the first year anniversary and he never slept with her). He later leaves to sleep with the woman and the FL is still indifferent.


I can't wait till see disappears I wanna see how his bit*h ass will act <<less
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Drenlith rated it
September 2, 2021
Status: --
I would rate it lower if I could, this ML is like the Jerry from Rick and Morty, he makes everyone feel sorry for him because that's the only way he can thrive. On top of that he's got big enough of an ego to pick on the weak and cower in front of the strong. His whole agenda was: the duke hurt me so I'll start to throw a tantrum around me because I'm powerless.

MC will and is thoroughly messed up directly and indirectly by this guy, the source... more>> of all of her unhappiness. The fact alone that he's picking on her for the sake that she is seemingly unshaken by his verbal harassments bugs him enough to keep looking more ways to make her hurt.

There was no reason why he had to be like that to someone who never hurt him in the first place and that alone makes him a weak, feeble and worthless guy that belongs straight into the garbage.

Blood dog drama over nothing, really. MC should've walked out and find someone better. ML should've been nothing more than a cannon fodder. It's just a relief that

the contractual lover, the Queen, ML brought in had a sensible and compassionate soul and didn't walk the villainess path.


Other than that to gain MC's forgiveness

we gotta threaten her with su*cide man, ofc how else should he be redeemed *eye roll*

Yay, excessive unnecessary emotional abuse from the beginning til end for everyone involved.

I've read angst novels but they gotta make proper sense here, you can't just write bs drama and expect people to buy into it for the sake of feeling angsty. <<less
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GH_98 rated it
April 22, 2023
Status: Completed
By presuming that people search the reviews section to decide whether to read the novel or not, I want to say that If you’re someone who can’t handle the tragedy genre very well or find It hard to read prolonged descriptions of negative emotions and abuse and misery, simply don’t read this book.

otherwise If you actually can tolerate reading this kind of novel or much better favor It as a genre, then go a head because It’s a five-star read, very well constructed and written and wrapped up in a... more>> way I find It logical and interesting.
I LOVED THIS NOVEL, I consider myself lucky to have found It around this time, I was very thirsty to read a good tragedy (no matter how questionable this might sound) and the author simply served.
the set of characters is just amazing, I love how fleshed out and real they felt, I loved being able to read the dual povs of the main characters and also having an insight into the perspective of secondary characters like Alexis Dunya or Asher. The novel also deals with very tough topics like abuse, loss, grief and loneliness. It also contains a sickening amount of yearning and pining (my favorite) and I just simply find the book perfect. Give It a try, enjoy💕 <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Xuelovers rated it
January 31, 2022
Status: Completed
I don't remember why I took interest to this novel in first time. When I find this novel in some reading platform, my first impression is the chapters are too long. I gave up before reading it.

Then, somehow I find a manhwa adapting this novel, so I read it and suddenly it piques my interest. Because the manhwa still has few chapters, finally I tried to read the novel.

At first I feel bored, because once again I was reminded the chapters are longer than my patience (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I had given... more>> up several times, but it changed when I reached chapter 90+.

YES, I never expected that I'd CRIED A LOT that times. ಥ_ಥ

I conclude there were three arcs in this novel.


1. When both FL and ML were indifferent with each others.

2. When both FL and ML slowly opened up.

3. When a tragedy happened; a flood of emotion, resentment and su*cide.


In the early chapters, I was fed up with the ML acts. I really wanted to see how this man will regret his words, his acts, even the existence of himself since it was hinted in the synopsis. So, I peek when this man would face his own shit. ┐ ( ̄ヘ ̄) ┌

And... I'm shook. I still have a long way to go.


It's revealed on chapter 80 to 90


I was on chapter 20 at that times. Even when I was on chapter 30, I was still calculating on my mind, how long do I have to read until I reach that chapter.

However, when I reached on certain chapter, I was hooked. The conflicts grew intensed. I can feel both FL and ML started to lose their string of sanity.


chapter 60+


One that on despair, betting 'their' 'world', holding on the promises, was in desperate for 'their' trust just for once at that moment, but cannot reveal the 'truth' because was under a certain power.

While on the other side was tired of betrayals, sick of 'themselves', haunted by promises 'they' made, but broken and then, drown in misery because still longing for someone in the past.

This story is truly liven up its title. When the man said 'I wish you were dead', I shuddered.


The woman has bet her 'world' by trusting him, depend on his promise in the past and present while still holding her state that was on verge of insanity, but was repaid by those words.

If I were her, I'd hate him for all my life, i'd curse, i'd do everything I could do to remove the pain he cause, even by dying, i'd do! Because the world I lost is none other than my mother!

Darn, im f*cked up. When the man learns the truth, he lost all his reason to live. While in a state of half crazy coz before always had nightmares of 'her' that he believed died because of him, was truly wanted to die by his hands in the present. She, who he was desperate on looking for, was actually close to him for all the time.


I never thought that lines hold such weight in this story.

I'm glad I was stumbled in this novel.

For anyone who read this, if you hate the ML already, it's ok, because when I read this I always resent this man, but trust me, this story truly worth your time.


I cried for this man later. I really want to hug him, because he had suffered enough.

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nornir_ rated it
August 21, 2022
Status: Completed
If you love angst, want to see a foolish ML who mistreated the FL regret his actions, and are able to read something for your own enjoyment rather than take every single thing seriously like a Tw*tter keyboard warrior, this novel is for you.


    • + Very good angst
    • + Relatively good excuse for the ML and FL being unable to cOmMuNiCaTe
    • + Deals with themes of trauma, loss, and forgiveness well.
    • - Could benefit from better world-building. There is magic in this novel, but it's never properly explained or explored. They kind of throw the name of spells without really priming you about how they worked, what other spells there could be, etc. There were also a few other places other than the main setting, Croisen, mentioned, but one of them kind of gets swept under the rug.


I loved the ending and side stories as much as I loved the angst. You get to see wholesome interactions between the characters including ML and FL's daughter, Lynette, with Karloi's stone-faced right-hand man, Asher and also Karloi's strict Aunt who is a bit shy about being called "Grandma" in public hehe.

It was wrapped up quite nicely with a happy ending.



    • Karloi Croisen (ML)
I neither hate nor like Karloi, but I did want to bonk him numerous times. I think a lot of people would hate reading about an ML like him though. Early on, just when you think he can't stoop any lower, he stoops so low even the Devil is questioning how much hell he can put people through. He has a brain for Emperor duties I guess, but at the same time he doesn't when it comes to figuring out his feelings for the FL.

With this kind of novel, you know he's going to foolishly mistreat the FL and regret it like hell later and that's exactly what happens. The regret arc was delicious and quite satisfying. They should add the comedy tag to this novel because some of the things Karloi said and did while he was being eaten alive by guilt were pretty amusing (jk, don't add it). I liked who Karloi became after his grief. He becomes more tender and puppy-like towards the FL and is super, extra careful not to hurt her again.

Karloi is a fool, but both characters suffer a lot throughout. You don't have to like him because that's Lilian's job. :^)
    • Yvonne Deluah/ Lilian Rue
Lilian is an amazing character. Her mother, Denise is being held hostage by her father, the Duke of Deluah, so she has to think carefully about her actions otherwise the Duke could hurt/ kill Denise and Lilian does just that. There were a few times when I was shocked by the way she thinks of ways to both appease her father enough not to let him hurt her mother, but at the same time making sure no harm is done to Karloi and others around him because of the Duke.

Lilian is strong, quick-witted but she's not a "badass", invulnerable FL; she is as human as one can possibly get and sometimes the weight of her decisions cause her to break down. I loved how calm she was, but also how vulnerable and unsure she was inside at the same time. I'm going to miss this novel because I'll probably never encounter someone like Lilian ever again!


I also loved the chemistry she and Karloi had in their childhood and they both still retain aspects of that even when they have grown up which was sweet to see.

Another thing I liked was how much Lilian loved her mom and how she dealt with losing her. The feelings and cycle of grief were so raw and heart-breaking. To have overcome that and what the Duke and Karloi did to her and still be able to love in the end shows you that Lilian is someone with immense mental fortitude.


Here's a rough timeline of events from the top of my head if you want to know what to look forward to while reading:


CH 89-90 - ML finds out who FL is and realises what he's done.

CH 91 - 110: ML's regret arc

CH 111 - 129: Separation arc (FL spending time away from ML)

CH 130 - FL's reunion with ML

CH 137+ - Healing arc


This was by no means a perfect story. Still, I hope you give this novel (or even the manhwa) a chance not expecting a literary masterpiece, but as something to pass the time and casually remember now and then for the things it made you feel.
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Pearlybts rated it
April 20, 2022
Status: manhwa
I see many people disliking this story and I think their thoughts r valid. But the way I saw the characters was a bit different. In the ML's defense, if the as*hole who is utmost evil, corrupt and who even tried to mu*der me sent me his child as a spouse, I would never entertain them and might even have held the same hatred for them, especially when that spouse's words and behaviour r extremely rude and questionable at times (obvious misunderstandings). He even found another capable person to replace... more>> her and suppress the influence of her wretched father. He can't be called a capable emperor but I feel his behaviour towards her was kinda understandable. It was very wrong but that's how humans usually behave.

And he was too preoccupied with his hatred that he couldn't even discern the true character of his own wife, even missed the very obvious signs of the person he yearned for. This is enough to consider him a failure as a ruler. And in MCs defense, there was nothing much she could do anyways. She was heavily monitored, abused, bound by a spell and couldn't betray her supposed dad in a lifetime bcoz of that spell

I have to admire her for pushing through life in those utterly dire conditions. They might be disappointing in terms of manhwa MC and ML standards but if we compare them with real life behaviours, they aren't that far off. <<less
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Captain ordinary
Captain ordinary rated it
January 1, 2022
Status: prologue
I don't agree it's comparable to remarried empress, yes he is a douches bag but for a reason and he's not a rapist, also I don't think the ML attitude is the most righteous either yes her family did kill his family and he didn't know she's not even involved or has saved him in the past but it's just obnoxious accusing her of something when even she can't do anything because he took all the power and responsibility she had.

It's just like literally kicked a dead dog does he... more>> have to do that? Idk I'm not married with someone who killed my parents but for sure I would hate the "person" Who killed them and everyone involved so I can't really blame him either.

And once again he's not comparable to ML in remarried empress that piece of shiet garbage story ML is the worst thing imaginable literally irredeemable without excuse of "brainwashed" s*upid shitty plot s*upid author and s*upid FL for literally forgave her rapist and her mu*derer doesn't make sense. <<less
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Ruby_078 rated it
November 18, 2021
Status: c21
Y'all making ML such an unreasonable and an a'hole but it does not even last 15 chapters before it's started to subdue. Of course not immediately. I admit I am mad at ML but MC herself is feeding the doubt to ML. It was completely unreasonable for ML to act on certain action and I also won't forgive him but that does not mean it's held no meaning, there is a reason briefly explain tho not in dept and I won't spoil anything. No one is good at communication because... more>> of their own trauma and I bet the one review said he is a forgiven to tr*sh ML but this is unforgivable yadah yadah~ had never experienced the real suffering. I had read worse that lasted more than 100 chapters but that what's entertaining. Your own taste and feeling so I won't judge but I think it's was a harsh judgment for a novel that barely have 20 chapters which are roughly around 13% of the novel. <<less
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Glutton idiot
Glutton idiot rated it
July 27, 2021
Status: --
My blood boiled a lot of time why?

here's why

... more>>

The emperor hate and despise the empress as you can see in the description but what more blood boiling is that he the emperor himself brought back a f*cking woman!? And declared she will be the empress and he will make a f*cking successor with her THE f*ck IM ANGRY and of course the bastard emperor is the ML 😤 the empress drank the poison meant for the mistress (the one who the emperor spent the night with or idk tldr) the emperor knows that and make her drank the antidote and then BAM 💥 the emperor didn't know the reason why he always come to the empress room 3 day straight and try to told him a good reason and my f*cking god the FL is also f*cked she's his childhood friend and want him to favor her


i swear to god I don't like this sh*t but I will give a 5 cuz it's good the ML is s*upid a lot if f*cking misunderstanding but


the father is the villain so he's sh*t I know the ML need to be wary of her or smth Idk the duke want his grandchild to be a emperor or smth and in order to do that he the duke took the illegitimate child (our fl) and magic her to look like him so can't blame the ML too much


great sh*t if u like misunderstandings novel like these

i hate this type of shits <<less
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avyvanja rated it
March 24, 2023
Status: Completed
For those who have only read the currently translated chapters, I fully understand why they're giving low reviews. In the initial chapters, the ML is an absolute piece of tr*sh, and it definitely continues for quite a while. However, having read the whole novel in its entirety, I can comfortably say that it's a pretty good piece of work.

Fundamentally, the ML and FL are well-fleshed out individual characters. They are intertwined through their childhood and adult lives in ways that make them extremely special and painful existences to each other.... more>> A boy who had nothing except his status and a girl who had everything except status meeting fatefully and changing each other's lives in unimaginable ways. Everyone is messed up. The trauma that they carry is heavy and painful.

Yet the story isn't exactly a love story, though it might seem that way on first blush. Neither is it a very compelling political fiction. At its core, it's a story about being broken and twisted by one's early life. In the ML's case, it's replicating and inflicting his pain and agony onto other people and getting revenge. In the FL's case, it's going crazy through losing everything. But at the end of the day, it's a story of two people who were broken down and messed up eventually managing to heal from their wounds and move forwards toward a brighter future for themselves.

It's worth a read. <<less
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yellow eagle
yellow eagle
February 6, 2022
Status: --
I have read little but please don't compare it to remarried empress Sovieshu was never this tr*sh, even when he divorced her he was at least a great and responsible emperor and truly loved Navier but in this book I don't even remember the ML's name but it's like all he's out for is revenge do you care about your country at all or you just never want to move on from your past trauma. He's taking his hatred out on an innocent member of the family which hurt his... more>> family in the past. I would've accepted it even if FL atleast had some sense to hate him but I heard that they had a happy ending together. Well f*ck this book then <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
mitji rated it
March 20, 2021
Status: c20
This will definitely be added to my tear-jerker list. I've been shedding tears in every chapter and I can't wait for a role reversal to happen. That would be so satisfying.

Oddly enough, I don't see the ML negatively. His actions were rather justifiable as he have to be wary of the Duke and anyone related to him, including the FL. Instead, I am curious as to how the FL will be able to leave the clutches of the Duke and make the Emperor chase after her.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Changingchangie rated it
February 25, 2021
Status: --
Okay first off. If you're not into drama, wherein; the ML is emotionally hurting the FL. Click out.

But for those who are looking for a novel where you want your heart to break you can read this. For me, it is quite entertaining to read since our ML emotionally tortures the FL, but is unknowingly falling for her (I meeaaan hello bb? The way he reacted when THAT happened was a clear sign for me)

... more>>

Though I'm waiting on what would happen when he would realize our baby Yve is that girl, right? I'm just hoping that the ML would suffer because Yve is going through too much pain.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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