Love Doesn’t Matter


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Hadius Meyer was the center of the world.
He was a beautiful person, who shined brightly among others.

But he didn’t brag or act arrogant.
He was fair to everyone.

Except for his fiancée, Emilia Bern.

“I really want to be free now. I really hate you. From the bottom of my heart.”
“How many times do I have to tell you so you understand? I don’t care about that.”
“What on earth do you want?”
“The Duchess of Meyer. My wife. As you know.”

An engagement only in name, he changed when she decided to end that weary relationship.

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상관없어, 사랑 따위
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dewey rated it
December 24, 2020
Status: c5
I don’t know why this has low reviews? It may be because of the ML but there’s only five chapters which means there’s plenty of time for his character to develop and grow.
Though I understand, the ML’s attitude is pretty frustrating.

anyways I’m enjoying it a lot right now, it reminds me of Jane Austen’s “Persuasion” but gender swapped (not sure if this is the correct term to use) and also with the setting (nobility, social rules and all that jazz). You feel for the female lead as the author... more>> goes in depth (plus the translation is great too) and she goes through a lot. I like how her feelings are not without reason.

I encourage anyone who likes shoujo or Josei to give it a read! <<less
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