I’ll Quit as The Empress


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“I, Evelyn Felice will abdicate as the Empress.”

“You’re giving up your fortune without my permission, and you’re happy at will.”

But a year later, like a coincidence, Fabian appeared again.

“Our relationship is done…Please stop.”

“I seemed to be the one who would do that. Everything…I decide.”

The relationship, which was thought to have been neatly arranged, began to get entangled again. Fabian’s indifferent eyes were burning hot toward Evelyn.

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황후를 그만두겠습니다
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New Wolve2k rated it
June 9, 2021
Status: c130
This is overall a very good story the translation is a bit rough at time. The ML is a bit single minded he has a unhealthy fixation on her when she leaves him.

... more>>

To all the people saying the FL was unreasonable or why she hide his child from him. In her first life 2 childs died because she was the empress and pressed into the perfect image of a empress, so she did the only logical thing, escape and keep the child hidden. If she stayed as empress the cycle would have repeated. Later on it's the Paladin what cast a spell on her and basically told her, if you 2 get together everything will turn the same and he pretty much told her his thanks to HIM that you have a second chance. If you're getting a second chance and the one entity what did that for you ask to stay away... Hmm what you gonna do? Blame the author if you don't like the story lol

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New sitoxdevil
June 6, 2021
Status: c47
Liam is kinda sweet, but also shady, I still can't forget that scene ... more>>

when he wasn't as protective to Adrian in Wyvern attack and only moves when Evelyn thrown her own body to protect Adrian

So no, I can't even consider him as second male lead, neglecting children's safety just ain't it.

And there's Fabian, who don't have knowledge how to express himself much less loving someone. He's hardheaded and sounds very sensitive at the topic of his failed marriage. I haven't yet see his fault besides neglecting his wife's feeling and him being easy holding grudges. But I do think Fabian is a sinner, in Evelyn's PAST LIFE. I know that if Evelyn's stays as Empress maybe all the unfortunate events will recurring in her 2nd life, BUT SUCH EVENTS HASN'T HAPPENED YET. So Evelyn having revenge when he's (by the time they divorced) only at fault abandoning her for the sake of Empire is kind of childish to me, when she also has fault such as why doesn't she voiced her complaints by the time she request for a divorce.

Evelyn's is basically spoiled by everyone in this book, or maybe they just want to make an enemy of Fabian that the story doesn't even make sense anymore. It's ridiculous how even a pope and a small country King can even talk back to the Emperor, or maybe Fabian is just one of that useless Emperor, but still, the common courtesy just ain't there, to the point almost everyone on Evelyn's sides can dismiss the Emperor's means and presence.

I do believe in Evelyn's 2nd life, it is Fabian who fell as victim, but they both are at faults. And honestly, the only character I like in this novel by far is Adrian and Rebecca. <<less
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ike_00000 rated it
August 11, 2020
Status: --
Melodramatic af

The first five chapters were basically on repeat about "oh I suffered oh I was all alone oh I'm free oh I can be happy and live my youth now oh look how strong and delicate I am stepping down" etc etc

Like I know it was bad, but when its repeated soo many times with such a melodramatic tone it makes me lose sympathy lol. I know it was bad and while I'm happy she's able to live for herself, at the same time the title of Empress is... more>> obviously a responsibility and I don't think she understood what it meant. I know she suffered in her past to try and pursue that image, but idk man. These stories always spin "empress" stories to be romance-focused, but in actuality its a heavy role with work and responsibilities that require sacrifices.

Even putting aside all that, idk I just felt bored. After you cut through the melodrama and filler there's not much left imo

Still, some people will def like this story. It's v "trying to pretend to be an adult" type of shoujo. <<less
26 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Tina Wei
Tina Wei rated it
August 1, 2020
Status: c2
I love it.!As a depressed person myself, I'm naturally addicted to this type of novels....i can feel how depressed she is and how much she wanted to escape..i really want to watch her life slowly coming into the light, getting affections then falling in love again and finally realizing what life is actually meant. Well, maybe my predict be wrong or the plot isn't like that but I enjoy it anyway..I don't quite like the ML, wish he could change into nicer one. Btw her baby in the cv is... more>> so damn cute.? I hope that the translator-nim wouldn't drop it.♡ (。•́︿•̀。) ♡ Thank u so much for your amazing work. Looking forwards for every updates...!

#Sorry for my bad English <<less
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J Doe
J Doe rated it
August 21, 2020
Status: c27
I love to read fantasy when it takes real world problems and then pulls them apart in a non-real world setting. Here we have issues like depression, miscarriage, attachment disorder, religious hypocrisy and a very like-able main character navigating through them while trying to keep herself and her child alive.

We start from an empire with a horrible level of expectation for their royalty. The Emperor is perfect, because he's been raised to be emotionally numb, apparently. As a husband, he's completely clueless. When his wife recovers from a fever, she... more>> tells him she wants a divorce.

Our ex-empress, Evelyn, has returned in time to before the miscarriages and the emotional pain of being abandoned to wither in place. Whether it was a long dream or a previously lived life, she decides to take control this time. She'd been raised in a loving (though lofty) home. Her parents are rulers of their own (small) kingdom and they welcome her back, without holding the divorce against her. They regret having allowed her to marry the heartless emperor of another kingdom and will blacken their own names to protect the baby she secretly gives birth to.

Will the ex-husband make a comeback or will the childhood sweetheart (one sided, it seems) confess and steal her away? Oh! And there are monsters attacking villages and festivals. A heartwarming and humorous look at serious marital and societal problems. <<less
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FEMA rated it
September 19, 2020
Status: c58
I liked it, specially how their failed marriage its both their fault, but he more than her because of the difference in power between a Emperor of his own homeland and a Empress from a smaller foreign kingdom. There where major culture, expectantions in a marriage and emotional responses differences and they both failed in communicating to try to bridge them, but she was the one that died. Like depicted in this part that its my fav part of the novel so far.

... more>>

"Yeah, I laughed, I cried and I got a lot of scolding, but I was happy. It was a childhood that I could enjoy just once in my life, " Evelyn said, looking at Fabian. "Your Majesty, can your child grow up like that?"

Fabian couldn't answer.

"Do you know the heart of a child, who grew with the love of her parents?"


"It's not your fault."

That was the saddest part of it.

"The Empire, Your Majesty is not a bad thing. It's just so different from the place where I grew up."

Evelyn was a woman who wasn't supposed to love the Emperor from the beginning. She had already seen the bright and clear sky, but I couldn't be happy in a beautiful cage.

"I can't be happy in the Empire... But Your Majesty is the owner of the Empire, so you can't leave. I was a fool..... I shouldn't have married Your Highness from the start..... "


Its not about being wrong or right, sometime people/cultures are just too different and love its not enought. Ok we know that its 99% certain they will get back together, but still.

I do have one major pet peeve, I do think the author mean it to be cute and doting but frankly the Grandfather actions, comments and priorities when it comes to his grandson (the main couple son) are creepy and obssesive looking to me. <<less
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
zebruism rated it
October 19, 2020
Status: c88
The plot was great at the beggining but got dragged in the middle part of the current chapters I guess.

The FL was like literally either suffering from denial disorders or has masochistic tendecies that I just wanna punch her. Lets say the male lead was an a-hole in her first arc and all, but when it comes to having a child together (2nd arc) -- he has rights to the kid and the kid surely has the rights to know his father and you cant deny that as a mother. The ML didnt hate or did something bad to the kid so why the heckkkk?


She shouldve left and be in good terms even if she doesnt have feelings for him and talked bout the betterment for thier child.

but a big shoutout to the translator tho ~ THANK YOU FOR TRANSLATING THE NOVEL /bows/ we lobesssss yowssss
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
TaiyakiPan rated it
February 26, 2021
Status: c90
I'm seriously considering dropping this. It has become so painfully frustrating and dragged out that I'm literally scratching and pulling my hair due to annoyance towards the FL.

I totally agree with the 3 star reviews. The FL and first arc were okay, interesting even but COME ON. It gets tiring in the long run. Uuughhh. I can't believe I delayed making my thesis for this.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sarita14 rated it
November 18, 2020
Status: c104
This is an emotional Rollercoaster, like at some point I was just frustrated and sometimes it felt like a dead end, but it's not bad


I reached the point where he finds out about the child being his and damn my head stopped like I wanna punch but also pat him, I dunno

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
frozie rated it
September 10, 2020
Status: c27
I like these type breakup stories since I like to feel that chest aching kinda feeling when the characters have to confront their broken down relationship. Though, after 20 odd chapters it has started to feel a bit stagnant. After taking glimpses of later chapters, I’ll be leaving this on hold until I’m certain there is further development.

I’m happy stopping at chapter 27 as what I’ve personally wanted to read in this story (some heartache, a MC who deals with the emotions of divorcing her husband, and a conversation between... more>> the two leads regarding their failing relationship) has been achieved.

3 stars for its commitment to the blurb and consistency of the MC’s decision to leave her husband. The lower rating is because it was not exceptional enough to continue reading. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
mochicakeu rated it
September 6, 2020
Status: --
I love the plot so far. I just hope that both ML and FL will improve their communication skills to each other so there will be no more misunderstandings

I kinda hate it when the FL and fam mistreat the emperor like made him waiting so long until dawn I mean she should at least be a bit considerate even though they're not a couple anymore. It was a total shit. I really pitty the ML for not being able to express his feelings in a proper way. They are... more>> both actually at fault bcs they lack of communication as husband and wife. I really hope the FL will realize her husband's feeling sooner or later. And yea btw I read it while listening to Love by Keyshia Cole and dudeeeee the effect is a bomb! (It made me cried actually lmao)

its just my opinion bcs I love me listening to good musics when reading manhwa or novels <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lkarivp rated it
April 6, 2021
Status: c63
I usually read almost anything 3.5 and up.

I'll give this one a four because I didn't finish reading it. I reach until chapter 63.

Who knows? Maybe it gets better.. But I rather read something else.

The translation was ok, better than MTL at least.

The story is draggy and biased. I don't like the protagonist and feel bad for the ML.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 6, 2021
Status: c117
Like any series, pros and cons.


-The romance is rather good, fleshed out.

... more>> -misunderstaings are properlly explored and solved through conversation.

-The time reversal is ingrained into the plot rather than being abrupt or random.

-There is character development, going from a shy in love princess -> depressed, lonely, self loathing-> ambitious, cold, rejecting one's emotions -> acceptance, ambition, madly in love.

-The plot and setting of the series isn't bad, interesting enough to maintain your interest.

-Both FL and ML are genuinely flawed characters, but in some wierd sense complement each other.


-The translation is dog shit, maybe a step or 2 above MTL.

-the secondary ML (guy who has the hots for FL), is rekt over and over again.

-quite a bit of drama, a bit much sometimes.

-the story progression imo is slow, they drag out events to much. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
biggudickus rated it
September 15, 2020
Status: c26
It started kinda rushed to me but it's understandable since the author wanted to go to the main plot faster.

Their relationship was toxic and none of them deserved each other, the Emperor had a rough childhood with no love form his parents but this doesn't give him free pass to treat the FL like tr*sh, so I liked that she isn't falling in love with him again quickly (actually is satisfying seeing him suffer a bit lol). His wife, although she knows a lot about him, didn't try to make... more>> the relationship better or even talk like an adult would do.

Both are very immature and don't realize that they literally had an Empire to manage, (like wtf he ditches work to chase the FL, and she just wake up one day and think "I might divorce my husband, f*ck my people"). But I see this in a lot of novels, so authors must just focus on the "royalty romance" thing

The flow is ok and it's a nice novel to pass time, not one of my favorites but worth reading, the translation is good too. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Little_black rated it
February 2, 2021
Status: c142
I really love this novel. Each main character feel alive as they written not only as 1D character but have their part of story. Like a real relationship, love cannot only put inside as communication is necessary. The reunion of ML and FL happened because they work for it, and not that cliche easy to forgive because he change bla bla bla.

Quite sad for the low rating, but it is okay as for me this is 5/5. I really love how the author write the story that easy to read... more>> and not put filler to make the plot to long, and this kind of story and progress is definitely my style~ <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
maamhua rated it
September 4, 2020
Status: c42
Hmmm where to start? I guess the flow was alright. MC had a reason to be resentful against her ex husband, but she isn't complete faultless either. Both of them had problems expressing themselves during their past lives. The ex husband was also unable to show affection due to the fact that he had no idea how to do so. It also seems that he had no idea that the empress was miserable which brings me back to my point, they lacked communication. Translation is okay, big cheers to the... more>> translators for taking this up. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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