I Found a Husband When I Picked up the Male Lead


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Her family used all their money for her extravagance and luxuries and brought a crisis of bankruptcy.

While trying to figure out how to pay off their debts, she found a leaflet from the duke looking for a lost child.

The reward is so much money that you can play and eat even after you pay off your debts!

Following the memories of reading this book, right away, Lizelle picked up the boy who was caught in a tr*sh in a poor village.

She took the lost Lapel and went to the duke.

“This is the child the Duke is looking for.”

Duke Chester said, looking at me with a doubtful glance.

“I need confirmation, so you should stay with my child in this house for the time being.”

The strange cohabitation of the three people started like that.

However, Lapel keeps thinking of me as a mother and won’t let her leave.


“Let’s get married.”

Lizelle was startled by the unexpected words.

“Are you insane? Did you drink?”

“1 year. If you perform a contract marriage for one year, I will pay you 10 times the amount of the rewards you were given.”

“Can I call you honey?”

And the contract marriage and marital life began.

But why are my eyes constantly changing?

Why do you keep coming every night!

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남주를 주웠더니 남편이 생겨버렸다
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Tina Wei
Tina Wei rated it
August 21, 2020
Status: c7

Originally, I'm a sucker for this type of cute things..i've read many novels like this one.. BUT, I need to give love and support for this cute thing coz it deserves much more love..❤❤❤

The adorable and pitiful baby deserves ALL THE LOVE!!i found myself lost in complex emotions while reading it. In every chapter, the author describes a piece of painful past of poor baby boy and fluffy & sweet interactions between FL and him. Well, I cried, then I laughed like... more>> a fool when his painful memories were gradually erased by her kindness and care!! Wonder what kind of person the ML will be.... Hope that the three of them will be bound with unbreakable understandings for each other..✨


In my opinion, The FL is really human-like. First she wanted to find the boy for money because of the debt of O!Lizelle. At here, it's not like she try to sell him off. it's just she wants to take the credit for helping in searching and she happened to know where the boy would be. But when she saw the baby attached to her, she didn't rush but decided to heal his trauma first. She didn't think to keep the baby herself? Yes! She knows where he should belong. THAT'S IT!! Everyone has their own opinion but hope mine will be the same with many fellow readers.. Coz The baby Lapel deserves all the love and kindness in the world!!!


Lastly, thank you so much translator❤for your time and afford. esp, for translating and sharing the sweetest novel to us. You are doing amazing!

#sorry_for_my_poor_english_skil_tho <<less
18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
08phamann rated it
December 27, 2020
Status: c24
Bland world building and cliche plot. It's actually sub par.

MC transmigrates into the body of a wasteful girl, who is fortunate enough to have parents who actually love her and are not wastes themselves.

She knows the plot, so she goes to find the Og!ML, who is still a child. He was in a accident, lost his memories, and is living in a dumpster apparently. So off she goes, to find the boy and cash in the reward for finding him, so she can pay off her family debt (that is... more>> mainly her fault anyway). But the boys uncle, the ML, does not believe that she is telling the truth. And his magical potion that can reveal a persons true appearance all coincidentally broke, and so he makes some BS excuse to have the boy and her stay.

Character wise, none of them are interesting. Og!ML is very child like, simple in his emotions, and since he has imprinted on MC, he will cry whenever she is not there. MC herself, I don't really understand her motivations. Her immediate concern is to pay off the debt that she has accumulated, but she just goes off to play baby sitter for this kid she just met. Did she forget about the loan sharks who came to her house to threaten them? And ML... seems very petty. I'm supposed to believe he is a powerful and influential duke, but he legit couldn't find his nephew even with all his resources, and had to rely on posting rewards for anyone who can find him, like you do when you lose your beloved pet.

Romance wise.. I'm not very optimistic as when two equally s*upid and bland characters come together, it's still equally boring and bland, if not more so. So I will give this one a miss. <<less
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
mitanchuu rated it
August 27, 2020
Status: c10
One of, if not the best, depictions of a child in a novel. Any scene with Lapel in it warms my heart and makes me feel like I'm going to have a heart attack from how much I care for this child.

So far it is such a fun read and I 100% recommend this if you find yourself wanting to read something more feel good and uplifting.

I don't know if there will be super evil antagonist somewhere in this story, but I don't even care of one comes up as... more>> long as I continue to get more realistic child scenes with Lapel. I also 100% respect Lizelle. All the characters so far are honestly?? So super realistic in their interactions thus far and I would be shocked if the author didn't actually have a child because the scenes are just too good.

Lyle is doing an amazing job with their translations so please make sure you are reading this on their wattpad! <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
chibiheaven rated it
October 25, 2020
Status: c20
To be honest, while the child is quite child-like it also seems as if the MC and ML are also very immature. Perhaps it came across as such due to translation but the thought process of the ML just seemed a tad bit too... petty.

The coincidence that the exact liquid "antidote" to remove magically modified disguises very conveniently collapsed from the shelf and required a month to be acquired for the MC and the child she found was just too unrealistic and felt off-putting to me.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yojiyi rated it
March 4, 2021
Status: Completed
This one right there! I like it sm, I really love MC's family. Even though they are the reason OG Host was like that, I am a sucker for families who cherish their kids. I also enjoy MCs trying to whitewash their images so! I like it!

ML watching MC and his nephew play and thinking '':/ She treats him nicely'' was so funny after he thought she was forcing the kid to act like his nephew.

Would recommend.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SilverSoul1 rated it
October 9, 2020
Status: --
Stop right there and read this novel! I swear this is one of the cutest novels that I've ever read over my life! Every characters are so loveable and cute. The ML is not your typical I-am-a-tyrant-who-hates-everyone-except-for-heroine type of guy, not he flirtatious-playboy-like guy nor the cutey-always-blushing-childlike guy. He's a very likeable, realistic guy. Both the FL and ML first impression of each others are not that good and the author clearly tells us why they behave like that. Not to mention, Lapel, the supposed ML of the novel she... more>> read before her death is also a realistic character who is a child and has a child-like behavior. Typical cliche novels I read before often depict a child with an adult-like attitude and intelligence, which is so questionable about the logics in it (but yeah, fiction :D) I haven't finish reading the whole novel yet, but I think even the villains/villainesses in this novel will also be likeable. I hope the translation will be continued till the very end. Thank you translator-nim for giving us the chance to read this warm, cute and fluffy-type of of novel. Bless you! <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kayla19 rated it
December 28, 2020
Status: c24
This is one of the cutest novel I’ve ever read! Totally recommending this novel. It has perfect amount of fluff and rationality which makes it perfect. And our baby Lapel is sooooo precious and our ML and FL are being lovey dovey together.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
hastingsj rated it
January 12, 2022
Status: c100
Amazing hook. Amazing start.

Unfortunately it doesnt live up to expectations. In the iconic first-night after the wedding scene thats used as a hook ("dont think about sleeping tonight")...

... more>>

it ends up being a c*ck block. Theres no snu-snu. Though they do snu-snu later in the book, it kinda ruins the momentum of that scene that the author abruptly goes the chaste route. The ML is a dork that practiced looking sexy in the mirror & saying those lines only to get blocked by his nefew who sneaks in to play and ruins the mood.


the villians are pretty predictable...

the author decides the best way to impliment suspense is to make sure the reader knows EXACTLY where this is going and be EXTRA predictable... then frustrate the reader by making the MC & ML not see it coming. The villians are pretty weak sauce. The danger comes from how bumbling the MC is despite having the EXACT TOOLS to overcome the problem.

such as:


the ML getting poisoned at a party right after a few key events:

    1. The MC buying a portable magic poison detector in the last chapter & handing it to the ML to check all their food/drinks
    1. The host of the party acting hostile to the MC and behaving suspiciously towards the ML
    1. the MC literally bumping into the host's personal maid who drops a suspicious vile of strange liquid which the MC PICKS UP AND HANDS BACK NO QUESTIONS ASKED
    1. that same maid bringing them drinks later for the toast and claiming its got some kind of "grapefruit extract" or something in it... when it doesnt taste or smell like grapefruit in any way
    1. the host leading the ML away to an isolated place right after he starts to be visibly ill directly after drinking the drink (NOT because he looks ill... but because the host's father "requested a meeting")

not only do the MC & ML drink, fully not suspecting anything (and NOT use their handy poison detector WHICH THEY JUST GOT) but it takes the MC a HOT MINUTE to even realize the ML has been drugged and taken to an isolated place. the MC doesnt even start really putting 2&2 together until they are home, fully after the fact, and even manages to get sulky the ML raises his voice & snaps at her when he is LITERALY poisoned and trying to get the two of them out of there without any accidents. Talk about pig team-mates


I was really looking forward to this one. it starts great but really drops the ball when it comes to actual storytelling <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ShiraYuuKii rated it
December 28, 2020
Status: --
First of all, its an developing story so there is nothing really to feel other than "anticipation". Yea, for sure its the similar isekai and change my life trope but Lapel is way too cute for me to resist this common overused trope!! The translation is really good (hats off to the translator~) and the story till now has a good pace! Will see how it will progress and what new things it will bring out off this overused cliché theme~
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ChronoH0 rated it
August 24, 2020
Status: c10
Too early to tell if this is good or not but I find the kid here is really good.

I find the lacking need of a child characters that are very child like. Children in romance novels especially Korean novels are tend to be very smart in fact too smart sometimes at their age. It's only supported with mischief or bratty ness that children are tend to have which is not quite enough.

Here the child is very child like. The child is very energetic, pretty clever, has a bit of a... more>> mischievous side, and has a mentality very much of a child. The author did very well on feeding my motherly instincts with their wonderful descriptions and charm of children. Even their interactions is pretty satisfying.

Can't wait for what's coming next. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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