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Lu Wanwan transmigrated inside a melodramatic and rich-businessman-type novel called The Rich Young Master’s Gentle Love. In the original novel, the eldest young miss of the Lu family was a one-hundred percent white lotus, she despised the male lead Shen Yi for having neither money nor influence, she forced him to divorce her and after their divorce, she cruelly crushed him under her feet.

Who knew that after dumping Shen Yi, he would have such a fast meteoric rise? Shen Yi, that man, was bloody, ruthless and tyrannical. His temper was bad, he would take revenge for any small grievance and held grudge like a mad demon.

Lu Wanwan, who just transmigrated, cautiously and diligently, tried to win his favor in order to avoid the series of seeking-death acts of the original novel.

The first time, she was locked up by the male lead.

The second time she was locked-up again by the male lead!

The third time, Lu Wanwan decided she was going to be a greedy, vain, fake and unreasonable white lotus!

To hell with currying favor.
Divorce! She wants to divorce Shen Yi.
(P.S male lead is batsh*t crazy)

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New DementorBehindYou rated it
February 22, 2024
Status: Completed

Honestly, I think I completely agree with Panda93's review here. I was trying to figure out what exactly it was I didn't really like about this novel, and they put it pretty well.

Overall, decent yandere novel but not my favourite and the way it ended/the way they "resolved" their issues was not good enough (idk how to word it, but like I said Panda93's review is exactly how I feel).

Re-read likelihood: 1/5
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aLIcESpade rated it
November 5, 2021
Status: side story 2
This is set on the premise of a reader transmigrating into a novel she had read.

The reader took on the body of a nouveau riche/rich first generation daughter that chased the orphaned and commoner ML because of his looks, and later married him, ... more>>

ML agreed because "she's the only one available, so might as well"

before divorcing because he was too poor.

The ML got reunited back with his OG family, and suprise surprise, it was a house with deep connections to the government, the paternal side produced diplomats, and the maternal side was of noble blood or something equivalent. His status and power rose like a phoenix, while the ex-wife's family crashed down like a meteor.

So, much like other villian troupes/novels out there, MC treated the ML with gentleness and love. What she thought was going to be a happy ending when he proposed to her, became a nightmare instead. ML slowly intergrated all aspects of him into her life,

transfering her job to his company, limiting her friends and family, keeping track of her location. etc. before confining her in their apartment for 10 years. she later commited su*cide by jumping off their opened window in their 14th? floor apartment.


When MC woke up in the past, back to their student days again, she changed her strategy. Instead of love and care, she taught him the world-views, and brotherhood?. Alas, it was all for naught, the ML proposed to her once again, and she brutally rejected him.

This time, she was locked in the bas**ent for 10 years, with no windows or light. She left the world by slitting her wrists in the bathtub.


When someone has experienced confinement for such a long time, its obvious that MC would resort to other methods... like following the exact basis of the plot, just so she can finally find some solidarity. So she became the most obnoxious gold digger/green tea B out there in hopes of a divorce.


Wanted extremely expensive jewerlly so she has bragging rights, or demanding the ML to change their car, because she doesn't recognise the brand, so it must be cheap. ML later agreed to exchange his actual limited edition 'only 5 in the world' car with his equally powerful/rich friends for a cheaper Porsche


I think the author protrayed a pretty realistic MC. Unlike other transmigrators, she isn't the best when acting under stress or fear.

When she is caught on the act by ML, she changes the topic by being angry or whiny lol.

In the 3rd life, MC mustered up her courage and brought the divorce papers for him to sign, when all of a sudden, he said "You sign first", and then she remembered what happened in the 1st/2nd life. She did the same thing, but it was bringing him to the divorce bureau instead, where he said "You go in first, I'll follow after you".

ML never took MC wanting divorce seriously, he only agreed to go there in the first place because he was indulging in her, so when he actually saw her take a step, he blackened even more and dragged her back to their apartment.

MC remembering what happened after that incident of course felt scared when he said those words with the exact tone and look on his face. ML knows she is afraid of him, he can see the fear in her eyes, and the shaky hands she's trying to hide. But she still have to keep up her bi***y act and was like "No you, I'll sign after you."

When he threatened her and said "No, you go first." again, she threw the pen at him and started a tantrum instead.


What I don't like about her is how at random times, the author would add past information about her for like 5 chapters, before never mentioning it again. Or even worse, add in a completely new arc/plot, and then leaving it with no resolution.


She was invited to ML's friend's bday party, where she met the actual FL of the book (also the actual green tea), the FL saw a unfinished GO-game, and was like "Oh, I remember your (bday-guy) grandfather is a avid player, I wish I can play with him more often, but I still have room to improve, what about you MC?"

And then MC all of a sudden had extensive GO background cuz her real life father was a GO coach, so she had seen thousands of pro-players and stuff, which was never mentioned before, (this was near the end of novel as well). And she was like "I'm actually pro. Bet I can end this game in 1 move." And she did, and wowed everyone because they all thought she was an uncultured spoiled girl.


Though the main story is completed, and only 2 side stories have been released, there is still a chance that the author might use these new information again. As such, I'm am not too worried on these plot-holes because they don't really contribute to the main plot. The only golden finger she has is her knowledge from 2 lives (not too useful, as she was stuck in a room for half her life in both lifetimes), and the plot of the novel. (the characters didn't even follow the plot for 2/3 lifetimes, so its not even useful)

The characters apart from the MC, are also not as fleshed out as I hoped it would be, even the ML. I am hoping the side stories would do him more justice, as we rarely get to peer into his mind.


ML knows he is insane. ML regained his memory from both lifetimes in the form of dreams. Not once did he disagree with the confinement of MC, because she is all that he got. Not even after remembering how she died twice in front of him because of his actions.

ML does not react to people talking sh*t about him, because that's how he got by all these years, but when someone talks sh*t about MC. He instantly goes angry and cold. The more angry he gets, the bigger the smile he has on his face, and he is mostly expressionless.


Summary: Did I feel like I wasted my 3 days on this book? Sometimes. But overall, it's a decent book if you want some toxic relationship after reading the sweet ones.

I will probably change my rating once the novel is fully completed.

The side story is basically their past lifetimes recounted, so there will be more character and plot development.


But its 3.5/5 for the main story as of now. <<less
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sitrusandtea rated it
November 4, 2021
Status: Side Story 1
Sitrus' Tea Time Review

TW: See Tags Before Reading the Book!

At times, I crave toxicity and pure angst after reading a plethora of healthy romance and this novel fulfils my requirements wonderfully~

1. Yandere ML? ✓

The cold type that shows his excessive love and boundless affection for the FL through his actions rather than words. Well written, likeable and quite an interesting character overall.

He only becomes interested in the FL of each life time after she has transmigrated into the body -a small detail which I dearly appreciate. In later chapters, he gains/recovers memories of the previous lifetimes -including the original plot, through dreams.


2. Bitter Romance? ✓

An imbalance relationship where one loves the other more. Indeed, the formulation for angst.

3. Multiple Time-Lines Subplot? ✓

FL narrates with reoccurring flashbacks, dreams and mentioning of previous lifetimes, which adds an of element of excitement to the pacing of the novel.

The time progression was quite confusing at times, it was difficult to make sense of when the time jump started or ended, but this may be the fault of the formatting from the raw site I was reading from.


At first I found the transmigration setting quite redundant, however, the author interwove that nicely to the plot towards the end explaining for FL's predetermined character death every lifetime.

With that being said, the FL's character is fated to die on same date at any month, so how does FL escape this conundrum in the 3rd lifetime? This was glossed over with one sentence by the author but I would have liked a few more lines of explanation considering it's importance to the story.


4. Happy Ending? ✓

Dark all throughout but ends on a sweet note!

! Minor criticism:


The author would conveniently conjure up skills for the FL, brushing it off as a talent belonging to herself before she transmigrated into the book. Even more comical is that, this skill will have zero relevance to the progression of the plot (?), and five chapters later it will never be mentioned again (???). Felt like this was an unnecessary inclusion to the novel ¯_ (ツ) _/¯


50 chapters was too short! Now I'm impatiently awaiting updates on the 9 remaining side stories where the previous lifetimes will be expanded and detailed on, , ,
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Panda93 rated it
September 12, 2022
Status: Completed
I mean, it’s honestly not really my thing?

The reason why I like cnovel yandere’s is that for the most part, cnovel’s thoroughly torment the ML (yandere’s) to prove to the readers how sincere the ml’s obsession with the MC is (usually by the MC either faking or succeeding in their s*cide attempts to force the obsessive ml’s into changing their ways for the better)

But this novel took that common trope and RAN, and then FUMBLED imo.

Because (imo), the deciding factor in whether an obsessive, toxic, yandere ML is “redeemable”... more>> or not, if in the face of her (the mc) valuing her self esteem to the point of dying, the ML knows how to pull back and reassess his “strategy” to allow for the mc’s esteem as well as his monopoly of her attentions.

tldr; Is the yandere male lead able to exhibit his intellect, or is he just a thick-headed man who depends on the MC resignation to his advances instead of his own skillful seduction?

This novel answers that question with; “ The MC has to resign herself to his bull headed ‘strategy’ in order for a happy ending to occur. “ And though that is a ‘realistic’ stylistic choice of the author, it left a bad taste in my mouth.

I don’t read stories for realism, I read it for fantasy and escapism. But the author did a great job writing it though. Otherwise I wouldn’t feel compelled to even leave this review. <<less
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fluoresscindy rated it
April 1, 2022
Status: c54 extra
4.8/5 for me. I read the rest on MTL site but it didn't got completed tag yet, it's only abt their past time tho but PLS CAN SOMEONE ADD THE CHAPTER HUHU 😭😭 I WANT TO SEE THEIR YOUTHFULL SCENE

anyway I add the twisted personality tag cus he's really twisted 😀✊ who tf didn't agree huh??

guys if you want to read a really yandere man just read this, no regret :) he's really a madman lmao and I love that he had a cold personality but what I didn't like... more>> is he's really emotionless towards his and wanwan (MC) child 😭 poor fanfan, I want to see their son grew up tho 😭

also I feel a bit complicated cus I think the ending is a bit rushed but glad it's a HE!! But there's a mistake in this novel like didn't the MC said that the original FL is her cousin? Why it's suddenly turns out to be that Gu girl 😃??

the plot is a bit confusing cus of the back and forth flow, and some of the characters ending didn't got explained like that one guy who have a crush with the MC and he's the ML friend too, his ending didn't got explained also I kinda pity the other guy that had to su*cide cus he got trampled by the ML, this guy is trying to put the ML down + he like the MC so that's why his ending is miserable

i think the ML's memories is got replaced by the time when MC transmigrate over?? If yk what I mean cus im suck at explaining things. MC transmigrate like 3 different times. Like each of the old memories got replaced with the time when MC transmigrate over 😐✊

the 1st time was when they r still in highschool and that was their first meeting too

she got locked up for over 10 years bcus he got jealous (i forgot why tho) then she jumped off the building


2nd when they r started to got married

i also forgot why he lock her tho, but in this arc he put her in a room with no lights aka full of darkness which is the MC fear the most, MC died in the bathtub, she got slipped when she's bathing if im not wrong


3rd is when they just got married, at first he think that the MC is just so-so and he feel responsibility cus she's his wife but when his memories came back (i mean his memories when the MC transmigrate, his old memories with the ORIGINAL MC got replaced) he's starting to go MORE whipped and blackening 🤗 it's happy ending huhu 😭 💗💗


the MC do lock her in the 3rd arc and his memories already come back so he didn't want her to leave him alone ever again so he just lock her again :), but the MC got pregnant, nah their relationship started to get better fufufu although the ML didn't feel so much emotion towards their child but he cared for his kid I think

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crazy chicken
crazy chicken rated it
October 26, 2021
Status: Completed
first of all the translations are awesome but curiosity got me and I MTL'd it. This novel is pretty similar to male lead wants to kill me the reasons are given in spoiler tag below.

... more>>

first thing is that both the male leads are psychopaths and they both themselves are aware of it.

second, for the fact in which female leads in the both the novels tries to escape from the male leads after knowing their past lives but they instead grab the attention of the male leads.

third, is the fact that both themale leads of the novels seem to mysteriously remember their past life by their dreams.


i do like this story very much except for the fact


ML punishes FL who was caught when trying to escape by locking her in a dark room for 3 days. Like bish he knows she hates the dark


overall it is just a short obessive story but has sweet moments here and there. Give it a try and please don't MTL any novel like me and have your brain fried like me <<less
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schiezcka rated it
January 24, 2022
Status: Completed
I love anything with a twisted yandere ML and confinement.

Actually already finished reading this for a while now. Kinda lazy to type my feels. Reread it just now and will just update this review next time I reread it again.

I'm actually very picky and hard to please when it comes to stories with yanderes. Only a handful of them which claims of having a yandere ML have satisfied me. Heck, my reading list for yandere stuff only has 3 titles (for now) worthy of being put in there; which includes... more>> this one. ML here is actually not that crazy yet.

If you are into the tags for this, do give it a try. It's a good one.

P.S. Thanks to the translator for introducing this novel. ❤️ <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ppomv rated it
December 18, 2022
Status: --
This is a twisted ugly parody of a green tea bit*h MC and a psychotic yandare ML.

... more>>

I can see this playing out very well as a telenova, daytime television, etc. In written form? Awful. Green Tea MC with possibly legitimate motives like getting away from her psychotic controlling yandare husband loses all of its potential reader sympathy points with the disjointed ten? twenty? years of two? three? different lifetimes/deaths. While MC is going paranoid from death by plot, death by husband, death by imprisonment, ML is coasting by. His conflict? Love. His reasoning for any of his actions? Love. After 100+ chapters, MC accidentally admits she remembers their other/past time lines, she finally questions his motives for imprisoning her. ML doesn't answer her. Instead it's addressed in his thoughts (basically to the audience)... Love. Cause love is not reasonable. I can't even.


For people who love melodramas, explicitly yandare MLs, green tea bit*h tropes, this is for you. If your preference is not a combination of those three, I would highly recommend you do not read this.

One extra star for the translator. Decent quality translations. <<less
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kmcmacho rated it
August 23, 2022
Status: c50
I’m fine with tr*shy novels, so this isn’t coming from a place of exceedingly high standards. I also find yandere male leads entertaining so that isn’t the problem either. This man literally likes her because he thinks she’s a child. Every time he comments on his adoration of her, it is followed with a comment about how confused, innocent and mischievous she is, or how foolish and empty-headed and how that’s so endearing to him. He likes doing everything for her in a weird infantilizing way, obsessively puts her in... more>> frilly white night gowns and incessantly compares her and her behavior to that of a baby animal. Sometimes he straight up uses the adjective “childlike” to describe why he thinks she’s so attractive. Literally made me vomit in my mouth. This isn’t dark or edgy, it’s just gross. Don’t read it. <<less
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warmlights02 rated it
December 12, 2023
Status: Completed
Wow. I actually really liked this story! Thank you so much to the translator for completing this novel. I haven't read the epilogues/extras yet, but the main story was actually really sweet. HE!!

So, I'm biased because I love yandere MLs and villainess FLs and this hit the spot with both. The FL was initially a transmigrator, who lived multiple reincarnations of their story, and merged in the end for a happy ending. The events unfold and are revealed throughout the story. The ML also has dreams that help him reveal... more>> the past, but the FL is the one that needed to reconcile all her timelines and the transmigration. I was very satisfied because it made for a combo of time traveling humor, sweet high school love, and a mature relationship drama all at once! You get all the flavors!

The ML dotes on the FL so much. It was honestly kind of funny and cute how much of a snooty brat the FL could be and to watch the ML give in to her every time. You'll realize that he gives in to her in everything (as long as it doesn't harm her), even in the past campus storylines. Which was very sweet. Since he's so stoic in comparison, it just encouraged the FL to be even more outrageous. But don't worry, they both pamper each other.

My favorite scenes are actually when the FL finally stands up for the ML in front of his birth mom or when she stands up for him in front of his brother representing the ML's family. I also liked that the ML and the FL stayed with her family in the end.

There's a lot of hate for the ML being a yandere in the present timeline, but as FL was trying to reconcile with the past, you have to realize she was literally suicidal. It was almost kind of scary how much suicidal ideation was occurring in this story. Trigger warning please!

She needed to be watched over! Because it's fiction, the ML loved her so much that all he did was cook and work from home, so that he could keep an eye out on her. I wouldn't have let her out of my sight either!! In real life, she would have been committed.

I know it was written for the humor, but the only thing stopping her from literally slicing her wrists in that tub was her brother calling her to see if the ML was cheating on her (hot pot, also of course he wasn't). I was flabbergasted. I can't even count how many times the ML saved her life.

For a while there, I wasn't sure if I was enjoying the story when the FL had depression and kept getting sick in ways that no one could explain in story. It worried me as much as it did the ML and her family. I think it's also because I usually hate the idea of having a baby to fix your problems, but like the ML said, it honestly happened at a good time in the story, because it snapped the FL out of it and made her realize that this life and timeline was going to be different. It was also sweet when they moved in with her family because you could tell they were both finally trying to compromise and make it work.

For those worried about the ML forcing the FL, don't worry too, too much. It's mostly dubious consent, but very much in the traditional Chinese novel fashion of 'girls can't be written as too forward' so he's 'tossing' her all night censorship. The FL is definitely attracted to the ML and sometimes even tempts him on purpose, like when she teases him for being unable to get it up or when they're drunk. Most of the time, she's the one that's thirsty and dressing up to tempt him or other men in a very humorous way. Don't worry though, it's definitely 1v1.

The FL just needed to live out the og 'storyline' plot points in order to finally merge and be able to live her life. The ML also never treated her too badly, as you realize in the end the main problem was the misunderstandings and miscommunication. I almost felt that he wasn't yandere enough, haha! It's revealed that she was definitely not a good character in the past timelines.

Either way, they both love each other very much. Almost way too much! Since they just kept enabling and even encouraging each other's bad behaviors omg... but I loved that, haha. That's exactly what I'm looking for in yandere or villainess novels! They are both very jealous people too, so it's almost the ideal toxic fictional relationship!! Emphasis on the fictional. In the end, they reconcile well. Again, very happy that it's a happy ending.

I say definitely give it a try if you're into this type of novel. It's a happy ending, they get a bun (son), it's translated really well, and it's completed! <<less
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Riejs0012 rated it
March 3, 2023
Status: c44

If you are reading this and you're currently in this chapter (44), congrats for liking this f*cking little piece of cr*p. There were no humour at all. The MC is f*cking d*mb and over and over again, saying she want to divorce him. If in the first place after woking up in her 3rd life inside of that f*cking book, she should file a divorce immediately. Imagine, if you where in her shoes, experiencing those terrible lifetime ... more>>

(being locked twice!)

and experiencing it yourself, will you be calm facing that f*cking psych*path again? And she even came to the st*pid idea of acting what does, wants and always do of the previous owner of that body for ML to dislike her and see her 'true self'. Tsk! She's really a f*cking d*mb (first time reading an MC like her). No common sense at all. What a f*cking MC. I think she deserve it when she d*ed two times. No, I think she deserve to d*e again (Yes I'm cruel. But it's just 30% of my true rants about this). She didn't learn her lesson at all. F*cking d*mn characters. F*cking d*mn novel. And I bet the ML have a mental illness. All his behaviors is indicating of that way! So f*cking psych*path (it came from the mc). There's a good reasonung about that. He's getting excited whenever he saw her fears him and when she's crying, m*dman, cr*zy, jack*ss, f*cktard! All negative words is suit to deacribed him. It's so suitable to say c*rse next to his name. Sure thing his possessive with her but it's so abnormal for me who have a logical thinking and always has a view of life. It's not even a normal obsession. It's more than that! It's like a pathological and morbid jealousy. In short, I think he have othello syndrome (just guessing). And for the nth time, he's f*cking psych*path! Worse male lead I've ever read! This is the first time I gave a review not because it's so good and satisfying to read, it's because it's f*cking dissapointing. I salute the translator of this story for picking a f*cking cnovel like this to translate (no hard feelings I really salute you from not being impacient). NOW, I will stop reading it from here. Argh! I remember 2 hours ago, when I'm in the situation that my dissapointment for reading this novel is keep flowing every time I slide, I just thought hoping "Stay still, let's find out if the next chapter will not bring us dissapointment this time. We're not sure if there's a good plot waiting ahead." But bro, when I read further and further, this piece of cr*p is not worth reading and giving a time to read at all. I just f*cking waste my 3 hours of my life for this sh*tty novel. But if the author wrote this novel like this, (if she/he wrote it in this way, who am I to criticize. It's just I don't like the personality of her/his characters and my thought has nothing to do with her/him of how she/he wrote. I appreciate her/his hard effort though, but if ever—IF EVER she/he gave more thoughts about this story and do even a bit or a little improvement of her/his characters, everyone will like it, I'm sure.) But disappointment is really a h*ll of a thing. And if you will say that, "just don't read it" "nobody forces you to read it" I'll f*cking want to say, I already stop reading thi sh*t now. And yeah, nobody forced me to read this, I decided to read it because the other readers review said "don't look at the comment who gave a low review rating. Read it and you'll knkw how good of a story is this." For you it is (not giving fault about your review ah.). F*ck, I believed it even when I read someone commented "it's not worth reading this novel, so stressful. Gotta go now." (My mood right now: take me with you!) Don't even f*cking say "they doesn't forced you to believed" yeah again, they don't. I'm willing from the start and I looking forward to know what will happen (because the synopsis is full of common sense! And now my hope shuttered!). I'm a little excited when I open the first chapter. Then when I'm in 20+ chapter, all my energy in my body is draining from understanding the logic of this f*cking couple! Argh! Wasting my another 1 hour and 10 minutes for this review. (I'm crying! I didn't know). I just want you to know that English is my second language (so don't criticize my wrong grammar and my typo) and it's so hard giving a review in full english, y'know. But whatever. I want all of you to know what is my thought. I don't want to sugarcoating my review at all (Even if I sugarcoated it a little bit). This is my opinion, you have yours. Like the saying goes, "If you have nothing good to say, then shut you f*cking mouth (or stop your f*cking hands to type sh*t about me." But if you want to read a psych*path ML (to the point he's getting unreasonable!) and d*mb FL (who I don't undestand the logic of hers at all), then read it. But if you have a logical thinking, I would highly recommend that don't try reading it at all because your view of life will change into worse! It's not exaggerating!

⭐ for doing a decent job translating this.

P.S: Please, don't comment sh*t about me because of my review. <<less
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Bookworm_Sueweetie rated it
June 23, 2022
Status: Completed

If you want a cheesy Yandere romance... this might not be for you. This got so many angst and full frustrations.

Both leads got huge flaws but can't help but bingeing this still... FL (Lu Wanwan) was transmigrated for 3x times in the book and ended in demise in her past 2 lifetimes as the same wife of Yandere ML (Shen Yi). Her "b*tchy" attitude might be frustrating but can understand her logic, sometimes I felt sorry for her bad treatment to ML... more>> but it just seemed to be her defense mechanism due to trauma she experienced in past transmigrations. Also, she thought that following the plot as villainess ex-wife is better than being d3ad and lacking freedom.


OG plot- OG owner divorced ML bc he's poor and cold... but later on, ML succeeded and her family went bankrupt and she also ended with demise

1st transmigration- treated the ML good since highschool, became childhood sweetheart but because of ML's possessiveness he locked her for 10 years in their apartment and she committ3d su*cid3 by jumping on building to escape.

2nd transmigration - she rejected ML's wedding proposal but he still kidnapped her and locked her in bas**ent... however, she immediately di3d due to slipping on bathroom.

3rd transmigration (current timeline) - FL transmigrated already on time in OG plot wherein OG owner already married ML and both didn't have good relationship.


The leads later on got understandings and it concluded in a happy ending tho...I enjoyed it but it really got some plot holes and most supporting characters lacked depth and just passerbys. <<less
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srrrahim rated it
January 21, 2022
Status: Completed
4.5/5 for me

The translator are awesome. It's only around 50 chapters. It's light, but the plot is quite solid. And it easy to mtl too

(+) good quality translation, easy to mtl/g-translate, Short story with interesting plot, MC with IQ and EQ ... more>>

He reaction towards ML after being locked in the black room is reasonable. Her hatred toward ML is perfectly in line with normal person brain work


(-) Author didn't give us enough reason why MC soul transmigrate here, and why she got 3rd chance to restart her life here. The side chara has characters development, but I think it can be developed more. It's only around 50 chapters, but if you fall in love with this novel, you will think that is not enough

Overall, I recommend this, and I would love to read something similiar to this, with more solid plot <<less
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kekesumo rated it
January 9, 2024
Status: Completed
The ML is sick. Very sick.

He was abandoned by his mother as a child and I'm guessing because of that he has an obsessive love syndrome.

But the actual problem with this novel actually lies on the female lead.

... more>> She's a very carefree person and her character clashes with ML. Like an extremely extrovert person chased after then married an extremely introvert depressed Hikikomori. FL could not or would not objectively evaluate WHAT is the cause and triggers for the ML locking her up.

The answer was that, she was always trying to flee. ML can tolerate everything about her but her trying to flee AND her betrayal.

There's no explanation of how old Wanwan was before she transmigrated into the novel but I'm guessing she's probably only 12 to 13 years old because she fell in love with a boy by his face value alone, she also always acting impulsively without the slightest mind of the consequences of her actions, never study and always playing around. <<less
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kainerrrr rated it
July 12, 2023
Status: c144
First of all, I did not really enjoy the story much. But, I guess it was enough to satisfy my yandere cravings. Although, the ML is not really my type when it comes to yandere mls. I've read enough overbearing ceo's and yandere male leads that locked up the MC but all of them really regretted their actions and there was a redemption for them, however, for this story's ml, there wasn't. The characters just accepted the things that happened to them and moved on with their life.

... more>>

The fML did not ask the male lead as to how he remembered their past and the ML did not also ask or even wonder how they were able to remember things from their past. But, I guess it was because it's a novel so logic doesn't really exist.


One complaint and con of this story is that there are too many plotholes and loose ends.
    • what happened to ml's friend that had a gf that looked like fml? Did he like the fML or what? If he did, then I want to know how he came to like her.
    • I thought it was fml's cousin (that was illegitimate) who ended up with the ML in the original because it was stated in the early part of the novel but then at the later part it was with gu sheng instead. Another wtf moment for me because I really immerse myself into stories so I don't really forget these details.
    • It was stated that when they started dating they did not really do anything much, not even a real kiss. So in one of the flashback, the ML asked her if she wanted to try kissing. But, in the side stories, they slept together on day one of officially being together. It made me really confused as to what is true.
    • What was the use of her second transmigration when all of the flashbacks and dreams they had were always about the original timeline or her first transmigration (where she jumped off). It makes me feel like her second time was just a plot device to emphasize that the ML can't be changed and it seemed like it wasn't of much importance to the story.
Those are the plotholes that I remember. I had to mend the story in my head just so that my mind wouldn't be confused about this plotholes. Anyway, I wouldn't really say that this was worth it but for people who think otherwise then whatever floats your boat, go ahead and read it. <<less
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Neleothesze rated it
May 2, 2023
Status: Completed
This story puts a fresh spin on the yandere ML & average MC trope: the ML does not change, soften, concede, etc; the MC does not excuse his actions, overpowers or outschemes him with some super skills or smarts.

This is a story with an unappologetic, unrepentant yandere ML and a freedom loving, social butterfly MC whose wings are clipped in each lifetime... and yet they somehow manage, in their 3rd (arguably 4th) lifetime to make it work. I have a lot of feelings about this novel (and plenty... more>> of complaints) but it delivers exactly what it promised.

'Shen Yi, that man, was ruthless and tyrannical. His temper was bad, he would take revenge for any small grievance'

If there were tropey labels, I'd add "Exactly What It Says On The Tin" & "Dead Dove: Do Not Eat"

It's not some amazing piece of literature, but it can satisfy a reader's craving for a dark, disturbing romance. <<less
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ilovechikin rated it
April 20, 2022
Status: c42
I give three stars bc I just do not like yandere as a concept. Hear my explanation first.

first. This is my first yandere novel. I just stumbled upon this novel. I just thought, the premis is to my liking, so might also try. But bc I felt lazy, I just jumped to the latest chapter of translation then read the mtl. (I like to read this way sometimes)

In the end, I just cant get myself enjoying this. I felt uncomfortable reading this. Truly. I read to chapter 42 MTL.... more>> This novel.. I even felt a bit ptsd reading her past and etc.. How could she be like that.. How could she not feel mad.. I even angry for her.. How could she not hate him? I even wondered does what she feel considered stockholm syndrom? I dont know, this story felt so wrong to me

is yandere sh*t like this? I felt like this novel made me discover about myself. Yandere is really not my thing. I cant comprehend the idea locking someone for years is a love.

i have to recover myself <<less
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moperixsz1300 rated it
February 27, 2022
Status: Completed
At first, I was sceptical with the FL, cos' she's just as nurotic as the ML, tho I understand her.

But as I got about a third of the story, I couldn't help but MTL it (lol, cos the TN ver. Stops at chapt 17, I think??)
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nightxueyin rated it
January 22, 2024
Status: --
The ML is too far gone. The story was just really unpleasant because he went too far.

He was happy to cause her pain and that never really changed and he never apologized for it either.

It was just really uncomfortable to read and I just feel so frustrated after wards.

... more>> I kept hoping that it would get better or the resolution would satisfy me, but it was just simply a sadists view on love and it was just so suffocating.

The lack of communication was also unpleasant, the whole story is just uncomfortable as heck.

I get that the story has the relevant tags but it just went too far and NOT in a good way. <<less
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KeyonDrenson rated it
December 24, 2023
Status: c39
This is not fluffy or sweet

Extremely unhealthy possessive controlling ml, I found it hard as a reader to sympathize with any of the characters, I can only assume that the MC was driven insane during her earlier years of imprisonment by the ML so that she can no longer make decisions and is doomed to live in fear while the ML gets off on that
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ainn rated it
December 7, 2023
Status: c144
THERAPY. This ALL could be avoided if he just went to therapy. He already had the money so just GO TO THERAPY!!! ML has some serious anxiety, abandonment issues, and PTSD from being abandoned.

... more>>

You know what im not satisfied about this story? It’s the fact that the ML is so twisted and problematic and yet he still got his happy ending. But how about the OriFL, the soul of the body she’s in? How about her? Why doesn’t she get her happily ever after? Yes, she was horrible too in the sense that she’s so obsessed with the ML and couldn’t accept that he doesn’t love her as much as she loves him. Isn’t she the same as ML? ML even took way too far as to confine the FL not once, not twice, THRICE! In my opinion, the OriFL deserves to be happy. She deserves to know that he was sad or regretful when he founds she dies. But, nope. She didnt get her closure but instead it was another person who’s soul was trapped in her body.

Also, the ML didn’t even say anything about her consistent approach. He ignores her, didn’t even smile at her, honestly FL has a lot of patience for a man because if it was me, I’m not gonna waste my time on a man who barely looks at me. So, I kinda get where the OriFL is at about the whole rebelling and trying to make him jealous by hanging out with other guys. After years of this indifference she’s still so hopeful that he might realise that her love is sincere even after their marriage. Even then, he treated her like air. Honestly, all I want is for her to have her own happy ending where we find out that this whole time FL is actually OriFL but she has to erase some of her memories so that she won’t go physco for ML. See! Even in my make believe she has to surrender and make sacrifices for him.

Now about ML even when its the last chapter, I still struggle on liking him. In fact, I was convinced that he might actually lock FL in that apartment of trauma away from her family and baby. Yeah! Even at the last chapter I still dont think he changed. So, what was the point of the story? If you think you can fix a man, don't! You can and he will never change. A toxic and red flag man will always be a toxic and red flag.

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