Wife Can’t Escape


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Song Luan transmigrated into a book called “The Powerful Minister” and became the wife of the Male Lead. In the book, the original owner was snobbish, abandoned her son, and finally died in a fire. Song Luan, who had read the book, expressed a panic. Then, she prepared to be a new leaf and hug the male lead’s golden thigh.

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New gigipr rated it
October 9, 2021
Status: --
This novel is not for narrow minded people who cannot accept how complexity of humans. Obsession, betrayal, sacrifice, MATURITY, and everything but a 'shining-shimmering-happily-ever- after'. I think both of the main characters matured in a sense that they learn how to compromise with their situation ... more>>

MC wants to leave but not without the kids and ML choosing to atone for his sins by giving everything 'but freedom lmao' to the MC, even though he cannot gain her heart.

. It's kind of non verbal agreement where they chose to be at peace with each other and that's a realistic ending for me.

Their POVs are both heartbreaking. I know many readers are angry at the ML for being a j*rk, but c'mon... He was raised like that and his loyalty/sense of responsibility towards his goal is something built for YEARS and I can understand the confusion and hesitation within him when he's starting to fell for MC but still chose to commit to the


I might sound biased, but I think both of them get what they truly wanted in the end and that's 5/5 stars. <<less
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yserieh rated it
June 17, 2020
Status: Completed
As tara and others have stated, this is not a romance story though there is 'romance'. This is a TRUE yandere story- a story about an unhealthy and dangerous man that is obsession with his wife. She has good reason to hate him and he continues to trample upon her freedom.

It's a very good story, but it makes you think and even be slightly uncomfortable. It's an enjoyable story to explore a darker, unhealthy relationship. We all sometimes dream of having a love so intense and pure... that we forget... more>> the reality of what a love could look like. If you want a happy yandere story, I would recommend, "Tyrannical Wang's Beloved Wife". These novels are interesting parallels of one another!

The FL is likable and you even feel heart break with her. Her desire is to live and just be content with her life because she is trapped in an era where she has no 'escape'/exit from the relationship. She can only do what she can to make herself happy and survive within the boundaries the ML has given her. As their relationship blurs between hate, regret, and even love, (and the Stockholm syndrome sets in), you see a mild form of affection from the FL towards him begin. I wouldn't ever say she loves, but she makes peace with at least what their relationship is because... she has no choice. It's madness or acceptance.

The interaction between the two after chapter 60 becomes incredibly... heavy. At one point, I did cry. I think she does, in a way, succeed in her "victory" in the end. I think her tragic fate could have almost been avoided and they almost could have had something special and intense, especially since... he came so close to having her acceptance of him in the first part of the story. But he himself lifted the rock to smash his own foot.

The translator does a pretty good job. <<less
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haruhi91 rated it
June 14, 2020
Status: Completed
Rating 4.5 stars.

This is not a romance, this a tragedy in disguise, a story about a woman who is shackled by the sick obsession of a man. I don't call it love because love is a very different emotion. Other readers pity the ML and find excuses for his actions, but for me, he is the only responsible for the sad and cruel choices he made that leads to the story told in the novel. The victim here is the female lead who tries her best to appease him and... more>> live a placid and stable life.

At first, it seems like a typical novel where the heroine transmigrates in the evil wife's body and tries to be a different person in order to make the male lead fall in love with her. Surprisingly the novel goes deeper that that, hiding a twist that makes you re-consider why the original wife acted that way. I particularly like the fact that the original wife wasn't a bad person just for the sake of the plot, but she had a real reason to hate the ML.

Totally recommend it for people who aren't looking for a fluffly or light romance story. <<less
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apostasiess rated it
May 24, 2020
Status: Completed

I have to admit, I'm a sucker for possessive, overbearing MLs and yes it's not healthy. But the ML in Wife Can't Escape is possessive to the point of insanity. He restricts her every movement ... more>>

at one point he chains one of her ankles (albeit not for very long but still)

and for the most part disregards her feelings.

Even though the author kept trying to paint the ML as loving I just couldn't see it. He treated her like a possession, from the beginning to the end. To me, he just seemed like a s*x crazed, obsessive psychopath.

The novel did end with a HE but could it really be called a happy ending?

A Taoist priest makes it so that she can't fall in love w/ him and that's that. She kind of just resigns herself to her fate & lives with him bc he refuses to let her go.


This novel honestly gave me a headache. I only finished it because I wanted to see what would happen and if the ML could be redeemed... alas, he could not. In the end, though I hate this book with a passion, I rate it a 1.5/5 bc I really liked the son. <<less
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chindy02 rated it
September 5, 2020
Status: c109
Definitely not biased just bc I'm translating this!

This is, by far, the most interesting and intriguing CN I read! The angst, the fluffiness, and the plot are weaved so intricately! You can see that the author is not writing chapters by chapter 'just because'. Every information mentioned in her chapters can lead to another hint. There are so many foreshadowings too! (even from the earliest chapters).

Although some don't like the female lead (for being naive and s*upid), I still understand where she is going from. I agree that there are... more>> times she was s*upid but that's part of her character. She tried to escape plenty of times!


but later realize she can't... so she just accepted her fate. Why waste energy...


There's character development for Zhao Nanyu. In the beginning, he is cold and unforgiving, but towards the end of the book (about 60ish), we can see him gradually softening.


And he accepted his fate that Song Luan will not love him. He says he will wait for her answer.


Zhao Nanyu...I can't say he redeemed himself but I could also understand him a bit. Positive traits for our dear ml: he's extremely loyal to Song Luan!


By not redeemable, I guess if they were given a fourth life together, I'm pretty sure zhao nanyu will kill song luan again by his hands. it's just his character (of being driven by pride and power). But if the gods would give him a chance to keep his memories from first life, then I am 100% sure that he won't betray Song Luan.



You can't expect a happy ending in which Song Luan would love Zhao Nanyu, and they would live happily ever after. NO. The ending should've included Zhao Nanyu's retribution, and that's what the author went for! Zhao Nanyu had to accept that Song Luan would never love him in their third life (this is their final life together). The taoist priest removed Song Luan's feelings for him. She would neither feel love nor hate, just indifference... and that's the saddest among all.


The only downside to this is...I didn't see more of Zhao Chao and Zhao Wenyan. Like they just vanished after the story reached its climax... It is great that there is a Huai Jin extra.

PS: You can see the tragedy genre and other negative tags in this novel, so don't expect this to be 100% fluff with comedy, because it's not. It's angsty and fluff at the same time (but more on angst). ;) <<less
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Maeve Arte
Maeve Arte rated it
May 13, 2020
Status: Completed
I MTL-ed this story because it looks promising. I didn't expect all those plot twist and I love how the author written this transmigration novel. Unlike other transmigration, it seems MC can't break away from the fate even if she fights for it. It is more than meet the eye kind of novel.

I like how the truth about their true past were revealed. It is subtly, but impactful. I am just hoping that the translation could transmit that aura into English.

There is a reason why the ML is a yandere.... more>> There is much more than that. <<less
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JoAnna rated it
May 27, 2020
Status: Completed
MTD-ed with 80-90% of comprehension.

You will love this if you like a FL who is:

  • a doormat
  • too s*upid to live (TSTL)
  • has the Asian version of the legendary Traitorous Body Syndrome
  • has Stockholm syndrome
Triggers: Violence, abuse, r*pe, dubious consent, child abuse (off page)

... more>> However, the FL might just be a submissive and secretly likes everything the ML is doing to her. She sure seems like she does. Who knows....

In the end, the mentally-sick ML is still not redeemable. He didn't suffer enough. The only good thing is there's no other women drama. Just the FL from start to finish.

1/2 star for the first child, he's so mature and cute! Another 1/2 star for no unnecessary other women drama. The main couple's drama is blood-vomiting inducing enough. A good ending would be when the FL is actually glad when the ML finally dies and their fates would no longer be tied together, as in there would be no next life between them. A clean break. However, it's obvious such thing will never happen. <<less
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tara rated it
May 16, 2020
Status: Completed
I didn't know whether to give this story a five stars or four stars.
As a story, it was dark, fluffy and bittersweet all at the same time. It def has a HE but at the same time you wonder... was it a happy ending for the FL?

The ML is a mega yandere (it was explained why later in the story) who loves the FL to pieces. What I liked about him was that he gradually fell in love with her, rather than an instant like.

... more>>

In fact, he hated her so much in the beginning that he poisoned her.


For the characters themselves...

I would say the emotions of the ML is the highlight of this story. How he understand what he is doing is clearly wrong, but just can't let the FL go.


I wish the FL had a happier ending. Yes, she has... somewhat accepted her fate but remained so detached from the ML that even her children can easily see it


Personally, the dark elements in this novel didn't bother me even though I did get a little tired of the ML at some point

I totally recommend reading this novel if a yandare ML - that locks people up and is super possessive - doesn't bother you. <<less
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brynxyx rated it
November 27, 2020
Status: Completed
This story is very different from how I thought it would go from just the synopsis alone but it wasn’t disappointing at all. The characters are really dynamic and well-rounded, and while the story is relatively fast paced, you really grow to love or understand the characters. It is very sad that I just won’t be able to find a novel similar to this and will have to joyfully suffer a reread at some point.

Main Characters:

Somg Luan is not the smartest but she shouldn’t be pitied in my opinion.

she had three lifetimes and all three lifetimes she ended up with the person she loved but was hurt by them instead. She was written more as a foil to the ML. A joyful and magnetic person in all three lives but Nanyu blackened her soul so much that she is basically a dimwit with Stockholm’s syndrome. What you should feel for her is frustration. She didn’t asked to be reborn and attached to Nanyu like this. It took barely 100 chapters for you to see her journey of being killed by her love for him to being completely indifferent towards him as a way to survive but also from his selfish wish. I felt an intense frustration for her as I read both the past extras (where the she was killed by Nanyu for war) and the current lifetime.


Zhao Nanyu is both the male lead and the main character or at least the most dynamic character between the two of them.

This man is a power driven character who will do whatever he needs to attain what he wants but only to regret his choices. I mean that’s a relatively simple way to put him. In their first life, despite falling in love with her slowly but surely, he killed her and her family while thinking he’ll just get over it. But boy, was he wrong. He spent his ruling years yearning for her and regretting that he didn’t make enough memories with her and being haunted by her death to the point where he makes a deal with the monk to spend two more life times with her even if she can not love him anymore. In the second lifetime, she was the first to regain memories of her past life while he was clueless and thought she was willfully rebelling against him, so he poisoned her slowly until in the end he stabbed her. In the third and final life (the alternate of the second life), he was the one to regain his memories first but before then he was starting to fall in love with the reborn Song Luan, who at this point was past the point of saving from being poisoned by him. His love is selfish and dangerous for her but it took three lifetimes for him to realize that he’s only ever had regrets with her. His ending and last develop as a character is the saddest but also the most self deserved. She will never have any feelings of love towards him again but his fate is to basically forever hope that she will one day love him as much as he loves her.


The Story:

This is a yandere’s love story. It is not suppose to make you feel like it will end well but for this type of tragedy, this ending is the most bittersweet and the most sensible. It started out as a simple “oh no I transmigrated, I’ll do anything to survive” to a truly sad story about how obsession can lead to one’s own suffering and karmic fate.

The fact that there is an emphasis on three lifetimes and nothing more makes it worse. There is no constant cycle, Zhao Nanyu can never redeem himself to Song Luan, and she can never truly be happy or free.In the last lifetime, they even have kids (which I have a theory (maybe it isn’t a theory) on: their Oldest Son is simply a spectator as he noticed the oddities of his parents relationship pretty early but the two other children are reflections of their parents. The second son is openly rebellious, how Song Luan was in their second lifetime, while the youngest daughter seems to be a reflection of how Luan was in the third lifetime before she lost all love for Nanyu.

I don’t plan on touching the side characters too much but I love how reflective they are of the main couple and how their fates still didn’t really change much or at all. It’s almost as if the transmigration part didn’t matter in a cause-effect sense and that the karmic plan was to always have Song Luan transmigrated into this lifetime from the future.
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shadow1716 rated it
November 4, 2020
Status: --
MC has an IQ in the negatives and it makes the story unreadable. Her actions literally ruin everything. ML is a piece of tr*sh thats never treated the MC nicely but don't worry MC is too s*upid to care.
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lizanika rated it
September 30, 2020
Status: c100
So while I did enjoy this novel, binge read until chapter 80 in one day, I will no longer be continuing because certain aspects to the female lead go against what I can stand. Firstly, I like the angst, it's engrossing and dramatic, great for a speed read. I also enjoy the yandere, and one part which made me stay is the fact that the female lead doesn't like the male lead as much as he likes her, making her seem stronger. Keyword "seem"; I just want to warn that... more>> the female lead is very whiny and weak. While she does not exactly have the resources to escape, she does not reject either. I think a better word for this would be "emotionally weak" and very "reliant". If you can look past that however, it is a nice historical angst with not much court battles etc, however if a weak female lead who only relies on the male lead to do anything is not your cup of tea, I would suggest you look elsewhere. <<less
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chande rated it
June 13, 2021
Status: Completed
I thought this story would be another simple transmigration novel but it turned out, it's more than that.

... more>>

MC and ML actually were reincarnation of the previous dynasty princess and southwest prince. In their last life, they were husband and wife as stated by imperial edict. Although they married for political reason, they fell in love with each other for real but still, they couldn't escape the political entanglement that made them separated in a cruel way.

ML's father, the southwest king, rebelled against the late emperor (MC's father) and overthrew the dynasty. ML didn't hesitate to kill MC's family and in the end also killed MC with his own hands because he thought he didn't love her that much. But after seizing the throne, he was never happy again for the rest of his life and often regretted his decision. He desperately wanted to have another life with MC in it and that's how they got reincarnated into the current Song Luan and Zhao Nanyu. But because MC's vow right before her death (she said she won't fall in love with ML again or she'll die), MC was destined to not fall in love with ML again. If she ever loved him again, she'll die.


Song Luan (MC) and Zhao Nanyu (ML) married by accident. Well, it was actually the result of her sister's scheme but little did MC knew:


When she was under the influence of aphrodisiac, ML was actually sober. He decided to get along with it because he was interested with MC and thought that it wasn't bad to marry her.


MC had hated him after being forced to marry him out of love but after she was pregnant with ML's child, MC and ML started to get along with each other better. But after she fell into the lake, she started to change and became hostile towards ML. She even haughtily played around with other men and made him wore so many green hats. ML, who initially loved her, soon started to hate her and decided to poison her.


In fact, after she fell into the lake, she got her memory from her past life. That's why she hated ML and decided to take revenge by making him wore green hats.


After her death, MC went back again to a few years before her imminent death but she had no memory of her last life. She thought she was a transmigrator and the world she's in was only inside of novel. She decided to treat ML cautiously because she didn't want to be killed. She started to fall in love with ML and vice versa but ML already poisoned her before she reborn.


Like in her previous life, she died again. After she died, she met with the taoist that knew about her previous life. Because the taoist knew that MC won't be able to escape from ML, out of pity, the taoist made MC numb towards ML so she won't be hurt when she remembered her first life but she also won't fall in love with him for the rest of her life.

Then, she reborn for third time. This time, she went back to a few months after her last death. She decided to escape from ML but of course she couldn't. It didn't take long before she was captured again.


And now let's talk about the ending.


The ending is exactly like the title in this novel. MC couldn't escape ML and lived with him again unwillingly. But like the taoist had said, she won't be able to love him no matter what. Even when she remembered her previous life, she also didn't feel anything when she was supposed to hate him. She just lived a dull life without any sadness or joy. MC and ML had total 3 children

I'm so angry after reading MC's ending. She was supposed to be live a happy life away from ML, maybe with someone like Huai Jin. But no, ML won't let her go even after MC begged him to let her leave. Seriously, he had no right. He even killed MC again in her next 2 lifes. It was so cruel to let MC ended up with someone who personally killed her thrice. Really, she deserved better.

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Suyo rated it
March 15, 2021
Status: Completed
If you're looking for a healthy relationship then this story isn’t for you. This novel is well written. I cried so much.

I find it so unfair that they can’t be happy together because of their past life.

Actually, she liked him without a doubt but she was literally strapped out of her feelings which were so hurtful and unfair.
They really deserved a happier life.


The child is so cute.
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December 11, 2020
Status: --
This novel made me redefine my definition of what a yandere is. I feel like I could never carelessly use that word to describe another character ever again.

This novel simply made me speechless. To be honest, I just felt uncomfortable the whole time. Lol. Like seriously. The amount of toxicity in their relationship is so unhealthy to the point that my brain hurt.

The plot twist was something so creepily amazing. I mean I literally read this novel thinking it will just be another transmigration situation but gurl was I wrong.... more>> That was simply a mask to hide how much of a tragedy the plot was. The author's mind wow.

When you read this you really have to finish up to the end (or at least up to the main twist) so that everything would make sense.

I actually almost dropped this halfway. Mostly because of the fl. However it was because of how she was depicted in the first half. When I felt like for someone who transmigrated, the things she did were just irrational and at times dumb in my part lol. Like I seriously was irritated with her more than the ML at that time. I mean you know the story, the ml's personality, top that with your modern mindset then why are you making such careless and dumb decisions.

Anyway, when I learned about the plot twist, that's when everything made sense.


She actually started to love the ml. She stated it actually that whenever she's at the brink of falling for him, something always happens that prevents it from happening. Infact, for me, I feel like she loved him in that 3rd lifetime. That's why even though she tried her best to avoid her future. She still ended up being killed by him. It was because she fell in love that's why she encountered a bad end. Which was in line with the curse that was put upon her.

I actually pitted the ML more than the FL at the first half because like if I were him and my wife who was the shttiest person ever suddenly changed. I would definitely think that she was up to no good.

However, after everything was revealed. It just makes sense that he got what he deserved.


And finally, yes I would recommend reading this novel but don't expect fluff. Read this keeping in mind the tragedy tag. <<less
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Bookworm_Sueweetie rated it
March 8, 2021
Status: Completed
I applaud the author for making me (as reader) interested in this story and characters despite being mostly bittersweet and not-your-usual-cup of "love" story.

The flow of story is good that it made me binge-read this without putting my phone down especially the chapters 70+.

I understood some low ratings here bc the leads got "MAJOR" flaws and toxicity but I like that the author put more depth in their characters, their reasons and pasts that affected their decisions. I like that the FL didn't easily forgave or fell in love... more>> with the ML... and despite ML being high level yandere, they came in tacit understanding in the end and live in agreeable relationship.

Sadly, there were poor characters like Huaijin and Ayun (due to another yandere male) tho... despite their short appearances you can't help but be invested in their life and sympathized them. <<less
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Tastastix rated it
December 6, 2020
Status: --
Warning: this story is, figuratively, out for BLOOD.

Do not read if you're looking for fluff, redemption, forgiveness, hurt/comfort, or anything else along that vein.

When the angst and tragedy come, they hit HARD.

I personally enjoyed it, but I understand how it could be a difficult read for others.

ML is pretty garbage, but he's supposed to be, and he just gets worse as the story progresses.

... more>>

He and the prince/emperor are awful toxic a**holes. ML preemptively cuts off all of FL's routes and means of escape that's delectabley detestable, and his royal friend hunts down the woman he "loves"


As for the actual story, the twist in particular:


The basic plot is that FL and ML are living out the consequences of their karma from their past lives (but you don't learn this 'til about 3/4 of the way through). FL vowed to never love him again, and when she does, she falls into misfortune. ML wanted to be reunited with her, but the "deal" is only good up to their third incarnation. After that, their fates are no longer intertwined, and FL would never again remember their pasts, but ML would. I think this story takes place in their third incarnation, and it ends with FL just tolerating their marriage (because they 1. have kids and 2. ML cut off every means for her to escape earlier on) and ML constantly on edge since he knows she can't love him but can love someone else, and that definitely adds a whole other layer of tragedy that I love because I absolutely think that he deserves to be miserable and suffer for his past transgressions.


TL;DR... the ML is controlling, possessive, obsessive tr*sh, the relationships are unhealthy and far from idyllic, and yet karma's a pimp that made the ML his b*tch. <<less
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August 29, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is very well written and translated but the plot is incomprehensible.

So spoiler free is that the premise is flawed and the "twists" just broke my immersion and stakes in the novel.
... more>>

Life 1: FL and ML are childhood friends, she is a princess who thinks they are sweethearts, he is mercenarily manipulating her so he can kill and depose her family. He makes her infertile, kills her parents, beheads her brother and hangs his head from a pike, He takes a bow and arrow and shoots her through the heart. They ask what to do with the body and he on a whim decides to go look. She's such a pretty corpse he decides to bury her in the emperor's tomb and join her "in a hundred years". We find out her last words were that she wished to never meet him in the next life and if she ever loved him again she would die horribly. He lives into old age but never marries another which is almost like I'm sorry I killed you and your entire family to be emperor.

Life 2: FL is drugged by her sister and ML decides to bang her since she's drugged. He is not drugged or set-up. She's a big deal and he isn't so she isn't happy to marry so far below her station but nothing for it. She gets pregnant early in their marriage and he is so attentive she begins to love him. After the child is born she falls in a lake and her near death experience causes her to remember Life 1 and hate him and their child who looks so like him. She decides to trifle with other men and grind his dignity so he will leave her, she tries abusing their child, spending money, anything to earn his ire. Instead he poisons her for years in horrifying misery and goes to watch to amuse himself. He then stabs her and has their son help seal the room and burn her inside.

Life 3: FL thinks she is a modern day person transmigrating into a book. The book being her previous life's events. She tries to run away but she is already poisoned and ML is cutting off all means of escape, assaulting, imprisoning, demeaning and belittling her. She feels love for her son and fears the ML who should have another wife the FL of the book who has like 2 sentences about her and is done. She knows the poison will kill her and he has poisoned her. So tries to sell meng to win him over, this is framed light-heartedly but is super horrifying in this book where he kills people and threatens to break her leg (after he loves her), chains her with a bell, makes her do homework like a child. A real Daddy kink that comes off so creepy because he treats her like she's 5 and that this is the good side. Deciding when she plays, sleeps, eats, gives her toys and shiny things to distract her. The s*x is rough. It's not just in bed for X days stuff, he bites her alot, he pinches her, bruises her skin alot and likes to see bruises on her as his "marks". She's an idiot who is not into this at all but can't stop him from doing this. She gets pregnant and decides she will learn to love ML and stay for her kids with him, He finds out the poison will be passed to the baby who will die and she will not live through the birth so forces her to abort. She tries to runaway and save her child but nope He aborts it. Honestly you can't wait from chapter 34ish for her to die just as a means of escape. She is constantly told she will die and then it takes like 4 chapters and she's done. Some have sympathy for ML who stabs her again as she begs him to stop her pain. He stores her corpse in makeup and sleeps with it, talking about how she needs her rest. Finally as in Life 2 her body is burned to ashes. FL returns again months and months later and decides to hide out with the emperors side piece. For no other reason than she tried to hide the side piece ML finds her. Does he learn? Nope. Straight to a yard in the middle of nowhere built to look like her old house with her hiding under a veil. Trapped because she's dead and only he can keep her since the others will think she's a demon. More and More toxic, she feels nothing he abuses her, she feels nothing, he allows her to see her son weeks later, she feels nothing for him. She will never love him again thanks to the monk who grants her the mercy to not die miserably. She can't escape him and she gets pregnant again, she gets to keep this one and you'll hate the ML who gets jealous of his own son because she won't look at him enough, so she gets punished for it. End of Main Story is her just going I love my kids and that's enough. Side stories come and go but she never likes the ML or feels anything for him. The ML learns of their past lives and is "horrified" but like he killed and tortures her all the time, never respects her and we are told he is shocked by this stuff?

Life 4: Does this even happen? She's an orphan in Japan and reads a book about Life 2, when she dies after transmigrating to Book 2, the contents of the book change to Life 3 until her death. Monk appears and she ignores him in modern day, he tells her she will go back and the story of Life 1, she dreams of Life 1 and returns to Life 3. She never dies in Life 4 and ML is never referenced in Life 4 Monk tells her he will take all of her feelings for ML so she can break the cycle and escape him. But again he is not in modern day so... is it real? At all?


This is not a romance at all, at no point is there ever love here. At best he is obsessed with having her dead at his side. She at her most infatuated kind of goes, he's hot I can make that work.

Yeah just didn't make any sense but the prose and translation were great. <<less
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reallydontcare rated it
May 15, 2021
Status: --
wow! I really love the ML. The ML is my kind of type (not in RL u know just in the book). For the ML character!!!!!! Im searching this character in my whole life lol (since I read yandere) (don't blame me pls idk why my asian a*s love this)
He is perfect. I mean he is perfectly described as an obsessive, possessive & yandere character.

If I were an FL, I would obey and wouldn't make ML angry, because when ML was angry ML would be silent and... more>> stare sharply/violently, it was really scary than cursing.

you know guys, idk how to described how cool this is. But, actually (no offense) FL kinda s*upid : (sometimes I can't help but cursing FL bc of her foolishness. But, her foolishness, makes ML looks more yandere and im here for it.

the ending is not my cup of tea. I find this romance a little annoying. When the flowers are not blooming properly, the author presents a new problem. And this happened over and over again. So I was not satisfied with the ending T-T I want more lovey dovey x yandere. Not dry one T-T <<less
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srrrahim rated it
April 28, 2021
Status: Completed
This is so good

don't underestimate the tragedy tag. This is definitely a tragedy-romance between the ML and MC

I love how the supposed to be villain, is not really a villain. She has a reason to be that unruly and unreasonable ... more>>

at first, the wife is in love with her husband, but then, she remember the tragedy in her previous lifetime, and I couldn't blame her hatred towards her husband. He deserves it


I think, the word "love" is not something that you can say easily like that

And if someone love you so wholeheartedly like MC in her previous lifetime, then you better cherish it, or you will regret it later, just like ML, and maybe need to pay it for multiple lifetimes

ML regretted is so great that he carried it into his next lifetime, but MC hatred is greater

The saddest part is, when she love you, you didn't even bat an eye, . When she finally let you go, you desperately hold her, but she doesn't even feel anything towards you. She is so tired of your unreasonable love, and end up too tired to hate you moreover love you. No love, no hatreds

At the end of the novel, the only question remains in my head is, will she ever love him in this lifetime? Or will this curse continue until the next lifetime?

Some people might think that this is a bad ending. But I think, it is not. It is a satisfying ending. An ending that definitely suit the MC and ML. I can't imagine another ending that will suit it better <<less
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rosie bae
rosie bae rated it
April 5, 2021
Status: Completed
uh it's so heart breaking romance. Feel so bad for them. Karma continues.


all three lives they misunderstand each other and tortured each other

most heartbreaking scene was even if MC knew who poisoned her still hoping save her life and for ML it was too late to regret coz there was no medicine for poison which slowly eroding his beloved from inside.

after MC died he still hoped she would come again.

aww it was really good


sometimes read heart breaking novel heals my soul.
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terribleMala rated it
December 18, 2020
Status: Completed
The truth, the translator of this novel is my new crush. Like, totally punctual with the dates of new chapter (bc I read it when it was still on emission like, since ch. 20, but I'm not like them and I'm not punctual at the time to make a review, sorry :c) I created this account just to throw them flowers, and to give a good punctuation bc of them, too (and the novel obvs).

The story was what I expected to receive. A straight-up yandere ML. No a yandere-ish soft... more>> male character that ppl could romanticize. The FL is okay, I don't dislike her nor hate her. She's shown as someone who knows to pick her battles, and has a 'spoiled child' attitude that can be considered somewhat cute. At least, from ML eyes. I don't think is cute, but is not bad either.

At points I was like "i can't with this anymore" bc it was way too sad. In the end, it still wasn't The Happy Ending, but it was something I was able to accept (when I ended the novel, I felt like the lorax accepting the marshmellow).

Every relationship shown in this novel is yandere-like. Beware of the tags, please!

It was something beautiful you did here, translator, and author. The ML didn't had the complete control of everything and couldn't do as he wished, nor the FL. That is why it's heart-breaking.


I still hope that someday, the FL will like him a lil bit, like little Zhao sometimes thought :,)



Also, I got somewhat angry when the "third opportunity with Song Luan" was when she transmigrated that late and couldn't escape from the plot. Like, that's cheating, taoist master! It wasn't a COMPLETE 3rd opportunity, damn!


10/10, some of the Yandere ML novels that I'll give them a big star. <<less
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