Hero without Blood or Tear


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When humans are being swept away by demon lords, there is one man who hunted down demon lords to satisfy his greed. He was the invincible hero without blood or tears

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피도 눈물도 없는 용사
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Acedia rated it
July 1, 2017
Status: c4
I'm not sure how this got three 1 star reviews, but I can tell you they are wrongfully placed. The translation is completely understandable, which is an automatic 2 stars for me. The premise is interesting, I assumed it would be an MMO rebirth novel where the main character strives to be the number one player by relying on exploits and knowledge of the future. Not that I don't mind that, Emperor of Solo Play was one such novel and it's an enjoyable read.

I was surprised to see the MC... more>> was already the highest ranked player and his goal is to get the good ending of the game. A new mode is available which is basically super hard mode and the MC doesn't jump right in. He spends time researching and gathering knowledge to be totally prepared and when he does jump in things progress pretty fast. I have no problem with the pacing, no one needs 10-20 chapters worth of tutorial when the MC is already a veteran. After the first 2 chapters, I was already sold and can't wait to read more. <<less
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Wind Jackal
Wind Jackal rated it
March 12, 2018
Status: c18
I had a great time reading this, too bad the chapters have stopped being posted.

This story was based on an interesting idea. You've probably played strategy games where there was campaign mode and where you could select an avatar to use as your character, that's what the MC is used to doing and he is the the best player at this. However, the new 'Hell Mode' gives you a random unimportant character that you use in the same campaigns the MC is used to, so the MC isn't limited and... more>> constricted by the planned campaign like it is usually is, at the cost of not getting the advantages that the 'avatars' usually get. This was a really cool idea to read and you can see how the MC is taking advantage of this and going off-script from what would usually be done. It's been risky and not everything goes exactly as he plans or expects, but it's been great fun to read.

A shame no more chapters have come out. <<less
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BobtheGob rated it
February 5, 2018
Status: v1c19
Will you respect me more if I add a picture? Don't just skip past the reviews, read 'em! Especially the 5 star ones, especially the fun ones with 627 words like this one, fufufuufuf

I just created this account for the sole purpose of writing a quick and short review in hopes of getting more people interested in this novel. This novel is honestly one of the best I've read and I hope you guys give it a try!

There's not much to say about it other than it is frickin' awesome,... more>> it's got the VRMMO genre and it does feel like a game, but not the usual kind of game. It's more like Dark Souls, in the way that it's both singleplayer and incredibly difficult to survive ^^ especially for our main character who starts of from the bottom but using his game knowledge of previous hours spent in the game he quickly assumes the lead role in the story of the world. When reading it often doesn't feel like it's a game because of how realistic it is, the descriptions of the battlefield and such, it feels more like you're reading about a medieval war of some sorts but it's also got plenty of that VRMMO feel that I know I love, and probably many of you as well.

There's already some romance involved, and likely will be more in the future for those of you that are into that.. (I'm guessing most of you are, who doesn't like a little romance here and there..).

As for my favorite part, and the whole reason why I began reading it in the first place, IT'S GOT NECROMANCY ! I'm a huge fan of necromancy in LNs and videogames, as well as the summoning magic found in many VRMMOs and games in real life, and I've been looking for a good LN with necromancy in it for TOO LONG. I read Seuol Station's Necromancer which is a pretty good one, got a lot of that game feel, but it got a little... boring when I tried to reread it after I stopped reading it a while back since there were no more updates...

Then I found this one, which I've scrolled past a few times before, and just thought "waste of time" since it's only got a few chapters and I'm kind of a hardcore binge reader.... but then I read it since I was just that bored! And now I'm writing this sort of weird review in order to get more people interested in it! Because we need more people reading it! Maybe then the translator will start translating again, or maybe he is still translating (he said he wouldn't but then he put out another chapter so maybe he's working on a second one), just with a release frequency of around a month.. who knows, I just hope people will notice, and that he will notice that way more people have begun reading his translation so maybe he'll continue, which is honestly the one thing I want most right now. I want the translations to continue, and that is the main reason why I'm writing this, and believe me, I wouldn't be spending this much time writing a review about a LN if it wasn't one of the best.


ANYWAY! Thing is, the necromancy stuff is just about to begin! It's just about to get EVEN BETTER!

And that's why I really kind of need you guys to just check it out, do yourselves a favor, and me, I mean, it's kind of a favor for me and the other people who really like this novel but it's even more so one to yourself since you'll probably frickin' love it.

Ho-ho, I guess I'm done here...._. Aighty, go away now have a good day ^^ <<less
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Nyanmaru rated it
September 8, 2019
Status: c32 p1
Hey Guys :)

I really liked reading this novel, so much so that when I saw that it hadn't been updated with a new translated chapter for over a year. I decided to sponsor it to have it translated again.

If you also love this novel, and like me you believe that it's got much potential to show, please also consider becoming a patreon for it as that way it will be translated faster and more easily.

Thanks to Asian Hobbyist, for starting to translate this series again ^^

... more>>

Can't wait to learn/read more about the love route with Charlotte !

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roriconknight rated it
March 19, 2018
Status: c19
It is a virtual reality game, but it became much more..

Hardly I could describe this gem better. This Korean novel offers virtual reality game as if you are sent to different world. It hardly mentions any gamey stats and leveling yourself with grinding or MC's Power. Rather, the MC starts with the weakest existence ever as a side character that slightly better than your usual villager.

The world is set in a renaissance-like era with demons, magic, religious fight, and gunpowders. This time, the world is plunged in chaos as the... more>> Demons and the Humans fighting for supremacy. Both brawls with pike, guns, and cannons, or even bare handed. Magic is not sent into out of the window but it seems rather underexplored excluding compared to the other similar story.

If you have read similar novel (not exaclty the same) -, you will notice the fact that this novel also reflects real world conflict. Someone on the comment says, its European War of Religion. While Dungeon Defense more into middle ages with stronger magic element - tribal against feudal around germany and poland.

As our main character born with pretty weak stats, he need to use wits and diplomacy to gain what he wants. He is calculating, quick, and definitely not your indecisive MC. Shall we see, how far he will fight this utterly realistic VRMMO RPG?

Ps. Don't remove that loli tag, i'll defend it to death! Just like how I protect.


Absess Margherita is a loli!

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Novelupdatesaccount1 rated it
May 22, 2018
Status: c5
Having read 5 chapters of this I've decided to drop it for a few key reasons;

  1. Korean pacing; Like most Korean novels the sense of pacing in this novel sucks. Our MC has just started out as the weakest of the weak and hardly 4 chapters in he's become OP. The entire opening of the novel was spent setting up the fact that he's going to begin the game at a significant disadvantage - and that's just dealt with instantly so the author can start to jerk off about how amazing the MC is.
  2. Plot armor; The author makes a big deal of how intelligent the MC is, how the MC researches things and plans things out carefully - only to have the MC s*upid decisions instantly and survive through sheer luck alone. [ (Spoilers) The MC gets caught by witches due to his own s*upidity -> survives through luck and gets a huge boost through luck. The MC loses a Super Magic Fruit -> random bag he takes from the witches contains Super Duper Magic Fruit. ]
  3. Boring battles; This is an issue I've found many authors, especially Korean VR novel authors, who like to include army scale battles face, but the first small fights / one big battle we see as of chapter 5-6 are all incredibly boring. This point is hard to describe so just take a look at those chapters yourself.
Ultimately the translation quality is good enough that this story gets pulled up to a 2/5, but the story itself is pretty Meh.
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akhdanp1234 rated it
March 31, 2020
Status: c16
It's a little annoying. The MC is the number 1 "Guardian of Humanity" player who has played the game countless times but acts like a newbie who doesn't know anthing and only read some information from the wiki. Everytime something happens, MC is always surprised because he doesn't know anything. He got nervous when he meeting nobles. He got intimidated when talking to a general. In short, MC's personality is a newbie who just read some wiki, contrary to his background as the "best player in the world".

It also didn't... more>> help that the "Guardian" is basically idiots a**holes. The reason MC is five months late is because he was searching for a way to win and he found out when he choose the commoner character instead of the usual Guardian character, all the Guardians will appear in the game, as opposed to choosing one Guardian will make other Guardians disappear. But it turns out that the Guardians are all idiot a**holes. So he will not only have to deal with the Demon Lords, he will have to deal with the Guardians s*upidity. So instead of a way to win, MC basically wasted 5 months to play the game in hard mode. <<less
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Sami11 rated it
March 18, 2020
Status: c48
This novel is kinda meh.

One thing that bothered me to no end was the endless sucking of the MC's dick. Like seriously, it gets annoying after only a few chapters.

The first few chapters feel weird in that they are too fast paced. One chapter he is but a but a lowly villager, and a chapter later he becomes a strong adventurer. One chapter he is a strong adventurer/mercenary, a chapter later he becomes a full fledged god among men. Wtf? Perhaps it kinda makes sense. I mean he is the... more>> highest ranked player. So maybe he is doing something like a speedrun. But NO. That is not the case. Most of his newly found abilities come from luck or something he didn't even know about.

Also, the novel just had to introduce a lifeless legal loli character. Of course.

The constant power leveling removes any tense atmosphere the novel might have. Plot armor, plot armor galore!

Tldr: Imo, read this novel only if you're bored. <<less
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Cyphre rated it
June 4, 2019
Status: c23
One of the better novels I started reading, back when it was on skythewood, unfortunately Asian Hobbyist seems to have not only done a poor job, but also dropped it with little explanation (or their explanation is lost somewhere on their terrible site).

I really liked the original idea of this story, where the MC willfully enters a sort of speedrun competition of a popular VRMMO title he is already the very best at in the world. Sadly, the author spends little time on introductory backstory or character development at the... more>> start. Presumably to make the game in question that much more mysterious. It is noted early on when he starts that the world feels more real in some way, which leads us to believe he's actually been transported into the world he was originally playing as a game. As with most 'video game' related novels, there is little effort put into establishing the world or mechanics of the game unfortunately, but I hardly fault that in novels/manga/anime these days.

What makes this novel different from other 'Korean OP MC' titles and the reason I enjoyed it is how the main character interacts with the world around him; utilizing existing knowledge, as an expert of this world, to reach the specific goals he is after. Much like someone would do in other RPG titles in their second playthrough. It probably also helps that the first translator of the series did really well at editing. The fantasy elements all seem original and don't feel like they are full of standard tropes either. <<less
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pyramidhead rated it
September 28, 2018
Status: --
I skipped over this story several times because it didn't look interesting but that was a big mistake. This is even better than emperor of solo play or Seoul station necromancer and one more proof that Korean webnovels are truly the best out there. Interesting game world/mechanics, too cute Fem Lead, and one of few novels with a necromancer protag.
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Felix rated it
January 30, 2018
Status: c18
Its great.

It’s gritty

And its well based in warfare. Sky’s been kind enough to put links for terminology to those who need it.
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airesten rated it
October 24, 2017
Status: c13
Great series, not too serious, pretty talented protagonist that makes for a good story. Similar to how LMS was, but it is more focused on getting the high score in the game. You get a higher score the more accomplishments you have so the story is about the struggles in battle and how he builds up his strength. Sort of. Its good.
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Hibiki rated it
August 9, 2017
Status: c8
What I liked about this novel is that unlike the usual VR MMORPG novels here, the mc's main purpose is not to become rich from playing, or becoming the top of that game and gain fame and other benefits. Mc's main goal is to finish the game and finds out the true ending of it.

And upon learning that he could only finish the game by playing as a regular weak NPC type character on the game, he researched a lot about it and finally decided to drop his Top Tier... more>> original character and play the game on the superhard mode.

What's good about this novel is that you could feel the immersion just from the story background and add the characters too. The original heroes that they could play in the game is also there ad they have their own characters be it bad or good. So we can't really know if the so called "Hero Characters" are a beneficial or demerit on the whole game world

Hope you guys will also like the novel <<less
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hadeion rated it
January 9, 2020
Status: c39
This is a really good light novel. I’ve now read about every single Korean shounen light novel being translated and a bunch of JP ones, and this is definitely worth a read. The MC has a great and actual personality - he is tactical, he is kind, but he is also ruthless and calculating to his enemies. The world and other side characters have their own personalities and there are always pleasant and funny surprises.

only complaint is that the current translation group splits the chapters into 2 and is more... more>> mercenary than the previous group QaQ <<less
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peanutbutter_J rated it
December 31, 2019
Status: c30
It's quite satisfactory to read this as not so many filler or long winded explanations that were thrown for the sake of spiking up the word count. The MC is not that pushover and knows how to take revenge quietly without waiting for too long. Not snobbish but quite two faced if I can say. He plays his role well but one of the biggest let down is the translation itself.

Im aware that im freeloading some free translation but I can't stop myself from being brain-hurted by the translation since... more>> it's so subpar at best the quality is slightly above MTL but not a quality translation.

But I still appreciate the effort and wish this story could be translated properly. <<less
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joyfan rated it
May 21, 2019
Status: c25
An enjoyable read for people who likes smart protag and it’s quite a light read too so it’s easy to pick up. Takes a bit of time until you get to the good bits though since the first few chapters are just introductory to the situation. When you get to fun part, there are so many foreshadowing for future arcs... but it broke my heart that I might never be able to witness all of those come to fruition!

I still love this series, still praying some angel will sweeps down... more>> to continue the translation again. <<less
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