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In the distant future, Earth is heavily affected by consecutive nuclear wars and humans are barely surviving under a shield protecting their few “Unions.” Inside the Unions, people are classified from S to F based on their abilities/aptitudes and live in residential zones that match their classification.

Our protagonist Jung Min was born as one of the 300,000 artificially inseminated children created to prepare for the future of mankind. However, it turned out that he was aptitude-less (i.e. incompetent) and was thus pushed out to the F Zone, the most dangerous and outermost part of the Union.

Then everything changes on his first day of Adulthood: Jung-min receives an advanced Virtual Reality capsule from his foster father for a game called ‘Beyond.’

Overall, Harun is an incredible tale of a failure’s growth and success both in the gaming world and the real world.

In South Korea, Harun is considered as one of three best game-fantasy novels (the other two being the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor and Ark).

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Titan LLS
Titan LLS rated it
March 6, 2018
Status: v3c1
Haroon (why does the MC act like that?)

I started the thing because I read all of Ark and around 2 volumes of the sequel (should have let that end in the first half) and 47 volumes of LMS I liked both novels they were really fun. now I understand from having read both, that they treat the pets with a rough hand. I can accept it because contrary to the reputations they wrack up, their characters are pretty depraved. it's one of the things that makes them interesting, especially... more>> Weed. That said the MC here, is sold different Haroon comes in as an underdog. who is putting his best foot forward to change, in the start, he is the poster boy of a turn around story.

then he get's his pet... this is where it starts to get distasteful for me.


he gets the pet and he wants it to basically treat him as though he were a God-like savior, even though basically he did what amounts to putting a leash on a puppy and bringing it home and saying "you belong to me now"

I mean... okay when the pet retorts that he did not exactly ask for the leash, to be placed on him he immediately beats it...

now when Weed or Ark did stuff like this it was comedic, first off and secondly, the pets were tied to a master with poor moral characteristics. but here by all rights you have a guy who is trying to sell a personality along the lines of Long Hao Chen. I mean to say I was shocked when he started beating it would be an understatement. it is like seeing Ash beating Pikachu for being rude when they first meet. though they don't have that kind of bond at only vol 2 it is that unexpected for me. lets set that aside then there is the poisoning incident after. this guy went from a sparkling lvl saint to a lvl that even Weed might have to pause at.

it was such an abrupt transition. some kids were making fun of him so what is a morally upstanding youngster to do? first, poison them at the suggestion of his pet ofc. after the initial poisoning which lasted for days on end. he then sell's them a fantastic "medicine" that only he in the world can make. now do not get me wrong Weed is not above selling fake medicine to cure a fake disease while maliciously extorting the victims at an exorbitant rate. I draw issue besides his fast switch in personality with the ingredients he used to make this poison I was so aghast I had to read the sentence twice to make sure I had not fallen into a stupor and read incorrectly... he used dog sh*t and his piss to make it... this is some truly malicious shit. where you can be a hardworking straight-laced, promising individual to evolve into someone selling people sh*t and piss as medicine the change is too surreal. this guy is a f*cking psycho.

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Hibiki rated it
July 31, 2017
Status: --
At first I was just curious since the Synopsis said it's one of the top three VR novel on Korea. But then after reading the chapters I was like "Wow so VR novels could be like this too" Due to the fact that the MC is not reincarnated and having foreknowledge on the game nor the MC is shameless, or a hidden OP character. The MC starts from the scratch and it really shows a lot of potential. If the novel keeps this kind of plot and story development then... more>> I'm pretty sure that it will become one of the must read novels here on NU under the VR category <<less
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BetterPlayer rated it
July 13, 2017
Status: v1c5
This series starts a little slow and the releases are even slower but I cant explain why this is but... I have probably read every VRMMORPG series on here and I am rarely so anxious for the next chapter. Dont be dissuaded by the slow start and I am certain you wont regret it!
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Dayes rated it
December 29, 2017
Status: v2c3
I don't like this because there wasn't a tag that tells me that the protagonist is arrogant, and a perverted sadist, and has silently explosive personality.

... more>>

he gives people he doesn't like and is annoying him be spreading facts ex. He is not an magic user and he demands that his "friends" trust his lie it is only after he by some miracle or plot got an magic spirt that can controls all elements, with an tolerable back lash that he takes "revenge" by poisoning them, by the way just be cause it can be used as medicine doesn't mean it isn't poison all and poison can also be used as medicine, by the way did I tell you he made them eat dog sh*t and his own pee?


so he is an liar, an sadist, and

hates the upper class because he isn't but could be if he actually tried when he had the opportunity

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vkg313 rated it
July 13, 2017
Status: v1c6
The story is everything that you hope for in a VR novel. The world is real, and doesn't feel like a game, like those other novels like the great thief and similar novels. The extra cool thing is that playing the game helps him improve in real life as well.

Each chapter is nice an long too, compared to other novels.

Hoping for more updates soon!
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Okuri Ookami
Okuri Ookami rated it
August 23, 2017
Status: v2c2
Great novel so far. The novel is hard to read at this point but you can tell the TL is doing their best. With a good editor what is passable now could be stellar! Not to mention each release is equivalent to 3+ chapters of a normal novel.

About the story.

The MC is a failure. Simple fact not my opinion, this is a key point in the series. The MC wasn't born with incredible gifts and do to events he's been on his own for a good bit. In this post... more>> apoc world an unskilled and underage worker really has no prospects so you can guess he's down and out on his last leg...

Events happen and his life is changed. There are no reincarnation or know everything events here. No what he gets is equivalent to a double birthday present. A chance to reinvent himself, change his figure, and move up the social tiers.

This is your typical KR MC he's hard working not noticeably underestimated and diligent. The chapters might be a bit short of LMS' length but NPC interaction is top and greatly similar to LMS if not better. The UI isn't as in your face either.

Its a great series and only requires a bit of mental editing. This is your Grammar Nazi's beware! <<less
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ninthlite rated it
August 21, 2017
Status: v2c2
The novel seems to be good so far, the virtual reality components are stellar so far. The game is detailed and has varied mechanics, and so far it seems the MC is not balls to the wall op. The main character actually has a bit of personality which is something to be commended, especially for vrmmo novels.

Although there are some weird mechanics like somehow the MC is carrying his stat upgrades from the video game into real life using "science". Changes he made to his appearance ingame are made to... more>> his body, and he can lift his refrigerator at level ten. We'll see how that works out.

Edit: Ok the MC gets bullsh*t skills that work in the real world, as well as seemingly having impossible mary sue level skills in navigating a world he never interacted with. The vrmmo story degrades into a convenient power wank story as the MC goes around winning battles everywhere.

5/5 -> 3/5 <<less
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Think Positive
Think Positive rated it
March 9, 2018
Status: v3c12
The storyline is well-written, both in the VR and in real life. I follow it with great interest, and every chapter is captivating. The story is nicely streamlined, there's little fluff and filler, and what little there is, is just enough to give some well-meant relief from the story. 5/5

The MC is a good character. He will get really angry when people look down on him, but so far he's forgiven and helped most of them. A poor person who gets a new chance, and takes it wholeheartedly, full of... more>> spirit and determination. His abilities are not overpowered per se, but they are special, and they didn't fall down in his lap. 4/5

The interactions are believable, you can feel their emotions, and understand the reasons for their actions. 5/5

The first 1 and a half volumes are poorly written, until that's fixed it will be a 4/5 <<less
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Mideris rated it
February 1, 2018
Status: v3
Honestly, I'm floored by this novel every time I read it. It's well written, albeit minorly lacking in a few places, incredibly interesting, and fairly comedic. The basis behind it is one I can honestly I've not seen often if at all, and that alone dragged me into this. I thought, when I found it as a "Top Novel" that I'd be reading absolute trash, say an MTL translation of SAO for example, instead what I got was a story that was absolutely ten times what I expected. Unique, Interesting,... more>> and Funny, this novel has a charm of its own. <<less
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Salexe rated it
November 19, 2017
Status: v2c2
I cant really get behind this novel.

First of the world setting seems wasted at this moment. It spends time to set this gridy post apocalyptic world with lots of new things. Then completly ignore that for a virtual reality story in a new world. I mean I am volume in and the time he has spend in his own world is so little it could be compltely ignored, just like most other VR stories. I know it is probably to set up some future plot, but right now he lives... more>> in a sh*thole playing games all day without a care for rent, social life or anything else. Real life so far is pretty bad even compared to other VR novels.

Secondly. The MC has moodswings and sudden character changes. He is a hardworking young man with a shitty backstory meaning he is quite humble. But boom suddenly he is vengeful and scheming. That change happened so fast and came for a very stupid reason, that most of all seemed like a comic relief.

Well what I did like was the potential world settings, honestly both world settings. The VR world is a straightforward and well rounded fantasy world where stuff could happen. And the thing that sets it aside from other VR novels is the real world, which is extremely underused.

In my honest opinion it is worth a read but only if you still need a kick after you have caught up/finished other VR novels. Nothing unique so far and with similar flaws as many others. <<less
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LotusTQ rated it
September 22, 2018
Status: --
Hey Lotus here! Currently into reading up to the latest novel and although it does have a steady build-up I can't help but want to read the next one although some people may complain about the story, they're probably just looking for a different novel. Anywho, highly recommended read!
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
NOVEllUPdATEss rated it
May 22, 2018
Status: --
This is one of the best game fantasy novels I've read!!!! It has a story unlike some light novels, there are not OP characters, the MC is one of those hard working types, and the change between the world BEYOND and the actual world is not weird. It includes multiple parts I liked about other game fantasy novels (LMS, ARK, OG, PtO, Reincarnator, Monster Tamer, etc...) like the hard working MC, real world-like game, MC treat NPC as humans, some abilities from the game world affect MC in real world,... more>> MC has life in the real world, plot that logically makes sense, etc. Also, Brat is the best pet I've seen in any game fantasy novels. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
grenfunkel rated it
April 23, 2018
Status: --
This is good stuff! Reading this reminds me of the early days of LMS. Combining both real and virtual world is interesting though the real world have not been really explored. The novel focuses on the interaction of MC and NPC rather than players which is similar to Arc. Skill in the virtual world was used in the real world and that reminds me of world online. I do hope that the MC would be successful in the real world as well and become OP.
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rhianirory rated it
April 18, 2018
Status: v4c5
His initial starting path is different and the game itself is somewhat interesting but we haven't seen all that much of the world nor do we know much about the background or history. The concept of getting stronger/ carrying over skills into RL is interesting but not well explained. With the powdered nutrients and medicines he has to put in the whole process sounds like he's inside some kind of crockpot or slow cooker. It leads to some very odd mental images on my part.

To be honest if find this... more>> story a little frustrating.

They introduce a loyalty level but it doesn't matter; he treats his subordinates and pet like crap and yet the loyalty level never goes down. Instead it increases by 100s just because he does something sort-of nice. If the loyalty levels meant anything his pet would have left him after bottoming out within the first hour and his subordinates wouldn't trust him no matter how many contracts they were bound by.

He's also misogynistic with his thoughts of cooking and setting up camp being women's work and a few other voiced comments and views on women and their proper place throughout the story.

i like both lms and the first 3/4 of ark better so far, but this story still has a ways to go so I'm willing to keep reading. <<less
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Juslin rated it
November 27, 2019
Status: v5c10
Just reread this novel, shame that it got dropped due to some real-life issues from the translator. The novel is pretty good, both the translation and the plot. Though the author seems to make quite a few mistakes it's something you can just ignore. Most people and I were disgusted by one of his actions early on, but again it's something I can forgive. This novel does a pretty good job of managing both virtual reality and real life, most novels like to introduce real-life but end up not really... more>> doing anything with it, but the protagonist actively interacts with the real world, and his gaining of abilities is at least explained reasonably, unlike in other novels where the MC just randomly acquires abilities just so he can look cool for a moment == and somehow no one else can get stronger through playing games like the MC. Overall, I think it's a decent novel, but it's dropped now so proceed with caution. <<less
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ATorturedReader rated it
June 15, 2018
Status: v2c5
Filler-washed novel and classical Korean hard-working fetish. Vol. 1 is average, it may look good because every damn Asian writes popporn stuff (rich wife, cute sister, childhood girlfriend, boobs, more women, minion woman, slaves, milfs, WOMEN! random dudes, WOMEN AND MOAR BRAINDEAD WOMEN), however the fact is: Vol. 1 IS average and stereotypically predictable. Vol.2 just burned 4 chapters recruiting minions, the same MC already had on his party, because author wanted word count.

If you have bad social skills, often feels the need to bury your failures on that shitty... more>> game of yours and is too young to realise the faults on your own behaviour, man, it's your fate to like this crap. Aye... go see your therapeut. <<less
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