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The Special Investigations Unit is a covert organisation that no-one in the city knows about, dedicated to investigating bizarre occurrences beyond the comprehension of the living.

The Chief Zhao Yunlan isn’t a simple guy either, being the inheritor of the Guardian Order, he has always been a righteous conformist, excelling between realms of the living and the dead.

While investigating a school su*cide case, Zhao is attracted to the calm and reserved Professor Shen Wei, but the Professor seems to be rather fickle towards him…

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Requiem​ of Souls
Zhen Hun
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June 14, 2019
Status: c7
It is really hard for me to get into this novel because the first character the novel introduces and follows is the new recruit... meanwhile he is just a side character? A third wheel??

Me: completely rooting for this little wimpy kid and his new Partner in business, Then suddenly this teacher comes in and steals his love? WTF?

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Who is this guy? Wait??? who is the MC and ML? I have been tricked I tell you! who is this little wimpy kid? Not the MC?? what? why... more>> introduce him first... why lead me on like this.. *cries*.. <<less
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BillionJellyfish rated it
October 23, 2018
Status: Completed
First off, I actually watched the drama before reading the novel in Chinese, so I didn't really know that this was suppose to be bl till I got to the novel. The drama is more about bromance and the crime cases that our MC and ML solves since China kinda censored all the bl scenes that should have been included in the drama, but oh whelp. At least we get to read about all the sweet and fluffy bl scenes in the novel!

The plot is basically summarized above, so I'll... more>> just get into some small spoilers~

1. The MC is Zhao Yunlan, who is surprisingly, the uke! While Professor Shen Wei is the seme so... huehuehue~ There are plenty of sweet and intimate moments between our MC and ML with little to no misunderstandings (no angst), which is always a pro.

2. The MC eventually regains the memories of his past life.

3. The ending is kinda anti-climatic/a cliff-hanger, but the extra side stories definitely help find a closure on the open ending. So no worries my fellow fujoshis, the ending is definitely a HE.

And from here on, the plot thickens~ <<less
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max2payne0 rated it
July 17, 2018
Status: c29
I watched the drama before I found the novel was being translated, and the only thing I can say is I love it. The relationship between the two leads was turned into a bromance in the drama (of course, because it's content in China) but the dynamic between the characters in the novel is so much better. I'm taking both as different stories with points of intersections, and similarities, because they do have a lot of differences, but I definitely love both.

I'd give a more in-depth, detailed review, but I... more>> don't want to spoil anything for those who haven't started on either the drama or the novel, but I definitely recommend it. (It does have some horror elements, though so far it's minor, at least I can put up with it, and I scare easily.) <<less
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zsanyka rated it
August 11, 2018
Status: c45
Beautifully written, intelligent, daring and well researched story with a true happy ending. Ah, and it's funny, too!

Like most, I stumbled accross the novel after watching the web series, but have to say the two does not compare nor in quality nor in storytelling. The series is cute in its goofyness and I love the lead actors to death, but it way off with the censorship and plot changes. It is understandable though being produced in mainland China. If you liked the characters in the series, and want to have... more>> the real deal or just wish to read a great fantasy/supernatural BL, I highly recommend the novel. It quicky became one of my favourite BL novel of all times.

What especially appreaciated about this novel is effort and the level of research the author put into all the little details about Chinese and Buddhist mythology, down to folklore and popular beliefs. I love the supernatural/fantasy genre and it great to read a BL novel where the story and world building not secondary to the romance.

Speaking of romance, the love between the two leads is really touching. Sometimes stuble and heartbreaking, sometimes goofy and hilarious, sometimes downright erotic, but always beautifully portaited and fits their character perfectly. The author is master at crafting compelling, complex backstories that arches through centuries, involving cycles of rebirth, devotion, love, longing, intrigue, sacrifice. I highly recommend her other stories as well.

Huge plus are the characters. Not only the main characters, but also the supporting characters are extremly well written and unique. Two of my favourite characters are Lin Jing, and Da Qing, the black cat. Both are really funny on their own way and add so much to the story.

For the ones who are coming from the series:

  • expect BL not bromance (loads of it)
  • way more religious/mystical stuff based on Taoism/Buddhism (sometimes wandering into horror territory)
  • characters are slightly different: more otherwordly e.g. Hu Zhong is an actual nāgini who changes into a snake oncea month (I don't know what the chinese term for a nāgini, sorry), or just different like Lin Jing who not a scientist, but a fake monk, and let's not forget about Shen Wei... but I think that would be a spoiler :P
  • more flashed out backstory and context (no "we met for 1 day and searched for you for 10000 years" nonsense)
  • happy ending
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Melange rated it
August 3, 2020
Status: Completed
This author has the ability to create intricate plots and their characterizations are quite strong. The novel starts off strong with an air of mystery, and each character has varied yet interesting personalities.

However, this novel is too damn esoteric. It about halfway through the plot, it becomes so convoluted and supremely confusing that when one of the characters voiced that they didn't understand, my only thought was 'me too'. This is not helped in the slightest by the fact that the translator changes during the climax and many terms... more>> are translated differently.

I really had to fight the urge to look up a summary to find out what the hell was going on. At the end of the novel I felt... relieved? Like damn, my struggle is finally over. I didn't even care what the ending was at that point, I just wanted it to be done.


If anyone could tell me why ML's twin even mattered, that would be great. Also, I have no idea what the Ten Kings of Hell were trying to do since they just died like cannon fodder.


When you reach the end of a novel and you still have no clue what happened... well, maybe it wasn't such a good novel. I have literally no idea what half of the schemes were for.


I understand that ML tricked MC because he wasn't supposed to meet him and drain his life force but half of the other plots were like??? ML tricked his twin for ??? and then his twin decided to self-destruct... why -- jealousy maybe ????? Then MC just goes 'it's okay I understand.' UNDERSTAND WHAT? If you understand, please tell me too because I don't understand!


This is an okay read but if you're going to read it, be prepared to wrack your brains. Actually, just skip all the confusing parts and read it as a happy ending. Or maybe watch the drama, because it was probably better at laying things out, I don't know. <<less
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Eulear rated it
May 25, 2021
Status: Completed
(3/5) Like what some reviewers mentioned, the first half of the novel was interesting with a mixture of realism and supernatural. The mysteries behind the first two cases were interesting since they involved real humans and the supernatural monster. Then second of the book was just confusing.

They start throwing realism out the window and it became some big brain battles between the gods. It even escalates to the world getting destroyed. Maybe I don't understand the Chinese mythology that well, so take my spoils with a grain of salt.


I LOVE the MC, Zhao Yulun radiates playful top energy. He is lazy and shameless but backs it up with his charm and confidence. He isn't afraid to chase what he wants and has high EQ and IQ. It was entertaining reading about his exploits and was the reason I kept reading after the confusing second half of the novel.

The ML is a hit or miss for some people. I personally don't find him that interesting, but some people might like the repressed and possessive ML

Like during the beginning, he was being a repressed h**ny teenager for MC and when MC was expressing his love for him, he keeps denying and avoiding his advances. If MC wasn't built like how he is built, I can't see a way that they will get together. He was also super shady with manipulating the MC's memories and trying to hide information from him. He even hurts himself, feeding MC his heart's blood even though the MC doesn't want ML to harm himself. ML is meth in coke that is sealed with a cap that occasionally goes off.


The past relationship between MC and ML felt anti-climatic.

With the ML acting all repressed and denying his feeling I was excepting some thicc angst tragedy between them, but the past was super vanilla. Like I don't understand if it's THAT tragic. The god MC kicks the bucket cause every god will die and passes some of his power and part of his soul to the ML. ML negotiates with some god to bring the MC into the reincarnation cycle and in return, he'll protect the seal. This seems like tame angst, or maybe I don't empathize with the ML. If the seal breaks, ML disappears forever and he wanted the MC to kick the bucket with him too. That's why he planted the fake memories and try to garner some sympathy points by feeding him his heart blood.


The ending felt like some confusing pot of mess. Imagine cooking something and throwing random ingredients in the pot, that's how the story felt like.


Apparently the MC is the mountain god. ML is the ghost slayer and doesn't have a soul, but MC gave him superpowers and made him op. That's why ML feels that "he isn't good enough for MC plot". Gods fight each other and die one after another. Somehow the reincarnation cycle pops up. The ML sacrifices himself at the end and the MC regains his power? IDK like I was super confused and that feels like BE more than a HE. I didn't read the extras so I don't know. The side characters didn't feel that interesting. There was this snake girl that had a crush on MC and even spoke facts that ML has trying guilt trip to make MC die with him. Even now I wonder how the MC fell in love with the ML. If MC wasn't that big-brained, the ML might have succeeded in this plot. The ML left a bad taste in my mouth.


The mystery for the first 2 arcs was interesting, but things get confusing after the gods got involved. It's still a fun read in the beginning but tread with caution when reading the second half of the story.
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PotatoCakes rated it
January 20, 2019
Status: c95
The novel is a Chinese BL version of Dresden files - a nice mix of supernatural, mystery, and adventure. It's well written and the pacing is good. The plot is intricate and suspenseful. You follow along with the MC (who is constantly lied to) as events unfold, so you can follow along in the mystery and come up with fan theories.

The MC and ML are probably some of the best characters I've seen in BL novels. They're truly partners and accept each other's flaws despite the circumstances. I especially enjoy... more>> the MC since his personality is extremely "manly" even though he's the uke.

This sounds good until the plot devolves into metaphysical bullsh*t around part 4 (lantern arc). As more of the story unfolds, you come to realize that the entire novel is just fueled with the smelliest Chinese mythological cow dung imaginable. Not does the story delve way too deep into Chinese creationism, the historical relationship between the MC and ML is not all that it's cracked to be (is there anything cheesier than love at first sight?).

If you're really into Chinese lore, this book might be for you. Otherwise, you better be a fan of the drama or else this novel is going to be a chore (especially considering the translation is not very good). <<less
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IvaAres rated it
August 29, 2020
Status: Completed
The plot was very complicated.

I watched the drama before reading this novel and found it very interesting. So, to find out about all the BL parts I decided to read the novel but its just do complicated. At least the drama was easier to follow than the novel.

So I forced myself to read through to the end but still have no idea what happened lol.
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En-Jay99 rated it
October 7, 2020
Status: Completed
A good story overall and worth reading at least once.

I watched the drama so I was already familiar with some if the themes but this story is very very VERY lore heavy and a lot of themes don't make sense if you're not familiar with mythology.

The main couple is sweet and they fall in love very quickly (which makes sense considering the actual history) but it's a very tangled relationship. Shen Wei isn't human and has lived so long (5000 years at least), that he's not entirely sane but he... more>> loves MC wholeheartedly and cares for other people too. He just really really needs a hug and some actual kindness. Our MC is happy to provide and has a lot of faith in Shen Wei, which in turn makes Shen Wei stronger too. MC also gets a lot of unconditional support and genuine strings-free affection from Shen Wei. So, basically main couple has a good relationship when they actually start to open up to one another.

The plot is confusing and I honestly didn't care a lot? The whole history about gods was convoluted but I did care about the main cast so it all worked out okay to read.

I'm glad the author added those extras because the we can really see the relationship shine and see how Shen Wei gets a famliy along with MC.

Silent Reading was a better but this is also worth a read. Just don't get stuck on the mythology, the author explains it many times and understing the gist of it is enough.

Also, very Very different from the drama in many ways so it'll still feel new if you've seen the drama and are curious about the novel. <<less
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Chichi rated it
April 7, 2020
Status: Completed
This started out strong, but devolved by about the 60th chapter into word vomit. I felt like I had no idea what was going on anymore, nor what anyone's motives were for anything, nor even what the author was going for.

By the 80th, I had lost a complete grasp on the MC's character, along with the setting and plot. Something about gods, a tree and a seal. I dunno man, my brain clocked out and I skimmed to the end to gaze upon the word-salad ending with a feeling I... more>> can only describe as the word 'aight'.

In my opinion... the novel either should have been longer to extrapolate on details better, or had some cut some out entirely. <<less
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aiji rated it
September 6, 2020
Status: Completed
I had the urge to leave a review no matter what on this one to express how disappointed I am after reading the novel. Simply because, you know, this is Priest's work. And compared to her other novels that I have already read so far, this one left me with the most unsatisfied feeling.

And for that, I'm giving this a 3/5 rating. *Sigh*


Even with the short description of the story provided here in NU, the story looked interesting enough for a reader like me who already had a taste of... more>> this author's work. And to expound more, though the plot's 'current' events takes place under a modern setting, fantasy and supernatural elements are present; providing a rich and interesting world-building, unique set of characters, and a touch of mystery.

Talking about the points I loved and, like I mentioned, disappointing parts I've 'felt' bugging me in this story, the plot and plot execution comes to mind first. Why so? Well, from the middle to the latter part of the story, some parts feels confusing, especially with events which I feel plays a crucial part. Confusing that it bothers you you don't get the flow and be on track. Well, to be fair, it could be due to my below average brain capacity's fault, but for me, the MC's 'background' (I have to reiterate this one—this is not your simple 'background') was described in a very complicated way. I'm telling you, relevant characters and events are intricately mashed up together to form a 'chain and loop of events' I failed to visualize the process miserably, bearing the banner "just screw it!" and just boldly skimmed it all through to save my sanity. Really confusing.

And as for the pacing of the overall story, I have no problem with it. But I have a problem with their love and romance's development pace. It's quite fast. But I won't take it against the story since there's a certain 'backstory' for that (which I won't spoil). And for the characterization, the MC annoyed me a little because he comes off as too straightforward, vulgar and too shameless for my taste. And not only him, but also his co-workers, though personalities differ, gives off the same vibe. It's like watching a movie where almost all the characters are spitting F-words whenever they open their mouths. It's really irritating sometimes. Oh, this one's my personal preference problem, so don't mind it.

And yeah, the two transparent stars there in my rating is due to the plot execution mostly. I don't want to point fingers and say it could be the English translation or whatnot but this rating reflects how I truly feel after reading it.


... Oh, I already mentioned that I didn't like the MC that much (heh).

The main protagonist, Zhao Yunlan, like I said above, is your straightforward and shameless type of character. He kind of strongly reminds of Gu Yun of Sha Po Lang, but the difference is the MC of this story is too vulgar-mouthed for me. But he's OP and intelligent so I guess I like that part of him. Oh, gotta mention that he's the shou (lol). His personality was laid out at the very early stage of the story so I stopped 'fantasizing' about him very early. Too bad, he's not my type...

And then we have the ML, Shen Wei—who I treated as part of the side characters here in the story. Yep, I harshly say I don't find his character 'outstanding' enough to create and leave a deep impact on me. You see, I always pay attention to the main couple's characterization, and somehow this ML falls short to my personally 'set' standard and came off a little bland. I mean, sure, certain events and crucial elements of the plot involved him but somehow his presence appeared weak to me. And this, I myself, don't understand, to be honest.

And as for the rest of the characters, I think they're unique enough to get my attention, especially Guo Changcheng whom I thought was the MC (seriously, is he not the main protagonist? I need enlightenment xD), and I thought he's the most normal here. And the rest of the gang, surprisingly, had their own 'screentime'. Yep, there's a snippet for each in the story which adds some color to their respective character.


All in all, had it not for the excruciating complicated backstory linking the past and present of the main protagonist, this would be a definite full 5/5 for me. I would readily overlook the 'flaw but not really a flaw' of the MC (yes, I have a standard for a likable MC xD) for that, but I guess, there's no saving it. Disappointment is disappointment. But, does this mean I wouldn't recommend reading this novel?

Of course not!

Why? Well, the plot is interesting enough. Maybe if you try reading it on your own, you might understand everything better than me. And if you can understand Chinese, very much better. Please read the raws yourself and enjoy it. It's really quite unfortunate that I didn't fully enjoy it myself.

But oh well... <<less
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Indelible Faith
Indelible Faith rated it
May 7, 2020
Status: Completed
A God who defied his destined path, a Ghost who desired to be more than what he was...

The beauty of this story is how it weaves together mythology with fiction with the modern world as a backdrop.

Zhao Yunlan is the Chief of the Guardian Order - a taskforce designed purely to manage the supernatural crimes on the mortal plane. His clients range from ghosts to demons to Hell's habitants, and his comrades include a startlingly competent dynamic of a talking cat, a monk, a snake demon and a zombie.

The addition... more>> of a well-mannered, polite and gentlemanly Chinese Linguistics Teacher to this bunch seems absurd at first, but of course, all is not as it seems. With Shen Wei's entrance into Zhao Yunlan's life, strange occurrences related to Zhao's past lives begin to unearth. Old Gods and new, Hell's rulers and Ghost Kings, the Four Mystical Artifacts... with everyone emerging out of the woodwork, this year is the most chaotic Zhao has had to endure. And also the most fulfilling.

Beautifully written arcs with a mystery tied into each instance, I loved Detective Zhao's quick witted and practical approach to them. He is not the perfect boss, or the most compassionate comrade, but he certainly has his team's back. Even when they don't expect it of him.

Charming and laid-back, this character is hilarious and uninhibited, and for once I have so completely enjoyed reading from the detective's point of view!

While all the chinese mythology references do seem to be slightly too convoluted - but which mythology isn't? - it is definitely a fascinating read! All characters have their purpose, are intelligently written and having satisfying closing arcs.
Priest totally deserves all the praise heaped upon them! <<less
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shairiru rated it
October 6, 2018
Status: Completed

Just coming back to update that I've finished it long ago (forgot to edit this review hhhhh)

I love Zhen Hun!


I read Guardian after I watched the drama. The novel continues to go beyond my expectations. The worldbuilding is fantastic. Each character is well-developed. The scenes develop naturally and the humor is not forced. Even the way of writing is amazing, it must be even more beautiful in its original language.
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AnnaChoi rated it
July 31, 2018
Status: c10
When I read on MDL site about Guardian was based from novel I search it and found~~

Despite being different when they put it on silver screen, it's well written both of them (ignore the loopholes everywhere in drama). Mixed the fantasy, action and Yaoi sure grab my attention most of Yaoi story have a garbage plot but this still grab your attention for next chapter. Thank you for the translator team.

90'degree bow
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
forgetmenot_ rated it
May 11, 2022
Status: Completed
One thing that I absolutely adore about priest is the effort she put into researching. I am someone who likes the xuanhuan genre and it was so interesting finding out references from famous mythologies (mostly chinese mythology in this one) while I was reading it! I was sooo intrigued to find out more about what happened in the past and also the conflicts. A plus point came from the side characters. They were so likeable and just like in Liu Yao, priest's side characters had their own distinct personality, quirks,... more>> and different background stories and motives.

Love how priest wrote the romance between the MC and ml. Sometimes all cute and fluff here and there, but they also had their own angsty moments (i didn't cry tho. It just made me feel sad while reading some parts of it). Either way they were pretty likeable for me but from other reviews I saw online and from my friends, a lot of them felt kinda annoyed with it which I more or less understand why.

Overall, it's a good read for me personally. <<less
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Ouryane00 rated it
April 16, 2021
Status: c91

    • The story is really good, plot-wise it's quite unique at its own way and definitely worth giving a try.
    • There are really some unexpected stuff coming out that really had me surprised!
    • Very different from the usual troupe MC and ML - I didn't expect the MC to be the ML and the ML to be the ML! I had to reread the description lol
    • MC and ML's relationship too is just so touching!

    • Basically, the story revolves around MC's past and how the wheels are turning behind the scene into a big event.
    • The story started out real strong (Note that the 1st person to appear isn't the MC) and there are really a lot of secret behind MC's past just that, I felt that it was so suspense reading all the hints and everything but then when everything was revealed, it was somehow anticlimactic.
    • There was too much going on that I had a hard time grasping everything as everything's happening too fast I couldn't make out the characters feelings anymore especially when

      the MC and ML's past is revealed.


    • It's a good read just be prepared to be confused at times. Maybe it was confusing for me cause there were a lot of mythological aspects to this novel and since the events are fast-paced, it was a bit lot to take in.
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earlgreyt rated it
July 7, 2020
Status: Completed
Another really good one by Priest.


  • Detective/case-fic style with a lot of very interesting supernatural lore and cultural lore
  • Great team/office banter with memorable side-characters
  • OP MC and ML (flirty!extravert!police-chief!MC x shy!professor!secretive!ML)
  • Very smart MC (you won't get a lot of moments where the reader knows all and the MC is kept in the dark, rather he catches on quick!)
  • Unexpected moments that break cliches commonly found in other novels
    • Eg. the love rival who isn't villainized and irredeemable
    • Eg. the first characters introduced are not the MC / ML
  • An epic urban-fantasy where the decisions made by the main team will save the world
    • Includes tomb-diving, secret-identities, reincarnation cycles, gods, demons, and more
  • Really great translation, flowed well and felt localized (up til ch82 where it changes)
For those of you who wanted the newbie to have... more>> a pairing...


there pretty much will be one! Don't worry \o/


Unfortunately, it's pretty sad that the original translator never finished the novel. While the efforts made by the other translators to finish were appreciated, there was a huge lack of consistency in translated terms (even basics such as "Guardian" and the special investigations unit), and a hella lot more footnotes that repeatedly broke up the flow of the story.

Near the end, I was hugely tempted to just finish reading it in the raws, in Chinese, in order to actually enjoy the story instead of reading an encyclopedia or archaeology paper. <<less
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izayaYY rated it
June 16, 2020
Status: Completed
I have long waited for the translation of this novel, after watching the drama series (which I loved, despite some crappy scenes and CGI). Now I know why it took so long and so many different translator groups to finish off this novel. There is just too much complicated and convoluted chinese mythology descriptions and explanations that contributes nothing to the main plot, or the romance. I would have preferred that the author emphasise more on the uneventful daily interactions between the 2 protags, and more mystery-solving episodes by the... more>> SIU team, and even a side romance between little Guo and zombie king Chu. I loved Guo's character so much, maybe even more than the 2 protags.

Being a fan of chinese myths and supernatural, I did enjoy reading this novel, but it is certain to be long-winded and boring for some readers. <<less
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Youkonos rated it
April 11, 2020
Status: Completed
The first 2-3/4 of the novel are great, but the last arc suffers from a bad case of poor exposition dump. It throws far too much information at you far too quickly for it to have any impact.

I suspect it may be stomach-able by someone already familiar with chinese mythology, but if you know close to nothing, even when you're more or less comprehending the course of events, it more often than not rings hollow. This is also true for characters and motivations beyond the MC, ML, and a few... more>> members of the SIU. Everything gets increasingly muddled between the buddhism references and attempts at being mysterious to the point it all starts to read like gibberish or a list of events that are happening instead of the interconnected, epic character drama and dive into mysticism it tries to be. It's rather disappointing considering the careful structure of the first two and a half arcs.

That said, the novel is still pretty good for what it is. If you're willing to devote the brain power to trucking through the long expositions dumps, it's worth looking at. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kerikiki rated it
March 17, 2020
Status: Completed
I have mixed feelings about this novel. It started off so strong, I cant reiterate enough how bloody great the first half of this novel is. But halfway through the story the tone shifts into something completely different to what had originally hooked me at the start. The way Zhao Yunlan's true past is relayed to the reader is too word heavy, unnecessarily complicated and laborious to read.
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