Ghost Wife


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Li Wei moved house, and met the youth living in unit 404.

He was deeply attracted, secretly following him, yet was admonished by an evil spirit. As it turns out he had had thoughts that he should not have, lusting after the evil spirit’s wife.

That youth, was the evil spirit’s wife.

Li Wei is neither gong nor shou, merely a passer-by.

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07/07/19 BlackBoxTL oneshot
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Catastrophe3905 rated it
August 8, 2019
Status: Completed
This was very short. I like horror bl and looking at it from a third point of view is new. But this was way too quick and not too believable. The translation is pretty good but the story not so much. The concept of the story is catchy for horror and bl lovers but it's a pity that the story does not deliver it properly.

how in the hell does the friend know about their relationship?too absurd

edit: here's the thing, you probably have to read ghost marriage to know about the friend.
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