For You In The Cage


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Canaren, a beautiful woman with golden wings caught by a tyrant.

A man appeared in front of her while she was trapped in a cage and being harassed by a tyrant.

“Don’t doubt me, use me. Because I’m on your side.”

Purple eyes that seemed to capture the night sky and a deep yet calming voice to listen to.

The elegant man who looked very handsome, with cool eyes and yet blunt expressions, is the tyrant’s twin brother. He is the Duke of Rubius.

The duke had saved her several times from the emperor’s dirty desires.

Tamed by the faint tenderness he showed, Canaren thought of him as a savior. But at some point, he began to show his true colors that he had been hiding.

“Don’t think about running away from me.”

He had made an incomprehensible proposal.

* * *

“You have someone you love..…!”

“She is dead. I killed her. And you look like her.”

The corners of Yulif’s mouth twisted. She felt her feet collapse in the despair lurking beneath that dragged her down.

“I don’t need your heart. Just live as my wife for three months.”

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새장 속 그대를 위하여
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Bluebells in Bloom
Bluebells in Bloom rated it
April 3, 2022
Status: Completed
*Review was updated after briefly reading everything except for the new special side stories that were just released in August 2022*

An early review from me, the proofreader of this novel - because with each passing chapter, I feel more and more irritated with the summary. Yulif (the ML, the duke) isn't obsessive/cruel like how the summary portrayed him to be??!! Those were seriously cherry-picked badly-picked lines...

The prologue pretty much reveals how he turned time back to save her ^^ and with every chapter, we gain more insight into... more>> the extent he will go to make sure she survives and attains real freedom (he goes a 'one step forward two steps backwards' at times though). I'm a little sad that the perspective wasn't majorly the ML's like in my first impression (now it's pretty even between the ML and FL), but it's definitely for the better.


"Not communicating and hence misunderstandings" is the name of the game but how does one even begin to explain the previous timeline to someone who has no inkling of that time?

Yulif, the ML, is cold and aloof - not because he's being an ass but because he's focused on his goal. Could've definitely packaged his words a little better though... He knows he is going to die early, and that's why he doesn't want to reveal everything to Canaren or to get really close to her as he knows she will be heartbroken and guilty.

Canaren, the FL, may seem ignorant and unappreciative at times - but how trusting can she be towards the imperial people after they captured her and use her for their entertainment? Totally understandable that it'll only take 1 incident to destroy any trust built.


I'll be marking the wet dream/snu chapters so that people who don't want to read those can avoid it. <<less
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xelixette rated it
August 3, 2023
Status: Completed
It's hard to trust the reviews for this because this particular genre (serious angst and psychological) is very "YMMV". Before my review, there are 3 other reviews, and in all 3, there are points I agree and disagree with. All I can say is read it for yourself, just know what you are getting into.

What I like:

    • The writing: the descriptions drive a knife through my heart (when describing fear, loneliness, betrayal, especially in the chapter "the duchess and strangers") and set it aflame (whenever the detestable emperor appears).
    • The ML and FL's relationship after all the misunderstandings are over. They are so cute together, and they love each other too much. The snu is nice, very satisfying.
    • The relief side characters: Roana, Derek and prince. They are all cute, each with distinct personalities. Gets more than 1 liners, actually adds to the plot.
    • The other woman, though not by choice: Rena. I hate how she is just a tool in both the as*hole emperor and ML's plans, but good on the author to make her more than a cannon-fodder villainess and give her a happy ending. Rena has a conscience, spunk and determination.
    • The sh*t emperor's ending. Very satisfying.
    • Many happy side stories to soothe my heart.
What I don't like:

    • Who made the as*hole and less capable brother the emperor? The previous empress? Yeah, she has her reasons that is somewhat described. I don't buy it though.
    • The FL is so frustrating. The guy is breaking his back to save you. Just stop complaining and don't run around. Yes, I know you want to see your family, but staying alive comes first.
Overall, it delivers what an angst and psychological novel should deliver.
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Lemur rated it
September 9, 2022
Status: c49
In spite of what I first thought, the summary is not misleading. ML comes across as a perfectly well adjusted and likable character for the first 3 volumes, but in the 4th volume ML's true intentions are revealed. He is obsessed with FL, to the extent that he completely disregards her feelings and keeps her trapped with him even though he knows she wants to go home to her family. She's miserable, but he doesn't care as long as she's by his side. He's not cruel to her, which makes... more>> him better than the emperor only by comparison. But just like the emperor, he treats FL like a toy that can just be owned and moved around however he pleases.

And the s*upidest and most frustrating part is that he didn't even need to do any of this. ML already knew that FL fell in love with him before he turned back time to save her, so why the hell didn't he just approach her and flirt with her like a normal human being the second time?? There was literally zero need to keep her trapped by his side. If he was just honest and told her he loved her, she would want to stay by his side anyways.

I've dropped the novel because I'm fed up with selfish A-hole MLs like him. I want FL to escape from both the emperor and ML, but I can already tell that the novel will probably end with FL forgiving ML for no reason whatsoever and falling in love with her own captor. <<less
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znukhsoc rated it
July 7, 2023
Status: c21
Here are the reasons for the 1 star:
-The story is the perfect fit for this genre, all the cliches you search for are in it. But the writing style of the author makes it extremely dry and emotionless.
-The characters' common sense is a bit shady. Like ML accepts his brother's invites even though his intention is always evil. Well, he is evil in an extremely boring way too.
-ML sure is overpowered but the author keeps nerfing him with lazy reasons.
-FL has the most monotonous personality in... more>> this novel. She is always this lovely but pitiful little bird. I didn't like that aspect. She is also a big BIG idiot. She jumps into the opera invite from a person who tortured her for 2 (?) months?? Like where is the common sense in that?
-No breaks from the sob story. I thought the little crown prince will be the relief character but I was mistaken.

There are bullsh-t I can accept in these kinds of stories and this one couldn't pass that point.

Note to the Bluebells group : Sorry about the low score, you know I love you ♥

Dropped after chapter 21. <<less
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