Ice God and The Lady


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“Isn’t, isn’t that bastard crazy?”

Cahill was standing in front of the men with his excited manhood dangling.

Holly’s face flushed because it was obvious why he was mad all the way to the top of his head at the assassins.

“That Ice God.”

Holly meets the Ice God Cahill while trying to avoid debtors.

Cahill, who has just opened his eyes up to s*x, stretches out a hand of seduction to the vigilant Holly…….

Accompanying the man who was suspicious from head to toe.

Is it really okay as it is?

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빙신과 아가씨
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astropia rated it
May 26, 2023
Status: c61
I'd say the introduction/description is an accurate representation of the story. If you find the idea of an overpowered dude running out naked to chase away bad guys so he can finish getting laid amusing/exciting (?), this is the story for you.

This is the plot- a whole lot of s*x, and Cahill (ML) trying to get him and Holly (FL) away from dangerous people/situations so they can have more s*x. He'll do it anywhere, anytime. He would probably do it like right in front of people if Holly let him.... more>> A completely innocuous remark from Holly gets him hard, and he'll tell her, and it's like 50/50 whether she'll brush him off or do it right there. And he'll keep going all night if she lets him. It's really gross when you think about it, like they're out adventuring and can't easily wash themselves. They must smell absolutely rancid most of the time. But luckily this webnovel doesn't have smell-o-vision so we don't have to experience that.

So far Holly is inoffensively bland. They emphasize how she's good at talking to people because of her job at the inn, but she doesn't seem exceptionally smooth or charming to me. And she's pretty, apparently. The only noteworthy aspect is that she's described as having darker skin, which is extremely unusual for an FL. But then they whitewashed her on the cover anyway so :/ Cahill is fine. He's attractive and mysterious and faithful to Holly. But he doesn't have much character development either.

So clearly the smut is the main attraction. This is very subjective but to me it's as hot as it is unrealistic (that is, very) hence the high rating. I gave it 5 stars because it succeeds at what it sets out to do, not that it's exceptional literature. It's tr*sh even by romance webnovel standards. But it's good tr*sh. Like junk food.

The funniest thing is that the smut is actually on the decline. You'd think they'd go at it more as they get to know each other, but there was actually a stretch of like 7 recent chapters with no smut whatsoever. Unfortunately the plot isn't very interesting, so this isn't a great idea. Not sure if it'll continue like that or not.

There are no glaring issues with the translation, but some word choice is awkward. It reads to me like a lightly fixed-up MTL. It doesn't get in the way of the story. It would benefit from an editor, but the is translation still solid and I appreciate them for doing it. They update regularly, once a week or two weeks.

I hesitated even reviewing this one because it's a guilty pleasure lol. I'm not exactly proud of liking it. But there aren't any reviews so I swallowed my shame for anyone on the fence about reading it. <<less
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