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Ye Jiayao finds herself back in time in the body of Ye Jinxuan. After many twists, she thought that she would finally be able to lead a simple life and achieve her dream of opening the best restaurant in Huai Song. However, there are villains constantly trying to bring her down.

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Manh The Thuc Than
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iiWonderWomanii rated it
June 2, 2018
Status: c32
The novel is more of geared towards a josei rather than shoujo, unlike what the novel cover might look like- I personally think it's deceiving. I came into this novel having the misconception that this was going to be more happy-go-lucky with a female lead great at cooking, like a typical airheaded Japanese protagonist. I was pretty wrong, a lot of the novel so far has to do with cooking but cooking is not the focus, but cooking does get more involved with the novel as it goes on. Usually... more>> though, the focus of the novel is the romance and the characters- and this is what I like about the novel. A lot of things are explained in this novel and the author doesn't straight tell us that the leads are falling in love, but shows it. Although they do bicker and the male lead's thoughts are tsundere and condescending sometimes he shows that he cares by the little actions that he does. And the female lead isn't dense, occasionally she acts out- which I think is understandable as she's from the 21st century where women can be much more unrestrained and have a lot more freedom- but she can tell in his actions that he's just a big tsundere and he does care. What surprises me is that she also knows how to play her cards well- when to advance and when to retreat. I wouldn't say she's cunning, but she is pretty sensible and does think things through.

I've been disappointed by Qidian's novels so far- Hidden Marriage, The Bad New Wife is A little sweet, etc. Because it's so god damn unrealistic and what really irks me- is the romance. I don't understand how it developed. The male lead unconditionally fell for the female lead- reading the beginning left me so unsatisfied. And we all know about the realism in Hidden Marriage or The Bad New Wife, it's just not there (or maybe you don't know because you've never read it- but take my word for it.. The development makes the lead way too OP the villains too 2-D, etc.)

I've also been disappointed with cooking novels, Here Comes The Lady Chef was too formulated like your typical Chinese novel plot- people underestimate the MC, tries to humiliate her, gets face slapped. It feels so recycled.

This novel just felt so fresh to me, plus it was a compelling read. I just love the way that the writer writes her story, transmigration is an overused trope and godly cook novels aren't uncommon, but the author does it in a way that makes you want to read more. They mix the plot, things progress in different ways and I understand the development.

Of course it's not a perfect novel. There are bad parts. One thing is that the author makes r*pe so very casual. I guess for the time- the dude and girl were on their wedding night, it was considered normal. But it still rubbed me the wrong way. I want to give this a 4 star originally but the novel has so many one stars I just feel like boosting it up. To me the novel does not deserve three stars, the development is pretty good. And why is this rated lower than Perfect Secret Love? The r*pe is even more casual there- the female lead is too unrealistic and the development is honestly so tr*shy. Is it because this started as a Qidian novel and PSL didn't? Idk

but anyways, do give this a chance <<less
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June 1, 2018
Status: c1
whats up with these tags..... cooking and r*pe dont go together WTH!!!!!!

i haven't started the novel yet but I am perplexed as to who decided that a dark twist on a fluffy romantic cooking novel was a good idea.

im already feeling hesitant
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LazyDays rated it
June 19, 2018
Status: c5
I really don't like how casual the raping is here. Like, it's barely a side note?

Sure the MC is optimistic but it comes off kinda disjointed? She tries, fails, gets raped, and she's all "Curses, foiled again. I'll definitely win next time!" all lightheartedly.

It feels really off to me. Asides from that the plot is pretty decent, which makes those moments feel even more off.

If you're writing a lighthearted comedy, don't try to brush off heavy subjects like r*pe dammit!
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loriperfect rated it
June 2, 2018
Status: c10

1- I like cooking novels like any other but until now this book IS NOT about cooking

2- the MC is female so as a female I see myself frustrated with how the story is going. There is not background that explains how she transmigrated. She smack the ML in the face with a booth, she is trying to conquer him with food, she is letting him treat her like $... , and last her plans are s*upid. By the way all this just in the first 10 chapter and in the first day of transmigration

3- I stop on chapter 10 when she is pretending to "call the soul" cause I couldn't take it no more, this is not about cooking, this is about a s*upid girl with bad luck.

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jellybeanhater rated it
November 3, 2018
Status: c301
Putting aside the controversial introductory r*pe scene at the beginning, the plot itself is not written too terribly when compared to its peers in the transmigration genre, no ruthless assassin or cold blooded doctor Mary Sue type MC, just a girl who is well versed in cooking which when translated to Ancient China, surprise surprise, everyone is astonished with modern world cuisine. The supporting characters and the 'villains' are not one dimensional cardboard cutouts, and have a little more complexity to their personalities and their relationships with the MC than... more>> the norm.

Whoopdeedoo, once the ML comes onto the scene, he starts wanting to control everything, forcefully doing things against her will. The ML is definitely the biggest downfall for this novel and for a slice of life type romance novel, the drama between him and the MC gets pretty serious, highlighting the fundamental issues within their relationship that just gets swept under the rug.


The ML, after returning from a trip comes to a misunderstanding about the ancestral heirloom that the MC picks up on accident, after rejecting the confession of the 2nd ML, and later makes the MC serve him and this female performer that she already had insecurities about. Later on, the MC is framed by the princess to make her look like she was cheating on the ML with some business associate of hers. Without trusting or even listening to her, he pushes her aside and gets excessively drunk, later on becoming intimate and getting caught in bed with the MC's bit*h half sister.


The pattern always follows with the ML not believing the MC out of sheer jealousy and possessiveness and making his own preconceptions about something before doing something awful and then being forgiven later on. There is no trust whatsoever and I kinda was wishing for the MC to just dump his ass, become an independent business tycoon and make him regret it forever. <<less
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Felix3D rated it
June 16, 2018
Status: c410
Earnest female protagonist finds love in her rapist, who all along was her one true love as her family and fiance are all villains (not a spoiler), and proceeds to correct ancient china's faults. (-_-)

Ok ok, it's one of those classic chinese josei novels that basically is the same "destined dude falls in love with smart-talking female protagonist that is super-uber-competent and can do no wrong", with a minimal amount of "court intrigue" thrown in for nothing more than an attempt at making the reader distracted in hopes of... more>> making the reader not go "hm... there isn't much plot to the story at all" but instead only makes me say "These plots and setups are really, really repetitive".

Passable development and character depth, nonetheless, and actually some really fun scenes and concepts other authors haven't played with yet, as well as bonus props for having a Female-Protag-That-Needs-No-Man while still making her seem vulnerable at some times outside of normal "Woe is my romance! My heart is too big! I'm too kind! My only weakness is that others hate me for my perfection!" rigamarole that you should expect if you ever read this style of story before (Descent of Phoenix, The Feast, ect)

Would have rated this a 3 star, but the novel, and the protagonist, insists on focusing on the food, food culture, and other aspects of cooking, while still trying to respect modern cooking and traditional cooking. Basically, it gets a bonus star for actually having decent cooking descriptions and (somewhat) accurate view on the food industry unlike other novels that seem only to know of cooking from cooking minigames. <<less
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ElianaDiana rated it
June 10, 2018
Status: c60
Don't be fooled by the cover! And the title too!

It has mature content for god sake. I do hope they change the cover.

I Iike how the MC is a headstrong girl but always argue with ML due to her personality. But somehow they make up afterwards, and the scene is endearing to me

... more>>

It's about a girl transmigrated into an ancient Chinese period however somehow married to a bandit. The title due to her one of her merit is cooking in order to capture the stomach of her husband and survive in ancient China by cooking in various places.


And I've seen the drama too!

Definitely bookmarked! Author, please don't stop writing! 😍😍😍 <<less
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GroundForce rated it
July 12, 2018
Status: c60
This novel is pretty bad.

... more>>
  1. She transmigrates and gets raped, cooks for herself and her rapist, he steals her portions and then rapes her again cause she talked back to him.

The story afterwards is a mix of meh cooking descriptions and bad historical anachronisms that have nothing to do with actual Chinese history. The tone switches between campy porno to foodie adventure to gritty r*pe drama, often within the span of a single chapter. Zero flow and consistency.

The ML is a misogynistic criminal that hates to show his sensitive side. He only realises he liked her after she "dies" by falling off a cliff. Lmao, after you treat her like s#it, raped her, she cooks for you and you s#it on her cooking as well, now you like her? Of course, you would be sad, you just lost a competent s*ave after all, cause that's all he thought of her.

Well after that arc, the FL separates from the rest of the cast and goes on to travel on her own, using her cooking skills as a way to get by. We see nothing of the ML until way later in the story, and tbh, this part of the novel is much more enjoyable than the first one.


All in all, not recommended. If you want to read a cooking novel, better read Gourmet of Another World. <<less
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Boinkers rated it
June 9, 2018
Status: c34
So far I really like how the story is going. Tried reading the negative comments, but I still went on to read this and funy enough I quite liked it. So far, so good giving it a 5 star rating. Just try a read guys, and you be the judge to say if you like it or not. Thank you translator for the updates.^_^ its been a fun read for me.
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RoseAmethyst remembrance
RoseAmethyst remembrance rated it
June 30, 2020
Status: c155
The controversial scene in chapter 2: This ‘r*pe’ scene that everyone was complaining about was actually a consummation of their marriage. In ancient China, it was relatively commonplace for a couple to have s*x on the very same day they meet each other. As a woman from the modern era, the MC would not be used to this custom. However. While the MC was indeed disoriented by her sudden situation, she did not seem completely against doing it with him. The biggest proof that this is not r*pe is that the victim would not think of dating the person during the supposed ‘r*pe’ scene


The MC admitted that she was attracted to the ML at first sight and expressed that she would have preferred to date him first. The way she seemed to view the situation is that they are starting their relationship with s*x. If you think of it this way, it makes sense why she would casually cook a meal for them right afterwards. The act of cooking a meal for him was a statement declaring that she acknowledges that they are in a relationship.

  • In the MC’s perspective, the “Let’s get to know each other first before we do it” situation turned into a “Let’s do it first and then get to know each other later” situation.
  • In the ML’s perspective, he was simply following customs for marriage and expects the bride to have been mentally prepared for this. Also, take note that the he was an undercover agent disguised as a bandit and was suspicious that she was a spy sent to seduce him.


  1. MC: The MC is one of the most likable female MCs that I’ve come across. I love how she was able to oppose the norms of the patriarchal customs of ancient China to build a really successful career. I love that she was willing to stand against the ML when he tried to make her give up her career. She loved the ML, but she wasn’t so blind as to cave to his whims.
  2. ML: I’ve come to dislike the ML the more I read on. I hate how he abused his power to suppress the MC’s career and cause all sorts of problems for her. In a society that is dominated by wealthy man, I expected that the ML would be her main support, but I’m disappointed that he is just as bad as the other villains
  3. 2nd ML: The second male lead syndrome is real here. Unlike the ML, the second ML was fully supportive for the MC’s career and tried his best to help her defend against the ML’s oppression. His shortcoming is that he’s too childish and not quite at her level.
The MC’s fight against opposition is another highlight of the novel and one that makes me respect the MC: As a rising chef, the MC has a lot of competitors that will use shady methods to suppress her and there are many more that will try to steal her recipes. There’s a whole bunch of shady characters and quite a few of them are in position of power. It makes it quite difficult for the MC to protect her recipes from people who she can’t oppose.

DONGHUA: I came across the donghua (Chinese animation) and loved it. The animation quality is shaky, but they don’t skimp out on the food 🥘. All the food is so mouthwatering. Totally recommend watching it.
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expensivepeanuts rated it
August 18, 2019
Status: --
This novel basically shows being raped is ok as long as the attacker is handsome.

The food and cooking aspect is good but ultimately this is a romance novel so at the very least I wish there was an effort to make the ML bearable. I can't buy the main couple when the ML is a walking and breathing garbage and the MC is so annoyingly cheerful despite it. The ML face slapping the MC and then him repenting for it after goes on in a ridiculous and exhausting cycle.

... more>>

there's a part where the MC adopts a pair of rabbit and she insist treating them like her kids and calling the ML the father rabbit and talking to them like children it was just so cringe. As someone who had pet rabbits it's just... why. Rabbits are NOT stuffed toys so I get miffed when authors write them like such.


This is one of the better translated novels out there but this is was really just disappointing. 1 star for the author having the decency to show how disgusting the ML is at the very beginning so you won't have to waste your time and energy getting invested on this. <<less
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darkcrystal rated it
September 24, 2018
Status: c16
This novel is not that bad to be honest at this point rather it is funny and I really like the bickering between ML and MC, may be it is tagged as r*pe and cooking but only the first night is forceful (like many novels) and their is lot of cooking and variety of dishes mention from different era's and the female lead is unique and funny in short she knows very well how to tame her ML vice n versa handsome angry ML also
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Usagichan rated it
August 2, 2018
Status: c62
I love this novel!!

I read it despite of the negative remarks and reviews about it and found out that for me it’s groundless.

Unlike a typical time-travelled female protagonist, even though Yaoyao is strong and not easily beaten down, her mind and her life doesn’t evolve revenge those people who wronged her in the past.

... more>> She is very positive, very quick witted and always managed to find a silver line in a dark circumstances. An admirable MC and makes this novel very enjoyable to read.

ML is an annoying guy. But at the moment, at a repentant mode. We’ll wait on how he can make up to the wrong he did to MC <<less
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pimni rated it
March 30, 2020
Status: c435
The translation was dropped, read it in MTL and frankly, quite liked it. True there is a r*pe in the start, but it was unavoidable

... more>>

the ML was undercover as a bandit and they purposely gave her the girl to test him. So if he hadn't done the did, it could have ended his carefully planned trap.


The ML and MC have a great story, and I loved each step of their romance. The MTL is not that hard to read so give it a try. This book is really really good. All the characters are well-drawn especially the side characters. My favorite is the gay couple and of course the second male lead, who unlike other stories do end up with a love story of his own. The end chapters telling about the children is especially fun to read. <<less
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