Feng Yin Tian Xia


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For the wine to be drunk on her wedding night to actually have been a cup of poison and for the one to poison her to be her husband, who would believe it?

But such a thing had happened! And that was just the beginning of her bad luck.

On her wedding night, she goes from a new bride to an abandoned wife, and in the blink of an eye, she become a princess married off into the wilderness of the frigid North.

Though she is still a bride, but whereas previously she was envied by everyone, now she only receives pity.

To preserve the life of another beautiful woman, she is exploited and becomes a dispensable pawn.

But she is not a weak person to be at anyone’s mercy. She will control her own fate!

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World of Hidden Phoenixes
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Fathom rated it
December 31, 2016
Status: c196

If you're looking for a fluffy romance, this should certainly not be on your radar of must reads. From beginning to end, it's nothing but an angry read. In fact, I really didn't feel much romance until practically the end of the story.

The lead MC is betrayed, poisoned, divorced, tortured, sent to be an army prostitute, given aphrosiasiciacs, raped, has a miscarriage, shot at, imprisoned, has her martial arts sealed many times, and etc.
Although she is only been with one man throughout the story, every type of generic plot device revolving around misunderstanding is used.

It wasn't until towards the end that I stopped rooting for all the male leads to die. This is only when most of the misunderstandings have been resolved and the MC has been, has been through some depressing plot devices.

I can't quite say I liked the MC that much. Supposedly she's been trained to be good in the arts, martial arts, and military strategies. However, I felt that in military matters she may have been good at planning but her personal life was a mess which could have been avoided with her skills. For living in the army for most of her life, she also should have been smarter instead of being so easily manipulated in politics. For all her, harsh experiences, I also felt like she was too gentle and easily forgave others.

Overall, it's a happy ending with a monogamous relationship after countless chapters of angst until the end. The romance itself is also puzzling. There are the typical male obsessed leads but the MC herself doesn't feel love until much later making the reader feel extremely confused who she will end up with.

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Dream Seeker rated it
January 3, 2017
Status: c14
A woman's reputation is her life. Not protecting her life, one day she loses everything as she is divorced, murdered than sent as a prostitute to live out the rest of her days. The question is how does she get her life back or... will she ever get it back?
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rdawv rated it
March 28, 2016
Status: --
Impressions as of Ch 12.

Well that was unexpected. The description above is a nice summary, but basically you’re going to read about an independent-minded and capable young lady with a poor reputation (because she uses a stand-in while going about her own hobbies) who was to be married to the man of the hour... only to be packed off to a hostile country as part of an elaborate scheme perpetrated by her husband-to-be and sanctioned by the Emperor.

Those expecting a typical palace drama right off the bat should... more>> reconsider, as the story immediately opens with a conspiracy involving different countries and the MC finds herself being played around like a chess piece.

Only, she is not content to be one. It is early days yet but it seems she will make those who underestimated her and used her would pay for what they have done, even if it includes the royalties from both countries.

The prose and story-writing felt more like a narration, but the premise is enough to keep me interested,

Interesting hook, will continue to read. <<less
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Cryotic rated it
March 20, 2016
Status: --
This novel has a great potential... Story is refreshing because the MC is not someone who was reincarnated, crossed dimension or time travelled, also she is not plain and weak as others have thought... Tragedy after tragedy befalls into her at the beginning, can’t wait until she gets her revenge to those who tricked her.. I hope translators continue to TL this novel...
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
FlowingSong rated it
January 6, 2018
Status: c69 part3
FS has mixed feelings about this novel ne.

True, it's a lot better than some other novels though.

... more>>

However, with how the female lead is suffering left and right seemingly without end, FS doesn't know whether to continue reading or not ne. Every male lead is really getting on FS's nerves ne!!! Selfish bastards!

SPECIALLY THAT Ji Feng Li! He should just die somewhere! Poor Jin Se who died because of him and Wen Wan!

And that Wen Wan b*tch is irritating as well, from the looks of it no one can be better than her otherwise they will suffer as the Male leads are actually smitten by her! Just a frown from her, regardless of whether Wan b*tch was the wrong party, one male lead will do everything to please her. Even the female lead was supposed to die for her sake!

This novel is just so full of angst FS can't stand it but FS seems to be a masochist and is still reading this, hoping that the female lead will get the justice she deserves!

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ForeverDayDreaming rated it
June 1, 2017
Status: c39
So far I am loving this story! I actually put it off for a while because I thought it was going to be a typical "heroine proves that she is worth something. OP status up in here and you'll regret not marrying me and what not" but the story is actually very different from that. Throughout reading the story so far I feel so bad for the MC and the crap she has to go through and I love it so much because she's not an OP character but at... more>> the same time she is still very smart and this makes her character seem so much more realistic. The story is a lot darker than one would expect from the synopsis, but I freaking love angst and tragedy because I have no life so bring it on! I really hope that this story is continued and that it can gain more readers because it really is worth a read. <<less
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Clevereader rated it
January 9, 2019
Status: c86
I don't understand why author makes MC always suffers. Misfortune always befall to her. She is so stupid. How can stupid person succeed in revenge? She was simple schemed by others and that was repeated. Not ruthless enough, soft heart but wants revenge. Wth. And it seems MC doesn't hated her big enemy but it seems like quarrell between husband and wife. She tried to save her second enemy's son with excuse because he is innocent. She only wants to search the mastermind. Ouch. My heart was moved. Very... more>> very very moved.

Xiao yin has purple eyes. I don't understand how author makes he thinks MC is his sister because MC has black eyes. Maybe all character is stupid. <<less
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Makotoh rated it
September 6, 2018
Status: c100
Such a great idea yet so poorly executed.


Heroine is apparently super smart and strategic but can’t save herself out of a paper bag. There’s things that happen in the story where you feel so frustrated you want to throw your phone.

Main female leads ends with abusive cheating first husband that poisoned her and raped her. Wow. Talk about poor choices.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rhianirory rated it
March 5, 2018
Status: c52
i came here by accident decided to try it out because hey, I might like it, right?


too much wangst. Too much DRAMA. I don't like any of the characters, including the MC, who is supposed to be clever and yet really isn't. She kept making my grind my teeth in irritation.

i tried it but it's not for me.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
yango rated it
January 17, 2018
Status: c71

First off, I read spoilers and I'm super mad the ML is her supposedlyfirst husband. WTF!!! Considering I'm only a little ways into the story, I'm being very open minded at the moment but why must the author give us so many better ships. The story is well written IMO and I love how strong our MC is. It's a little slow paced and the male ship I jumped on (Crown Prince XY) sunk, so I'm actually very disappointed. Regardless, I gave it 5 stars because it's an interesting read

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
sris rated it
June 21, 2019
Status: c1
I loved this novel. It was a little hard to like it in starting and felt angry at ML. However, it picked up the pace for me around the 40ish chapter. I went from hating ML to liking him. In no way, I agreed with his possessiveness many times, but something kept me going, especially the execution scene. Did not like father much and the prince, despite the fact that they tried to redeem themselves later. However, I felt for Xiao Yin a lot and was kind of regretful that... more>> he did not end up with FL. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kubera rated it
February 18, 2019
Status: --
Lol I thought that finnalli found a good story plot but I end up disappointed at the ML for all the stories I read this JF IS THE WORST actually I liked XY still she end up with that JF anyway at firdf I really liked it but seeing how it ends I couldn't afford reading the rest, and yes my favourite male character is XY not That JF
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
twotwo rated it
December 2, 2018
Status: c103 part1
I think this MC is just one of the unluckiest FL. She is strong but she is just so unlucky. The whole time reading I was wishing she would just run away with that Rui Wang who wanted to marry her.I don't know how that character will unfold though but he is still clean as of now. XY and the ML are both bastards and unforgivable in my opinion. But I will give this five stars because these bastard MLs are new to me. Hehe (not so new)
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
abigail_res rated it
June 23, 2018
Status: --
This is honestly one of the best novels these days. It was a pleasant surprise that I ended up reading the raw via machine translate. The MC is strong minded and independent regardless of what happens to her. The ML is endlessly devoted. Stick with it and you will like it. Even machine translation can’t take away the beauty of the novel
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Gavella rated it
May 25, 2018
Status: Completed

It's so complicated. At first, it looks so promising. But later I don't know what MC is doing. I read the ending and unexpectedly, she got together with her first husband.I thought she got together with Xiao Yin.

The translation is good. I would not recommend this novel for you.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Stripes rated it
May 4, 2018
Status: c82 part2
Finished reading the machine translation. This story turned out to be a waste of time considering its potential at the start. Sad cos the translators do a great job.

There are so many plot twists that by the end you don't really care what happens anymore. Everybody has a secret identity and characters 'die' only to respawn with a new position.

The supposedly clever ML and MC lose IQ points exponentially as the plot progresses. The author makes them frail noble idiots for maximum heartbreak. I was really hoping for them to... more>> die by the end, but didn't even get that small satisfaction. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
PaperWing rated it
January 4, 2018
Status: c12
I am extremely disappointed and here’s why:

1. ml- it’s true the ml’s are insufferable even at only c12!

2. The mc- is actually somewhat annoying in my opinion and not at all strong (altho I realize this probably changes I don’t have the patience to endure her excuses of “oh I’m soo weakened” and “if only”....)

3. Plot- it’s actually not very interesting as I thought. The only reason things are going the way they are is because she lives with a family of idiots who kiss the emperors ass (even... more>> for this time period it’s annoying they - her family- don’t even try to secretly gain power like in other similar books in order not to be pushed into these circumstances)

4. Reading level- the wording, sentence structure and descriptions are barely average. It is non engaging and to a degree childish

in conclusion the only reason I give it 3 stars (2.5 irl) is because I did not read the whole book and will judge it too harsh or recommend you not at least try reading yourself <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LynB rated it
February 14, 2019
Status: c107 part1
I am enjoying this novel and hope for more frequent updates. To my surprise, I find this a very interesting story because I am not normally into action, adventure, gender bender and martial arts types. The translation quality is quite good as well as the story development.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rink0 rated it
December 26, 2018
Status: --
Baited by the summary, but the story and characters are not as interesting as it seems to be.

Yes, MC had bad fortunes and all, but she was your typical mary sue type characters which turns out to be a beauty, genius and ridiculously good at martial arts. But even with all those talents I wonder why and how did she fall into those misfortunes. If she was really capable then she should just use her brain to get off from such situations.

The plot was indeed very complex and all, but... more>> the execution was not good. I can't symphatized with the MC or any of the characters. <<less
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