Even if I was Reincarnated, I was a Hated Prince, So I’ll do My Best to Repair the Relationship


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The main character, who had been bullied since his school days, was involved in an accident on his way home from work.

When he woke up, he was reincarnated as Prince Ashel, an angel-looking boy, and found himself in a strange and luxurious room. Unlike before, where he had never been liked by people until now, since he was reborn as a young prince with such a cute appearance, surely the the people around him would love him… or so he thought. Those around him were either cold towards or afraid of Prince Ashel. And despite his angelic appearance, Prince Ashel was a cruel and atrociously selfish prince hated not only by the people of the castle but also by his two older half-brothers and younger half-brother. Theodore, the Black Knight and the hero of the kingdom, also treated him coldly. In the end, he was about to give up, thinking he was destined to be hated wherever he went…

This story is about the memory of a boy who reincarnated as a hated prince that was cruel and outrageous, but then reflected on his surroundings, and gradually become liked by those around him by being kind.

Doted on by surrounding people but fixed CP.

Black Knight (national hero and a mixed-race beastman, expressionless, from cold to doting) x Hated Prince and reincarnated protagonist (from bullied spirit to unconsciously loved)


*Until doting, lengthy depictions of hatred

*Depictions of violence come without advance notice. Torture et cetera.

A world setting with beastmen discrimination and Mpreg.

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Lubb rated it
October 21, 2022
Status: Completed
Adorable, appetizing scenes (smut), emotional moments.

And some plot twists, which I actually stood up and cursed.

I can't lie, I love the MC and ML relationship.


Might seem fast? But I don't think it is, I truly enjoyed it, it didn't make me want to roll my eyes and think "Ah, same as usual".


I wish a thousand years of happiness to Asher-sama and Theodore-dama. I'll keep this couple in my little book of "amazing couples" I've read.

Recommended reading. I feel like it was worth spending hours reading.
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everydaydanmei rated it
January 1, 2023
Status: c73
It's surprisingly good? I didn't think it would be a really emotional story... Didn't see it coming tbh. I thought it was gonna be the usual lovey dovey fluff story even tho OG prince was hated before, everyone would instantly like MC after he took over, but NO... It was quite a journey, a very pleasant surprise.

Really really f*cked up and toxic but the plot is SOLID. Don't read it if you don't like tragedy. It's full of DRAMA and TRAUMA. Trigger warning! I think a Rape tag is needed... more>> here, also maybe in*est? And definitely Child Abuse.

The family drama is the most prominent plot points. The royal family are a f*cked up bunch. The crown prince is a certified creeper, the king is so bad at interpersonal relationship, and the queen is too obsessed and selfish. They all need to see a therapist, immediately. MC is also very pitiful, he got second life but both lifes are TOTAL SHIT. He deserves better.

And ML, I kinda wish

their love wasn't about the fated pair shit. It made their relationship became less genuine? Maybe because I don't really enjoy fated pair/mate trope. ML actually started to change his opinion about MC but then the pheromone smell thing is just... disappointing to me. BUT!!! At least it's not noncon or dubcon. They would 100℅ work much better without the fated thing. I think it's a little bit unnecessary but it definitely adds character depth for ML as a half beastman.

Their relationship development was actually really good too, very emotional and full of ups and downs.

The plot twist (s) are *CHEF'S KISS*. Iconic. Show-stopping. The build up was incredible. Never thought I would gasp so hard reading a JP BL novels, I even needed to stop reading for a moment. <<less
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April 16, 2023
Status: Completed
Love the story plot. Usually with these types of trope there’s really nothing much to expect. It’s a brain dead plot with the Mary Sue character easily overturning everyone’s opinion of him. I don’t particularly mind but it always irks me how the MCs always easily get their ways. The ML and other characters then suddenly act so OCC you can barely recognize their original character. As a person who’s faced discrimination I can tell you how hard it is to change people’s opinion of you. Even when you get... more>> them to finally acknowledge you, you still have to constantly walk egg shells around them as one mistake can literally cost you your neck. While these novels are fun to read and really the ideal fantasy, it makes it hard to sympathize with because it’s so far from reality.

On the other hand with this novel


Here we have an MC who is faced with a traumatic past and severe lack of self-esteem as a result of it.

He thought after being given a second chance in life being reincarnated as a beautiful prince he could have a fresh start.

However, reality was he was a cruel sadistic spoiled rotten prince whom everyone hated and despised. Even after he resolved to change himself things weren’t that simple. Even after it was revealed that the OG prince was drugged and manipulated to act that way since he was young there were still ways to go before he could gain everyone’s complete forgiveness. It was only after he got engaged to the ML people really acknowledged his change because well everyone loves a national hero and anything related to him.

The characters weren’t two dimensional duds either. They had an actual proper personality with very complex feelings. The crown prince really got to me and I could somewhat understand and sympathize with they way he turned out.

The King is seriously one s*upid a**hole. No amount of words is enough to describe how much of a complete screwup he is.

The Queen I feel bad for her somewhat. I think she had depression and anxiety as a result of her survival’s guilt over the death of her lover who also happened to be the previous Queen.

To be truthful throughout the entire story the one I felt that was pitiful was the consort, the MC, and the ML.

MC and ML for very obvious reasons and the Consort really I’m impressed he kept up with this bullsh*t all this time.

First he was made pregnant by some random dude who was still dragging on his previous love. Then he learns that the man was a King. Then he also learns that the King only slept with him because he looked similar to the previous Queen.

At first the MC’s mom wasn’t against the King taking a consort and didn’t mind his status as a commoner but what made her snap was how the King conveniently found a look-a-like replacement and blatantly brought him to the palace when they were both still hurting over the death of their loved one. The reason she was so hard on him was because she couldn’t stand a random man come waltzing in to take over her late lover’s place. But here’s the thing the consort had no idea and he was completely innocent. Yet he had the shitty luck to run into this bloody dog trauma and love triangle that frankly he was f*cking tired of constantly being dragged into. Personally I think he only stayed in the royal family because of his kids and that’s it.

As for the romance well I give it a 3. I don’t think the fated mates part was really necessary and made the MC and ML’ love feel less genuine. The romance was a bit lacking and it felt a bit rushed. It was a huge contrast to the interesting world building and character building that made me give this story a 4 overall.

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madra_b rated it
September 20, 2022
Status: c109
It's pretty good, not your typical soul displaced story.

You really feel for the MC and what he's been through. And although he may be insecure due to his past experiences, he finds his strength and strong compassion as he tries to repair his reputation.

And you get a glimpse into why each character acts the way they do, and each character is unique.

... more>> The relationship between MC and ML gets super sweet later on and there are definitely some really steamy scenes.

The story definitely focuses on the MC's character building and relationships so the main conflicts may not be as strong or well-built in comparison.

It's a good read, some parts are heavier/angsty and you may cry a little.


Trigger warning: s*xual assault. It happens in a couple chapters in the middle of the novel and it's not super drawn out or anything. But definitely slightly triggering.

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December 18, 2023
Status: c21
I won't be rating it with stars because I have not completed reading it all yet.

It's a good story so far. Interesting. Great plot. I love it so much so far! I am MTLing it but I cannot finish reading it bc I cannot comprehend the story if I MTL it.

The only thing that I hate in this story so far is that the MC is 15 years old and idk how old the ML is but the ML is definitely older and is in legal age. It's giving groomer... more>> behavior. I hope nothing will happen to MC and ML until the MC reaches legal age cause having a minor MC and older ML does not sit right with me. So far, now that he's minor. Nothing happened yet between the two of them and they are not yet together (which is good) but the ML did a CPR because the MC lose consciousness and got no pulse. And the weird thing how the ML s**ked the blood in the fingers of MC. (He's beast folk or whatever but that's still weird)

I also see Ward as a weird, creep, and being touchy to a minor MC. <<less
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Seirye027 rated it
February 6, 2023
Status: c109
I really enjoyed reading this story. I thought it was a simple cliche one but I was surprise.

I cried in some parts as didn’t really expect it. I found the MC to be adorable and how the progress with his family and others. Also, we can’t forget about the ML.


Their kid is just too cute.

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RKADE 14 rated it
September 16, 2022
Status: c1
It's too early to leave a review but there are no reviews at the moment so I'm gonna leave one.

So, basically, pre-reincarnation sucks, post-reincarnation also sucks.
They suck not in the sense of nonsense (although a lot of his bad luck has been nonsensical) but in the sense of actually living, his personality doesn't help either.

I rate it a four borderlining three because it's one chapter.
I'd continue reading just to see how it goes.
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