Circumstances of a Fallen Lord


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Luisen was a lord who wasted his life away after fleeing his castle in the middle of the night during a war. He died experiencing bitter regret, but when he opened his eyes, he found he had regressed back to that night he ran away!

There’s no fleeing twice! This time he’s determined not to leave the territory, but to protect it…

Going alone to the enemy to surrender himself, Luisen met Carlton, a noble-hating mad-dog mercenary. The two found strange solidarity as unfortunate souls who threw away their life’s potential through horrible choices.

“If I die, so will you,” Luisen said.

Carlton, who acknowledged the reality of Luisen’s statement, suddenly began to think, “Why is the duke helping me so much?”

From then on, his gaze began to linger on Luisen.

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The Fallen Duke and the Knight Who Hated Him (manhwa)
몰락한 영주님의 사정
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Ivan Cheng
Ivan Cheng rated it
March 20, 2021
Status: c14
Carlton seems like a jerk, but I'm really liking Luisen! (^-^) I like how he's not suddenly smarter on his own, he got his help in his past life, and I love how they didn't try to wash him clean. He actually acknowledges that he had a poor character and they don't push the blame onto some conveniently scheming side character.

Anyways, seems promising!
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JustAki rated it
August 13, 2021
Status: c44
It's a pretty good novel; a fresh one to be honest.

So far, I like the MC and the ML; they're not much of a 2d character which means they're not much of flat characters. MC died in his last life from hunger and when he woke up, he was back in the past. Things happened, the ML is a certified Wattpad writer and there's a lot of denials.

But anyway, it's a good story when you have nothing to read.
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Sceer rated it
April 9, 2023
Status: c99
The MC was a very incompetent lord. TLDR he died after he ran away from his castle. He returned back to the night where his castle was about to be besieged by Carlton. So imagine this, he is trying his best to undo his past mistakes but the people around him do not trust him. He is so frustrated. What's worse is that he is not that clever in his 2nd life, too. He just has a bit of guidance from the"one-armed pilgrim" and a bit of information about the... more>> future.


What's worse is his incompetency has something to do with the demon worshipper spy acting as his butler. He made him develop a lascivious lifestyle.


The ML is Carlton. He is a bit crazy when it comes to nobles due to his insecurity. But he becomes fond of MC pretty early.

Below is the reason for the MC's regression:


A cold wind blew fiercely. The old little hut looked precarious, entangled in the snow.

However, the inside was warm from firewood, and it was as bright as broad daylight with dozens of candles lit.

There were two people in the room.

He was a pilgrim without one arm and a man with a clear sign of illness.

The man's skin was as dry and dark as an old tree, and his body was so dry that his bones were exposed.

He was breathing hard, but even then, the sound of breathing stopped at times.

The man's name is Luisen Anies.

It was the Duke of Anies who once enjoyed great power. However, he lost everything in one mistake and now it is difficult to recover a sick body.

The beautiful beauty disappeared without a trace, the mind became sick, and the overflowing wealth and power disappeared like dust. The honorable figure called the ruler of the golden field was gone. After being kicked out of the castle where they lived for generations, they barely lay themselves in an old hut that they had borrowed for a while.

His poor end, in stark contrast to the splendid life he had enjoyed in the past, clearly showed his downfall.

He was about to die. This fact was known to both Luisen himself and the one-armed pilgrim by his side.

The air in the room was heavy. rumble. The window rattled. The one-armed pilgrim turned his gaze to Luisen for a moment and looked at the window.

It was nothing but the wind. The candle that had been placed near the window had gone out because of the wind.

'You have to light up the room. Because he's afraid of the dark.'

The one-armed pilgrim approached the window, checked that the window latch was securely fastened, and lit the extinguished candle again. Although this may not catch a dying life, it will be a little comforting.

When I turned on the light, a glimpse of the one-armed pilgrim's face was reflected in the window. There were still wanted flyers with the traitor Carlton's face on them. If Luisen saw this face, he would immediately recognize it.

No one should know that the one-armed pilgrim is Carlton. If the person he believed and followed by calling him the saint was Marshal Carlton, who destroyed his estate and killed his vassals, Luisen's body would not be able to withstand the shock and would die.

Carlton fiddled with the hood, making sure he didn't reveal his already-veiled face.

Luisen still had his eyes closed. It looked like a corpse already, Carlton's stomach churned. Luisen exhaled colorfully. Then Carlton said, and let out his breath. I'm breathing now, but how far will this go?

Luisen 's death had already been anticipated a few days ago. When a cold wind began to blow, Luisen became very ill, and gradually became unable to control himself by himself. The length of time he lost his mind also increased. He called the doctor, gave him some good medicine, but his condition didn't seem to get better. He had become so weak that he could no longer help himself.

At least I'll let you go comfortably.

So I rented this hut and went from house to house to buy candles to light up the room at night. Carlton stayed by Louis Sen's side the whole time, more like waiting for the moment to die together than nursing.

It felt like the blood was drying out little by little. When Luisen's condition seemed to improve a little, hopes arose, and then he fell into despair again. Carlton was exhausted from the ups and downs of emotions. I was nervous and anxious.

'Why am I doing this?'

Whether Luisen dies or not No, actually, he would have been better off dead. Because he was really useless.

It was pure coincidence that Carlton discovered Luisen a year ago. Knowing that the dying wanderer was the Duke of Anies, Carlton picked him up. After narrowly fleeing as his traitor, Carlton looked only for a chance to get revenge on those who had abandoned him. There was a calculation that Luisen would be helpful there.

But Luisen was more broken than Carlton thought both body and mind. In order to use him to eat, recovery came first. Carlton looked after him with great care. As he healed his body, he played a merciful pilgrim to open his heart. The process was not smooth, but even if it fell horribly, believing that it would be useful as Duke Anies.

As if that effort worked, Luisen's condition gradually improved, and he believed and followed Carlton by calling him a saint.

'I don't even know if I'm his enemy.'

Inwardly, he laughed at Luisen's innocence, but whenever Luisen nodded unconditionally to his words, it was as if his self-esteem, which had been shattered to pieces by being abandoned by the king, was restored. It felt pretty good for someone to respect you purely and completely.

The companionship with Luisen wasn't as bad as I thought. That was why he didn't throw it away, though he soon realized that he wasn't doing anything for revenge. You can use it instead of a stove when you are homeless.

One annoyance was that to maintain the image of a merciful pilgrim, I had to do nothing to help people. As a result, he was involved in strange incidents several times, and while solving them, his name became known, and the heretic inquisitor from the church approached him first.

According to him, all the strange phenomena taking place in the world were manipulated by demon worshipers.

And he said that the Death Knights, which Luisen dismissed as delusions, were also one of them.

By then, Carlton had already killed the Death Knight. Shortly after picking up Luisen, he learned that a suspicious person was hovering around him. He was annoying, and it looked dangerous, so he had to deal with him early. The Heretic Inquisitor said that the Death Knight was a servant of Luisen during his lifetime.

'Oh, that guy.'

Carlton remembered. On the day Luisen was running away at night, the servant who was annoyingly blocking the way. He had excellent swordsmanship skills, and while monsters intervened in a tight, he escaped through Carlton's siege. Luisen said it was strange because he firmly believed that he was killed by Carlton that night.

Only then did Carlton realize that someone had intervened in Luisen's downfall. But he also hid that fact from Luisen. Luisen enveloped him so that neither the devil worshipers nor the servants' betrayal knew anything. When he finds out the truth, he can't handle the shock and betrayal, and he thinks he'll die.

I knew he wouldn't live long. But then I realized that I wanted him to live a little longer.

At first, I was definitely planning to use him. Luisen was so fragile that he only cared a little more and took care of him.

But over time, Carlton's mind began to change.

Like a mother caring for her young, he carefully fed, clothed, and put him to sleep. It was not easy for Carlton to take responsibility for one person, but his attachment grew as much as he suffered.

Has there ever been anything else in my life that I have been so cherished and cared for? Even after taking care of me with so much sincerity, does it end up like this?

Carlton rested his head on his hands. His helplessness came over him. He seemed to melt his heart as the candle melted little by little.

Carlton shook his head. As Luisen's eyelids fluttered, he opened his eyes with difficulty. His eyes were the clearest in the last few days. Carlton's heart grew heavy. This was never a good sign.

"... Saint, my sin... I want to confess..."

Carlton nodded. Luisen, murmuring, confessed his sins of his own life. It was something Carlton already knew. It was the story he muttered non stop when Louis Sen lost his mind, or whenever he had nightmares. Still, I listened.

After finishing the story, Lewissen exhaled a long breath. He drank the wine Carlton had given him.

"Thank you, saint!"

They both knew it was really over. Luisen stretched out his hand in the air like a blind man. Carlton quickly grabbed her hand. Then, Luisen was relieved and smiled faintly. His one-armed faith toward the pilgrims was buried. As if nothing could go wrong with him. With that smile at last, Luisen closed his eyes.

Carlton looked quietly at Luisen's face. His face was more calm than ever.

Thank you. Do you want to know who you are talking to? He thanked his enemy and took the enemy's hand and died. Even that fact will never be known. Thinking like that, he was very pitiful.

At the same time, I felt very ashamed of myself. Luisen was at least honest in front of his sins. He died confessing his sins to the end. Compared to him, he has never been proud of himself for even a single moment.

A tear fell down Carlton's cheek. He took off his hood. He should have taken it off a little earlier. It was too late, and now there was no Luisen in the world to see him as he really was.

After Luisen's funeral was over, Carlton had more time. It's because his mouth was reduced, and the time and energy spent taking care of Luisen remained intact.

Now I can start revenge that has been delayed for a while. I thought so, but for some reason I was not motivated. As Luisen left, hatred and revenge seemed to have disappeared as well.

Carlton just wandered off the road. Wherever he was, he felt lost. He began to see things he had never seen before.

I could see the situation of a dark kingdom with no future in sight and the people suffering in it.

In the chaotic world, I saw demon worshipers running wild.

Once I saw it, it was hard to just ignore it. He did not have any heroic spirit of sacrifice. Luisen seemed to overlap little by little in the appearance of innocent victims. When Carlton helped people, he thought of Luisen, who he also praised as a saint. So he just helped one by one.

As a result, Carlton became the adversary of the demon worshipers. He had a lot of experience and worked with many people. He learned all the truths he didn't know before, even the demon-worshippers behind the scenes.

When he learned the truth, even more so, Carlton couldn't forgive them. He himself, Luisen, must have been thoroughly teased by them.

That's how he fought the demon worshipers. Killing the demon worshipers was not easy. In a few years, with the help of the Duke of Duless, a close aide to the king and the lord of the south, they had raised a large number of people, and they were stretching their hands all over the kingdom with the power of money and power.

A long and arduous fight ensued. Many years have passed. It took a long time for a young man to become a powerless old man. It took many sacrifices, but in the end Carlton succeeded in driving all demon worshipers out of this land.

People called Carlton a saint. The church officially recognized this and praised him for his hard work. As peace came to the world, Carlton thought it was time to end his long journey. And he vowed to finish the last remaining task.

One day, he found an old church. As a child, he was taught to read and write by a priest here and the doctrine. No one remembers him then. As he entered, the priest who was guarding the church recognized him and gave him a respectful look.


Carlton bowed lightly. The priest quietly left the chapel so that Carlton could spend some time alone.

'It's a saint.'

No matter how many times I hear that name, I can't get used to it. When peo pie called him a saint with respect, Carlton thought of a man. Luisen who first called him a saint. Years have passed and now even his appearance is faint, but the voice he called the saint was as vivid as the voice he called him.

Carlton dragged his heavy body and knelt in front of the altar. Even such a simple move was not easy anymore. He clasped his hand as if praying with one hand.

"Oh God. Can you hear me?"

It was an awkward voice. Although called a saint, he had never prayed with all his heart. He still had no respect or reverence for God. But for this moment, he became the lowest in the world, and he joined hands like a sinner. People who have regrets tend to be humble.

When he was officially appointed as a saint by the church, there was a story he had heard directly from the Pope. He worked miracles to defeat heresy, and he said that God Himself would repay him by hearing his voice.

What would be the best answer? I thought about various things, but the one that struck me the most was Luisen.

Looking back on their youthful days, neither he nor himself were fools. He and he were both responsible for the downfall of the Duke Anies, a fatal blow to the kingdom.

We wasted our time for too long not knowing who the real enemy was. Fortunately, though, he was given the opportunity to atone for himself. It was only by correcting the mistakes that he was able to move forward on the right path. If so, shouldn't it make sense to give him a chance?

Luisen was ignorant and did not know the value of what he had, but he was at least purer than Carlton. His naive faith transformed Carlton from a vengeful butcher to the saint who saved the world. If God valued Carlton's life, then Luisen too deserved to be saved.

"On the eve of death, this body wants only one thing. Oh God. If you are going to perform a miracle to praise me, please give him a chance."

It was a moment that I earnestly prayed for and prayed for.

A divine and mellow voice resounded from the air. It was like the voice of his mother, who he couldn't even remember, and the voice of the priest who taught him to write. The air around him trembled, but his voice gently reached his ear.

[Then you will lose everything you have built up.]

God answered his prayer. Carlton was very surprised.

[Nothing may change.]

[It could be worse than it is now.]

God warned sternly.


[If your determination is firm without any regrets.......]

From the stained glass beyond the cross, a dazzling light that was hard to believe it was dawn poured out. As the light filled the narrow chapel, it felt as if the floor and the ceiling had disappeared and the whole area was enveloped in a warm light. The halo was so distant that Carlton closed his eyes without realizing it.

[That wish will come true.]

Carlton smiled at the answer. There was no hesitation in his heart until the last minute.

At that moment, time turns backwards, and Luisen Anies' soul awakens in the Duke's bedroom.

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JaqiONwbqi rated it
September 10, 2022
Status: reading
Theres honestly nothing to dislike about this.

The writing, characters, plot and worldbuilding are all great - itd be easier to find something bad rather than list out all the good things (though I cant think of anyting bad with it either!)

Carlton (ML) is a douche at first - like major douche, I honestly did not understand how he could be the ML but he did actually fix his terrible personality, its hard to even correlate all the sh*t he did at first with his current character - and his... more>> simping for MC is super cute too, plus the way he doesnt even realize it is so endearing.

Luisen (MC) is super likable, hes not a brain-dead-shou, and he has a cute character, but not the annoying over done cute, just a bit quirky in a way that contrasts his elegant appearance. He was self-admittedly naive and careless in his first life, preferring to party and engage in leisure than fulfill his duties to his people - but we only hear of his past actions, as he has already learned his lesson by the time he regressed - so theres not a lot of displeasure as we get to know him as a changed man first and formost.

The plot gets a bit derailed at times, things come up that stop our characters from going where they said they would, and that snowballs into bigger derailments, but its a choice on the part of the author as opposed to bad planning.

The interactions between the ML and MC are quite honestly so funny. The way ML made up a whole tragic backstory for MC from MC digging up food to eat is hilarious. ML unintentionally treating MC like his wife and even likening themselves to couples ML knows without even realizing what hes doing is honestly adorable - a big scary mercenary man with such high emotional constipation is so funny to see

On that note! ML falls in love way before MC does, I quite like this as opposed to stories where the ML and MC fall inlove mere chapters apart (because really? Is this a princess movie?)

the progression of MLs feelings towards MC feel extremely natural, him going from being disgusted with and hating nobles to feeling pity for MCs 'tragic past' to eventually finding MC cute and wanting to look good for him (lmao!) , the whole way through is explained and not just a sudden change in attitude from proximity like you see in other novels.

Ill say it again to end this, but this is truly a great read - nothing in this is a 'bad' thing, theres certain things that are uncomfortable to read but those are all planned by the author, and not a product of bad story writing. <<less
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nomoney rated it
March 12, 2021
Status: c19
So far I like the personality and growth of the MC and is waiting for further updates from the current translation group! The translation has been great and suspense has been kicking!! Looking forward to this novel alot because this kinds of troupe are always my favorite; aristocracy, time travel AND BL??? SIGN ME UP
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ho_boltd rated it
November 16, 2021
Status: c-45
This is really good, you could actually feel how intense the emotions the characters are showing. I have no qualms about this novel it is a great novel. Though I have a question is this dropped? It's been two months. It's completely understandable if there is a problem.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Somefoolishgirl rated it
September 4, 2022
Status: c74
So I really like this story and I find myself waiting anxiously for the next update. This is a 'restart at an earlier point in his life', redemption novel.

This is a good read but the romance/yaoi is a slow burn. I'm at c74 and still, there are only looks and allusions to some kind of attraction, and it's vague. But I'm still on board and excited.

The translation is so good, thank you to the translator for all your hard work!

I understand the story clearly, and the writing is good... more>> and engaging. There's a huge overall mystery of trying to ascertain what's really going on. Even with the flashbacks, you know for sure the Duke never really understood why any of this happened in either timeline and now we are all figuring it out together. I'm looking forward to more updates!

A summary is below in the spoiler section...


The story starts in the previous version of the Duke's life when he is a spoiled, self-indulgent, waist of space, who takes no interest in his responsibilities to his people, or his lands. His Dukedom is sacked and he deserts his people and lands to ruin and oblivion and lives as a vagabond on the run until his final end. Before he dies, he meets a pilgrim of a mysterious, unknown origin, who looks after him and guides him before his death.

After he dies, he wakes up to find that he's in an earlier time in his life and he tries to redeem himself for all his past mistakes. However, this time he's not alone. The mercenary commander who originally sacked his Dukedom is now back in his life, but the Duke keeps making different choices, and in this new reality, he and the mercenary begin to understand one another and grow into allies...


There is also a Manhwa... <<less
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November 5, 2021
Status: c45
writing this at the time of the most recent translated chapter— it’s safe to say that this has become one of my favourite bl novels I've ever read so far. This is very much a story about two people struggling to change and rise above their pasts and histories. I really enjoyed the leads slow burn progression— reading it felt like a slow, slow simmer, as they slowly inch closer and closer.

i also think the psychological aspects of luisen’s previous life’s poverty and starvation makes a lot of sense. They... more>> still deeply effect him even in this timeline, and the author’s description of just how terrible hunger is really drills it in, I feel. In the face of an gnawing belly, what use is pride to a man?

carlton is kind of an ass in the first few chapters, but it makes complete sense. His distastes for nobles is justified, and watching his mistrust and dislike toward luisen slowly soften through luisen’s proactive actions is very pleasing <3

speaking on that, I really, really enjoy how despite having the chance to go back in time and refix his mistakes, he still faces troubles ahead of him, often because of the change he’s created. It feels very realistic and grounded to have a protagonist who tries his hardest to fix his mistakes, but is not perfect and often messes up— and yet he tries, and tries again.

in the end, tldr; i’d highly recommended this novel to anyone interested in a slow burn romance with a focus on steady character growth! <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lucern rated it
June 2, 2021
Status: c29
The writing and translation are great, and characterisation speaks for itself. We see Luisen go from scum of the earth to something resembling repentance, and Carlton coming along for the journey is icing on top.

Some of the tropes are cliche - as mentioned by other reviewers - but the author executes them well.

Carlton might be bloodthirsty, but his "mercy" is organic and well-justified. His actions stem from self-preservation and, later, reluctant curiosity as Luisen seeks to better the lives of his countryfolk. Luisen seeks out a mysterious saint that bore him mercy in his final days, but we know nothing of their identity. Nothing in this story is ever easy, and it pays dividends when we get to watch these characters mature in the face of struggle.

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
mxii rated it
April 27, 2023
Status: c99
Last summer I read about 50 chapters of this when I found it but then I had to wait for updates. I kind of fell out of reading novels and got back in just this spring 2023. I saw it in my reading list with the description being "ongoing". I was confused since everything else was "dropped". So I reread, and in the middle of it I remember "oh shit, I know why I didn't drop this it was one of the GOOD ones, "

Why? Well the premise was exciting.... more>> Tho more often than not not many novels had great execution. Thankfully this author knows what they are doing. The pacing is just fantastic. Never too slow or too fast. Just right. I cannot stress this enough the author hit the mark with this one. I've never read another novel that has such perfect pacing.

However the best thing about this novel is the realism. Sure it's a fantastical story, but the characters, their development and reasoning are all.. Like.. Too real that the angst parts hit me right in the feels.

Everything made sense. The character's backstory and background really felt like it shaped their personalities and thus influences their actions and none of their actions were out of character. It's like. Really well developed. It's not just the MC, Luisen too as Carlton actually has a personality (a rare one for bl mls). Their insecurities felt real and their interpersonal troubles were written just right. I literally don't have the words to describe just how good it is. I won't say more to avoid spoilers but this also had the troupes I all liked, which is a fun cherry on top.

Tldr: Novel is so good, I had to wake myself up after binge reading just to review it a 5 star and reccomend it <<less
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Levilevi rated it
March 23, 2023
Status: 11 of 20 on R19 novel
So far so good. The misunderstanding between the retainers vs carlton is funny (even tho it leads to something bigger). The character development is good. ML was on celibate, not a s*x craze, and not suddenly gay after seeing pretty Duke. There's development why he interested in Duke. It's not Duke kindness or Duke pretty face (it helps but not main point why he fall in love), but everything Duke does spark interest in him. Moreover he has misunderstanding about Duke's circumstances growing up which make him more interested. Duke... more>> isn't smart in many ways (he is dyslexia and couldn't ride horse) but he is not dumb or s*upid. His past life made him understand hardship of lower class people so he has better empathy and doesn't act arrogant on his regress. Even tho he understand that he is not smart, he doesn't give up and still learning. He gave up his easy-party-life in capital to stay and being lord in his Duchy. He understand it's not that his body was weak, he actually normal healthy young man, it just his vassals never let him work or do anything remotely labor (chopping woods or pick up grains). <<less
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Rueqhii rated it
October 11, 2022
Status: c79
I must say I'M IN LOVE!!!

Truly, the idea of both the MC and the ML dealing with each other's low self-esteem is somehow comforting to see. I really adore each and every of their growth.

Though, it might seems cliché, but it was a good story to me. I myself loves a slowburn type of story, the one that slowly build up feelings through the times they spend together and not something that comes out of forced s*xual tension and stuff is much more of my type. So, to me, overall... more>> it's a 10/10 must read. ^^ <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
elyowbe rated it
June 1, 2021
Status: c29
This is a bit cliche, but I really like it. It's still early on in the plot, so I don't really know what's gonna happen. The interactions between the MC and the ML are really cute though, and I always laugh when the MC's past as a beggar influences his current actions, and he's seen as somewhat crazy by the other characters. I really like the MC and his personality, he's a really sweet guy.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Monicas rated it
May 6, 2021
Status: c22
Predictable I think

I do love how MC growth for better after his second change but I don't like the ML character setting

arrogant, blood thirsty, muddled, and mad dog. It's seems like mission impossible if thing happens between MC and ML base of their interaction and character setting

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LeiFan rated it
June 12, 2023
Status: c99
Luisen and Carlton are an adorable couple. They both have pretty distinct personalities, understandable weaknesses, and strengths and while not my favorite, this novel is pretty high up on my western medieval bl list.

As other reviews have mentioned, Carlton does seem like a bit of a jerk at the beginning but he gets through his character development successfully and I ended up liking the growth in both characters. There weren't any mind-blowing plot twists but a lot of adventure, journeying, and world-building which added to the story.

As someone who started... more>> reading it for the romance, it was enjoyable, well-paced (no smut yet), and had its cute moments.

So far, so good. Another thing to note is that there is a manhwa adaptation with pretty good art so there is that. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
JadedPrismarine rated it
November 2, 2022
Status: c81
Read until C81 and waiting for more chapters. I really appreciate the author not going for an 'MC knows the future so is omniscient' approach, and instead acknowledges the future MC knows are in parts, in his own POV hence imperfect. While his future knowledge helps him, it also hinders him, which is properly executed as the plot unfolds and it's very intriguing. MC's character development is amazing to watch and his relationship with ML is also very cute. It isn't draggy and unnecessarily convoluted w the 'will they get... more>> together drama?' for no good reason (IMO) so there's that.

Anyway, it's a pretty good read so far. Highly recommend! <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
EnReader1331 rated it
October 26, 2022
Status: --
I love it! I really love medieval fantasy novels ❤️❤️❤️

Plus Luisen is such a lovable character. Carlton too. Hahaha. He could be an author with all the stories he makes up in his head.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
RR-2 rated it
January 25, 2022
Status: c45
i usually not come near anything wite yaoi tag, but the stories is interesting and I always love some misunderstanding troops in any novel. Its make u wonder what will happen or will the misunderstanding will revealed or will its became bigger lol. This story have cute misunderstanding troops on it and it is funny how carlton misunderstanding liasen circumstances lol

if u have some novel recommendations like this with relationship start with misunderstanding please pm me I would love to read it prefer male MC, yaoi or not I accep... more>> it if the story is fun to read XD <<less
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PhoenixPlume320 rated it
August 9, 2021
Status: c31
You know those Korean romance novels where the girl was this villainess in her last life and gets reborn and suddenly becomes self-righteous and self-sacrificing? People are suspicious of her actions and she doesn't explain herself well or use common logic to understand why the people around her are constantly misunderstanding her? This is exactly like those villainess romance stories except BL.

MC is rly annoying. Like, its realistic that you're gonna be scared of the same things and have the same personality the next rebirth but all the things that... more>> happened in his first life are the result of his own actions. I give it a 4 stars with how realistic his rebirth is because at least he's not suddenly fearless and smart after he's been reborn.

So even though he has a wonderful environment now that he's reborn, he still acts the a beggar and doesn't seem to understand how contradictory his actions are; like yea, they said he wasn't smart in the story but... Some things he does doesn't follow common logic? Like, he's just annoying to read. It's make more sense if he transmigrated and didn't know anything but on some level, he must know how strange and suspicious he seems because he's suspicious of the ML whenever the ML acts kind or humble too. The problems are solved really easily in my opinion too; the MC is afraid of the issue so it makes it seem like it's more difficult than it really is but... It's almost reasolved by the next chapter pretty much.

It's a super cliché novel, lots of potential but falls around average. <<less
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BrassalRemedy rated it
July 8, 2021
Status: c38
Cliche, but compared to other BLs I've read—it's a change of scenery (like Omegaverse, etc.), finally. Kinda biased since I have a paramount interest in medieval/historical settings. Also, I like the "vibe" of this novel. It's not just "haha, thou art fair, hence I shall ram ye!"/ "haha, he is so sexy, I will ram him."—the author takes the time (one might say too little or enough) to actually build the characters along with telling an entertaining (enough) story.
The characters at the moment, especially... more>> Luisen (MC) are pretty enjoyable! Luisen—as an example—feels different from the generic characters even though he is one of the generics. Most of the generics are annoying, but he's not; his character is attracting! He's kinda the innocent, goody boy, I-want-to-fix-my-mistakes character, and I adore these types of characters, though only when they're excellent written out, of course. Luisen is one of the successfully characterized character so far—really happy about that. Again, very new to my mind to think "wow I don't actually feel like I need to tolerate this MC, pretty likable by himself; no need for me to force that!"
Read it. <<less
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